The 10 Best Wine Racks for 2021

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If you like to have a wine rack, instead of buying one, you can make it by yourself if you want. Making a wine rack can be a simple project that can be done in a day or two days. All of them are based on the size of the rack and the details of the rack that you like.

This article will give you some information about wooden wine rack plans that will look great at your home but it is simple to be done.

This is also cost cheaper when you make it than buy one. There are some simple steps that will be given here so that you can easily follow the steps to make it to your home.

These are some styles of wooden wine rack plans that are simple to make.

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Racks Do More Than Store Wine

If you own a collection of wine, you need suitable wine racks to store and present this assortment of vintages. Fortunately, there are a wide variety of wine racks produced today. They come in many different styles, from the merely functional to the decorative and artistic.

Their designs enable you to effectively and safely store wines for commercial purposes or present them attractively to guests and friends. No matter what style you prefer, you should be able to locate a wine rack that will fit both your purpose and your tastes.

Purpose of Wine Racks

Wine racks are not simply made for supporting bottles that contain wine. Wine is a special beverage that people keep in storage for long periods, sometimes decades.

That is why a wine rack must be especially durable in comparison to other storage racks that might hold common beverages and food. Wine is also a beverage that demonstrates the class and taste of the owner.

For that reason, wine racks are often made with more than just functionality in mind. A wine rack is often also a demonstration of the personality and interests of the owner of the wines.

Wine Rack Materials

Since wine racks have existed for thousands of years in various areas across the globe, multiple materials have been used to create them. When you go to buy one, you have your choice between more historic materials for their construction, such as various woods, or a variety of more durable metals. These materials can each be shaped into numerous designs.

  • Wood – People have been fashioning wine racks from wood for thousands of years. In some people’s opinions, wood is the best material for constructing racks to hold wine. Types of wood that are commonly used in wood racks are mahogany, pine, cedar, and fir. Some of these have the ability to pass a scent or flavor to the wine and are favored for that reason.
  • Metal – You can make certain shapes and designs more easily with metal than you can with wood. Metal racks typically hold fewer bottles than wooden racks. You can also paint them to match a greater variety of decors.
  • Stainless steel – These sorts of racks are mass-produced for placement in many modern kitchens. Their resistance to corrosion and staining makes them ideal containers. Since kitchens are typically humid places, there may be no longer-lasting option for a wine rack other than stainless steel.

Types of Wine Racks

You buy a wine rack for commercial or individual use. They are not the most common piece of furniture. You may have to search a little harder in your local stores to find a wide variety of racks.

  • Winsome makes a walnut finish wine cabinet which you can buy online. It holds up to 20 bottles and also has space for wine glasses.
  • Kamenstein’s MDF wine rack stores your bottles in geometric designs. For just $20 you can store eight bottles in its tilted squares which keep the cork moist and the wine in perfect condition.
  • Oenophilia makes a modern design with its Bali wine bottle rack. Undulant waves of rubberwood create spaces for 12 bottles in four layers.

Different Types of Wine Rack Plans

  • Wall Mounted Wine Racks. This style of the plan is good for those who want to make the most of the space in their home, as they can be mounted on the wall, saving valuable floor and counter space. In addition, designs are usually straightforward and easy, making this style of rack a great choice for beginner or amateur woodworkers. Popular models include those with diamond-style storage slots, cabinets with glass doors, and those that store bottles as well as glasses and decanters.
  • Countertop and Tabletop Wine Racks. For those with space to spare, a countertop wine rack can create extra storage space for wine bottles, wine accessories, and miscellaneous items, and can serve a dual function as a wine service station. Popular versions include models with wheels, cabinet-style doors, and ornate carvings and or materials. In addition, a tabletop rack can be incorporated into a kitchen island or existing structure to save on space.
  • Modular Wine Racks. These are wine racks that can be used on their own to store up to 10 bottles, and they can be added either horizontally or vertically over time. They are often stackable, and thus, feature locking mechanisms or grooved notches for placing additional racks. This type of rack is great for oenophiles that foresee their wine collection growing over time.
  • Single Bottle Holders. Technically, a single bottle holder is not really a rack so to speak of, but it can be included in the genre as they perform a similar function, just on a much smaller scale. These wine holders are used to hold a single bottle at a time, so they are good for meals where wine is being served. The style possibilities are endless, ranging from simple wooden holders to ornate iron designs to modern and contemporary models.
  • Centerpiece Wine Racks. Essentially, these racks are made to be the centerpiece of a room, and so are often designed with high-quality materials like glass, iron, or wood. They are typically roomy and solid, with storage space for glasses, bottles, and perhaps even drawers for cocktail napkins, plates, or cutlery. Another name for this style of wine rack is the baker’s rack.
  • Cellar Storage Racks. Anyone planning to build a dedicated wine cellar will need storage racks so the bottles can be safely stored for long periods of time. The complexity of a cellar wine rack plan depends on the sophistication of the cellar. If it is simply for storing wine, all that is needed are simple, solid racks that will support a large number of bottles. If it is meant to function as a cellar as well as a sitting room or den, builders may want to consider temperature-controlled storage rack units with sealed doors.

With good wine rack plans, as well as the proper tools, measurements, determination, or drive, anyone can build an attractive, stylish, and functional wine rack for their home.

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