16 Best Wingback Chairs 2021 (Reviews & Buyers Guide)

modern wingback chair

These Timeless, tasteful, and elegant wingback chairs bring style and class to any space.

Appropriate choices for bedrooms and family rooms, a wingback chair is also an ideal addition to formal parlors, business offices, and even dining rooms.

Comfortable to sit in and attractive as a part of any furniture suite, wingback chairs are always an excellent choice.

Best Wingback Chair Reviews 2021

1. Christopher Knight Home Clarice Accent Chair, Beige

Christopher Knight Home Clarice Accent Chair, Beige

This chair is as grand and comfortable as they come. Its majestic wingback design adorned in diamond tufted patterns that extend to the seating pad makes it a great addition to your living room, bedroom, or office space. This is a chair that all but envelopes you in comfort in any room you choose to place it.

Classic black wooden feet elevate the chair off the floor reducing the likelihood of a buildup of dust or things getting lost beneath. The two front feet have a classic design with two bulb-like shapes on top of a tapered lower portion. The two at the back are fully tapered. Both designs are reflective of classic furniture designs.

The light shade of the upholstery equips the chair with a unique advantage- it can fit into most décor color schemes.

Slightly protruding seams decorate the frame in eye-catching patterns that add to the aesthetic beauty of this chair. The rich quality of the fabric also contributes to the creation of that classic beauty with a royal quality.

Pros: It is upholstered on all sides, including the back so you don’t need to worry about placing it against a wall.

The high-quality material makes this chair very durable

Cons: The seat sits slightly lower than traditional sofa sets.

Assembly required

tufted wingback chair

2. Christopher Knight Home 296469 Deal Furniture Alfred | Button-Tufted Fabric Club Chair with Studded Accents | in Ivory

Christopher Knight Home 296469 Deal Furniture Alfred | Button-Tufted Fabric Club Chair with Studded Accents | in Ivory,

Contemporary and traditional styles combine perfectly to complete the gorgeous masterpiece that is the Christopher Knight Home Button-Tufted club chair. This chair will provide impressive value in comfort and beauty to your living room, office, or bedroom.

This chair is sure to attract admiring stares as it wows onlookers, especially once they’ve spotted the intricate designs on the backrest. The beauty of the tufted backrest is accentuated by neat pleats that run diagonally, enhancing the diamond-shaped patterns.

And because it is tufted, this backrest offers more comfort than the traditional smooth ones. Studded accents form a frame along the arms and backrest and the chair stands on four tapered wooden legs that elevate it off the floor. The legs, being comprised of solid wood, provide powerful support for the chair.

The ivory-colored upholstery fabric allows this chair to blend well into any décor color scheme. The beautiful padded cushion provides the perfect combination of softness and firmness for your optimum relaxation.

Pros: The upholstery extends over the entire sofa which means you can position it wherever you like in a room.

It is elevated off the floor which makes cleaning beneath it easier.

Cons: The backrest may be a little too short for some people to rest their heads.

Assembly required

It only seats one average-sized adult

3. Tommy Hilfiger Warner Wingback Chair

Tommy Hilfiger Warner Wingback Chair

Enjoy sophistication and comfort with this elegantly designed wingback chair. A wonderful addition to any living room, office, or entertainment space, this chair is designed to please in so many ways. You may be so impressed after purchasing that you decide to add another to become the proud owners of a set.

The chair is upholstered with high-quality linen and polyester blended material. The backrest is ergonomically designed to offer great back support. Reclining in this chair will have you feeling nestled in a semi embrace back rest’s sides gently curve inward. Additional support is provided for your lower back by a padded section at the lower part of the backrest.

In addition to providing comfort, the chair is simply gorgeous. A decorative, studded seam lines the arm in a curving pattern that extends all the way to the top of the backrest. The solid wood tapered legs complete the regal picture created by this magnificent chair.

Pros: Elongated feet provide impressive elevation from the floor. This means that cleaning beneath the chair will be facilitated.

