What Type of Patio Cushions Is right for Me?

patio cushion

You love being outdoors on the patio or deck, so you need patio cushions to be comfortable in order to enjoy your furniture to the full.

Patio cushions are designed for comfort and are appealing to the eye. Your outside living area can be just as color-coordinated as your living room because your patio IS your living room in warm weather.

Patio furniture cushions are soft and inviting and made to entice you to sit and relax – before going to work, during the day or after a hard day at the office.

So what’s in a patio cushion?

Patio furniture cushions are made of foam covered with vinyl or canvas designed to withstand the elements of nature. They do not have to be brought indoors every night or when it is raining.

The material dries quickly and can be easily cleaned. You don’t have to worry about chocolate-covered fingers spoiling the cushions either. You can clean them by using your ordinary household cleaner and water. Of course, you can buy specially designed products for the cleaning if you wish.

Some patio cushion covers are also made from acrylic yarns, often coming in many colorful patterns and styles. This particular type of material, especially if Sunbrella®, locks in color so cushions remain colorful and clean-looking even after years of exposure to sun and rain.

You’ll find that patio furniture cushions add extra enjoyment to having your morning coffee while reading the newspaper. The relaxing atmosphere gives you the start you need for the day ahead.

The evening sunset looks more beautiful from your patio while relaxing on the cushions. The cares of the day seem so far away as you sit and enjoy dessert, talk with friends, or just watch the children playing in the yard.

How much can you expect to pay?

Patio cushions add grace and style to any outdoor furniture. They come in all shapes and sizes to fit all types of furniture such as single chairs, double chairs, swings, etc. They are available in a wide array of colors to suit individual tastes.

For a normal chair cushion, you can expect to pay $25 upwards, whereas a top-quality chaise lounge cushion can cost anywhere up to $400. Naturally, you can find everything in between, too.

Most good furniture cushions also come with a 1-year warranty, but this is normally limited to the manufacture of the item and not its use.

Your patio should feel as if it is an extension of yourself, and so it is. Your patio is the place where you spend most of your leisure time, so you want to make it as cozy and comfortable as possible. Patio cushions will allow this and more.

Outdoor Patio Furniture Cover

The proper size of the outdoor patio furniture cover is an important factor in providing protection to your patio furniture. A cover too small may cause your patio furniture to be ruined. Firstly, it does not supply enough coverage.
It harms the outdoor furniture as it clings closely on the materials too. Selecting an overly large cover is neither the right way as it will flap and balloon on windy days. It also tends to create pockets that trap water, which is a threat to the furniture.

The ideal outdoor patio furniture cover fits snugly over the furniture yet leave some spaces between the cover and the furniture. The rule of thumb is to get the smallest cover that is just larger than the furniture dimensions.

Do you know that the color of the outdoor patio furniture cover you select is also important? While there are other color options, you may want to stick to gray or silver. Or at least something light or pale. These colors tend to be more effective in reflecting the damaging UV rays of the sun. So, choosing these colors adds another layer of protection to your patio furniture.

Outdoor Chair Cushions

Best Outdoor Chair Cushions, outdoor chair cushions

Believe it or not, some people get really excited over pillows. Understandably, pillows, and cushions contribute tremendously to our lives; our entire concept of relaxation and comfort revolves around cushions, whether we are conscious of it or not.

This makes considering quality, attractive, outdoor chair cushions a topic of true importance. Perhaps it’s time you get really excited, too!

Outdoor patio chair cushions include everything from long bench seat cushions, to outdoor rocking chair cushions, to patio throw or decorative pillows, to chaise outdoor lounge chair cushions. The fact that you want your cushions for outdoor use doesn’t mean that you have to compromise style, color, or design. In fact, you can customize cushions to satisfy your looks precisely. Fabrics, colors, patterns, sizes; all of it is available for your patio comfort.

Sunbrella outdoor chair cushions are a smart choice when looking at cushion fabrics. Sunbrella fabrics are manufactured to survive outdoors, sun, or rain, usually with a five-year no-fade warranty. These fabrics come in stylish arrays of stripes, cabaret swirls, or spotted patterns. Adding fancy trims, of braids, bells, or feathery yarns is just as simple and exciting. The marble rainbow of color choice is unlimited.

The question of shape and size depends on the outdoor chair cushion you are looking for. Do you need outdoor wicker chair cushions or Papasan round outdoor chair cushions? Are your cushions for a bench, a bar stool, or a rocking chair? You can also choose between rounded corners or sharp corners, thick cushions, or thinner ones.

Custom cushions can be expensive, of course. Your other options are to buy standard cushions. These will be just as beautiful, but with a more limited variety of choices. If you’re willing to forego variety, even more, look for advertisements for discount outdoor chair cushions.

Discount cushion dealers may offer you quality cushions for less in their outdoor chair cushions clearance. Do beware of cheap outdoor chair cushions, where you might suffer fading, ripping, or irreparable staining sooner than you expect. Cushions for the outdoor must be built for beating that weather wear and tear.

