Stunning Slate Tiles Usage in Homes

Slate Tiles

Slate tiles generally have the most beautiful colors of gray sometimes with touches of blue or green and they look fabulous in your home. It is well worth considering slate tile flooring especially for the following rooms :

1. In the Hall

If you are greeted by natural slate flooring in a hall you will immediately have the impression that you are entering a home with refined taste. Slate tile is very practical as well as beautiful. That is because it can withstand any dampness from wet feet and umbrellas and it is tough and durable.

You can keep slate floor tile looking good by sealing the surface and adding a large entrance mat at your door. This will trap dirt and grit and avoid the surface becoming damaged in any way. Slate floor tiles are tough but the sealant can become worn away over time in patches that degrade the appearance of your floor.

2. In the Bathroom

Gray slate floor tile is very popular for bathrooms as it goes very well with a white bathroom which is the only color to choose for bathroom fittings these days. The natural rough surface of the tiles means that the surface is slightly slipped resistant which is important for safety.

Although the natural stone flooring may be cold, it is fairly easy to resolve the problem with underfloor heating. And you can add comfort to your floor with a washable rug chosen to match your towels which will add color too.

3. In the Kitchen

As long as you seal the slate flooring tiles they are very practical for kitchens as well as looking great. Sealing will prevent the natural stone from absorbing spills and stains. Slate tiles are especially appropriate in a contemporary kitchen where slate may be chosen for countertops too. They go so well with shiny cabinet surfaces and a gleaming stainless steel fridge and stove.

4. In the Conservatory

Natural slate tile is very appropriate in a conservatory especially one where you grow a lot of indoor plants. It will not matter if water spills onto the floor as you water your indoor garden and the slate goes especially well with the green of leafy plants and will, in turn, be brightened up by any flowers that bloom there.

5. Other Rooms

Of course, slate can also be used in other rooms in your home but it is not so appropriate as it does have a hard look. In living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms, and other rooms in your home you would need to soften the slate tile by covering the surface with a rug especially in winter for warmth and comfort. In many ways that is a pity.

Why buy an expensive natural stone floor like slate tile and then cover up its beauty? It would be better to choose softer flooring such as carpet or even hardwood (with its softer colors, at least) for those rooms.

Slate Flooring

Natural slate flooring is one of the most beautiful surfaces you can install in your home and with proper treatment, it is suitable for all areas. Although it is a hard surface usually connected to kitchens, hallways, and bathrooms it could make a fantastic living room floor too if softened with a beautiful area rug or two.

Although slate is a hard surface it does absorb water but this is not a problem wherever you install it as long as it is properly sealed with resin. Most slate flooring tiles will be pre-treated but if not a resin seal can be applied after the tiles are fitted.

A slate floor can be quite tricky to install so do not do the installation yourself unless you are used to laying tiles and fitting floors. The problem is that the natural stone can easily crack when heavy things are placed on it if the right type of adhesive has not been used. This is more important the larger the tile that is used as a crack would be very obvious. Once properly installed however your slate floor will look beautiful for many years with very little maintenance.

Many people think of slate as a gray color but you can buy slate tile flooring in many different natural shades. You will find slate tiles in all shades of brown, green, sea green, and purple as well as gray. The beauty of slate however is that every tile will have a natural variation in it in both texture and color.

This natural variation is often further enhanced by the shape of the slate floor tiles. Most tiles are square however you can get slate floors made up of mosaic tiles that look exceptionally beautiful. These are great for bathrooms and small kitchens whereas larger rooms are better with a larger tile. The most common sizes for square tiles are 12, 16, 24 inches but other sizes and shapes are usually available although more expensive.

Because the slate tiles are naturally textured slate makes a great non-slip surface. That’s probably why it is most often used for bathroom and kitchen flooring but that is a great feature for entrances and the conservatory too where the floor may also get wet.

Although cold underfoot (a definite advantage during a hot summer) a radiant or underfloor heating system can be installed which will make the floor feel wonderful in winter.

All in all there’s not much to say against slate flooring other than the expense of buying and installing it. Some people get the look of slate by installing slate laminate flooring but there is actually nothing like the real thing for sheer beauty. A better option may be to save up and then look for any discount slate flooring options around.

You can buy slate tiles online these days and you can get some good discounts and often free shipping too. If you don’t know where to start take a look at slate on Amazon where you’ll find a selection of slate tiles at a discount.

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