The 10 Best Karastan Rugs for 2021

Karastan Rugs

Using area rugs to liven your living space is both a practical and fashionable choice. No matter what your flooring looks like now, a rug can vastly improve its looks and offer serious protection. If you seek the top in both quality and style, then take a quick look online at Karastan rugs on sale. You will be impressed.

The purpose of a rug is many folds. First and foremost is to cover the flooring you have in place already. An old carpet might be badly stained.

A stone or tile floor may be too cold. A hardwood floor has either suffered ugly scratches, or you are trying to protect it from that fate. Any Karastan area rug that you choose is going to solve all of the above problems, beautifully.

Best Karastan Rugs Reviews


1. Karastan Spice Market Deir Woven Rug, 5’3×7’10, Aquamarine

Karastan Spice Market Deir Woven Rug, 5'3x7'10, Aquamarine

2. Karastan Pacifica Kingston Woven Rug, 5’3×7’10, Indigo

Karastan Pacifica Kingston Woven Rug, 5'3x7'10, Indigo

3. Karastan “Down Under” Premium Rug Pad 8’4″ X 11’8″

Karastan "Down Under" Premium Rug Pad 8'4" X 11'8"

4. Karastan Empress Kirman Black Rug Rug Size: 8’8″ x 10’6″

Karastan Empress Kirman Black Rug Rug Size: 8'8" x 10'6"


5. Karastan Intermezzo Southwood Woven Rug, 5’6×8’3, Croissant Beige

Karastan Intermezzo Southwood Woven Rug, 5'6x8'3, Croissant Beige

Why use a Karastan Rug

Karastan rugs are known for their high-quality weave. It achieves heights both in durability and the look of hand-knotted area rugs. The weave is also renowned for beautiful stain recovery. When other rugs would be destroyed by certain spills and spotting, a Karastan rug will make a nearly effortless comeback. That in itself means longer life.

The second, and equally important, delight you will find at a full-fledged Karastan rug sale is the tremendous variety in design and vibrancy of color. Karastan wool rugs exuberate a long-lasting luster.

The patterns and designs are woven into styles reminiscent of every era, and imitate a number of cultures. Anything from the popular and contemporary Karastan plum blossom rugs to traditional Karastan oriental rugs. You can find one suitable for literally every room in the house.

Once you’ve tasted the luxury of Karastan, it will be hard to resist. Dining room, living room, recreation room. You might even look for ones that will survive the moisture of a bathroom. Guests will be impressed. Your toes will revel in the softness. To your distress, the dog might even recognize how appealing these rugs are.

Karastan Rugs Prices

The only discouraging thing to consider is Karastan rug prices. Most consumers do believe that you are paying for the quality and style that you receive, but the prices are high. If you are willing to buy one used or make the efforts to search them out at discount dealers, you might be able to save some.

However you do it, do not sacrifice the beauty possible in new Karastan carpet. Either way, it’s a worthwhile purchase.

Karastan Oriental Rugs

There is nothing that adds a touch of royalty and sophistication to a room like Oriental area rugs. If you think that owning such a rug is beyond your means, think again.

Karastan Oriental rugs look just like the real thing and will add the same beauty and elegance at a price that, while by no means cheap, is more likely to be within your reach.

Every Karastan carpet is known for its quality, beauty, and extreme durability; their oriental line is no exception. A Karastan Oriental rug is made with top quality materials, giving you the most for your money. If there was ever such as thing as a perfect American made Oriental rug, this is it. The designs on these rugs are made with special non- fade die, so that the colors on the carpet will remain vibrant and fresh looking for years. Karastan rugs are made to endure heavy usage, with the ability to look as good as new when cleaned properly.

The company produces many different makes of Oriental rugs. Here is a mini-guide to introduce you to some of their well known and well-liked designs:

Karastan Kirman Rug

These rugs are distinguished by their intricate floral designs, each one more unique than the next. A range of vibrant colors and hues are incorporated into the Kirman carpets, resulting in a breathtakingly beautiful masterpiece.

Karastan Plum Blossom Rug

Not quite an Oriental but with the Oriental design concepts in mind, this rug is made with a more modern motif. It will fit seamlessly into a modern setting and comes in a variety of different sizes and colors to match the décor in any home.

