What are The Types of Storage Cabinets Available

storage cabinets

Are you looking for the right storage cabinets for your decorating and storage needs? We have pulled together a wide range of information on many different types of cabinets and storage solutions.

We hope to help you by reviewing the different types of cabinets and manufacturers, looking both at individual applications and several different brands.

We also want to help compare the selection and prices from a vendor around the web. Some of the cabinet types we will cover include:

Storage Furniture

An ideal home has to combine functionality with beauty. It is not enough that you have crafty furniture pieces around. They have to work practically or their beauty becomes senseless.

It is important, therefore, that you choose your furniture well. Make sure they will work with your lifestyle. A home is deemed perfect when it has a place to put things where they would look nice, otherwise, they can be kept out of sight until a need for them arises.

Unfortunately, most homes often have more things than space could handle. That’s where the need for storage furniture comes in.

Storage Should Be Easy

Things that are best kept hidden until they are needed do not have to be locked and buried. There should be easy access to getting them and putting them back. If you are using a cupboard to store your items that are best left out of sight, there should never be a time when you need to scramble through a pile of things before you get to what you actually needed.

Storage Should Be Stylish

Creating storage space for your things should never mean having boxes and cabinets piled up. Your storage furniture must still look pleasing to the eye. That would mean placing them in the right places and using the storage furniture itself to decorate your space.

Look Around and Decide

To find the perfect storage furniture for a room or space in your house, you must be able to assess what it is exactly that you need. Look around the space and decide what kind of storage furniture would fit right into it.

Of course, you must consider the amount of storage space that your things will require. The stuff should fit into space, otherwise, your efforts are useless. Storage furniture must be stacked up in an appropriate place. An empty space or an open space is deemed perfect to hold your storage furniture. Do not just look through the surface.

Look everywhere – look up, look down, and under, if you need to, to find an open space that will hold your storage furniture without destroying the stylishness of your home.

Shelves, Cabinets, Bookcases

Storage furniture does not have to appear stiff. By putting them in the right places and adorning them with the right accessories, they can serve as interesting style elements for your home.

Choose your storage furniture well by looking around for retailers and suppliers carefully. The perfect piece is one that will serve your purpose well, which will look good when combined with the rest of the house, and which will fit right into your budget.

Before paying for a particular piece, make sure that you have assessed how you will be able to use the piece. It has to carry the amount of clutter you need to keep hidden while fitting nicely onto the space that you wish to fill in.

A skirted table, an armoire, and a chest of drawers all have ample space for storage. They also come in a variety of styles and designs which will make it easier for you to mix them up with the rest of the elements in your house.

Storage Solutions – Bathroom Cabinets

Storage in your bathroom is very important. Having adequate storage can be the difference between reliving your college days by toting your toiletries into the bathroom or having everything right there when you need it. Most bathrooms have a combination of cabinets and shelves, with cabinets offering more privacy. Bathroom cabinets come in all shapes, sizes, and styles to accommodate all different size rooms.

Bathroom Cabinets – Vanity

Bathroom vanity cabinets usually come as part of your vanity or they can be installed underneath your current vanity. Resting directly under your sink, these cabinets sometimes come with a drawer or set of drawers for smaller items like your toothbrush or dental floss.

Typically, vanity cabinets have doors that open out, although a few modern designs have doors that slide open. You can change the look of your current vanity cabinets by changing the pulls on the doors or giving them a new finish or coat of paint.

One downside of bathroom sink cabinets is that they usually also hold your sink plumbing, so you run the risk of ending up with soggy toilet paper if you store paper goods in this cabinet and the plumbing leaks.

Bathroom Cabinets – Medicine

Your bathroom may have already come with a medicine cabinet, a small cabinet recessed into the wall for smaller items. With a bit of carpentry, you can install one on your own if you don’t have a medicine cabinet already.

The main concern when deciding whether to add a medicine cabinet is if there is enough space behind the wall to sink the cabinet into. Most medicine cabinets come with a mirror on the door, so you have the added advantage of another mirror on top of additional storage.

Bathroom Cabinets – Wall Mounted

A wall-mounted bathroom cabinet is great if you’re looking for more storage space, but aren’t eager to do major construction. These can be mounted wherever you have space, just be sure to measure not only the length and width of the area you have in mind for your cabinet but also the depth your cabinet will protrude into the room with doors both open and closed.

