Coffee Table Ideas for Your Living Room

Coffee Table Ideas, Coffee Tables

Coffee tables come in a variety of styles, from antique to ultra-modern. The clean lines of modern design make them the most popular with decorators and homeowners alike.

If you’re looking for a new table for your living room or family room, consider the following coffee table materials and shapes to find the best table for your situation.

Remember, a coffee table is for much more than holding coffee.

Best Coffee Table Reviews

1. FURINNO Simple Design Coffee Table, French Oak Grey/Black

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2. Ameriwood Home Carver Coffee Table, Black

[amazon fields=”B017U539ZK” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_alt=”Ameriwood Home Carver Coffee Table” image_align=”center” ] [amazon fields=”B017U539ZK” button_text=”Check Price On Amazon” value=”button” center=”yes”]

3. Best Choice Products Wooden Mid-Century Modern Coffee Table, Accent Furniture for Living Room, Indoor,

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4. Sauder North Avenue Coffee Table, Charter Oak finish

[amazon fields=”B01K6PLW4Q” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_alt=”Sauder North Avenue Coffee Table” image_align=”center” ] [amazon fields=”B01K6PLW4Q” button_text=”Check Price On Amazon” value=”button” center=”yes”]

5. Cortesi Home Remi Coffee Table

[amazon fields=”B00W2BHU4E” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_alt=”Cortesi Home Remi Coffee Table” image_align=”center” ] [amazon fields=”B00W2BHU4E” button_text=”Check Price On Amazon” value=”button” center=”yes”]

6. Amazon Brand – Ravenna Home Traditional Solid Pine Coffee Table, 19”H, Espresso Finish

[amazon fields=”B07M6PKM7Q” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_alt=”Amazon Brand – Ravenna Home Traditional Solid Pine Coffee Table” image_align=”center” ] [amazon fields=”B07M6PKM7Q” button_text=”Check Price On Amazon” value=”button” center=”yes”]

7. VASAGLE Industrial Coffee Table for Living Room, Wood Look Accent Furniture with Metal Frame, Easy Assembly

[amazon fields=”B071KSQ13C” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_alt=”VASAGLE Industrial Coffee Table for Living Room” image_align=”center” ] [amazon fields=”B071KSQ13C” button_text=”Check Price On Amazon” value=”button” center=”yes”]

8. Madison Park Parker Coffee Tables

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9. Winsome Wood Nolan Occasional Table, Cappuccino

[amazon fields=”B0046EC0LS” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_alt=”Winsome Wood Nolan Occasional Table, Cappuccino” image_align=”center” ] [amazon fields=”B0046EC0LS” button_text=”Check Price On Amazon” value=”button” center=”yes”]

10. Signature Design by Ashley Valebeck Cocktail Table Black/Brown

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11. Convenience Concepts American Heritage Round Coffee Table, Dark Gray Wirebrush

[amazon fields=”B07ZVT11X8″ value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_alt=”Convenience Concepts American Heritage Round Coffee Table” image_align=”center” ] [amazon fields=”B07ZVT11X8″ button_text=”Check Price On Amazon” value=”button” center=”yes”]

12. Mango Steam Metro Glass Coffee Table – Black Top/Black Base

[amazon fields=”B00M2QPOKQ” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_alt=”Mango Steam Metro Glass Coffee Table – Black Top” image_align=”center” ] [amazon fields=”B00M2QPOKQ” button_text=”Check Price On Amazon” value=”button” center=”yes”]

13. Cotton Craft Jaipur Solid Wood Hand Carved Accent Coffee Table

[amazon fields=”B00GOVGZBC” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_alt=”Cotton Craft Jaipur Solid Wood Hand Carved Accent Coffee Table” image_align=”center” ] [amazon fields=”B00GOVGZBC” button_text=”Check Price On Amazon” value=”button” center=”yes”]

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What is a Coffee Table?

A coffee table is a piece of furniture usually placed in front of the sofa. The table has changed in so many ways since its emergence in the early 1650s. The History of the coffee table began in London.

History of the Coffee Table

Derived from older-style tea tables, coffee tables originated in the Victorian era.

As sofas metamorphosed from high-backed settles to lower-backed sofas, tables likewise dropped from the high-end tables and tea tables to lower tables that could be reached by those reclining in comfort.

