The Definitive Guide to Buying Upholstered Benches

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If you are trying to find a way to create space in your home, you should consider different furniture that will improve the efficiency of your layout.

People who are trying to downsize their place need to focus on finding a good upholstered bench that has storage space.

These benches offer users both function and style when it comes to different products that are available. You can put an upholstered bench into almost any room of your home as long as it matches your surrounding furniture.

This makes these benches extremely versatile and can work in a variety of different room layouts. In addition to the storage space they offer, you can use these benches for extra seating.

The upholstered bench comes in all different sizes and shapes that you can use. Some benches look like chaise lounges, while others will be square and boxy. Some of the benches will have armrests while a lot of the benches won’t include these armrests.

Best Upholstered Bench Reviews 2021

1. Simpli Home Storage Ottoman Bench in Slate Grey Linen Look Fabric

Simpli Home AXCF18-GL Avalon 48 inch Wide Contemporary Rectangle Storage Ottoman Bench in Slate Grey Linen Look Fabric

2. Signature Design by Ashley – Haddigan Upholstered Dining Room Bench – Casual Tufted Seating – Dark Brown

Signature Design by Ashley - Haddigan Upholstered Dining Room Bench - Casual Tufted Seating - Dark Brown

3. Simpli Home Waverly 48 inch Wide Traditional Rectangle Tufted Ottoman Bench in Natural Linen Look Fabric

Simpli Home Waverly 48 inch Wide Traditional Rectangle Tufted Ottoman Bench in Natural Linen Look Fabric

4. Zinus Memory Foam / Tufted / Hallway / Entryway / Bed / Upholstered Bench

Zinus Memory Foam / Tufted / Hallway / Entryway / Bed / Upholstered Bench

5. Pulaski Selma Upholstered Bed Benches, Queen, beige

Pulaski Selma Upholstered Bed Benches, Queen, beige

6. Linon Isabelle Bed Bench, 62-Inch, Black Finish

Linon Isabelle Bed Bench, 62-Inch, Black Finish

7. Kings Brand Furniture Bench, White

Kings Brand Furniture Bench, White

8. BELLEZE 48″ Rectangular Gray Storage Fabric Ottoman Bench Tufted Footrest Lift Top

BELLEZE 48" Rectangular Gray Storage Fabric Ottoman Bench Tufted Footrest Lift Top

9. Homelegance Lift Top Storage Bench with Tufted Accents, Beige Fabric

Homelegance Lift Top Storage Bench with Tufted Accents, Beige Fabric

10. HomePop Large Upholstered Rectangular Storage Ottoman Bench with Hinged Lid, Slate Damask

HomePop Large Upholstered Rectangular Storage Ottoman Bench with Hinged Lid, Slate Damask

Advantages of an Upholstered Storage Bench

One of the advantages that an upholstered storage bench offer is the different coverings on the top. You can find a wide variety of different upholstered coverings that are available for different benches.

Some of the benches are made so they can blend in the surrounding room, while others are meant to stand out. The kind of bench that you choose should try and correspond with the surrounding room.

When you are looking for furniture it is important for you to find a bench that doesn’t overpower the room. A good upholstered dining bench will work to give your room an excellent look.

These benches can work in a variety of different homes. If you have a Victorian-style home, be sure to get an upholstered bedroom bench that matches the surrounding.

Anyone who is keen on shopping online should look up the different product reviews that are available. Reviews are great because they can help you find something that will work for your needs.

Looking at reviews that offer both positive and negative opinions can give you a balanced opinion that will work for your needs.

If you are going to look for upholstered benches be sure to look up the different kinds of products that are available.

By doing a comprehensive search online for various products you can find something that will give you the best results. Be sure to compare and contrast online retailers to find the best price available.

Adding an Upholstered Bench to Your Living Space

An upholstered bench is a nice addition to any room that can add style and provide storage space. Choosing a bench based on its style is simple, but when you want a functional piece that will work well even when your color themes change then you do need to consider your choices more carefully. These tips can help you choose the perfect bench for your home.

Personal Style

As with all home furnishings choosing an upholstered bench should be based on your own personal style. If you like the look of real wood, for instance, then a cherry or pine bench is going to be a choice that you like for many years to come.