At your local patio furniture store, discount warehouses, outlet stores, fancy boutiques, or custom cushion manufacturers, you’ll find everything you can dream of. Since living comfortably on your outdoor patio becomes more and more popular, your shopping easy gets easier. Your choices are as broad and beautiful as ever with outdoor furniture chair cushions.

Patio Cushions: 5 Ways to Save Money

Garden furniture cushions can be quite pricey. Rather than saving money by buying poor quality outdoor cushions which will not last or make your garden furniture look as good, seek out top quality patio cushions on sale at reduced prices.

Where can you find these Cheap patio cushions?

1. Online

You will find many stores online selling quality cushions at great prices and you will find a huge selection too. A little work with your mouse and you will uncover many bargains and find just the right cushions for your patio furniture too. Online stores know that you are able to compare prices in this way so that they are always keen to offer a good deal.

2. Auction sites like eBay

If you can’t find the Cheap outdoor cushions you’re looking for on standard e-commerce sites, go to eBay for the ultimate in online comparison shopping. There you will find a huge selection at great prices. Often you do not have to bother bidding and waiting to see if you have won, you will find “Buy it Now” prices and can buy instantly. Just remember to include shipping charges when calculating how much you will have to pay for your cushions.

3. Sales at Garden Centers

Many garden centers are feeling the pinch and are offering sale prices on patio chair cushions. The main sale period for these is July but you can sometimes find deals all year round if you look. Also if you have seen some cushions on display which you like, ask at the end of the season whether you can get a reduction on the display items. No one will know it is an end of range Cheap patio cushion once it is on your chair!

4. Mail Order

Look out for bargains in the back of newspapers, gardening magazines, and weekend newspapers especially those which have a ton of leaflets and catalogs falling at your feet when you open them. You will sometimes find great deals on patio cushions here.

Also look for opening offers which are supposed to persuade you to become a customer of a mail-order company. You can use these to get a good reduction on a big purchase like a set of replacement cushions for your outdoor furniture.

5. Combined Purchase

If you are looking for new patio furniture too, look for patio sets which include cushions with the furniture. As long as you like the fabric design and the chair cushions are of good quality then this can often be the way to buy cheap patio cushions without compromising on quality. Some companies offer choices in design too so that you are not stuck with one color.

If you don’t get the Cheap patio furniture cushions you’re looking for in one of these five ways you could consider making your own. Do this only if you are very handy with a needle as outdoor furniture fabric is quite tough to sew. Alternatively, you could look for used cushions at garage sales. Although they may not be the bright shiny brand new set of Cheap patio chair cushions you had in mind, some items being sold from garages are as good as new.

Chaise Lounge Cushions

It might sound quite basic but it’s amazing how a lack of care for and pure neglect of chaise lounge and other patio cushions can cause them to be damaged very easily. With chaise lounge cushions being outside all the time it is easy to forget about them and neglect them.

When you first buy them, these cushions always look gorgeous but wear and tear and weather can cause rapid deterioration over time. However, there are a few easy steps to take to make sure that your chaise cushions are kept in pristine condition, which means you avoid the worst effects of the weather and the elements.

1. Choose a Sturdy Weather-proof Covering Material

Buy the best outdoor chaise lounge cushions you can afford in the first place and make sure they are covered in weatherproof material such as Sunbrella fabric. Sunbrella cushions have toughness and fade resistance woven into the fibers as the dye is added while the material is still liquid so the color is locked in.

That is important as you can’t exactly shield your chaise lounge chair cushions from the sun when sunny days are exactly when you want to use them. Also if you are going to leave your cushions outside all summer, then reduce the damaging effects of showers by choosing water resistant and mold resistant fabric too. Gray spots of mildew are not enhancers of patio furniture by any stretch of the imagination.

2. Keep Them Out of Harm’s Way

You may not want to store your cushions undercover every evening (although it is a good idea) but at least put them away if you are not going to be using them for a few days. Get a special chaise lounge cushion storage bag, which you can buy online so that you can easily slip them in and put them away in a garage or shed overnight.

If you don’t have a shed or garage near your patio, look for a storage bench big enough to house your cushions, as you are more likely to put them away each time if it is convenient to do so.

3. Store Them Away in Winter

At the end of the summer, give your chaise lounge outdoor cushions a good clean, let them dry thoroughly, and keep them indoors in a dry place. Although it may seem like a lot of work at the time, it will be worth it when your cushions come out like new next year instead of being greeted by ruined cushions left in place on your patio.

4. Protect Them from Spills and Stains

Use a towel on your chaise if you are going to apply suntan lotion or oil as this is difficult to remove if you spill it on the fabric. Also, mop up any spills right away from your outdoor chaise lounge cushion and wash with warm soapy water.

If covers can be removed, check whether they are machine washable or can be washed by hand and use a mild soap on them after paying special attention to any stains. Always rinse patio cushion covers thoroughly to get rid of any soap residue and leave to dry naturally before replacing.