The chair comes mostly intact with only light assembly required

Cons: You may it to be deep-seated, so you may need to add seating cushions

It is a single-seater which means it only accommodates one adult at a time

4. Christopher Knight Home Elizabeth Tufted Fabric Arm Chair Recliner, Beige

Christopher Knight Home Elizabeth Tufted Fabric Arm Chair Recliner, Beige

This chair takes stylish upholstered furniture to the next level. Designed to invite an atmosphere of sophistication and elegance to any room, this chair features a charming combination of stylish features that work together to enhance its overall beauty.

Seams and tufts converge in the center of the backrest to create three beautiful diamond shapes stretching across the width. Neat seams extend from the tips of the diamonds to the top and bottom causing other gorgeous patterns to emerge.

Glistening rounded studs stretch along the sides of the chair and the back to create an exquisitely decorative frame. This adds to the sophisticated allure this chair possesses.

Four solid wooden feet offer ample elevation off the floor giving you easy access to space beneath. Decorative features on the two foremost feet that feature rounded bubble-like frames add to the splendor and classic beauty of this chair while the less embellished tapered back legs offer an air of simple sophistication.

Comfort is multiplied through the reclining feature this chair offers. The mechanism inside allows a foot-rest to rise up from the front of the chair while the back lowers to offer you a new level of relaxation.

Pros: The light beige hue of the chair allows it to blend into most color palettes

Cons: The pastel shade will require extra attention to avoid or minimize scuffs and stains

Assembly required

5. Tufted Wing Back Chair and Ottoman Brown

Tufted Wing Back Chair and Ottoman Brown

This ottoman and chair combination is the epitome of vibrant beauty with a purpose. Built with a combination of fabric and MDF, this chair and ottoman combination is sturdy and a great addition to any living room or entertainment space.

Intricate dual-toned patterns in the fabric combined with crafted patterns combine to make this chair the ultimate in eye candy furniture. The chair’s backrest is tufted intricately to create beautiful diamond shapes.

The ottoman, in addition to being stunningly beautiful, also offers you the option to take your relaxation to the next level by putting your feet up as you enjoy the cushiony comfort of the chair.

It stands on four decorative legs, each characterized by elegantly sloping contours reminiscent of ancient Greek and Roman artwork. Beautiful nailhead trim embellishes the items in elaborate lines that follow their own curves.

Pros: Both are elevated at an impressive height from the floor to reduce the buildup of dust beneath and facilitate easy access to the area under the furniture.

The fabric is the same all around the furniture so you won’t be restricted to placing it against a wall.

Cons: It cannot handle more than 500 pounds in weight.

Some assembly is required.

6. Stone & Beam Highland Modern Living Room Wingback Accent Chair, 32″W, Denim

Stone & Beam Highland Modern Living Room Wingback Accent Chair, 32"W, Denim

This chair is designed to fit into a décor vision that is edgy, classy and appreciative of the value of simple beauty.

The wingback design is reminiscent of mid-century furniture craftsmanship, but this is merged with contemporary minimalistic features to create a wonderful masterpiece- an item of furniture that perfectly bridges the gap between classical beauty and modern sophistication.

In addition to aesthetics, the wingback design offers great back support all the way up to your head, thanks to the elongated backrest.

Bereft of extra embellishments which often crowd the style and hide the true beauty of the piece, this chair stands out as a simply elegant piece of furniture.

Immaculately neat seams run down the arms and armrests to complete the pristine look. The cushioned seats offer just the right mix of comfort and firmness so you and your guests will definitely enjoy this chair.

It is elevated on four wooden feet, which helps with cleaning access and the prevention of dust accumulation beneath the chair.

Available in denim, oatmeal, and caviar shades, this chair boasts thick high-quality fabric which gives it bonus marks for sophistication

Pros: The manufacturer offers a three-year warranty

The single toned hue makes it easy for this chair to fit into any color scheme

Con: Assembly required

7. Roundhill Furniture Button Tufted Solid Wood Wingback Hostess Chairs with Nail Heads, Set of 2, Tan

Roundhill Furniture Button Tufted Solid Wood Wingback Hostess Chairs with Nail Heads, Set of 2, Tan

This pair of wingback chairs is what many entertainment spaces around the world crave. The design is a modern spin on the traditional wingback design with arms that taper down in an elegant slope and stop short of the full length of the seating cushion.