A neutral-colored cushion will ensure the bench matches well with any new décor that comes into the home. Light cream color or neutral tan might be a good choice for long-term use. These colors will mix well with any color scheme.

You can also choose a color that typically shows up in your home décor. Black and white are both simple colors for an upholstered bench that can mix in well with lots of other colors. If you typically have a very colorful home then a brighter color may suit your personal style best.

Yellows, greens, reds, and blues in all hues are available to choose from. Your bench can quickly become a centerpiece when you choose a classic tapestry style, or you can opt for something more modern.


The frame of an upholstered bench should be scrutinized to ensure quality. Real wood benches should be sold preassembled rather than in pieces, and metal frames should be made from a durable, non-bending type of metal.

Stainless steel and wrought iron are both option that is long-lasting and durable. Real wood is also durable when you opt for pine, cherry, or mahogany. Pressboard and other types of manufactured wood may not be as durable but they will be more affordable than other types of wood.

You can also choose from a classic bench style and an upholstered bench with additional storage space. There are several different types of storage benches that have a cushioned and upholstered tops. Among the many different styles available these are some of the most popular options:

  • An upholstered bench that is made with a shelf under the seat. This narrow shelf is ideal for storing sewing kits and other small notions.
  • A deep storage bench with wooden panels that go all the way to the floor. These box-like benches are great for storing extra blankets and pillows in the bedroom.
  • A bench that has an open front with wicker or cloth baskets inserted into small cubbies. This type of bench is great for kid’s rooms or family rooms where more seating is needed and storage is also a necessity.
  • A traditional bench without storage is best in rooms where seating is the biggest issue, or anywhere you need furnishings to fill an empty space.

Your upholstered bench can be used in any room whether you need additional storage or when you just want to brighten a space. A bench is a unique type of seat that brings a touch of luxury to any room in your home without costing too much or taking up too much space. A bench can be the perfect piece in an entryway or mudroom, but the piece will work just as well in bedrooms and other living spaces.

Leather and Other Materials

The materials that you choose for an upholstered bench do matter when considering the overall décor of your home.

Leather benches are ideal for home offices or living spaces that are more natural.

The leather of any color matches well with deeper jewel-toned drapes and furnishings, natural wood, and with gold, and other rich colors.

Natural wood with a cloth or tapestry-covered cushion works well in romantically colored spaces that use peach, pink and rose-colored furnishings, and draperies.

velvet upholstered bench

If you are looking for something a little different then you may want to check around for metal-framed velvet benches.

The velvet upholstered bench is available in a wide range of colors and styles, including both black and silver-toned metals.

The cushion appears thick and comfortable and the bright colors bring a touch of the Victorian era to any room in your home.

Velvet cushioned benches can be used in rooms with matching drapes or to fill a space that doesn’t have a lot of furnishings or decorations. The velvet really is a centerpiece for any entryway.

With the many different colors and styles available today you never have to settle on any upholstered bench that you don’t love.

Look for colors, materials, and styles that really fit into your home for a look that you will love for many years to come. With the right materials, the bench will quickly become one of your favorite pieces in the home.

Customize Your bench

One of the great things about an upholstered bench is that you can easily change the look of the bench over time by painting and refinishing the bench.

With a high-quality frame, the cushions can easily be refurbished as needed to fit in with the new décor.

Real wood bases can also be sanded and refinished easily when they become scuffed or when you simply want a new look.

There are many simple ways to bring the same old bench back to life with some paint and fabric.

Custom benches can also be purchased. If you have space they need a unique upholstered bench then you may want to begin by evaluating the styles that you like best and then choosing your materials.

There are dozens of options that are simple to include in any room, entryway, or mudroom but if none of these options suit you then a custom bench may be just what you need to fill the empty space.

Why Use A Bench with Storage?

A storage bench, as the name itself implies, is a bench with storage space. The bench serves multiple functions at home. This versatile furniture is providing practical use as storage and seating.

Apart from its practical functionality, the storage bench with the aesthetic appeal can act as a decoration item at home.

It is a norm scenario that different home area has its storage issues where there just is not enough space for everything. Some people even found that difficult to keep a home neat and tidy especially those who have kids.

Having a storage bench can help to alleviate those storage concerns at the same time it can be used as a seat.

That is the main reason why more and more people tend to buy a bench with storage when looking for extra storage at home.

