10 Best White Daybeds

White Daybeds with Trundle

white daybeds are considered to be one of the oldest types of beds. This kind of bed is highly versatile because it could be used for seating, and definitely for sleeping.

Usually, it’s used in a child’s bedroom because it offers storage space, and it could provide another bed under the main mattress just in case it’s needed.

A daybed is typically higher than the standard twin bed, and it’s designed to be positioned against a wall.

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Best White daybeds with trundle

1. Minehead Metal Daybed with Trundle

Minehead Metal Daybed with Trundle

2. Sardinia Twin Daybed

Sardinia Twin Daybed

3. Eisenberg Daybed with Trundle


4. Fagan Twin Daybed with Trundle

Fagan Twin Daybed with Trundle

5. Novogratz Bright Pop Twin Metal Daybed and Trundle, Stylish & Multifunctional, Built-in Casters, White

Novogratz Bright Pop Twin Metal Daybed and Trundle, Stylish & Multifunctional, Built-in Casters, White

6. White Pattonsburg Daybed with Trundle

White Pattonsburg Daybed with Trundle

7. DHP Manila Metal Framed Daybed with Trundle, Twin – White

DHP Manila Metal Framed Daybed with Trundle, Twin - White

8. Casey II Wood Daybed with Ball Finials and Roll Out Trundle Drawer, White Finish, Twin

Casey II Wood Daybed with Ball Finials and Roll Out Trundle Drawer, White Finish, Twin

9. Zinus Florence Twin Daybed and Trundle Frame Set

Zinus Florence Twin Daybed and Trundle Frame Set / Premium Steel Slat Support / Daybed and Roll Out Trundle Accommodate / Twin Size Mattresses Sold Separately

10. Binne Twin Daybed with Trundle

Binne Twin Daybed with Trundle

Benefits of Having a White Daybed with Trundle

A space saver that’s ideal for smaller rooms.

It’s possible to store this type of bed out of sight, but would be available in case it’s needed.

It could carry up to 250 pounds and are usually in twin size.

The wheel of trundle beds makes it easier to transport the bed anywhere in the house.
It’s perfect for a child’s room and is considered to be safer than a bunk bed.

It provides extra sleeping space, but you don’t need to worry about your kid falling from the top bunk.

Buying Guide

Finding the right daybed with trundle is important, and here are some of the things that should be taken into consideration.

It’s a bed that’s kept beneath the main bed and could serve as a secondary bed. Usually, the trundle has a wheel or another system that allows it to be pulled out easily from the main bed.

There are two designs available, namely: Pop-up Trundles and Drawer Trundles.

A pop-up trundle could be easily pulled upward and brought to the same height as the main mattress, turning the bed into a king-sized bed.

On the other hand, the drawer trundles are huge drawers with a mattress inside.

It’s inserted inside the bed frame, making it blend with the whole bed. Though, this type of trundle doesn’t elevate.

Awesome Sellers Daybed from Amazon

#3 Standard Furniture Lindsey Twin Daybed by Standard Furniture

It’s made from a sturdy Euro slat system, providing equal weight distribution and safety.

The open storage cube goes well with the daybed and could serve as a nightstand or a bookcase, depending on your needs.

#2 Mission Style Day Bed with Trundle, White by Coaster Home Furnishings

During the day it is a mission-style daybed that could serve as a comfortable place to relax and it could easily transform into a cozy sleeping spot at night.

With the coaster mission style daybed, you’ll always be ready to accommodate guests for a sleepover. All you need is to pull out the trundle, and you’ll have an instant bed for your guest.

Likewise, it has 3 spacious storage drawers, offering a lot of space for linens and clothing.

#1 Fashion Bed Group Casey Daybed with Trundle by Fashion Bed Group

It’s a daybed that’s so versatile and could be used in a number of styles, such as for a country casual or a sleepover central.

Furthermore, the Antique White finish makes it look sophisticated and impressive. The roll-out drawer could hold a twin-size mattress and would always be ready whenever there’s a sleepover.

White Daybed With Popup Trundle

Day beds are a comfortable addition to any home and are a great way to provide rest during the daytime. Learn how to choose the best white day bed with a pop-up trundle for your home…

Today, daybeds are becoming popular options among homeowners. With the heightened mobility and increasing interaction of people in this day and age, every household is expecting more visits from friends and relatives regularly.
Since every household has to contend with regular visits of relatives and friends, day beds with pop-up trundles are now becoming a necessity and a basic fixture of our guest rooms.