This design affords the chairs greater flexibility. In addition to serving as seating in living rooms, they can also be used around dining tables and in office spaces.

The chair is upholstered with a tightly woven cloth that bears a strong resemblance to linen and has one solid color that runs throughout.

Diamond-shaped tufts embellished by buttons adorn the interior portion of the back-rest, a design feature that helps to enhance the amount of comfort you’ll get from these chairs.

Gold-hued metal studs adorn each chair running along its curves in lines that outline the frame itself and draw greater attention to the superb craftsmanship on display. Each chair boasts a comfortable 5 inches thick cushion. The legs upon which these chairs sit are longer than normal, giving you more space to clean beneath.

Pros: They are also available in grey and charcoal

These chairs are relatively light at 19 pounds, making moving them easy

Cons: Some assembly required

8. Best Choice Products Fabric Tufted French Style Tall Wingback Accent Chair Home Décor w/Extra Wide Seat, Wooden Legs, Beige

Best Choice Products Fabric Tufted French Style Tall Wingback Accent Chair Home Décor w/Extra Wide Seat, Wooden Legs, Beige

Invite simple elegance into any room with this classic wingback accent chair. Whether you choose to place this chair in your living room, bedroom, or office, you’re in store for a healthy dose of pure classic beauty.

The backrest which, in keeping with the wingback design, extends above those of traditional sofas, bears beautiful diamond-shaped tufts on its interior section that enhance the chair’s beauty while also improving the comfort it offers. These gorgeous tufts extend down to the cushion for continuity and improved visual appeal.

Since the chair is covered by a single light hue (grey or beige) it can fit into most décor themes effortlessly. To make it blend in even more seamlessly you can add decorative cushions that pull on both the chair’s color scheme and that of the room.

The feet also demonstrate a combination of modern and historic features with the two at the front boasting the traditional ball foot popularized in the 17th century and the two at the back are square-shaped and reflect the clean tapered look that has a more modern feel and looks.

Pros: The feet lift the sofa off the floor to allow for access to space beneath. This means cleaning becomes easier and less dust will accumulate.

It can accommodate up to 440 pounds

Cons: It might be a little low for some people

It has limited armrest space

9. Giantex Sofa Tufted Tall Wingback Vintage Tufted Fabric Accent Chair Home Furniture Nailhead Armchair (Navy)

Giantex Sofa Tufted Tall Wingback Vintage Tufted Fabric Accent Chair Home Furniture Nailhead Armchair (Navy)

Through its sophisticated and regal visual appeal, this chair invites an atmosphere of cool relaxation to any room it occupies.

The chair boasts the classic wingback design which is reminiscent of historic sophistication. In true wingback fashion, the chair has a high backrest. But the backrest has a crest shaped top that slopes down at the sides and peaks to a high point in the middle.

The surface of the upholstered interior, from the backrest to the seat, is interrupted by a series of diamond-shaped tufts, resulting in padded protrusions and some depressed sections embellished by buttons. In addition to making the sofa beautiful, this diamond-tufted surface improves the comfort levels experienced by those who sit in it. Beautiful bronze studs follow the sofa’s curves adding elegance while enhancing its natural shape.

Because it is upholstered all over with the same color and fabric, it can be placed in any position in the room. No need to worry about exposing an unfinished back.

Pros: The legs are removable should you decide to adjust the chair (to make it sit flat on the floor for example). This means you can also change the legs.

The legs lift the chair off the ground, allowing you to get to space below for cleaning.

Cons: Assembly required

Some people may find the chair sits low for them

10. BELLEZE Wingback Chair Leather

BELLEZE Wingback Chair Leather Nail Head Trim High Back Mid Century Style Padded Vintage Accent Armrest, Rust Brown

Unembellished classical charm and timeless beauty radiate from this wingback leather chair. This chair is proof that your décor can be casual and mature at the same time as it delivers style and functionality to your living room or office.

