The 5 Best Round Rugs for 2021

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A round rug is a very versatile piece of decor in your home. It can actually be used in every room of the house like bedroom, living room, kids’ room, bathroom, kitchen, dining room, stair landing area, and practically everywhere!

As to which room, where you will use your round area rug, is only limited by the size of the rug itself. Not only used inside the house but round area rugs can also be used as outdoor area rugs. A drab room, lacking life, can actually come to life with just an addition of a round area rug.

Best Round Area Rugs 2021 Reviews

1.LEEVAN Super Soft Faux Fur Sheepskin Rug Office Chair Cover Shaggy Rug Round Area Rugs

LEEVAN Super Soft Faux Fur Sheepskin Rug Office Chair Cover Shaggy Rug Round Area Rugs Floor Mat Home Decorator Carpets Kids Play Rug Ivory White, Round 4 ft Diameter

2. Nourison Aloha Indoor/Outdoor Floral Blue Multicolor 7’10” x ROUND Area Rug (8’xROUND)

Nourison Aloha Indoor/Outdoor Floral Blue Multicolor 7'10" x ROUND Area Rug (8'xROUND)

3. nuLOOM Rigo Hand Woven Jute Area Rug, 6′ Round, Natural

nuLOOM Rigo Hand Woven Jute Area Rug, 6' Round, Natural

4. junovo Round Fluffy Soft Area Rugs for Kids Girls Room Princess Castle Plush Shaggy Carpet

junovo Round Fluffy Soft Area Rugs for Kids Girls Room Princess Castle Plush Shaggy Carpet Cute Circle Nursery Rug for Kids Baby Girls Bedroom Living Room Home Decor Small Circular Carpet, 4ft Pink

5. Ashler Faux Fur White Round Area Rug Indoor Ultra Soft Fluffy Bedroom Floor Sofa Living Room 3 x 3 Feet

Ashler Faux Fur White Round Area Rug Indoor Ultra Soft Fluffy Bedroom Floor Sofa Living Room 3 x 3 Feet

shag round area rug

The kiddie room can have a shag round area rug with playful colors and patterns. The outdoor patio can have another round area rug right under the outdoor furniture which can serve as a cozy breakfast nook. The uses are really endless and the possibilities in jazzing up your home are just as simple as adding a few pieces of round area rugs.

Round area rugs are made with the same materials just like all the other area rugs. You can choose from natural fibers or man-made ones.

What to consider

Choosing the right one should take the following into consideration:

1. Size – be sure that the area rug is a few feet bigger than the furniture. If to be used for dining tables, get round area rugs that are 4 feet bigger than the dining table in order to accommodate the chairs once they are pulled out. Don’t forget to consider this in order to avoid that the chairs will fall out of the round area rugs.

2. Materials – the considerations for the material is for caring and maintenance; durability and longevity; budget.

3. Colors – you need to look at the colors that you have in the room and buy the area rug that will blend in or complement the rest of the room. The round area rug should tie in all the different pieces of decors and fixtures that you have in the room.

4. Pattern and Style – does your room desire to maintain an ultra-modern look? Or would you like an Asian or Oriental look? Country or traditional? The round area rug definitely has some features that can harmonize the look and feel that you want for your room.

Being round and normally smaller, you must not forget though to choose the ones with good pads and use some Rug Anchors to keep round area rugs in place.

Tips in using and caring for round area rugs:

1. Don’t place them under direct sunlight

2. Vacuum weekly for the bigger sized round area rugs;

3. For smaller ones, place inside a pillowcase to protect them, and wash them one at a time in the washing machine. (Don’t wash them together because some dyes might bleed and the rugs might be damaged.

As said earlier, round area rugs are very versatile. Every home needs at least one.

Benefits of round area rugs

Rugs don’t have to have angles, and there are a lot of benefits if they don’t.

First of all, is the atmosphere. The less right angles in a room, the more calming it is. So round rugs really help to make a room a more tranquil, relaxing place.

Second is the design aspect. Contemporary round area rugs come in a wide variety of styles, colors, and sizes, and the right one can really open up a room and make a statement. If you’re not looking for a fashion statement, a round rug can make a small room look larger, and can also give a room a more homey feel.

You’ll also want to consider the material. While round wool oriental rugs might be the first thing you think of, there are other natural options like silk, cotton, sisal, or bamboo. But there are also manmade materials such as viscose, rayon, or nylon.

Synthetic materials are often more stain-resistant, easier to clean, and more sturdy to wear and tear, so think about both the way it will look and the kind of traffic it will be getting when making your decision.

Reasons for Buying a Round Rug

What shape comes to mind when you think of rugs? Square? Rectangular? Oval? How about a circular? Square and rectangular rugs are by far the most common and probably will be as most rooms are this shape (unless you live in a windmill or lighthouse).

Oval rugs were once fairly popular but went out of style long ago and are now seen to be outdated and unfashionable. But have you ever encountered a round rug? Some of you may have but round rugs are actually quite rare. However, they are now becoming more popular as a bold and unconventional design statement.

Why the circular-shaped rug is becoming more desirable is obvious. Today’s design strategies are all about making bold statements, often using simple geometric shapes. The boring rectangle is out and the circle is in as sharp lines make way for more interesting curves.

Retro styling also makes use of circles, in a hint towards the contemporary design styles of the 1970s and 80s. This is another way in which round area rugs have become popular.

So there you have it, circular rugs make a bold design statement and are becoming increasingly popular. But where in your home would you place such a rug?