Karastan Sarouk Rug

Sarouk rugs are made to be exact copies of the original Persian, Turkish, and other Oriental rugs. You can count on these rugs to be exact replicas, down to the last detail.

The Karastan Ashara rug and antique Karastan rugs are also popular and highly sought after choices.

These oriental rugs are made of high-quality New Zealand wool and are woven with great care and precision with every detail. If you want to see a selection of rugs before purchasing one, there are many online websites that offer great sections. Compared to genuine Oriental rugs, Karastan wool rugs are much more affordable. However, their prices are by no means inexpensive, but the discerning shopper will recognize and appreciate their beauty and quality. A Karastan Oriental rug will add unparalleled beauty and grace to your home.

Why Karastan Rugs are Famous

Karastan has by far the widest range of traditional and classical rugs and has been manufacturing them since as far back as 1928. This long history of quality design and rug manufacture has earned the company a name as one of the leading rug makers in America and has attracted numerous celebrity clients (including Donald Trump). Because of this, Karastan rugs have become a mark of style and taste, a statement if you will.

So just what does make Karastan such a successful company and why is it’s rugs as popular as they are? Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why Karastan area rugs are recognized as some of the best rugs in the world.


Karastan has been making rugs for nearly one hundred years and is one of the oldest rug manufacturers in America. In this time they have pioneered new techniques and new designs to ensure that they always remain at the forefront of the industry. When you buy a Karastan rug you are not only buying a beautiful piece of carpeting, but also a piece of heritage.

Natural Materials

Karastan uses only natural materials in the manufacture of their rugs. In fact, they are the world’s largest user of New Zealand wool, which is produced in open pasture whilst preserving the natural landscape. This wool is also the cleanest and whitest wool that can be found and makes for beautiful Karastan wool rugs.

Environmental Ethics

Karastan is an environmentally aware company and takes great pains to ensure that their impact on the environment around them is minimized. This is done by using only ethically produced natural wools, by recycling, and by continuing their environmental research to find new ways to lessen their impact on the environment.

They are currently involved in a huge recycling scheme, diverting used rugs away from landfill sites. They are also part of a project (along with the Environmental Protection Agency) aiming to replace the coal used in cement kilns with recycled wool from carpets and rugs.


The way in which Karastan weave their rugs has been designed to increase the durability and longevity of the product. A Karastan area rug last up to twenty years longer than other rugs.


Karastan manufacture rugs in a huge variety of designs and design styles. Their traditional rugs are best known and are stunningly beautiful. However, they also have a number of contemporary designs available too.

In fact, they have been a pioneer of design for decades and this is evident in the range of styles they have on offer – from classic to contemporary and everything in between. They also have a very nice line of Karastan oriental rugs, so if you are in the market for a Karastan oriental rug then be sure to check them out.


Karastan is a well-established name in home fashion. Their rugs are not only beautiful but carry the trademark name. Owning a Karastan rug is somewhat of a statement in itself.

Large Outdoor Rugs

Outdoor living and entertaining have been gaining popularity over the last several years. It is a great way to increase living space and enjoy the beauty of nature right outside your own door. Options are becoming better as customers demand more selections and better quality when making a choice for furnishings.

The right furnishings will create the right focal point. Creating a focal point brings your space alive and creates a mood with color, texture, and appeal. A beautiful, large outdoor rug will brighten everything and lay the foundation for a decorating solution.

Choosing an outdoor rug is easy to do if you have the right information and know what you want to start with. Choices and quality are unlimited, with colors in every range to match your personality. Add a table set with chairs, an umbrella, and a fire pit for an evening of quiet entertainment. Or brighten everything for an afternoon get together with family and friends. The choice is yours and can fit any budget and every style.

Double as indoor outdoor rugs

Outdoor rugs can double as indoor outdoor rugs. You can choose large outdoor rugs or outdoor area rugs to accent points of interest. Cover and unpainted cement patio or just a portion of a large wooden deck. There are shapes and sizes to fit each style, from oval-shaped, rectangle, round, square, and styles in flat, braided, or raised fabric depending on comfort and need.

Large outdoor rugs can vary in size. Some as large as 12×15 or more. But most sizes in between are available as ready-made. For larger rugs, special orders can be requested in the perfect size for your space.

Rug sizes available

Other sizes available are 10×10, 10×13, or small sizes down to 2×3 and sizes to cover steps during harsh weather.