The body of this chair is upholstered and coated in beautiful faux leather material. The upholstery covers the solid wooden core, which gives the chair its excellent performance in durability and strength.

The backrest is designed to cradle your torso for heightened comfort as you sit. The armrests are spectacular with beautiful curves that emerge from a low point at the backrest and culminate with a rising slope which ends in a downward curve at the end of the seating cushion’s length.

Splashes of deep and light-bronze shades of brown cover this sofa giving it an earthy but classical look. These hues also make matching up with other room decors easy.

The same upholstering material is used to cover the entire sofa body including the back, so you can place it in any location in a room without worrying about exposing an unfinished surface.

Pros: Unlike fabric sofas, this chair can be wiped

Because it is elevated off the ground by feet, you can reach the spaces beneath it for cleaning

Con: Some assembly required

You can’t flip the seating cushion as Velcro (installed on the underside) is used to keep it in place.

11. Chagnon Wingback Chair

Chagnon Wingback Chair

12. Steelton Button Wingback Chair

Steelton Button Wingback Chair

13. Bouck 21” Wingback Chair

Bouck 21'' Wingback Chair

14. Ilminster Wingback Chair

Ilminster Wingback Chair

15. Cavender Wingback Chair

Cavender Wingback Chair

16. Paule Wingback Chair

Paule Wingback Chair

The Elegant Wingback Chair

Wingback chairs have been around for centuries. The seat is typically constructed on raised legs, allowing full view of the floor under and around the chair.

The chair is fully upholstered, and the arms will rise up at the back of the chair into wings. These wings form a ninety-degree, or wider, angle with the chair’s back.

Someone approaching the chair from the side can see that it is occupied, but the wings effectively hide the face of the person in the chair.

The seat cushion can typically be removed, and the arms are fully padded for comfort. Designed as a luxurious chair that beckons you to sit down and relax, these seats are excellent for sitting down, relaxing, and enjoying a good book.

The appeal of wingback chairs is that they are available in an incredible range of styles and designs. While the basic wingback chair is traditional, there are also styles that follow modern lines and would be at home with contemporary furnishings. Because so much of the chair is upholstered, they can be crafted to suit any decorating style, feminine or masculine, serious or whimsical.

At home in business offices and dining rooms, there is no limit to where a wingback chair can be placed. Dressing rooms and parlors have them, as well as casual game rooms, home offices, and the local yacht club.

The question isn’t whether you can find a wingback chair that will look good with your furniture; it’s how you will choose from the many styles that are available.

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What to Look For in a wingback chair

Wingback chairs have been around for centuries, and you expect one to last for several years in your home. Taking the time to shop for a quality wingback chair can allow you to keep this lovely addition to your home in great condition for many years to come.

The first step is to sit in the chair, whenever possible. It should feel good. Your feet should be planted firmly on the floor, and your bottom should be firmly on the seat. See how the height of the back feels for you. It is high enough, too high, or just right?

Next, look at the wings. There is no set size for the wings, some are deeper than others. Peek around them and decide if you like the depth of the wings.

Next, look over the chair for signs of quality construction. Legs should go up through the frame, with the dust cover under the chair coming right to the legs. The fabric on all areas of the chair should be pulled tight and attached securely. Most wingback chairs have an upholstered board that covers the back. Look over this board. Review all sides of it.

Make sure it matches up nicely against the frame with no gaps or spaces. Nails and tacks should not be visible unless they are an integral part of the chair’s design. Where the wings meet the arms should behave tight upholstery with no loose areas. If the chair has a buttoned back, be sure none of the buttons are loose.

More importantly, sit with your back against the chair to be sure the buttons are not going to detract from the comfort of the seat.

Finally, take the cushion out of the seat. The area underneath should have tight fabric covering the springs, and the springs themselves should still be in good condition. Check that all fabric on the actual seat is tight, with no gaps or torn seams. Unzip the back of the cushion and review the padding.

There should be a dense foam cushion with one more layer of batting between the top of the foam and the cover. The zipper should be relatively easy to open and close.

