Should I Buy a Zebra Rug?

Zebra Rug

Nothing makes a statement the way zebra rugs do. Adding a zebra print area rug to a room can take a room from boring and bland to the highlight of your home.

As when making any area rugs purchase, there are plenty of things to consider in terms of size, shape, and colors.

But when buying a zebra rug, one thing that you’ll need to think about from the get-go is what it’s made out of.

Best Zebra Print Rugs review

1. Kids Rugs for playroom,Zebra Print Decor Collection

Kids Rugs for playroom,Zebra Print Decor Collection,Colorful Zebra Stripes Pattern in Cheering Rainbow Color Modern Style Art,Red Yellow Green 78.7"x 118" Designed Kitchen Bathroom Floor Mat

2. InterDesign Zebra Non-Slip Microfiber Accent Rug for Bathroom, Tub or Vanity – Pack of 2, Black/White

InterDesign Zebra Non-Slip Microfiber Accent Rug for Bathroom, Tub or Vanity – Pack of 2, Black/White

3. Area Rug Faux Zebra Print Rug 4×4.6 Feet Rug/Mat/Carpets for Home Yellowish Cream Color

Area Rug Faux Zebra Print Rug 4x4.6 Feet Rug/Mat/Carpets for Home Yellowish Cream Color

4. Safari Zebra Black On Off White Cowhide Rug 6ft x 7ft 180 cm x 210cm

Safari Zebra Black On Off White Cowhide Rug 6ft x 7ft 180 cm x 210cm


5. nuLOOM Zebra Hand Tufted Plush Accent Wool Rug, 2′ x 3′, Grey

nuLOOM Zebra Hand Tufted Plush Accent Wool Rug, 2' x 3', Grey


Zebra area rugs styles

Classic safari hunter

Zebra area rugs are located in three basic styles. There is the classic safari hunter model that looks like a true cut zebra skin rug, full of rounded edges, irregular, and curves. If you are wishing to show you are a hunter of acrylic zebras, this is actually the rug suitable for you!

These smart creations appear cute inside the kids’ rooms, shown in front of a fireplace, or relaxing in a warm sitting area. You will have people performing a double-take to view if they are real.

Allover zebra stripe

The allover zebra stripe design is the second type. As the hunter type rug also offers stripes, this standard allover stripe design is performed on the extra refined, traditional carpet shape.

You will find rectangles, squares, circles, ovals, or even hallway runners designed in the dashing white and black stripe.

These standard geometric rug styles go anyplace and provide a high variety of color and type, along with clearly defined sides. Good enough to create any room perform in the full gallop.

Artistic license type

The third type is an artistic license type. An area rug designer may mix zebra stripes along with renderings of genuine zebras, parading over a different background. Zebras or even stripes are combined in along with other animal images or safari herds.

These modern naturalist types are much better fitted to those looking a style of zebra design, with no choosing the all-out blast. They deal with tribal, safari, and jungle designed décor; turning a typical home into an abundant, unique place.

The good thing about a zebra area rug is pure flexibility. You will find these rugs in a simple to clean nylon, olefin, acrylic, and synthetic mixes. Natural cotton, wool, and natural fibers mix are offered also, such as many, which are hand-knotted or even handwoven.

Who’d have considered a cool zebra area rug can be an artisan treasure? Justify your really like of the bold and exciting by informing others it’s handcrafted and also one of a type!

Zebra Rugs Material

Zebra print rugs come in all sorts of materials, from natural wool and silk to plant-based materials like bamboo and jute. Synthetics are also quite popular, with nylon, viscose, and rayon being among the most common. But one of the most exclusive materials for a rug of this style is the actual hide of the animal itself.

A real zebra hide rug is something that anyone can own — as long as you’re willing to pay for it. The highest quality hide will cost close to two grand, with lower quality zebra skin rugs ringing up in the $1,500 range.

Definitely not an investment to take lightly, at least for your average middle-class household. But price aside, this will give you the most authentic look, and a synthetic or natural fiber rug simply can’t come close where quality is concerned.

A less expensive alternative that can still give you that coveted “real” look is a zebra cowhide rug. Cowhide, while still not cheap, is much less expensive than zebra’s hide, and this is a great option for people who love the look but simply don’t have the cash for a real zebra skin rug.

Wool zebra area rugs are also a great choice for those who aren’t interested in having an animal hide gracing their floors. Wool is one of the most popular natural rug materials, due to its high quality and durability, and if you are looking for a large rug, or one for a high traffic location, such as a living room rug, then definitely give wool thorough consideration. Besides the more common sheep wool, you can also find rugs made of alpaca, goat, and llama wool.

Finally, your least expensive and most common material for a zebra print rug is a synthetic material like nylon. Most small and inexpensive rugs on the market, such as kitchen or bath mats are made of synthetics. If you just want to add the pizazz without having to pay much, this might be the way to go. Another side benefit is that they are generally very easy to care for, and almost all washable rugs fall into this category.

Whatever material you choose for your new zebra area rug, you’re sure to be glad you decided to get it. Once that black and white bonanza takes its place of honor on your floors, you’ll see the home decor benefits at once.

zebra print rug Deck The House With Zebra Print Rugs

Perhaps you’ve always loved the look, but never thought you could afford it. But don’t think that just because you don’t have a couple of thousand dollars to invest in a real hide zebra rug means that you have to forgo the chic and modern look these rugs offer. There are cheap zebra print rugs available in stores and online for every budget, taste, and room. Let’s take a look at some of the less expensive options that you can take advantage of to bring the thrill of the wild into your home.

First of all, lets start small. If you really have a tight budget the best venue for you might be to look at some zebra print bathroom rugs. These are generally synthetic and with much smaller dimensions than the type of large zebra area rug you’d probably want to get for your living room.

But you can also have the most fun with these. A bathroom makeover is easy, especially if you start off with a set of zebra print bath rugs, hand towels, and toilet lid cover. Aside from this, a light switch cover and an inexpensive wallpaper border are basically all you need. Give the walls a fresh coat of white paint if they’re another color, so that the room doesn’t get overwhelming, and you’re all set. You can even take a black wastebasket and add some of the extra wallpaper borders to the top to complete the look. And you’ve got a complete bathroom makeover at minimal cost!

Let’s move onto the bedroom. This time, you can step away from the classic black and white that most people associate with zebra rugs. Instead, if you have wood tones or other soft colors in your room, look for brown zebra print rugs for sale.

brown and beige area rugs can fit into a room’s current decor much more easily since they have a softer and less outspoken look. Read about the best brown area rugs. If your bedroom is more simple in terms of decorations, adding a mosquito net bed canopies can give the room the feel of the jungle without going overboard.

You can really use zebra print area rugs in just about any room in your home. In the kid’s room, it’s a fun and playful addition. In the kitchen, a small, stripped, fabric or even rubber floor mat can liven things up a lot. Be creative, and don’t limit yourself to placing a zebra print rug in the living room or dining room, although it can certainly work beautifully there.

So don’t think that your only option is to splurge on an authentic zebra skin rug. If you love those zany stripes but can’t afford the real thing, chose one of the more inexpensive options, and enjoy.

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