15 Best Wall Decals for 2021

Wall Decals

We all love to have interesting wall décor, but sometimes we need to do it on a small budget. There is an ideal solution that is inexpensive, very effective, and inspirational.

Vinyl wall quotes with meaningful sayings that can be applied on a wall, and when finished you will have the look of a painted sentence on the wall.

Nobody will be able to tell you did not spend hours laboriously hand painting it. You alone will know that it was painless, did not leave a mess to be cleaned up, and did not break the bank.

What is more, is that these inspirational vinyl wall quotes do not use any permanent adhesives and can be moved whenever you want to relocate them.

This ability to remove the decals (even after extended periods of time) and to put them in another room or another wall when you redecorate, makes them ideal décor for temporary homes like dorm rooms, or for use on special occasions like parties. No damage will ever occur to your walls making this type of decoration perfects for apartment living, you get to personalize your wall yet you can take it with you when you move.

Changing inspirational vinyl wall quotes as your attitudes in life change gives you the feeling that you are not stuck into something forever.

And if all these benefits of using vinyl wall quotes were not enough, the cost is very low. Many of these inspirational wall decals are under $10, some may run a little more but even an elaborate project will still be very affordable.

Should you think, as some people do that this is corny, all the sayings are clichés and it’s time someone should say something more meaningful, you cant certainly have “your say”. Many sites offer to create wall décor with your own words.

All you need to do is access their site and type the inspirational quote you want, choose the most appropriate size and the color you like. It is obvious that something as unique as your personal quote will be more expensive, but then you will not see it on somebody else’s wall.

Wall Quote Decals On Mirrors And Glass

Some people refrain from using wall decal quotes on mirrors – especially in the bathroom – because they fear the regular washing of the mirror will damage the decals over time. Yet many vinyl decals are waterproof and will remain in great shape throughout successive washings.

It doesn’t matter if you have to wash the decals themselves either (as when toothpaste and whatnot splash onto them) because they can take it. Not all decals will endure this, but many wills – inquire with your decal provider.

One thing you do need to be careful with is a paper towel when cleaning a mirror with decals on it. You don’t want bits and pieces of the paper to get caught up on the outline of the decals and make a wet paper mess on your mirror. It is better to use a thin micro-fiber cloth in cases like this as they will save you some time and trouble.

Mirror Mirror On The Wall…

There are not so many affordable ways to modify the look of a mirror. You can achieve nice effects with sandblasting but it can be rather expensive. A frame will work wonders but is also potentially costly. Why not opt for wall quotes and wall decals to produce similar effects at a fraction of the cost?

Think about what you can do with vanity mirrors, bedroom mirrors, and in the bathroom. Add glass wall art elsewhere in the room to create a matching decor.

Tip: One great way to enhance the appearance of a frameless mirror is to have a contour shape custom-made on vinyl in the exact dimensions of your mirror so as to replicate the outline of a frame over it. Has it made in a style (Victorian, Mediterranean, modern, etc.) and color that will go with your room decor?

Wall Quote Decals On Glass

Things can get tricky if you want to use removable wall decals on windows. For one thing, if you will be using words and quotes, they will only show up properly on one side of a window – obviously. Though this will work nicely in a car or shop window, it may not feel as nice in your home.

Another thing to take into consideration is the temperature of the window. If you live where the seasons either get very warm and/or cold at different times of the year, you should get high-quality decals that will be able to sustain these temperature variations.

Ideally, you’ll install the decals at a time when the glass is at an average temperature so as to maximize their adherence to the surface from the onset.

Tree Wall Decals

Tree Wall Decal Give any indoor room an outdoor feel with the help of tree wall decals.

Finding the right type of tree wall decals can be a great way that you can really change up a kid’s room especially or just add a fun little splash of color or creativity to a game or activity room as well.

But you’ll find that they can go beyond just being colorful or imaginative trees, and in some cases, you’ll find that you can also buy up decals that can turn into projects.