The tables were designed to hold the coffee or tea of those sitting on the sofa, allowing them easy access to their hot drinks. These early ancestors of this table became popular in the early twentieth century, as casual visits replaced formal entertaining.

Coffee and cocktails replaced high tea and fancy food spreads, and the coffee table in the living room replaced the elevated tea table of the formal sitting room.

Modern Coffee Table – Materials

Coffee tables are available in five primary materials: wood, metal, plastic, glass, and fabric. The best one for you depends both on your taste and your family life. Learn how to make a coffee Table With Old Towels and cement


Wood tables can be quite modern, especially when combined with other materials like glass and metal. A modern wood table will often be stained in a dark color or painted. The legs tend to be straight. The top may either be glass or wood.

A newer style features a glass top floating over a wood base, or a square wood base with an inset glass top.


For many people, metals like chrome are synonymous with the modern design aesthetic. However, iron is making an entrance into the modern design as well. While most iron tables are ornate, some newer coffee tables feature straight black legs that combine both the artistry of iron with the sleek likes of modern tastes. Like wooden designs, most chrome or iron coffee tables feature glass tops.


Although most people think plastic furniture is of poor quality and suitable only for dorm rooms, some of the latest designs feature sturdy molded plastic with a high gloss. Plastic tables are usually topped with glass or acrylic. In addition to being very sturdy, plastic is lightweight. They’re also harder to break, which is important for parents with young children.


Glass tables are on the opposite spectrum from plastic tables. Although it’s unusual to find a table made completely from glass, it is possible. Think carefully before buying an all-glass table, however, if you have pets or children.


Fabric tables are the newest entry in coffee table design. They’re frequently firm, over-sized ottomans placed in the center of the seating area. However, some new designs are wood covered in tight fabric with having a glass top. Popular fabrics are leather and vinyl.

Coffee Table Shapes

Aside from the occasionally odd-shaped coffee tables, most coffee tables come in four shapes: round, square, rectangular, and oval. Each style is suited to a particular type of room and layout. The shape can also be an important factor for parents with young children.


Round tables are best for parents with young children because there are no sharp corners to bang into small heads and hands. They are best suited for square rooms with a U-shaped seating area that is even on all sides.


Square tables are also ideally suited to square rooms with U-shaped seating areas that are even on all sides. They tend to fit better into large rooms where they serve as focal points.


Rectangular tables are best for rectangular rooms, or rectangular seating areas of larger rooms. The length and width should align comfortably with the length and width of the couch and any side chairs.


These oval tables are also ideal for families with young children because there are no sharp corners. They are best for rectangular rooms or rectangular seating areas.

When buying a coffee table, don’t just consider the style of the table. Consider how it will be used in your home, how much use it will receive, who else lives in your home, and whether it’s suitable for your other furniture.

A modern coffee table may not look appropriate in a formal living room with a more traditional style. A glass table may not be appropriate for a high-traffic family room but would be very attractive in a modern living room. Before you buy any table or chair, carefully consider how you live. Then find the right style at the right price.

Different Styles of Furniture

Furniture comes in many different shapes and styles depending upon the time period of when the piece was made. Instead of just buying a bland table for coffee from an everyday department store, buyers should investigate what style of furniture best suits their lifestyle.

Every square foot of a home is a temple of tranquility, and each piece of furniture should blend in with the passions, beliefs, and personalities of the inhabitants.

With every piece of furniture purposefully chosen, residents can be proud of their homes and will enjoy having friends and family members over for coffee. To help with your search, below is a list of popular furniture styles, all with their own particular characteristics.

Gothic Furniture

To enliven a static living space, investing in a piece of gothic furniture would make a wonderful addition to your home. This beautiful style was first introduced by crusaders between the twelfth century and the sixteenth century, and today, a current revival is very popular with buyers.

Furniture with a gothic influence can have pointed arches and is often characterized by decorations and carvings, sometimes with heavy religious influence. A gothic coffee table might also have claw-like feet, and any number of animal faces carved into its body. This kind of table will usually be made out of oak, but sometimes they also can be found carved out of softwood.

Modern Furniture

Another option to avoid making your living room too plain would be to purchase a piece of modern furniture. Unlike gothic furniture design, modern furniture is known for its clean lines, simplicity, and functionality.