Wicker Patio Cushions

Once again, it is that most favored time of the year for many people – patio season. Friends and family will gather for barbecues, visit over cold glasses of iced tea or just drop by for a chat on a warm summer evening – and your wicker patio furniture will provide the perfect setting every time. It is also a good time to look at your old patio cushions and decide if they need cleaning, repair, or replacement.

Wicker is one of the most popular styles of outdoor furniture to ever sit next to a barbecue grill or outdoor drinks trolley and wicker patio cushions add a comfortable finishing touch to the furniture.

The selection of patterns and colors to choose from is endless and they do not have to be expensive to own, especially if you choose to buy patio cushions online. Some patio owners even buy more than one set of cushions in order to change up the décor, depending on the backyard occasion or the seasonal colors that go with spring, summer, or fall.

Like everything else; you will get what you pay for, so select your cushions carefully and keep in mind that they will be exposed to the weather – from frequent summer showers to the hot summer sun. Of course, patio furniture covers can be an effective way to protect your furniture, including your cushions, preserving their beauty, and giving them a much longer long life.

Buying patio cushions online can be a real money saver, but you still face the problem of not being able to touch and closely inspect the cushions personally. One way around that would be to visit a patio or backyard furniture store and find exactly what you’re looking for and take down the manufacturer’s information.

You can then go online and order your cushions with confidence, having done a comparison to get the best price. Sites that offer free shipping are particularly attractive with a heavy bulky item like patio cushions, so watch out for that, and make your calculations based on the total price of your order for wicker cushions, rather than the advertised price of a single cushion excluding shipping.

Red Patio Cushions

The great thing about patio cushions is that companies usually make them in different shapes and sizes to meet the needs of different types of patio furniture and that is true of all the red patio cushions you’ll see below.

You can coordinate every piece in your garden or use a variety of complementary designs – perhaps some solid red patio cushions along with some striped or floral designs. This adds variety and interest to your garden furniture.

Red is a great color for patio furniture cushions as it is one of the few colors that can compete with the brightness of summer flowers.

It will go brilliantly with many of your flower displays. However, if you don’t have green fingers and can’t manage to get anything to bloom, your red outdoor cushions will bring color to your patio in any case.

Green Patio Cushions

Green is a wonderful color that goes perfectly well with any garden furniture, whether white resin, teak, or sophisticated black wicker. And you’ll find many cushions to choose from whether you are thinking of contemporary lime green patio cushions or dark hunter green or any shade in between from mint to sage.

Of course, each shade of green and cushion fabric design has a style and character of its own so when you are looking for your cushions, you will want to respect that. The palest shades look good on pretty wicker furniture, in particular, for an English country garden look while the darker shades of green look good with teak.

The natural colors of sage look good with most furniture for an understated look whereas lime green will give contemporary garden furniture or a modern town garden a boost.

Black Patio Cushions

Black patio cushions are ideal for many gardens especially as there is such a variety from plain black cushions which would be very sophisticated and understated on your patio chairs and would be ideal in a town or suburban garden to floral designs which could easily grace the chairs in an English country garden. And of course, there is every kind of design in between.

With black (as with most other distinct colors) it is important to choose patio cushions which are made for outdoor life if you are going to leave the cushions on the chairs for any length of time because once black fades and becomes gray looking due to strong sunlight and wear and tear then it loses much of its appeal.

Replacement Patio Cushion Covers

If the inner foam of your patio cushions seems to be in good condition you might be thinking about buying replacement patio cushion covers rather than a whole new set of outdoor cushions. A few people have asked me about this and it certainly makes sense in my mind (especially in these days when we are all so aware of global warming and the economic crisis) not to throw everything away and start again.

You do need to check the viability of such a purchase however and here are a few things to think about.

First of all, check that your foam inner cushion is truly in good condition (and not ready to fall to pieces as soon as you get your replacement covers).

How do you tell?

Basically, if the foam still feels soft to the touch, is comfortable to sit on and springs back after use then it is fine. But do check that the foam is not starting to degrade with bits chipping and flaking off as this is a sign that it will need replacing soon.

After that check that you can actually find replacement cushion covers in the exact size you need and in a design you like and that they will cost you less than patio furniture cushion covers sold with pads. I know it seems mad, but you may struggle to find outdoor cushion covers being sold separately.

Maybe there is not enough demand for them because customers worry that if they buy covers their existing pads will not fit. (If the new covers do not fit the old pads precisely then your cushions will never look good.) Or perhaps most buyers leave it too long to replace their patio cushions and the foam inner part needs to replaced too in more cases than not.

If you can’t find ready-made patio chair cushion covers by searching around, there is one route that you might take and that is to have custom cushion covers made either via a web site or get a local seamstress to make some cushions for you. In this way, you can choose whatever outdoor fabric you like and have cushions made to your own specification.

If you do this, be careful that you don’t end up spending more on your replacement patio seat cushion covers than you would have done on whole cushions complete with foam inner pad.

If you are handy with a needle then you can make your own replacement covers, of course, but be aware that outdoor fabric is not easy to sew and that you need to ensure that you match the precise shape and size of your cushions, fortifying all seams well enough that the cushions hold together with constant use. A project to make patio cushion covers is really not for a beginner.

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