There is plenty that is actually made so that you can turn them into a family tree, that way you can have fun tracing your genealogy and learning more about your history at the same time.

Of course, when it comes time to buy the perfect tree wall decals for any room, you have to know where to go shopping, and stores in your area can sometimes be a bit limited for what they have on offer. That’s why if you want some good options you’re going to have to go looking online.

There are plenty of sites out there that can really help you out and can ensure that you’re able to find all different types of fun designs that can really add to your home in a lot of fun ways. Here are some of the best sites where you can find all sorts of cool and reusable tree wall decals:


A fantastic place for all things to do with home decor and decorating your home in general, you can count on DY having any type of decal that you actually want. But here is a place that you can find a lot of different types of handy devices that can be used to add color and fun to any child’s room. That way you can make a real positive impact with the right type of tree wall decals that are going to totally change up the look of a room.

Entertainment Earth

More of a pop-culture type of retail site, and you’re going to find that they still have any types of cool decals that you could want. You should be capable of finding all sorts of cool types of peel and stick wall applications. This way you can guarantee that they are going to be easy for you to install simply, and then easy for you to actually peel off and move to different rooms or areas as well.

Rosenberry Rooms

Another site that’s all dedicated to decorating your rooms in really fun and creative ways. You’ll find that this is right where you want to go for all things to do with creative tree wall decals, and other fun decals so that you can completely remake the room in a fun way, that’s also easy to install and easy to remove. Plus that easy-to-remove construction is really ideal because it means that you don’t have to worry about removing them when it comes time to move or change up the room.

Sticker Giant

Specializing in just about any type of major stickers that you could need or want, here you can of course find tons of different types of decals. Whether you want fun tree wall decals, or you want to go with animals, cartoon characters, even sports. There are always going to be options and that’s where a lot of the fun is when you’re shopping for decals. You’re guaranteed to find something here at least.

Sensory Edge

Another great place to go shopping, because here you can find all sorts of great buys when it comes to tree wall decals, but you can also find tons of options out there as well for toys that you can install on the wall, as well as all different types of rugs and other fun playthings. That way this can be your one-stop place to shop for all playroom devices.


Here’s a better site if you’re looking for the right type of tree wall decals that can be ideal for a grown-up’s environment, beyond just a child’s. Here you can buy all sorts of more artistic types of trees that could give a really unique or exciting look at a social room, and just something that nobody will be expecting.

Wall Decals for Kids

There are so many wall decals for kids’ rooms that can make them fun. Here’s a glimpse into some of the many types.

Finding a way that you can make kids’ rooms really fun and inviting, but also customize them so that they really feel like your child’s space is usually pretty important for a growing child.

You’re going to find that interests change, however, and you don’t want to commit too much money as they are always growing and are likely to have new interests every few years or so.

That’s where wall decals for kids’ rooms can be some of the best investments that you can make, because of their fantastic versatility. You’re going to find that few things can be quite so effective at getting the job done, and making sure that you’re actually able to customize the room in a creative and easy way.

Of course, you’re also going to find that there are so many different types of decals that you want to shop carefully to make sure you don’t end up buying something that you can’t use.

You have to be sure that you’re only looking at decals that are going to be perfect for the walls there, based upon the designs that you choose in addition to the sizes and even the way that they are made as well. That’s why you have to put some thought into wall decals for kids’ rooms.

First up, measure your spaces.

This is important just so that you can get a feel for the type of actual decals that you want to buy and what sizes you’re going to want to go with.

Something that you’re going to find when it comes to these types of decals is that they do come in all different sizes, so you want to define the dimensions that you have available so that you don’t buy something too big or too tall. That’s vital, and also so that you can get an idea of how much space any given decal will fill as well.

Buy high-quality wall decals for kids’ rooms.

You also want to make sure that you’re getting high-quality types that are going to guarantee that you can install them with ease but also take them down just as easily.

