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How to wash vertical blinds

How to wash vertical blinds

You have come through hassles with the installation of your vertical blinds, the journey is booming, and now, the house has a beautiful new look.

Don’t think it is over; you would wish to maintain the beauty and enjoy your house’s latest styles. Cleaning is the only way you can support and extend the fabrics of your blinds.

Now you may ask yourself how often and how to clean the blinds. This should not stress you anymore because I will walk you through a straightforward step-by-step guide on how you clean vertical blinds. What you only need is time and requirements.

What is a vertical blind?

Vertical blinds comprise different fabric slats that allow you to adjust to open your window wide for a large amount of natural light to enter or close it for privacy. They operate by use of a chain that joins louvers together. Vertical blinds are cordless, and they function through the use of a code.

You can position the blind at one end of the headrail to allow more natural light to enter the room. However, you may choose split vertical blinds divided into two halves whereby one part moves to the right and the other to the left.

How to wash vertical blinds steps by steps guide

Before you kick off cleaning your blinds, you will have to inspect the responsible material for manufacturing your vertical blinds. Doing so will help you understand the exact material that you will be handling. There are two popular types of vertical blinds, i.e., fabric and wooden vertical blinds. Let us now get into the process

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Step one: inspecting the type of material used for manufacturing the vertical blinds

You can wash vertical blinds with bare hands or toss them into a washing machine, whereas wooden blinds are not machine washable. You may also go further and read instructions from the manufacturer to be more confident with the cleaning process.

Step two: Assembling tools and materials for cleaning

Fabric vertical blinds have the capability of attracting dirt and dust quickly, but they are simple to clean with only a few tools, soap, and water for quick restoration of their color.

Some of these tools and materials you will require include; mild soap, microfiber cloth, a vacuum cleaner with a brush attachment, a washing machine, a bucket full of warm water, clean towels, and a sponge.

Step three: Removing the blinds from the headrail and clean the place

Under this step, you can spot and dust clean your vertical blinds while in their position or disconnect them out of the headrail. Doing so will enable you deep clean the headrail as part of your window treatments. More so, you can decide to toss your blinds into a washing machine than cleaning them one at a time.

Therefore, you need to unlock the blind’s louvers from the headrail, then gently lower and lay the slats on a flat surface, and then start by cleaning the headrail. Use a microfiber cloth to wipe out dust. You can also use an air compressor to remove dust from intricate places.

Step four: dusting your vertical blinds

Take your microfiber cloth and then gently clear dust from the blind. You can also use a damp cloth because it can remove dust nicely, or if there is a feather duster, use it. Remove dust by moving the duster from top to bottom to tackle all dust without retouching the places you are through.

However, you may use a vacuum cleaner with a brush attachment if available by running it over the blinds, again from top to bottom until there is no dust.

Step five: wash the blinds using warm water

After confirming there is no dust left, now it is time to clean the blinds. You may use a bucket full of warm water or toss the blinds in a machine a 30 degrees Celsius; if your blinds are machine washable.

Fill the tub or bucket with a solution of mild soap and warm water or laundry detergent. Soak the blinds in the solution and wash them until they are clean. Ensure the water you use is warm and not hot; also, if you decide to use laundry detergent, check if it is compatible with the blinds.

To machine wash your blinds, you only need to roll up the items in a pillowcase to prevent damage and fraying. Here, you require a gentle laundry cleaning detergent and adjust the machine setting for delicate fabrics wash.

Step six: Drying the blinds

After you are through with cleanliness, lay your vertical blinds outside to dry. I mean laying and not hanging. Place them on a smooth and flat surface to enable them to maintain their shape when dry.

However, you may fasten the drying process by using a hairdryer on a shade.

Step seven: Rehanging your vertical blinds

Now that you are through with the cleaning process recheck if the blinds are dry before rehanging on the headrail is essential. It would help if you were careful when clipping slats into their places.

You are through with cleaning your blinds, enjoy the freshness and new look of your house.

Frequently asked questions

1. Is it advisable to use a vacuum cleaner?

Yes, as long as it has a brush attachment and is available. Run it over the blinds, again from top to bottom until there is no dust.

2. If there is no sunlight, what else can I use to dry my blinds?

Try to speed the drying process by using a hairdryer on a shade. Don’t use a tumbler dryer; the heat will destroy your vertical blinds.

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Vertical cleaning is just as simple as that. These blinds play a significant role in decorating our homes. Therefore, it is good to maintain their shape, color, and style through gentle cleanliness. I hope you now know how to clean your vertical blinds from the above steps, either using a washing machine or a solution of mild soap and warm water in a bathtub.

Don’t stay with dirty blinds waiting for an expert; try to wash them yourself using this handy guide.

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