Pre world war II Europe, and specifically Germany’s famed Bauhaus school, gave birth to today’s modern design, which strives to defy traditional thinking towards décor.

Through modern design, a square coffee table can take on an entirely new aesthetic and can have an appearance of lightness and open space. In terms of functionality, a modern coffee table could also fold up into a smaller shape, allowing for a more stripped-down presentation. Modern furniture is usually made out of combinations of glass, plastics, and steel.

Contemporary Furniture

A different option that would bring a living room to life would be to select a piece of contemporary furniture for your home. However, while many people consider modern and contemporary furniture to be the same, this is not the case.

The term “contemporary” refers to trend-conscious design that is inspired by the current styles of today. This means that contemporary furniture can be directly inspired by modern or gothic furniture, but is a completely separate interpretation of these designs.

Contemporary furniture, such as a square table, can also blend alternate designs together to create an entirely fresh aesthetic. Minimalist and refined, a contemporary coffee table could be constructed from a combination of aluminum, wood, chrome, and steel.

Safety Concerns for Your Coffee Table

Before purchasing your brand new furniture, there are a number of safety considerations you should make, specifically if you have small children. While some furniture may be aesthetically pleasing to adults, certain characteristics deserve special attention when there are little kids in the house.

To help with your table selection, below are some standard features a danger-proof piece of furniture should adhere to.

Tempered Glass for a Table

While a glass table is an attractive addition to any living room, it is also potentially hazardous for a small child to be around. Upon impact, the wrong kind of glass can be easily broken into razor-sharp pieces, and these shards could lead to the unnecessary injury of your child.

So how can a homeowner ensure that their children are safe around the glass? One crucial precaution is to make sure that your glass coffee table is only constructed out of high-quality tempered glass. Unlike standard glass, tempered glass is incredibly resistant to stress, and also boasts a special fracture pattern.

Basically, if a piece of tempered glass furniture was to be accidentally broken, the fractured bits would consist of non-sharp fragments, thus greatly reducing the chances of injury. With a tempered glass square coffee table, you can simply enjoy your coffee, and not worry about any harm coming to your little ones.

Protection Measures for Square Corners

Unlike a rounded coffee table, a square coffee table has the added danger of four-pointed edges. This kind of furniture is especially dangerous when made out of metal, and if the corners stick out well beyond the legs. But even if you have small children, you can still enjoy your coffee at a non-rounded piece of furniture.

In order to safeguard your hard-edged square coffee table, there are a number of easily available products on the market. One product provides a sort of bumper to each corner, and this bumper acts as a cushion to protect a child against dangerous contact.

However, before investing in this kind of product, homeowners must make sure that the materials are of high quality, and that the product will properly fit the corners of their furniture. Another consideration is for the product to be easy to remove and clean, in case a cup of coffee is spilled on the fabric.

The functionality of Your Table

In this day and age, a table is not limited to being a place for books, coffee, and your feet. Homeowners can now be much more imaginative with the furniture that they decide to put in their living room.

For instance, you can easily purchase a table that can double as a storage area, making the best use of your interior space.

For another interesting design, savvy homeowners can consider the combination of a small fish aquarium with a table-top, making your furniture literally come to life.

Oak as a Coffee Table Materia

Why choose oak as the material for your coffee table? As a wood, oak has impressive strength and hardness and is resistant to insect or fungus attacks due to high concentrations of tannin.

With swirling wood patterns that are often found by others to be attractive, especially when quarter sawed, oak is a good material to choose for any furniture, especially

Size and Shape

One of the most important considerations when buying a coffee table is size. You have to remember to leave enough space for people to walk around it, while still leaving it large enough to suit your display and storage needs.

The table should be high enough to fit your legs under while remaining low enough that if desired, visitors can rest their feet on it. You will also want to match the shape of the table with the shape of the room, depending on how much free space you have to work with.

Personal requirements have a lot to do with the shape you will need. If you plan on having guests frequently, a circular or elliptical table will be the best choice. For storing magazines or books, consider tables with a low shelf or drawers.

Whatever you go with, be sure the tabletop is the same height as your sofa seat to create a firm, horizontal line to unify your living room.

Color and Style

While relying heavily on personal taste, the style and color of your coffee table can be matched to your living room or be of an alternate nature.