That’s why you want to make sure that they are of a high-quality material, usually a plastic of some sort so that you can ensure they won’t rip and will be rigid enough on their own to make it easy to install them properly.

But you also want them to be made of the right wall adhesive. This way, you can ensure you’re able to put them up and take them down as need be so that you can move with them, or just move them around as well.

Choose the right types of decals.

This is the final problem, as you’re going to find that you really have a lot of options. Depending upon the level of creativity or the type of design you feel they will enjoy the most, you’re definitely going to have a lot of choices as to what you’re going to be able to choose.

Fun cartoon character decals

If you want to be able to design the room with great cartoon characters that your child enjoys, then you can be sure in turn that you’ll have wall decals for kids’ rooms that will be greatly appreciated. There are all sorts of great licensed decals as well for all the hottest kid’s shows, giving you a lot of options that you can work.

Creative and colorful decals

But if you want the decals to blend into the background of the room and enhance the space instead of dominating it, then you want to go with colorful blends. With the right types you’re going to be able to add fun colorful arrangements that are all about trees or animals, and even leaves or other cool designs as well.

Dry erase and chalkboard decals

Finally, if you want to make it okay for your child to draw on the walls in the right spot, then why not go for decals that allow them to do so. With a dry-erase surface or a chalkboard surface, you can ensure that they are going to be able to express themselves creatively in any way that they can imagine.

Plus both types of surfaces can actually be washed, which makes it a great way to constantly update and change the surface to go with their interests or feelings at the time.

Window Decals

Static cling window decals make an excellent touch in the car or home. Are you trying to think of a way to spice up the look of your home for the holidays, or to show off part of your personality?

Static cling window decals are a great way to decorate both the interior and exterior of your home at the same time.

Chances are that you already use static cling window decals on a regular basis; If you have a reminder from your dealership or oil change place, it is most likely a static cling window decal in the top left corner of your car windshield. The decals that are used in the home are generally small and holiday or event-themed. They are sold individually or in sets.

Static cling window stickers come off of the windows easily and provide you with a lot of different options for decorating your home. They are small, so they can be stored in a small amount of space; one way to keep track of them is to put them in envelopes according to the month that they would most likely be used in, and attach those envelopes to your calendar.

If you are interested in more general themes for your static cling window decals, you can create a notebook or filing system for them. By putting clear sheet protectors in a three-ring binder, you can keep your decals filed and all in one place so that you can find them easier. Another benefit of this system is that it will keep the static window cling decals flat.

There are many different styles of static cling decals. You can generally find them in holiday themes, but there are also many available for your favorite college, sports team, or high school. Another benefit of these decorations is that you can have custom decals made.

Whatever you imagine, certain companies would be able to make them for you. Custom static cling window decals are rather expensive, though. Victorystore.com sells one-colored decals for twenty dollars for a one-sided custom decal that is five square inches or less. Additional colors increase the price by ten dollars each, and a full-color decal with these specifications is over forty dollars.

There are some things to be aware of before you commit to static cling window decals. Some of these decals are rather low quality, so don’t just buy the cheapest ones you see. Many static decals also have a tendency to fall off the window easily; because they rely on static cling, they may need to be reapplied often in order to remain in place.

They are also fun targets for kids and pets, so if you choose to use them, make sure that you keep them out of reach. Another issue to keep in mind is your Home Owner’s Association rules and guidelines. A lot of HOAs have restrictions on the kind of window shades and outdoor decorations that you can use. In order to avoid fines, make sure to read your HOA’s bylaws or talk to the HOA board before you purchase the decals.

That being said, if you are looking for an inexpensive, fun way to dress up your home both inside and out, static cling window decals might be just what you’re looking for.

Removable Wall Decals

Removable wall decals and stickers are convenient for children’s rooms and many other settings.