Feel the construction of the frame itself. Gently push on the wings and the arms; there should not be any movement. Everything should be tightly attached and ready for daily use.

Wingback chairs are the ultimate furniture addition to any home, office, or business. They can be casual enough for the basement game room, or sophisticated enough for your mother’s formal parlor.

There is no limit to the uses for these chairs, and they are sure to be a comfortable choice for you and your guest.

Even if you love contemporary furniture, you can find a wingback chair that will suit your style and compliment your other furnishing.

Slip Covers For Wingback Chairs

Slip Covers For Wingback Chairs are like gloves for your chair as they fit snugly around the shape of the chair.

A good slipcover can make your old tired-looking chair look like new again. They are available in lots of different colors, designs, and materials.

Slip Covers For Wing Back Chairs?

Slipcovers can be found in many stores and, of course on the internet. Many different types can be found at Amazon.

How To Sew Slip Covers For Wingback Chairs

If you are somebody who has long wondered whether or not it makes sense to sew slipcovers for wingback chairs, then you will certainly want to read every single word of this article because we are going to talk about some of the different strategies you can use to learn how to effectively sew these types of slip-covers.

The very first thing to stop and ask yourself is whether or not you actually have the time to complete this type of project by yourself. Far too many people make a decision to try to do something without fully reflecting on whether or not their schedule permits them to do a good job themselves.

Not only will this create a lot of frustration, but it will also create a situation in which the end result may not really be what you were looking for in the first place.

Assuming that you truly do have the time and inclination to create slipcovers for Wingback chairs, then the very first thing you will want to do is determine whether or not you will want to use a pattern that has already been created and distributed widely.

Think about it this way — would you ever consider building a house or some other kind of building without having some kind of plan in place first? No, probably not. The same is true when deciding whether or not to embark upon the process of creating slipcovers.

By using a pattern, you will have some guidance in place. You will also need to make sure that you have the right equipment. That means that you need to have the correct needle, thread, and other assorted fabrics that will be critical to helping you complete the project in a timely manner.

Some experts recommend that you actually study what you want your finished wingback chair slipcover to look like. In other words, having a clear end in mind before you get started. Not only does this strategy make a lot of sense, but it can ultimately help save you a lot of aggravation given the fact that you will know exactly what it is you want the finished item to look like.

Stop and ask yourself whether or not you will have the patience to actually do this correctly. If not, then you may want to explore some other options. But if you are willing, then the next and final step is to actually begin sewing the slipcovers. Generally speaking, this process would be relatively straightforward and not overly complicated assuming you have some experience.

In closing, you now have a far better understanding of how to sew slipcovers for wingback chairs.

4 Reasons Why You Should Get a Wingback Chair

Wing back chairs are simply chairs that have ‘wings’ on each side of a high back. They are extremely comfortable and used in many orthopedic practices for the comfort of the patient.

They are growing in popularity in homes nowadays as the designs being made by the manufacturers are looking very trendy and modern.

It adds a touch of style and elegance to your home and is a great chair to sit in and read a book. Here are 4 reasons why you should get a wing-back chair. Read more on How to reupholster a wingback chair.

Firstly, such chairs are made of modern fabric with a nice design. Gone are the old-fashioned designs and materials used, and instead in its place you have a nice contemporary piece of furniture that is both practical and attractive.

When you sit on it, you would not wish to stand up. They are a little heavy, which provides stability.

Another good reason to get wingback chairs is their shape. It has wings at the side, which provides your arm with that much-needed rest and support. Not to mention it has a high back, which provides very good support for your back.

Sitting on such a chair and reading a book, or watching the television, is a very pleasant experience.

The style of the chair is also fitting for any home, and with such a huge variety of colors and designs available, you are bound to find something you like at the furniture store.

Another reason is that it is not only functional, but it is also visually appealing. Nobody will notice a boring-looking plain wooden chair in your living room.

However, everyone will take notice of a nice-looking chair no matter which room you place it in.

Just like kneeling chairs, wingback chairs promote a better sitting posture, and you will not slouch while sitting.