Oak as wood is relatively easy to stain to a different shade if desired, which can be a great help in matching your new table to your existing living room décor. White coffee tables are great for adding that classy look to the living room.

Shopping for a coffee table is time-consuming, but something this important merits considerable thought and planning before purchase. With these considerations in mind, you will find that selecting the right oak coffee table will be easy and straightforward.

Coffee Table Sets – Practical and Stylish

Coffee table sets are versatile sets of furniture that can enhance the look of any décor, and provide both functional and aesthetic appeal. They have their own distinctive style, and form a great decorative focal point in any living space, lending a complete look to a living room.
Coffee tables also should reflect the taste of the owner, and showcase their individual style in a manner that is pleasing to the eye. A coffee table set usually consists of a coffee table and two matching end tables.

Coffee Table Packs

Coffee tables are aptly nicknamed ‘conversation pieces.’ Coffee tables easily define a conversation area and create a friendly setting for friends and family or a more formal setting for other occasions. They also offer a more casual and informal alternative to dining tables for entertaining.

As coffee tables are practical pieces of furniture in every house and serve several important functions, considerable care should be taken to select a set that complements your current décor and serves the necessary purposes in your living space.

Choose sets that are on par with the cushions of the surrounding sofas and chairs, and place them within easy reach of your seating arrangements.

Wide Variety of Options Available

Coffee table sets are available in a wide variety of choices that can hold their own in the type of decor. Depending on your décor and personal preferences, you can choose coffee table sets that are modern or contemporary, trendy, or traditional that also fit your utilitarian requirements.

The different materials for coffee tables include the traditional-looking wood and rattan which give a warm look to the living room, and the modern-looking glass and metal, among other materials. They also come in different shapes such as oval or hexagonal, or the traditional rectangle, round or square.

If you entertain often, then appearance and functionality should be kept in mind. On the other hand, if you have children at home, select a coffee table set that is robust and functional.

If you have a small living room space, then choose from coffee table sets that have storage space, or take a look at nesting tables, which are great space savers. You can also choose a glass coffee table set, which can help open up a room and make the room seem larger.

Ways of choosing the ideal living room furniture

The living room furniture occupies an important place in your living room at home. Your living room is the place in the home where you split the story about yourself. So the furniture assists you do that.
Several ways are available to prove the things you have done and the places you have visited. Moreover, a bounty of comfortable seating for sharing it all with your much-loved people is the most excellent part.

Side tables and coffee tables

A large square coffee table or a side table adds additional charm and offers a contemporary look to your living room. They are one of the best and inexpensive living room furniture sets. These tables are available in dissimilar styles that match your seating and other furnishings.

Our side tables and coffee tables look after all those things you are fond of to have nearby. You can choose a simple coffee table with room for cups of coffee and remote controls.

Otherwise, choose a coffee table with drawers or shelves if you would like neat storage for things such as coasters and magazines.

Choosing the perfect furniture

Choosing the right modern living room furniture is extremely important, but can at times be somewhat a challenge. While deciding on the living room furniture, you are required to consider the up-to-date as well as future domestic requirements of the home.

This is for the reason that you certainly do not want to be expending money, time, and effort in shifting your furniture every few months. Whether you are moving to a new home or carrying out a renovation in the current premises, generating the ideal home atmosphere can be a really rewarding experience.

If you would like this experience to be hassle-free, effortless, and perhaps even enjoyable, you have to choose a living room furniture brand that offers you value for cash with no compromising on excellence.

Also, nowadays, almost all house owners take pleasure in the benefits of a home with well-designed and flawlessly planned living room furniture.

How Do You Get The Best Unique Coffee Table Deals

Coffee tables come in handy and are of importance when it comes to combining one’s entire design scheme. It is highly advisable to first choose the rest of the house furniture before selecting the coffee table.

This is because the coffee table is supposed to complement the rest of the house furniture. Also of importance when selecting a coffee table is the shape size function as well as the function of the coffee table.

Select a unique color for your coffee table. There are those coffee tables that are traditional while others are modern. 16 inches is the standard height but there are those that are 11 inches short. For the best unique coffee table deals, consider the black markets or the local auction since they are cheap.

The trunk coffee table is considered unique since it adds storage as well as adding style to a room. Another alternative would be to inherit a coffee table from a relative.


