12 Interesting Ways To Use Pvc Pipes In Your Home And Garden

Use PVC Pipes In Your Home And Garden

PVC pipes come in a variety of sizes and lengths and there is simply no limit to the number of uses they can find around the house. So, if you have plenty of PVC pipes leftover from a plumbing job or you have to buy them, don’t miss out on trying out these wonderful ideas.

Ways To Use Pvc Pipes In Your Home And Garden

1. Toddler Chair

You can make a simple yet sturdy toddler chair using PVC pipes. With a couple of thin PVC pipes, a 90-degree elbow, and T fitting you can make the frame of a toddler chair. By just attaching a fabric on top of the frame, you can have your own toddler chair in no time.

Toddler Chair

2. Chicken Feeder

If you are into raising chickens, you can design a feeder with multiple openings using PVC pipes. This project can be used to give the chicken both food and water. By just attaching 90-degree elbows to the PVC pipe, you will have yourself a chicken feeder.

Chicken Feeder

3. Bird Feeder

You can make colorful bird feeders for hummingbirds using PVC pipes. You can use thin PVC pipes for this project. Cut PVC pipes into small lengths and close both ends using caps. Drill small holes into the pipes and hang them from tree branches using wires. Make sure the holes are facing upwards when you hang the bird feeders and fill them up with bird feed.

Bird Feeder

4. Planters

Wide PVC pipes can be used as planters in your garden. You will need small length PVC pipes, caps, potting soil, and seeds/seedlings for this project. The cap will serve as the base for the planter. You need not glue the caps to the pipes in order to allow for drainage. These small planters are the ideal size for placing on window sills.


5. Toothbrush Holder

PVC pipes with end caps fitted can be used as toothbrush holders. The width of the PVC pipe can be according to your requirements. You can also drill a hole on the top end of the PVC pipe and hang them from hooks. This will also free up counter space in the bathroom.

Toothbrush Holder

6. Dresser Storage

Small length PVC pipes can be used to organize and store items like scarves, ties, socks and leggings. So, if you are tired of hunting for your favorite scarves or matching socks, despair not. You can arrange PVC pipes in your dresser and place rolled-up socks and scarves into each one of them.

Dresser Storage


7. Foldable Greenhouse

PVC pipes can be used to make a temporary greenhouse which can be used according to climatic conditions. During the winters or frost, you can bring down the greenhouse and place your plants inside to protect them. At all other times, the greenhouse can be kept folded up. This greenhouse can be made with PVC pipes and plastic as per the required dimensions.

Foldable Greenhouse

8. Shoe Organizer

This is for all shoe lovers who find themselves searching desperately for the matching pair of footwear every morning. You can cut up wide PVC pipes and use them for storing your shoes in pairs. Just stack the PVC pipes on top of each other in rows and place your shoes inside each pipe.

Shoe Organizer

9. Curtain Rods

Thin PVC pipes can be used to create custom made curtain rods. You just have to cut the PVC pipes as per the required length and attach them to the rod holders. Just make sure the pipe width matches the width of the rod holder. Hang up your curtains and enjoy.

Curtain Rods

10. Flower Vase

PVC pipes come in different sizes and you can make beautiful flower vases using them. Take a PVC pipe of the desired width and cut it according to the height required. Close one end of the pipe using a PVC cap. Now, you can unleash your creativity and decorate or paint the PVC pipe as you wish. Arrange flowers in the vase and you are done.

Flower Vase

11. Irrigation System

If you have a large garden, you can install an irrigation system using PVC pipes to water the plants judiciously. For this, you will have to make a grid using PVC pipes and attach one end to a water hose. Make small holes on the PVC pipe for the water to seep through to the ground.

Irrigation System

12. Garden Bed Cover

Tired of having your plants being damaged by rodents and birds? Do not worry. PVC pipes can be used to protect your plants from small rodents and birds. You just have to attach PVC pipes around your garden bed and cover the structure with a net. This makes for a simple and easy way to protect your plants.

Garden Bed Cover

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