Day bed with a pop-up trundle is an essential fixture in your room and can function as a sofa during the day and a comfortable bed at night.

The distinct features that distinguish them from the futon are the headboards and sideboards that serve as backrest and armrest when used as a sofa.

In the past, day beds were only limited to a couple of designs of the sideboards and headboards. Most of these early editions of day beds were made out of wood and metal, and the styles available are likewise limited.

At present, there is already a wide range of designs for sideboards and headboards; most of the latest variants of day beds with pop-up trundles are now upholstered to provide unmatched comfort to its users. The current crop of modern-day beds with pop-up trundles is like an outsize sofa with wide mattresses.

The Daybed Market

The market provides a full range of choices for daybeds. It is available in a wide range of styles and designs to suit various preferences and styles.

The most common and popular type of day bed for most homeowners is the day bed with a pop-up trundle.

Among the several trundle options, a day bed with pop-up trundles is the one that provides more convenience and ease of use.

All you have to do is to slide the other mattress out from under the top mattress and then position it so that it will lock flatly beside the other mattress.

The main difference between a day bed with a pop-up trundle with the trundle drawer version is that the daybed popup trundle is easier to relocate or transfer from one place to another part of the home.

Choosing your day bed is not as easy as finding the best pick from among a wide selection of day beds in the market can be quite a challenge.

You have to follow a certain buying guide so that you will be assured that you are getting the best day bed available.

Before making the rounds in the local department store, you first have to determine where you are going to put the day bed.

Are you going to put it in the living room, guest room, or as an outdoor fixture on the patio?


In whichever place you choose, you have to consider the home design or theme within the area so you can find a day bed with a pop-up trundle that would blend with the home design theme.

Further, you might also want to reconsider the materials of the day bed that you are going to buy if you are planning to put it on the patio.

Since it is an outdoor fixture, the materials must be able to withstand extreme weather conditions.

Your shortlist of best buys when it comes to high-quality day bed with pop-up trundle includes Hillsdale, Courtland, Orvis Sleigh, Fireside Lodge, Powell Furniture, and Wildon Home.

Some Daybed Frames are Simply Uncomfortable – Here’s What to Look For

Daybed Frames are part of the defining factor on the level of comfort your daybed as either a sofa or a bed, so don’t just choose your daybed frame by look.

There are three basic styles of daybed frame:

The Wooden Daybed Frame

These can be very attractive frames, but they can also look rather heavy and a bit too bed-like for some rooms.

If you are going to have your daybed in your living room then you may want to look at some of the daybed frames which are stained in a dark varnish or finish.

The Metal Daybed Frame

These have recently become very popular. The frames are usually either ornate to create a look that reflects different times in history, or a simple contemporary, highly stylized frame.

The Upholstered Daybed Frame

The upholstered frame was originally popularised by the French with their chaise longue and an early version of a daybed. With the arrival of all the new stylized looks, it fell slightly out of fashion.

However, as people are looking for more and more comfortable daybeds they are again looking to the upholstered frames.

There is nothing worse than a wobble seat, so it is important to understand the level of assembly required.

With the upholstered frames there is little to no assemble, however, with the wooden frames there are some designs where it seems that you have only received slats of wood. The middle option is certainly the metal one.

This will usually come with the base, back, and sides separate and will require the sections to be screwed together.

Finally, there is one very important thing to remember when you buy a daybed frame. It is highly unlikely that the daybed frame will come with a mattress.

Although daybed frames and mattresses are sold separately you will probably find that the manufacturer recommends a certain mattress.

An ill-fitting mattress will guarantee an uncomfortable seat as well as an uncomfortable bed.


Overall, a white daybed with a trundle is the perfect way to furnish your child’s room or have a guest bed that could easily transform into a king-sized bed if it’s needed.

When purchasing for one, it’s important to ensure that the bed you’re eying for would blend with the rest of the room and could add an elegant touch to it.

At times that you don’t use this bed, you could always utilize the drawer as a form of storage.

Lastly, a day bed could be a great way to have a peaceful slumber even when visitors are around while having a couch at the same time.

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