Such chairs are made of different types of materials, which include wood, plastic, and even metal.

The wooden chair is the most common and traditional material used, but you can also consider getting a metallic chair with a nice and unique design to place in your living room for that added flair.

But whatever material you choose to get, make sure the upholstery is comfortable to sit on and does not give you discomfort.

The last reason is this type of chair is perfect for those who like to snooze. The functional wing-shaped side is perfect for resting your head, and you can take a little nap in it comfortably.

When looking for wingback chairs, always remember to shop around to get the best deals. You never know where you might find a better deal at a lower cost. Good luck with your search!

What Kind Of Wingback Chairs Styles Are There?

Traditional chairs make big impressions in houses. Among their list, wingback chairs are one of the most popular.

These seats are found practically in different areas of the house. The origin of this chair could go as far back as the late 1700s.

The Original Wingback Chair

Originally, wingback chairs are designed to protect the people’s upper torso from daft at home. It is also said that these chairs are more female than male.

If you are wondering why the answer is rather simple. Women have more delicate skin and fragile bodies; thus, having a chair that can protect them from some inconveniences at home, then better for them.

The high back design and wide armchair of this old-fashioned chair make allow it to support and protect the back of anyone sitting on it.

Moreover, the well-upholstered body of this seat makes a fine decoration in the living room and other corners of the house.

Traditional Wingback Chairs

The use of these traditional wing-back chairs has changed over a period of time.

They are viewed as decorative items. With them, a plain room could look something different.

Of course, their original function is still put to use, but with their ever-improving designs – it is really hard to just use them as chairs.

Here are some designs for this chair that might catch your interest.

Leather Wingback Chairs

The leather wingback is one of the top favorites of buyers all over the world.

Naturally, this type uses pure leather material which makes the seat look classy and elegant. The signature wide arms of the chair are kept intact.

This design is often at the offices of executives and other high-ranking people.

Modern Wingback Chairs

Modern wingback chairs are the favorite of people who likes edgy and unique designs. To come up with a modern winged chair, designers upholster it with fabrics with brighter hues.

The lines and cuttings of the materials used on making it are also altered a little bit. Naturally, people would know that it is a wing-back chair because of its broadsides.

Vintage Wingback Chairs

Vintage wingback chairs will never be obsolete. As a matter of fact, enthusiasts and collectors often opt for this design.

Claw feet, high back, and widespread sides, wing back chairs never look more elegant when they aged. This design could create a very specific ambiance.

It can make a room appear as if Queen Victoria is still around. Unlike modern style, a vintage design doesn’t alter the look of the chair. But, upholsterers usually use fabrics and materials that are well decorated.

Thus, this type usually has embroideries and other materials that are filled with details.

Two Seat Wingback Chairs

Two-seat wingback chairs are pretty ideal for family use. Unlike the other wingback chairs; this one is not made for an individual person only.

It is created to be shared with your friend, family, or anyone you wish to sit beside you.

This type also uses different materials. Most of the time, this is seen in the living or entertainment room of a house. It provides comfort, support, and elegance in a room.

To know which wing-back chairs would be best for you, consider where you would want to put them first. Of course, do not forget the space of your house as they may occupy a good amount of space in your house.

modern leather wingback

The modern leather wingback chairs can be used not only in your living room. You can also use it elsewhere like in your office, bedroom, or anywhere in the house where you want to provide more seating places.


The price of a leather wingback chair will definitely depend on the actual material used. Obviously, genuine leather is more expensive than getting a faux or synthetic version.

Aside from this, the leather wingback chairs may also be mixed with other materials like buttons, wood, and brass metals in order to make the furniture piece more attractive.

Nevertheless, local stores normally sell a good leather wingback chair for two hundred to a thousand dollars.

One way to get a good deal when buying a leather wingback chair is to get it when it is on sale. You can also check out closing out stores that are just finishing their inventory. Another way to get a good deal is to find reputable online stores.

Normally, online stores sell their items at a much cheaper price compared to malls. This is quite self-explanatory because online stores do not have too much overhead expense, so they do not need to add too much mark upon their pieces.

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