How to Paint Kitchen Cabinets

How to Paint Kitchen Cabinets

The question is why and How to Paint Kitchen Cabinets?

Now first see why you need to do that? The kitchen is a very important place in your house and you spend most of the time there. So it should look the way you want it to be.

But to look it beautiful and according to your wish, you should decorate it well and with proper planning. Yeah, to make it more beautiful and different you can buy new cabinets and all, but would not it go to give you a hard time with the budget and time?

This means it will make you spend a lot more extra bucks out of your planned monthly expenses and takes a lot of time of yours. But you can give a makeover to your kitchen by painting the kitchen cabinets and redecorating them.

Now how to redecorate them is up to you and according to the available space in there. In order to paint your kitchen cabinets, you are definitely going to need some expertise and knowledge. So let’s find now How To Paint Kitchen Cabinets by yourself.

Way of Painting Kitchen Cabinets

First, you need to take a picture of your kitchen and empty your kitchen cabinets. Then you should take the cabinets out from where they were and take them to the place where you are going to paint them.

And if it is not possible for you then drop clothes to other things except the cabinets or simply wrap the other thing with plastic sheets or clothes.

Then gather or buy the articles from the market beforehand which you will be going to need in the time of painting like a paint sprayer, a paint mask, a few sandpapers, and sanding sponges, paint, deglosser, satin and tinted pre-catalyzed lacquer, oil base tinted glaze and wood putty, etc.

Don’t forget to collect a cordless drill, a screwdriver, and a small compressor. Now after gathering all these let’s start the lesson on How To Paint Kitchen Cabinets.

Pick the Best Brand

Now if you have questions in mind about the brand and color etc. then you should check the sites and reviews for the best results. Then you should start disassembling the cabinets because that will help you to paint them well. Don’t forget to put all the screws and hardwires aside in a zip lock bag. Now first before beginning the painting clean all the surfaces well and do the repairing jobs if you need to.

Then with sandpaper rub the surfaces to remove the current color and wipe them well with the cloths. It is advisable that before start painting you should mark all the doors and parts with marks to recognize them and fit properly after finishing the paint job. After the rubbing job use deglosser on the surfaces to clean all the dirt and existing colors.

Now apply lacquer on them and let it dry for 30 minutes. After it soaked in the surface start painting with a light coat of the color. And apply again the sandpaper slowly and do the painting again. Do this process 2 to 3 times or more according to your need. Now apply tinted glaze on them and pat it dries for a day.

In this way, you can easily paint your cabinets and give them a new look. So now you know that How To Paint Kitchen Cabinets, so don’t wait and try it.

Paint Colors For Kitchen Cabinets

From time to time painting is necessary for our daily usable objects like cabinets, furniture, etc., but how you should choose Paint Colors For Kitchen Cabinets and all other objects of your home is important.

Because color can break or make the look of that object and your place as a whole and choosing a color for the cabinets in accordance with your kitchen color scheme and your style is also necessary.

Like if your kitchen wall is painted with white color so you should go with a bright reddish color to give your kitchen a sleek and nostalgic look. So let’s take a brief description of how to choose a Paint Color For Kitchen Cabinets.

Criteria to be considered before purchasing paint color

You should take much care and consideration before choosing any color for your kitchen cabinets. It also depends on several factors like what is your kitchen color or which color will last more and not tend to show the dust on them or even which color of the cabinets can make your kitchen look vibrant and bigger.

Generally light color has the ability to show the place actually much bigger than they are but you are applying it in the kitchen, so you have to consider the fact that a light color also tends more to catch and reflects the dust and gets shabby more quickly than their dark counterparts.

Again if you apply some dark colors then it can spoil the look and make your kitchen look dark. To select Paint Color For Kitchen Cabinets first you should remember to avoid any cutesy color like lime green or hot pink as a chosen one because they can look good in your kids’ room furniture but not in your kitchen.

Importance of painting kitchen cabinets

Cabinets form an integral part of your kitchen and it spreads most of the parts of a kitchen, so to make them stand out in the kitchen and look beautiful and in good contrasts with the kitchen wall color, you should choose some sober yet matching color combination.

If your kitchen wall color is deep you should go with a bright or light shade of color for your cabinets. Color brings versatility to the place.

It can also help to make the theme of the room or place perfectly. It is also true in the case of kitchens too. So as the theme of the place or room changes try to change the colors of the cabinets accordingly.

Also along with changing the color of the cabinets don’t forget to change the doorknobs and handles accordingly. If you are painting your cabinets with bright colors like red then you should change the knobs and handles to chrome-colored ones.

Each and every color has different aspects too like yellow is an inspiring and mood uplifting and energetic color but it won’t be right for your kitchen cabinets but may be good for your kitchen walls. On the other hand for the kitchen cabinets, ebony and mahogany colors are most suitable and popular.

It is also true for beige; it gives your kitchen a classy and distinct look. Even you can try various shades of green because it is very soothing and cool. In this way, you can select Paint Color For Kitchen Cabinets keeping in mind the above-discussed points in mind.

Spray Painting Kitchen Cabinets

Dark and dated kitchen cabinets look very shabby and odd. A good Spray Painting Kitchen Cabinets can give them a fresh and new look to your kitchen and the best thing is that you can do that easily and conveniently without hiring any professional or spending a lot of money for it.

From time to time all need to paint the cabinets or other daily used fixtures of their house, but it is neither recommendable nor cost-effective to hire someone each and every time for that when you can do it easily at home by learning simple steps to do the job. But why you should use spray paint for your kitchen cabinets instead of conventional painting?

Because it is easier than the conventional way and much cheaper in terms of time consumption and cost. Here are a few tips for you to master the art of Spray Painting Kitchen Cabinets.

Choose according to your choice

First, choose your desired color and buy some painting bottles from the market, and then go through well the instructions well before start painting.

It is very important because you will come to know so many details about how far you should put the bottle from the objects, how long you should shake the can before start spraying, how long it will need to soak, and how many times you have to do the spraying on the object, etc.

So after gathering this requisite information you can start painting. To get good results you have to sweep the can over the object smoothly in a horizontal and vertical manner because it is not a camera or gun that you should point at the object. So don’t point and shoot, rather move it over the object from the mentioned distance.

Now don’t forget to arrange a cloth/plastic drop cloth because you will need it when moving the can along the object. It will provide plenty of backdrops for you in time of spray paint.

Some tips to remember

You should remember another thing before start painting; you should put the cabinets in high places like a bench/platform or something to ease of spraying. If you put them on the floor or keep them where they were then you cannot be able to paint all the surfaces equally well. Now before start painting the cabinets you can start a pattern test on some other materials for best results.

If you need you can use sandpaper and primer on the surface of the objects to make it smooth and a handle can facilitate the job. In a time of spraying for a better painting, you can disassemble the parts and move them in time of spraying on them. Spraying from different angles can give you a smooth and better painting of the objects.

For better painting with the spraying, you can use the technique of wet coating. After giving the first light coat on the object before it gets fully dry apply one deep coat again for smooth and flawless paint. In a time of painting don’t forget to use a paint mask and a pair of gloves to save yourself from the chemicals and try to find a well-ventilated place for your painting job. In this way, you can Spray Painting Kitchen Cabinets at your home.

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