It can be a very rude awakening in the morning to walk into your bathroom and smack your head on the newly installed cabinet. With such a wide variety of ways to add more storage space to your bathroom, it should be easy to find the perfect cabinet.
By measuring all your spaces and taking into account your current bathroom design, you’ll ensure that your new cabinet will be a charming addition to this popular room.

Plastic Outdoor Storage Shed

Plastic doors storage sheds offer a lot of benefits more than the traditional wooden drop and there are a few main factors for this which I will look at beneath.

Prior to carrying out so even though you should understand that there are a large amount and variety of plastic storage sheds to select from and you want to determine at the outset what size shed you want (keeping in the brain long-term needs) and your price range.

Some of these sheds are so elaborate that you could nearly reside in them!


The principal cause for picking a plastic storage device more than a conventional wood drop is the comfort offered by the plastic single. Leading manufacturers this sort of as Rubbermaid, Suncast, and DuraMax offer their sheds in kit form which is effortlessly assembled with really couple of tools, if any, needed.

This simple assembly is appealing to any person needing storage gets rid of fairly quickly.

2. Do it yourself Expertise Not Up To Scratch?

A lot of folks battle with do-it-yourself and the notion of assembling or creating a picket drop with drop plans and resources does not appeal to them and quite frankly is over and above their restricted do-it-yourself skills.

3. Toughness

The durability of a plastic drop because of the supplies from which it is made is a very desirable feature simply because you do not want to worry about peeling, cracking, or painting each and every 12 months.

With wooden sheds dealing with the timber, every yr is a necessity and the minimal servicing characteristic of plastic outside sheds is one really worth considering when you determine to increase the additional space to your home.

The assortment of sheds obtainable is enormous and varied from tiny vertical storage units from Rubbermax to more substantial sheds from the likes of Duramax which function double doors, ramps, and a lot of other functions.

Filing Cabinet

A filing cabinet is a valuable storage solution for lots of different kinds of paperwork and important records.

While some people cherish the notion of the ‘paperless office’, for most of us the reality is that there will always be some form of documentation that we need to keep in hard copy — whether it be birth or marriage certificates, insurance documents, financial records or other vital information.

The trouble is that without a system to use your filing cabinet effectively, it can easily become a dumping ground for a large proportion of the paper that comes through your mailbox or passes across your desk.

Here are some suggestions to help you develop a workable daily plan to separate and file the papers you need to keep from the ones you can trash or recycle.

  • Manage the mail: despite the huge development in e-mail and other forms of electronic communication, a large amount of paper is still delivered via regular postal service. One of the most important ways to manage the paper chase is to screen all mail as soon as it is delivered and filter out junk mail, and sort items for immediate action separately from those needing to be kept for later.
  • Organize your filing system: some papers can be archived for long-term storage and may only need to be accessed in rare situations or emergencies. Others may need action in the short term, but still, need to be put away. Don’t mix the two categories upkeep your archival files in a bottom drawer and reserve the most accessible space for items that need closer attention.
  • Label your files: if you’re using hanging files, it’s easy to attach a label to the edge of each for quick and easy retrieval. Even if you have a good system, without clear labeling it will be hard to find items later. Group documents together by type, creating new categories as needed. When you need to find your birth certificate for a new passport or you’re trying to locate invoices and receipts as the income tax deadline looms, you’ll be glad of the extra effort you put in to be able to locate these documents quickly.

Sensible file storage calls for smart decision-making before you store a document away. While it may sometimes be said that a a tidy desk equals a tidy mind’, it’s the system inside the drawer that can make all the difference.

Having an efficient method in place will save you time in the long run, as well as bringing you peace of mind.

Fireproof File Cabinet

Fireproof file cupboards are also recognized commonly as fireproof information which is also equivalent to fireplace safes. They all imply a single thing, particularly is created to shield your files and beneficial items from intensive heat. Given the fact that 8.two billion dollars are lost annually on typical because of fire risks, it is crucial to have one at your place of work or residence.

They are designed to look like your regular submitting cabinets blending into the overall workplace home furniture but are able of withstanding high temperatures and hrs in the event of a fireplace.

It also provides a fantastic alternative to your fireproof house security if you have a lot more than crucial documents to store absent. In reality, fireplace evidence filing cabinets are not restricted to storing important information as they can be utilized to store many other kinds of things like jewelry, cash, passports, title deeds, insurance policies, and even tiny handguns. They not only prevent fireplace damage but also a lot more importantly, burglary as effectively.