Are you looking for a way to inexpensively and creatively improve the look of your home? Removable wall decals may be the right choice for you. Think of these as giant stickers for your walls, but thankfully they come in enough variety of style and color that you don’t have to worry about looking too hard to find one that suits your current home décor.

Removable wall stickers are a great choice for almost any home decoration scheme. They come in themes for children’s bedrooms (such as princess theme for girls or race car themes for boys), living rooms (such as trees), or for providing small accents to your current decoration scheme.

Many well-known companies make these children’s wall decals. There is a large market for your children’s favorite cartoon character. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Batman, and Hello Kitty are among some of the more popular characters that are available.

no major commitment

One of the most appealing features of adhesive wall decals is that they don’t require a major commitment. Whereas a new coat of paint or hanging photos or artwork will make semi-permanent changes to your home (you would have to re-paint the room or patch and texture holes if you decided to make a change), removable wall decals give you a chance to change the overall look of a room, while enabling an easy change if you decide that you don’t like the design, placement, or are just interested in a change.

One of the downfalls of these decals is that it remains to be seen what they will do to walls long term. If you decide a year down the line that you would rather have a different decoration, there is a possibility that the decals will cause damage to the underlying paint when they are removed.

There is also a risk of uneven fading and wear on your walls; if you choose to remove the removable wall decals when they have been on a wall that gets a fair amount of sunlight, you may be able to see a slight shadow of the decal once it has been removed.

Application on wall stickers and decals is relatively simple. Most decals use the following process. The first step is to mark your wall with the location where you want the final decoration. Usually, a few marks with a pencil will work, but it’s often a good idea to use a level or have someone else give their opinion about how to hang the decal.

Next, you will prepare the removable wall decal by pressing on one side of it. This removes the decal from the shipping paper. Next, you will unpeel the top portion of the shipping paper from the decal and transfer tape. Line up the transfer tape with the marks you made on the wall.

Slowly roll the paper downward, pressing on the transfer tape so that it adheres to the wall with few bubbles or wrinkling. Next, you will press on the decal so that it adheres to the wall instead of the transfer tape. Once you peel off the transfer tape, your removable wall decal will be ready!

9 Tips For Applying Vinyl Wall Decals

2. Oil-free paint is best when it comes to vinyl decals. We’re not saying they cannot hold their on this type of paint but they usually stick much more easily to water-based paint.

3. Keep in mind that the more time a wall decal spends on a surface, the more chance there is for it to lift some paint when you remove it. While in most cases the decals will come off without any damage to the wall this is not an absolute guarantee. Plan wisely and select vinyl decals you expect to keep as an integral part of your wall decor for a long time.

4. Always wash your walls before applying a vinyl decal sticker. Having dust between the wall and the decal’s adhesive layer will prevent it from sticking properly. For best results, clean the surface with rubbing alcohol. Wait until it is perfectly dry before putting up your decal.

5. Apply your wall quote decal when it and the surface are at room temperature. If the wall is too cold, this may compromise the decal’s ability to adhere to it initially. Similarly, if the wall is too hot, the adhesive may not hold well.

6. For the reasons just mentioned, it is best to avoid putting a decal where there is direct sunlight or close to a heat source. These will warm up the adhesive layer and diminish its sticking capacity.

7. Another factor that may diminish a decal’s capacity to stick well on a wall is moisture. Placing it above the stove where water will be frequently boiling or in the bathroom where there is a high level of humidity can significantly diminish the decal’s lifespan. In these circumstances get waterproof vinyl decals that can hold their own even in the bathtub!

8. Take the time to layout your entire design before applying your vinyl wall decals. Use tape to hold them in place. This way you are making sure everything is where you want it before you start applying them. It’ll be easy to move shapes around and get exactly the effect you want.

9. Unless you are dealing with white or pale decals, light walls will naturally serve as better backgrounds to display them. Except when dealing with wall quotes or images that will fit well in a floating configuration, consider anchoring your decals to your furniture or other items in the room.

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