A storage bench can be used in every area at home as an additional piece of furniture to store items such as shoes, tools, books, or anything you want to store within reach but out of sight in order to provide a clutter-free home.

Storage Bench Categories

There are great selections of storage bench for you to choose and you can easily find one that fits into your budget and match your home decor.

As mentioned, the storage bench is versatile furniture that suits to locate at any place.

Having said that, you have to identify which home area you want to put a bench with storage: outdoor, indoor or entryway of your home.

Outdoor Storage Bench

Most outdoor storage benches can be opened at the top. This design style is simply giving you access to a huge storage space and store everything efficiently.

The space of an outdoor storage bench is normally enough to store almost anything you need, such as accessories like parasols and smaller furniture.

One recommendation is the Suncast PB6700 patio bench that comes with long-lasting resin construction.

This outdoor storage bench can give you a semblance of organization in storing your outside things with 50-gallon capacity storage.

The great feature is its stay-dry design to prevent contents from getting soggy.

As the bench with storage is placed outside either on the patio area or in the garden, it is advisable to buy one that the wood has been properly treated to withstand the rain and sun.

Besides wood material, you may consider an outdoor storage bench with iron construction, wicker, or weave facade for the appearance.

The ideal purpose is to leave the bench with storage outside your home without worrying that the furniture will be corroded.

Indoor Benches

The indoor storage bench is one of the best ways to keep a kids’ room tidy by using the storage compartment to store their toys.

This also gives them easy access to their toys, and they are more inclined to put their toys back into the storage bench when they are finished with them.

Most indoor storage benches come with classic and contemporary styles so they can offer an aesthetic appeal to indoor space. The bench with storage could make additional seating in the living room and also space to store magazines, remote controls, and DVDs.

One hot selling storage bench that is suitable to place in the living room is Convenience Concepts Sheridan faux leather storage bench.

On the other hand, having a bench with storage in an adult bedroom can help with extra space to store bed sheets and towels.

You could even store your clothes that are out of season on the bench to make room for additional clothing in the closet.

You could try to buy a storage bench that matches the current color scheme in the bedroom as well as any other furniture you may have.

Materials and Accessorizing the indoor bench

Materials and comfort are vital considerations in the choice of indoor benches. Commonly used are wood and metal and with these two, different styles can come up.

If the purpose is just to sit and remove the shoes, then comfort is less of an issue. But when you want to convert this area into a quiet nook, comfort becomes important.

With this in mind, you should look for one with padded seats or cushions. Accessorize this area with throw pillows to make the place more inviting and cozy.

Indoor bench styles

There are many styles of indoor benches giving you an unlimited array of selections. You can choose a piece that is backless or one with an armrest.

This type can even be used as an informal sofa. There are some styles with fold-down backs.

The purpose of this is to convert the bench into a table. A model with storage underneath can be an organizer that keeps the area tidy and neat.

Indoor benches are not only used in hallways. They are even beautiful additional furniture in the bedroom, study room, or nursery.

They are not just simple park benches; they can have intricate designs and carvings that can give class and sophistication to any area inside your home.

Entryway Storage Bench

The entryway storage bench could add an exquisite and dynamic touch to your home. There are lots of entryway storage bench hold elaborate pieces like high backs with hooks for easy item hanging like coats and scarves.

By adding these elaborate pieces, the entryway storage bench could do an excellent job of promoting a sense of invitation for people walking through your doors.

Many entryway storage bench comes with a wooden material like this one from Prepac. Removing your shoes and placing them under this bench with storage.

There are 18 cubbies and its size is large enough to hold men’s size 13 shoes. However, please note that the elaborate items are sold separately.

Bench with Storage Options

When it’s time to buy a bench with storage, you will become aware that there are a lot of distinct kinds.

With an array of materials to choose from, you could opt for a leather or plain wood bench with storage.

As the wood is quite hard to sit on, it is worth buying a cushion for the seating area. This will make the seat softer and much more comfortable to sit on. You can also match the cushions up to the curtains or any other decor items at home.

For kids’ bedrooms, it is suggested to place one that has been upholstered or buy a cushion that is machine washable to place on the bench with storage.

You can either buy a single cushion that fits the length of the seat or a few small cushions. With such, you wash them on a regular basis and keep them clean.