For best bargains, consider a coffee table that can be used for multipurpose, for instance, a coffee table that can be used for playing games, holding meetings complimenting the rest of the furniture in the house among other uses.

The unique coffee table deals are easy to access on the internet. It is of much interest to know that one can make purchases through the internet. Websites that offer such alternatives also offer price tags that are pocket-friendly.

One can learn about unique coffee table deals by attending fairs in shopping centers and checking in catalogs of furniture. It is also possible to find unique coffee tables in auctions at affordable prices.

When purchasing small coffee tables try bargaining for a better deal. You never know, you just might walk away with the best unique coffee table deals at amazing prices. So amazing that you will have a story to tell every time a friend asks how much your beautiful coffee table costs you.

Therefore, do not be shy to name your price before rushing to buy your coffee table at the set price. It does not matter how small the coffee table is. What matters is whether you love it.

Coffee Table Glossary

When you start shopping for coffee tables, you might run into a few terms you aren’t familiar with. Fortunately, you have the coffee table glossary to help you learn more about these tables and the terminology associated with them.

Common Coffee Table Terms

Apron – The apron on your coffee table is the rail around the table, directly under the top.

Cabriole – cabriole is a leg shape that is common on Queen Anne and Chippendale style coffee tables. The leg is formed into an S-shape, bending outward at the top and then tapering and bending inward to a decorative foot.

Casual– casual style tables are characterized by a simple design and soft details.

Chippendale – these tables are typically wood, with flowing lines and rococo ornamentation.

Coffee Table – a low table that sits in front of the sofa in the living or sitting room. They are typically a resting place for drinks, hors d’oeuvres, magazines, and the occasional knickknacks. There is a big difference between a coffee table and a sofa table. What is a sofa table?

Cocktail Table – smaller, curvier coffee tables.

Colonial – this style was developed during Europe’s colonial period.

Contemporary – a style that is between traditional and casual, with straight clean lines and very few carvings or embellishments.

Country – a no-frills casual style that includes some traditional designs and is typically made with light or warm-colored woods. Also called “rustic.”

End Table – These tables accent the style of the coffee table and the rest of the living room. Usually set on either end of the couch.

Mission/Shaker – an extremely simple style. Yields furniture that is both useful and durable.

and more…

Modern – these are artistic coffee tables with clean lines, industrial elements, and bold color choices. Usually very simple, with a heavy emphasis on practicality.

Molding – decorative embellishments that protrude outward from the surface of the apron or the tabletop.

Nesting Tables – a set of tables that can be stored one under the other.

Novelty – a style that complements a theme or makes a statement.

Ottoman – a low, wide, upholstered stool that can serve as a coffee table.

Overlay – a decorative layer on a tabletop made from different colored wood or other materials.

Paint Finish – a painted finish on a table. This can include finishes that are only one color or multicolored designs or scenes.

Patina – the coating that develops on any metal surface through age and use.

Polyurethane – the clear plastic overlay applied to some coffee tables.

Queen Anne – an 18th-century style with simple designs and soft shapes.

Sheraton – a style characterized by straight lines.

Stain – applied to lighter woods to color them and highlight the grain.

Tapered Leg – a table leg that is wider at the top and gradually narrows toward the bottom.

Tempered Glass – This Glass has been manufactured to be stronger than regular glass. It will shatter into small fragments with minimally sharp edges, as opposed to large shards.

Traditional Style – an ornate, ordered, bold style full of contrast. Usually accented with curved details, brass and iron pull, and hand-painted wood.

Varnish – a finish to protect and darken the wood.

Veneer – a thin panel of wood applied on top of a coffee table made of cheaper wood.

Victorian – a subset of the traditional furniture style.

Wax – a finish to enhance the natural appearance of the wood and to protect it.


With us, you can compare coffee tables by different brands that include 4D Concepts, Acme, Baxton, Poundex, Walker Edison, Winsome Wood, Coaster, Cross, and 2k Designs.

You find a wide range of tables by these brands in different designs, sizes, and looks. Make sure that you keep utility in mind when selecting a table. You can also find tables with built-in drawers for storage.

We all agree that table decor is important.

The other option is to have a DIY coffee table. I recommend using a coffee table plan which includes all the instructions and precise dimensions of the table. These include coffee table legs and height required

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