All are weather-resistant and mildew resistant. They are easy to clean with soap and water. Using an outdoor hose, cover until wet and just mop up. Since they are stain and spill-resistant, you do not have to spot clean.

Do not use bleach on your rug. Bleach can cause the colors to run or fade. With normal use, most rugs are fade-resistant and will hold their beauty and durability for years.

There are a few materials best for outdoor use. The first is the DuraCord. It is made from a man-made yarn fiber that is blended in a way that makes it resistant to all weather, fade resistant, mildew resistant, and long-wearing. It has the look and soft feel of cotton, but a longer life that will give beauty for years to come. A strong synthetic backing makes it non slip for safety to anyone using the space.

Bamboo rugs are an eco-friendly choice. Easy and quick to grow, bamboo takes less time, less space to grow, and is easy to work with. It is a beautiful choice and feels wonderful to stand on and provides cool ventilation during the summer months.

A natural color makes it perfect for any décor. Easy to clean, but it is best on a cover patio or deck. Do not place in direct sun or expose to rain. It can wear in time if exposed to too many of the elements. This is a great choice for indoor/ outdoor decorating.

Low maintenance rugs

Outdoor rugs are low maintenance and provide a warm, smooth surface. It is a great play area for kids when the weather prevents them from going outdoors farther than the covered porch. Warm to play on, they can even have lunch while enjoying the fresh air.

Choose a rich, bold color for the dark winter days or choose something with a design to freshen a space. Flowers, animals, patterns, and geo designs expand the use and beauty of any outdoor experience.

Outdoor rugs are available at all home and design stores or can be ordered online. Measure carefully and choose the best color or pattern for your style. Once you place the rug where you want it, let it stand for one hour before placing furniture on it. This gives the fibers a chance to unfold and move into place. Once the air circulation is complete the colors will pop when viewed.

Price range

Prices range from as low as $60.00 to as high as $1200.00 or more depending on quality, value, brand, and style. There are several name brand makers of fine outdoor rugs. Many places offer free delivery or shipment when certain makers or price ranges are met. Check return policies and warranty on all rugs in case of a factory defect. Once you have satisfied with all options, it is time to enjoy the beauty of your new outdoor room.

How To Find Discontinued Karastan Rugs

Discontinued Karastan Rugs

Finding discontinued Karastan rugs can be extremely frustrating. Whether you’re looking to replace a favorite Karastan carpet that’s worn beyond repair, or you’re looking for a matching piece of Karastan carpeting to add to a room, it’s bound to be a harder task than just going to a store and looking for something new that strikes your fancy. Here are some tips on finding discontinued Karastan area rugs and carpets without having too much hassle.

Your first stop should be local Karastan carpet dealers. There is a very good chance that they will have a decent selection of discontinued models. And if those rugs or carpets are taking up needed space in their warehouses or storerooms, there is a good chance that you can get them at excellent prices.

If the local dealers don’t have the models you are looking for, you’ll need to extend your search to other dealers. You can do a search on the Karastan website to find retailers both nearby and not so nearby. You can also ask the local store-owners that you’ve spoken to if they can contact other store-owners they know who may have the discontinued Karastan carpets in the designs that you have in mind. If you find one that is having a Karastan closeout sale, you may get lucky, or they might have an old rug in storage which is what you’re looking for.

Another option that you have is to look online. Many of the major online retailers carry Karastan Oriental rugs and carpeting and may have the styles you are looking for. You can also call up these retailers or email them to see if they have what you are looking for.

If wall to wall carpeting is what you have in mind, realize that that will likely be a lot harder than trying to find the right area rugs. Most of the time you can find discontinued Karastan carpet samples at close-out sales from large carpeting stores, but there is no guarantee that they will have a large enough supply to carpet the entire area you are looking for.

Online auctions and local classifieds offer another venue for finding discontinued Karastan rug patterns. These will very often be used rugs, but in most cases, you can find rugs that are in excellent condition despite their previous ownership. These are also likely to come at bargain prices too.

If you just can’t find the rug you are looking for, consider getting a close alternative. For example, if you find your favorite Karastan plum blossom rug discontinued, you may be able to find another pattern from the same collection that is similar in both color and design and will fit just as well into the motif of the room you are decorating.

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