Modern Patio Lighting Ideas You’ll Love

patio lighting. modern patio lighting ideas

Various types of patio lighting are available for deck gardens and patios. There is no point in having a patio with beautiful furniture if you can’t enjoy it once the sun goes down.

Patios are intended for use at any time of the day or night, especially in warm weather. Outdoor lighting for your patio creates a welcoming atmosphere and beautifies your property.

Simple patio lighting does make life easier

Imagine trying to barbeque on a dark patio. A barbeque is meant to be an enjoyable experience and you can have that with a well-designed patio lighting system. The term “well-designed” does not refer to an expensive system, it just means lights placed where they can create the best effect.

Outdoor lighting can be used to accent the furniture and allow you and your guests to sit and chat just as comfortable as you would in your living room. Timers can be installed to automatically turn the patio lights on or off.

This is particularly effective if you are planning to be away from home because it gives would-be burglars the impression that there is someone in the house.

Permanent patio lighting fixtures should be placed wherever lighting is needed and especially where safety may be a concern. Floodlights mounted near the grill or barbeque allows the chef to cook safely without the possibility of being burned or, heaven forbid, burning the food.

You’ll have to consider bugs

Outdoor lighting, however, does attract insects. Be careful where you place the lighting to avoid having to leave the peace and serenity of the patio because of a swarm of mosquitoes. Try to place the patio lights overhead, rather than at the knee level. You can also get lights that discourage insects.

The main thing to remember about patio lighting is not to have too much light. You want your patio to be noticed and admired, but not scorned because you have it over lit. The goal of a well-designed outdoor lighting plan is to make the patio a place where you feel cozy and comfortable while maintaining your privacy.

Patio lighting comes in all shapes and sizes, from theme designed lights to solar-powered units, ground lights, wall lights, iron, wood, plastic, terracotta. The choice is yours. Naturally, prices come in as many variations as the lights themselves.

Exterior Lights

If you live in a house or condominium, you’ll quickly realize that as twilight sets in and the sky get dark, your home can look very dreary, lonely, even unwelcoming. Unless you have proper exterior lights, that is.

A home really comes alive at night with tasteful exterior lighting; it’s a design feature that should not be passed up. There are plenty of lighting options between design and cost, so you shouldn’t feel stifled, either.

Who is the light for, you ask? For everyone. In the wintertime, your kids might come home after basketball practice long after the sun has set. Nighttime pool parties are common enough.

Visitors who come in the evening hours, or even you yourself, returning after a night out, will feel all the more welcome and safe when those exterior light fixtures are aglow. They may even scare away thieving threats. Whether you’re home or away, it’s best to leave something lit as soon as night sets in.

Exterior wall lights are a common design. Wall lights can be recessed into your home’s exterior for a sleek and modern style. Dusting the light covers of recessed lights is easy so that keeping your outdoor lighting bright is no problem at all.

Using a sconce as an exterior wall light is another great choice. Sconces are sophisticated, even Victorian in style. Though today you can find them in light covers that are more new-age than that. They are beautiful when set on either side of a front door, porch entrance, or next to windows.

If you’re looking for something to illuminate your lawn and dress up the beautiful flowers, fountains, or delicate shrubbery, then exterior landscape lighting is what you need. These fixtures can be anything from underwater lights to mushroom-style stubs placed along the walkway.

Tall lamp posts at the lawn entrance are also considered landscape lights. You might even realize that some of your exterior Christmas lightings can double function as decorative lights throughout the year. Rope lights, for example, look delightful around a pool edge, no matter what night or season.

The two important technical aspects to remember when shopping for exterior lighting fixtures are energy cost and installation. Be aware of how much the electricity cost will add to your purchase.

Consider solar LED bulbs as an excellent alternative. Make sure you understand what installation will be required, as well. Will you need to hire a specialist, or is this a simple DIY task? Beyond that, enjoy the bright selection!

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