9 Stunning Flower Arrangement Styles To Enliven Your Home

Flower Arrangement Styles

Flowers fill in for silence where there are no words. They take us to a world beyond our imagination and fill it with untouchable tenderness and love. They speak our untold emotions on every occasion and fill our homes and gardens with unbound energy, smiles, and happiness.

Our homes are lit up with their gaiety and vibrant colors while their freshness spells young and vital energy. Flowers no doubt usher a positive aura, as, many newborn babies are named by a flower as Rose or Jasmine.

Arranged with the right props in a living room, they lend their charm in transforming a monotonous corner to an opulent galaxy. Living spaces today at homes are not just a family seating place, they are the thoughts of the inmates and flowers spell out these thoughts. Flower arrangements carry a bonhomie presence.

Flowers today have lent grace and charm in not just their fresh forms but also as dried flowers, artificial and silk, which has found their entry into our homes to lend their exquisite beauty.

1. Crescent Style:

This type of flower arrangement emulates the crescent shape of the moon. This is best suitable to highlight corners of a room and accentuates a small room with its extended curves and is best suited near merging corners. Bright colored flowers may be arranged while taking care to choose flowers with flexible stems like gladiola and carnations. Boat shape containers are best-recommended containers to hold water for the fresh flowers while supporting the crescent arrangement too. The eye-catching position may be to place this arrangement on the landing of your staircase.

Crescent Style


2. Minimal Style:

The Minimal flower arrangement is very popular as an indoor arrangement. They are small and carry very few flowers with just one or two flowers highlighting the arrangement. It resembles the Ikebana or the Japanese style of flower arrangement. It carries a sense of indulgence as set by the individual of the minimal style that cannot be so definitive as prescribed in the ikebana style of arrangement.

They can be placed anywhere as on table tops and window sills, above the fireplace, or upon a side table beside your bed. This style of arrangement adds cheer to the area it is placed in. Seasonal flowers may be used and can enlighten your room even in the coldest of winters. Give your recycling art a floral edge, use old colanders, cans, or tins that are attractive for the minimal flower arrangement.

Minimal Style

3. Vertical Style With Artificial Flowers And Props:

Tall and elegant, the vertical arrangement adds a dash of style and elegance to the room. The vertical arrangement can hold a number of assortments too. A twin interplay of silk flowers and strong twigs may enliven your drawing room for a special occasion. Its grandeur is pronounced when candles and glow lights are accompanied with the arrangement. Tall vases and holders are to be used for such arrangements such that the hanging glow light effect is accentuated.

Vertical Style With Artificial Flowers And Props


4. Vertical Style With Fresh Flower:

A fresh flower vertical arrangement would be with natural flowers where one can use flowers with tall stems such as the gladioli, tulips, roses, and carnations maybe used and for the balanced look, shorter flowers such as the dahlia, zinnia, petunia, or camellia may be used to complete the symmetrical look. The arrangement is gorgeous and can win outstanding applause from your guests. The arrangement lends the feeling of a grand arrival for your guests upon their entry into your living room.

Vertical Style With Fresh Flower

5. Horizontal Style:

Horizontal flower arrangements are widely popular and can be seen in homes, offices, and churches. They lend an air of comfort and wellbeing to the place where they are placed and blend well in an atmosphere of formality. One generally places this arrangement as a center table arrangement, on the prayer table or on top of a fireplace. Very shallow containers are used for such arrangements with a single flower as a focal point usually roses and drooping flower branches are inserted at the corners and the middle.

Horizontal Style

6. Circular Style:

Flowers arranged in a round shape are said to be in a circular arrangement. This is a very easy form of arranging flowers and usually, any assorted number of short flowers which are fragrant are used. They are usually placed in short containers and at the same time support the circular arrangement.

Such arrangements are easily moveable and can be placed as center table arrangements or placed at the entrance of a room to accentuate the entrance. They convey a very soothing appearance. An aromatic candle may also be placed on an elegant candle holder to spread the warmth of love in the air.

Circular Style

7. Triangular Style:

A traditional flower arrangement style, the triangular arrangement is best suited for corners or side tables. They spell aristocracy and are a traditional form of arrangement. This type of arrangement carries the perfect line mass symmetrical balance. The middle of the arrangement is the eye-catcher and the focal or eye-catching flower is placed in the center.

Tall vases help to portray a clear view of the triangular arrangement. Flower colors are to be selectively chosen to balance the contrasts of vivid colors and pastel ones. Fillers like foliage or small button-type flowers may be used to conceal the gaps exposed in the container or the wet sponge.

Triangular Style

8. Ikebana:

Flowers speak our thoughts. The ikebana style of flower arrangement is the soul that fills the beauty of the silent flowers. The traditional Japanese art of flower arrangement dates back to the 7th century and ikebana in Japanese means giving life to flowers. A disciplined style and art of arranging flowers, the ikebana style of flower arrangement gives emphasis to flower stems and leaves thus giving importance to the shape, line, and form. The ikebana style carries the scalene triangular shape and uses the principle of minimalism. The three main points considered here are heaven, earth, and man.


9. The Fan Shaped Style:

The fan-shaped arrangement of flowers does not possess height and is arranged in shallow containers. The concentration is upon one single flower and uses an assortment of flowers around this focus flower. Care must be taken to bring harmony between the colors of the flowers chosen to be arranged with the focal flower. This type of arrangement may be placed on coffee tables, side tables, or even as a central arrangement in a living room.

The Fan Shaped Style

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