10 Best Wicker Storage Baskets

Wicker Storage Baskets

Home storage is a sticky subject for most people. How to store things, where to store things, and the biggest question of all: is there any possibility of home storage without the office or guest bedroom looking like an overstocked warehouse?

Storage boxes very quickly look sterile and overwhelming. My suggestion? Think about wicker storage baskets.

While wicker storage baskets are not practical for tremendous stacks of overweight storage, they are perfect for typical at-home storage.

In place of plastic rolling drawer sets and oversized Tupperware style storage, buy yourself a wicker storage basket. Or two. Or eleven.

What is Wicker Furniture made of ?

Wicker Furniture, What is Wicker Furniture Wicker furniture is made out of various materials such as rattan and cane in combination with other materials.

It has a long history, going all the way back to ancient Egypt. In more modern times, the Arts and Crafts movement has had a heavy impact on the use.

Furniture made of wicker is sturdy, but remains light, making it ideal for furniture that gets moved around. An example being patio furniture.

What is Wicker?

Wicker is usually made of materials from plants, but it is also possible to use other materials, such as plastic fibers. Plants often used are the cane of rattan stalks, willow switches, reed, and bamboo. Wicker is then produced by forming the hard woven fiber into a rigid material.

When the fibers used are of plant material, the wicker is sometimes referred to as natural wicker, while wicker using plastic fibers is known as synthetic wicker. Natural wicker is thought of as the most beautiful and comfortable alternative, but synthetic wicker is a lot easier to maintain in mint condition.

Besides its use in furniture, wicker is also used to produce baskets.

Furniture Using Wicker

Wicker furniture goes back all the way to ancient Egypt. However, the use of wicker experienced a revival with the Arts and Crafts movement at the turn of the 20th century. This movement praised traditional handcrafts and aimed at preserving and emphasizing the qualities inherent in a material.

Wicker gives the furniture an interesting look. The surface becomes uneven and intricate, and every piece becomes slightly different. The furniture might have a tendency to look a bit old fashioned, but innovative designers combine the wicker with more modern materials, like steel or glass, to create a striking contrast.

When using wicker in the production of furniture, the frame is often made by stiffer materials, such as wood, metal, or plastic. If used in tables, the tabletop is made of a more even material. A classic example is an outdoor patio wicker table with a glass tabletop.

If the furniture is designed for outdoor use, manufacturers have to consider the effects of the elements. Natural wicker is therefore coated with resin, reducing the effects of heat, sunshine, and water. Another popular solution is to use synthetic wicker.

Wicker furniture owes its popularity to a number of factors. Fans of the style tout its beauty. Others like the sturdiness and lightweight. A third factor, that should not be ignored, is the fact that this type of furniture is relatively inexpensive.

Large wicker storage baskets work beautifully for a number of things. Old and rarely touched stuffed animals, extra blankets, laundry baskets, a toy chest…just to get your imagination rolling. A basket that can handle some outdoor weathering might hold pool toys, children’s floaties, or miscellaneous gardening supplies.

Square baskets fit neatly into closet space. Circular baskets look nice as an accent in the bedroom corner. Small wicker storage baskets are even better for making storage a décor accent. Perhaps it can serve as a pretty trash basket in the bathroom or exercise room, a baby’s laundry bin, or for hair accessories.

Lined wicker storage baskets make woven baskets functional even for items that might slip through the weave, like hair accessories, for items that might jab at the wicker like toys, or for things that tend to emit odor, like laundry or trash. A basket lining can be found in washable cotton, to make cleaning it that much easier.

Some wicker baskets stack easily, creating even more storage space. Other designs might have a frame to make storage basket drawers. These are great anywhere. Grains and cereals in the kitchen, clothing in the bedroom, or toys in the rec room.

To top that off, the wicker just looks great. Whether your style is traditional, classic, or contemporary, wicker works. It brings an earthy yet modern liveliness to any atmosphere. More than that, you can get wicker in any color you like! Natural schemes like light brown, red-brown, or very dark brown are quite elegant.

White wicker storage baskets are a more floral feeling, black is more masculine. Wicker has painted any rainbow of colors, however; from red to green to purple, if that’s what the room calls for. Every member of the family in every room can appreciate the right basket.

Don’t limit yourself, your storage, or your style. Get yourself some wicker storage baskets!

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