When purchasing your fireproof file cabinets you need to know specific terminologies that will impact your purchasing decision. Knowing the reality that a burglar has only a quick time frame of about 6 minutes to measurement up his or her surroundings and split into whatever trace of prized belongings.

You may well want to buy 1 which blends into the general qualifications and look as little flaunting as possible, therefore attracting as little interest as feasible. In contrast to your standalone burglary protected, or even a little one stashed away in a cabinet, the fireplace-proof submitting cupboard is a lot much more demure looking.

Underwriters Laboratories

You must ensure that the unit you intend to buy has attained a UL score. UL stands for Underwriters Laboratories, 1 of the most trusted screening specifications inside of the business. Ought you have any concern with the scores of your unit, usually cross-reference directly with the maker for a duplicate of the certificate of UL score approval. Get, for instance, a one-hour 350 degree Fahrenheit score implies that your unit is able to stand up to any temperature lower than 350 diploma F for about an hour.

In addition, aside from fireplace screening, you should also look out for effect tests as effectively as explosion screening. With a lot more approvals from all the above assessments, the much more robust is your fireplace-proof filing cupboard. Of course, life accords no totally free lunch, and the much more robust your models, the higher is the expense.

There are many measurements and sorts you can decide for, specifically hearth proof lateral and vertical submitting cupboards. Whilst the latter is the more popular version, it may not match your submitting reasons. The lateral designs serve much better when you have paperwork of different measurements as most arrive with adjustable bars.

Most fireproof file cabinets arrive in the crucial lock methods but you do have other choices with customization. There is 1 key kind that arrives automatically in each mixture lock and crucial lock system, that is, the safe in a file. This is a protected stashed way inside of your fireplace-proof filing cupboard. Whichever your selection, it is essential to make sure that you obtain from reliable and reputed manufacturers.

Kitchen Cabinets

The most popular area to use cabinets, a key part of every home. With a large storage requirement for most homes, with dishes, pans, appliances, cleaning supplies, and more, kitchen storage is a critical need.

But, since we spend so much time in the kitchen, not only is functionality important but esthetic appeal as well.

And this is a major investment, so cost is an issue as well. We take a look at some of the more unique cabinets like bamboo kitchen cabinets, black kitchen cabinets, and for the DIY types, we look at unfinished cabinets along with the traditional white kitchen cabinets.

Bathroom Cabinets

The second most popular area for cabinets is the bathroom. The storage needs are different, with towels and toiletries as a need, along with cleaning supplies again. Medicine cabinets were a requirement in the past, and are making a comeback in many homes today.

The vanity cabinet is a popular solution for the bathroom as well. One popular way to save space is with over toilet storage cabinets. And one ever-popular solution is to add a linen cabinet if you don’t have enough built-in storage.


Bookcases are great not only for storing your books but many other items as well. In a children’s room, they can be used to store toys and games, and in a den, they can show off collectibles or simply be used to house entertainment equipment.

The most popular styles are corner bookcases, and the most popular colored ones are white bookcases. For something a little less traditional take a look at ladder bookshelves and bookcases.

Curio Cabinets

Looking to display the stuff you’ve collected over the years. Do you have a few family heirlooms you would like to safely display?

Curio cabinets come in many styles and shapes, from the popular corner curio cabinets to stately console curio cabinets, curio cabinets are no longer the domain of only the wealthy.

Gun cabinets, garage cabinets, liquor cabinets, and under-cabinet TVs are just a few of the more specialized storage units that are commonly used. We will take a look at a few of these as well.

Shoe cabinets

shoe cabinets are a great addition to your bedroom or closet as a way to clean up the storage of your shoes. Shoe cabinets take good advantage of the limited vertical space that you may have in your closet. They come in a range of functions.

Another alternative is shoe cubbies which are more open than a cabinet, with simple slots available for up to 16 or more pairs of shoes. These are popular with kids, as it provides organization to be still easy location and access to the shoes.

Shoe cabinets usually have the option to be open or closed. They come in a wide variety of styles. One of the more popular are cabinets with an oak finish. Another style that is typically less expensive is white cabinets.

On the other end of the spectrum are some higher-end pieces that can be featured as fine furniture on their own. Japanese-styled shoe cabinets are a good example of these pieces. Real wood oak cabinets are often featured on their own outside the closet as well.

You can find cabinets with one, two, or three levels to take advantage of the vertical space you have available. Often these have doors that slide open to reveal the shoes, and close to hide the levels that you aren’t using at the time.

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