In addition, you can choose which type and finish you would prefer to purchase to match up your house flare.

Several come in customary styles at the same time as well as more contemporary types. You will also want to figure out if you prefer one that has a flip-top, drawers within them, or has a basket such as a photo beside.

Shoe Storage Bench

Keeping track of your shoes is pretty important, especially if you have several pairs.

For the family’s everyday shoes it’s common practice to take them off when walking in the door so you don’t track the outdoors all over your clean floors. Keeping those germs contained is healthier.

But dumping several pairs of shoes by the front door is unsightly and messy. It’s easy to lose shoes under those conditions, too.

That’s why a lot of people go looking for a shoe storage bench.

This product serves double duty because the bench portion is a great place to sit while putting on your shoes.

It’s convenient for kids and adults to find their shoes and put them on quickly and easily. An organized entry room and doorway often stay much cleaner.

As you can see from the pictures there is a good variety of styles to choose from.

Variety of styles

Benches come in mission style or traditional, made of oak or even cedar, with just a few cubby holes or dozens. Benchtops can be padded with fabric or solid wood surfaces.

It all depends on what you need. Some of the designs come with shoe cubby slots while others are just a long shelf where shoes are placed.

I also like the styles that have a few drawers in addition to the shoe slots.

If you have a lot of shoes for the family that must be monitored then you might need the one in picture number 3 which has enough space for 24 pairs of shoes. For a family of four that 6 pairs each. Pretty impressive.

This is one of those classic pieces of furniture that adds a certain country charm to your house while giving the benefit of the increased organization and clutter reduction.

Now the kids (and dads) will know exactly what to do with their shoes when they come home and no one will have to go through the time-honored tradition of shoe hunting while the bus is coming for school. Everything in its place.

Most of the styles are wood because people consider this a true piece of furniture, but you can also save a little money and get a canvas one or one made of plastic.

The wooden shoe benches are all at least $200, while the cheaper options will typically price less than $100. If you’re putting this in the entryway of a nice home you’ll want to invest in the more beautiful woods. If it’s going in a mudroom that the company really doesn’t see, then the cheaper versions should be fine.

What are its Functions?

The footwear storage bench can be really functional in maintaining a home clean in addition to being organized.
Because there are numerous to pick from for that reason many places to buy it can be a challenge making certain you get one that does not set you back greater than it should.

The adhering to will assist you to find out means to obtain a footwear storage bench for the best practical price.

Initially, we need to take a look at just exactly what a footwear storage bench is as well as what types are readily available.

These are really attractive furniture pieces that rest near the access of an entryway or hall. When people enter your residence they are superb in helping to provide a location for shoes, boots, coats in addition to whatever else is brought in. These are factors that are generally unloaded at the entryway of the door as well as develop undesirable clutter. The footwear storage bench helps to remove that mess.

Too, these are extremely wonderfully developed as well as will certainly contribute to your decor. They come made in countless timbers like cherry, walnut, maple, and also cedar being just one of the most preferred.

Some shoe storage furnishings pieces have racks and also shelves for the organized positioning of foot clothing. Some have actually pivoted tops that easily open so shoes as well as other things can be put inside and will run out the view. A lot of have a surface that an individual can rest on to easily remove or place on shoes.

So below is exactly what you have really been waiting on. Right here is the very best means to obtain one for the very best feasible price. Yes, you do need to look around, yet you will certainly discover means to do that promptly and efficiently without needing to likewise leave your home.

More than likely to your favored search engine online and also get in words: shoes rack bench, or footwear storage furniture or footwear storage bench. Notification I have really recommended utilizing various words that mean essentially a similar point, yet in variations similar to this they will certainly raise various end results. Put quotes around words like footwear storage space furniture. This way your outcomes will certainly be a whole lot more specific in addition to target.

From the outcomes that appear you will certainly find companies online that sell storage space furnishings for footwear. Presently all you have to do is examine the websites, in addition, to select from the different styles you see particularly the one that will best accomplish your demands.

Once you have actually uncovered the one you prefer to take the name and also trademark name as well as do an online look for it utilizing the specific name in addition to brand name words. This is precisely just how you can find the accurate one you desire for the very best price.

DIY Velvet Tufted Bench

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