You might think that a rug of this shape would have limited use but the more you think about it the more opportune places will become apparent. Here are some of the more obvious uses.

Living Room

Circular rugs can be a great focal point for a living room, either in front of the fire or in the center of a seating area.

In addition, circular rugs can be used as a highlighting feature underneath certain items of furniture, chairs, and lamps for example, or underneath large ornamental items. There is also an obvious advantage to those with round coffee tables.

Kitchen/Dining Area

Underneath round dining tables in kitchens and dining rooms is an ideal place for a hardwearing circular rug. An 8′ round rug or a smaller 6′ round rug would work perfectly under a dining room or kitchen table.


The bathroom is just as good a place for a circular rug as anywhere else. You could use a round bath rug as a mat to soak up water, at the foot of your sink, or simply in the center of the room.


A round area rug might be successfully employed in a large hallway or to help break up other large spaces.

Round Rooms

Some houses (particularly older ones) may feature round rooms, often on the second or third floor. A square or rectangular rug might look out of place in this type of room.


Rugs can be a good way to separate a large room into separate spaces. A large round rug in one corner of a room could be used to designate a reading area, a TV area, or a separate dining area.

In a modern space, each element matters when striving to achieve your desired look. Modern round area rugs can be one of those additions to a space that you just do not make mistakes.

The right rug will complete the look, often giving you the “wow” factor you may be after. If you are considering all of your options for area rugs, you should know how to choose the right modern rug for a modern space.

The first step is to get an idea of what the completed room will look like in your mind’s eye. Then, consider the following tips to help you with rug selection.

Choose a Modern Round Area Rug for Space

A modern round area rug can be in use in a variety of ways. A modern room is one that offers sophistication and new-age design. It gives off a clean look.

Many of the best modern rooms are actually very minimalistic. Of course, you can design the room any way that you would like, but here are a few ideas to help you to create an ideal modern room using a modern round area rug:

  • Choose a round area rug that offers a simplistic design. You can purchase one that is in a solid color and use it to offset or even enhance a room’s design. For example, if the room has brightly colored walls, you may wish to ground this with a great looking dark rug. Solid color rugs work well in a modern space.
  • Geometrical shapes make an ideal modern area rug. Choose an area rug that has unique geometric designs on it. This is a great way to add a modern flair to space. It also allows you to see other shapes within the room better. For example, if you have a larger, black rug with brightly colored lines and circles on it. The colors of those circles and lines are similar to the colors in the rest of the room. You have a great modern look, then.
  • Modern area rugs are often in use as a stark contrast in a room, too. For example, a modern rug can be in use in a space that is otherwise very minimalistic. It may have grey walls and a grey floor. Then, the rug pops out in red color. While the couches and other elements are black or grey, they have splashes of red on them as well.

There are many ways to create a modern-looking room using a modern area rug. The good news is that there are so many unique looks available in these rugs.

You can select from those already ready for shipping or choose to have a custom-designed rug made for your home.

Consider the benefits of round area rugs in any space. They add a great geometrical look to space and they offer an incredible amount of character.

Regardless of the look, you are after, these rugs can help you to accomplish those goals.

Have you recently purchased a round area rug? If so, or if you are about it, it may be important to learn how to clean your prize purchase.

Round area rugs come in many different styles and colors. What is important when learning how to care for it, is the material and the manufacturer’s recommendations for cleaning and caring for the rug.

If you take care of a well-designed, well-made rug, it can last for decades. If you do not take care of your area rug, even the best-made rugs will not withstand the regular wear and tear placed on them over time. With so many great options available, make your decision wisely to clean your rug regularly!

One of the largest problems with round area rugs is the lack of care they receive from their owners over time. You can notice when a rug needs to be cleaned in several ways.

Spots and stains may be visible on the rug. Since it is an area rug, if you flip it over and look at the back, you will see where the stains are from the stains on the rubberized bottom.

Rugs also grab dirt and push it into the very bottom of the pile. This can cause the rug to be far dirtier than you actually think it is.

Another common sign of a dirty rug is fading colors. Often, after a good cleaning, these colors can be restored, giving the rug a new lease on life.

If you notice any wear on the rug, such as where the rug is thinning out, this is also a sign that the rug has not well cared. The edges of the rug may also have frayed. This is yet again a sign that the rug has not well cared.

Rips, fraying or worn spots cannot be cleaned. You may be able to have these professionally repaired though. To have these repairs completed, contact a local professional rug cleaner.

How To Clean The Rug

Now that you have a good idea of what could be wrong with your round area rug, how do you clean it?

  • Check with the manufacturer’s care instructions before trying any method of cleaning. This is essential for ensuring the rug makes it through any attempted cleaning efforts.
  • Invest in a quality carpet cleaning machine and use it as directed. For a heavier quality of the rug, this type of cleaning will work well.
  • Test any chemicals and cleaning agents on a hidden portion of the rug prior to actually using them on the entire rug. If you notice any staining or bleaching effect, do not use it.
  • Have a professional clean the rug for you. This is perhaps the best option for those rugs that have significant value to them. It does not have to be expensive, but it can be necessary for some types of carpets.
  • Never overlook the importance of regularly vacuuming the rug. This can help cut down on wear.


As with any rug purchase, there will be a wide range of prices. If you are looking for a beautiful round Persian rug, a rug store will be able to help you but expect to pay a nice penny. On the other hand, discount round area rugs are easily available online.

Whatever size, style, or material you choose, you’ll be glad you decided to do it. Round area rugs are always an unusual but welcome addition to your home– one that will keep your family happy, and your visitors complimenting.

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