10 Best Kitchen Counter Stools

Everything seems to happen in the kitchen. Besides cooking and baking, most families also eat, watch TV, and do homework in the kitchen.

While a kitchen table is the most common location for these kinds of activities, in a smaller kitchen the countertops can be a space-saving alternative.

Think the counter is too high? Well, think again. Kitchen counter stools offer a simple solution and make the countertops an accessible and ideal place for both work and play.

Kitchen Counter Stool Options

There are seemingly endless options when it comes to picking out kitchen counter height stools, and sometimes it can be a bit overwhelming. Here are some of the most popular options, so you can pick the one that works best for you.

Kitchen Counter Bar Stools
Bar stools are a classic, and a great way to sit comfortably at your kitchen counters. They are available in a wide range of colors, styles, and materials, from the classic pub stool to elegantly carved wooden designs.

Swivel Kitchen Counter Stools
Being able to swivel is a great plus in a kitchen stool. In a small kitchen, swiveling can make it easy to turn a bit and reach the fridge door or a pantry shelf, and even in a larger kitchen, well, it’s always fun to just sit there and spin.

Backless Kitchen Counter Stools
Give some thought to whether you want your stools to have backs or not. Backed stools are more chair-like and provide more comfort and support, while backless stools are less expensive and more versatile.

Think About Style

Your kitchen stools are a great way to make a statement. Even a rather simple kitchen can turn into a sophisticated one with the right stools. But don’t try to give the room a whole new look. Instead, think about what the feeling is now, and just take it a step further.

Is your kitchen sleek and modern, or a cozy country? Have you used bold colors or warm wood tones? If you have a more traditional atmosphere in your kitchen, then wooden kitchen counter stools are simply perfect. If your kitchen spells out modern in big bold letters, then maybe wrought iron is the way to go.

Whatever type or style of stools you decide to go within the end, you’ll be glad you made the move. Kitchen counter stools make everything you do in your kitchen easier and more convenient, from giving the kids a place to do their homework to be the perfect location for a midnight ice cream break. And you’ll even be able to sit while washing the dishes! So go on, grab a stool, and start enjoying!

Kitchen Bar Stools Versatility

As the family gets a little bigger or the kids get a little older, you might find yourself desperately looking for extra kitchen and dinette seating. Full-sized chairs take up space, are difficult to store, and clumsy to move. Is there any way to make your kitchen welcoming, comfortable, and still spacious? Of course. With kitchen bar stools.

Especially if you don’t have space for a small kitchen table or dining space in your, kitchen counter bar stools are going to solve a lot of your design problems. Scoot them right up to the L shaped counter. It’s a great way to serve snacks. Casual dinners are fun and interactive that way, too. If you need to do some cooking while the kids are doing homework, let them climb those bar stools. You’ll be able to help them along and get your own stuff done at the same time. The same goes for breakfast, arts and crafts projects, and more. In fact, clearing a mess off the counter is easier than off a table; with a couple slides over to the sink and a quick wipe down, the whole affair can be put away. Kitchen breakfast bar stools will help you keep the family together even when they’re doing different things.

If your kitchen is designed with an island in the middle, bar stools are the best way to make use of space. An island is so versatile. It works are cutting, preparing, and table space. Kitchen island bar stools fit neatly around it, adding to the convenience. You can even do your dinner preparations sitting down!

So the big step is really to decide what style of kitchen and bar stools are best. Metals, like steel, iron, and aluminum are common choices. They’re durable and look great. Aluminum are lightweight, as well. Wooden kitchen bar stools are another premium choice.

Wood has a certain class of hominess and sophistication rolled into one. They don’t have to be particularly heavy. With wood, you get to choose from a variety of finishes to suit your design taste perfectly.

The best part is that as soon as you own some kitchen stools, you’ll realize how great they are in other rooms, too. Maybe you should buy a number of them at once! Save yourself the second trip out.

What is Breakfast Barstool?

Haven’t we all heard it before – how well a day goes is determined by how it started? Needless to say, the first meal of the day, breakfast, is a very important part of the morning. Breakfast is the best time to rub the sleep out of your eyes, brace yourself for the full day ahead, relax, and take a breather.

So would you prefer eating such an important meal over the sink or leaning against the kitchen counter? Instead, get some breakfast bar stools, accent the kitchen counter ledge, and have your breakfast in comfort. There couldn’t be a better way to begin your day.

Types of Breakfast Barstools

There are different types of breakfast bar stools, such as adjustable height stools, folding bar stools, leather bar stools, stools with a back, stools with no back, and high stools for wine bars. In addition, they can be swivel or stationary, with or without armrest, upholstered, or solid seats.

They can be made of wood or metal frames and they can be finished or unfinished. Breakfast bar stools can be made of wood (oak, maple, cherry, etc.), metal, or a combination of both. Along with the dozens of staining options, you can choose from cloth, vinyl, leather, etc. for the seat, too.

Benefits of Breakfast Barstools

It’s true that more and more people are starting to see the advantages of having a peaceful breakfast and the growing popularity of breakfast nooks in the home just goes to prove it. Apart from giving you a comfortable place to enjoy the power meal, breakfast bar stools are functional, chic, and fit into your interior decorating scheme.

Though the name suggests the barstools are used only at the breakfast table, in reality, they can also be used at parties for the children’s table so that they can eat without creating a mess. In fact, they are often referred to as spectator stools.

Not limited to the children’s table, breakfast bar stools are also fun at adult parties. Swivel barstools in particular make it easier to talk to those around you. More often than not, when there is a comfortable place to sit, people have more fun.

When placed at the breakfast bar or nook, they can be used while entertaining a group of friends who enjoy spending time in the kitchen and keeping the chef company. This eliminates the problem that occurs when you are the host and have to be in the kitchen all the time without the company.

What To Consider Before Buying Breakfast Barstools

The most important thing to consider before buying a breakfast barstool is the height of the stool. In a small kitchen where there is not enough space to place a regular kitchen table, 24-26 inch bar stools are normally used at the breakfast bar. Bar stools of this height are ideal for counters measuring up to 30-36 inches.

If you are not sure of the dimensions of your kitchen counter or breakfast bar, always measure before you buy your barstools. Compatibility and durability are just as important as any other consideration.

It’s a good idea to set your budget beforehand. You should neither splurge too much on substandard furniture nor buy poor quality bar stools for lower prices. You’ll also find manufacturers and dealers who offer custom options, usually at an upgrade cost. You will have to research this carefully if you want a custom finish, specific fabric, or an unusual size.

Since the breakfast barstools should fit in the décor of the kitchen, look for a color and a style that go well with the room. Find out about the materials used in making bar stools. If it’s a leather-upholstered stool, check if it is all leather or just the seat, with all other parts being vinyl. If it’s an oak stool, see if the pieces are solid oak or if smaller pieces of wood are glued together and then cut.

Finally, check and see if your furniture comes with a warranty and on receiving the furniture always look for broken edges or unpolished surfaces.

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