Best Vinyl Plank Flooring ideas

Vinyl Plank Flooring

Hardwood flooring is some of the most sought after for almost any homeowner.

The sheer depth and natural beauty that wood floors bring to any home create a warm and comfortable feeling.

However, they also come with a lot of problems as well. Take cost, for instance, wood floors can run you thousands of dollars to install even in small rooms. For quality results, it’s not likely a DIY project and you will need a professional installer.

And finally, we are talking about a basement here, these floors don’t do well with the natural moisture and humidity contents of a basement. But vinyl plank flooring for basement floors will solve all of those issues.

Vinyl Plank Flooring Using vinyl plank floors is a great option when you want the look of hardwood floors without the issues. But they come in so much more than just wood replicas. You can actually get these in stone and ceramic tile look likes as well, but the wood versions are some of the most popular for this type of flooring.

Vinyl plank flooring is not only cheaper than real wood floors, but they are easier to install, easier to maintain, and are more durable making them suitable basement floor material.

People install vinyl plank systems in their basements because it has all the natural appearance of a real hardwood floor or laminate, but it has a major advantage over both. Vinyl Planks are waterproof!

This one factor alone makes them the perfect choice for basement flooring, especially for those who have basements that occasionally have a moisture problem that they have to deal with.

Unlike vinyl tiles, these planks actually look like wood floors. The tiles typically kept the look rather tile-ish as most of them come in only square form. But the planks, on the other hand, are long and rectangular like you would expect a wood floor to look like. But first, let’s take a look at a few of these.

Allure Vinyl Plank Flooring

Allure vinyl flooring can be picked up at most all Home Depot stores, the problem is they all don’t carry the same items at the same time. But you should be able to order it. You can expect to pay anywhere from $40 to $70 per case based on the type and finish you select. The planks themselves come in a pretty standard 6×36 inch shape like another strip flooring.

The best thing about them is that their vinyl construction helps to make them resilient to scuff marks and scratches. Plus they are ideal flooring for a possible high-moisture area like a basement because they are water-resistant.

The TrafficMaster Allure collection sold at Home Depot is a beautiful collection. You can read the reviews yourself found around the internet and various forums, but overall the reviews have been extremely positive.

There are some negative reviews but I’m under the impression that not all the directions were followed during installation as it seems that they are falling apart at the seams. This leads me to believe that the rollers weren’t used as directed.

For a basement though, these floors are perfect! Remember, if your basement is naturally dark though you are going to want a lighter floor to make the room seem lighter. The Allure Oak would be a good fit for a room like that. If you want something a little different than they do carry a Lisbon Cork that looks phenomenal.

If you do have sufficient light in your basement though, you may opt for a darker looking floor. The Ebony Rosewood is super dark and would look really nice in a more formal type of basement while the Vinyl Teak is a bit lighter and would be super cool in more entertaining typesetting.

Congoleum Vinyl Plank Flooring

Congoleum is the brand of another really high-quality vinyl basement flooring. With a 25 year warranty, these planks bond securely to each other and can be installed over virtually any subfloor or underlayment, or concrete.

This is another brand that gets very high reviews and will work in your basement as well because it’s waterproof.

They really have two different lines in this model: Connections and Endurance Plank. Connections seem to have all the traditional woods covered with an outstanding version of Weathered Pine while the Endurance has a deeper and richer look to them.

With Endurance planks, you can choose from cherry, oak, maple, and a sweet looking rustic.

Cutting Vinyl Planks

One thing that you’ll have to do if you install this flooring yourself is cut it. Cutting vinyl planks really isn’t that hard and can be done likely with tools you already have. All you really need is a utility knife or metal shears to get the job done.

Just make sure you mark it appropriately and take your time with the cuts and you’ll have straight edges in no time as vinyl planks are really a lot easier to cut than wood or laminates.

Installation Tips and Advice for Plank Flooring

Hardwood flooring is one of the most unique looks that you can achieve as part of your interior decorating. And wide plank flooring takes that uniqueness to a new level.

Wide plank flooring creates that look of an aged floor perhaps from another time in history that is perfect for a den or a family room where you want lots of atmospheres. Unlike even regular hardwood flooring, every wide plank flooring installation is unique.

It is an approach to flooring that is as close to how the flooring was made before we bought our floors mass-produced. As such there are some installation issues to be aware of.

The uniqueness is in the planks

Unlike mass-produced hardwood flooring, when you buy enough wide plank flooring for your project, each board will come with its own personality. The good news is that it takes the same effort to lay a twelve-inch wide board as it does a six-inch-wide board.

The name “wide plank flooring” is apt because you will buy and lay fewer board for the same amount of space as you would if you were laying traditional hardwood planks. Not only does this mean you have less work to do to finish out your new floor because there are fewer gaps, there are fewer opportunities for leakage of squeaking when the flooring consists of a serious of wide plank boards.

Sometimes it is surprising to a homeowner when you get your shipment of wide plank flooring and each board is unique and even flawed in certain ways.

This should not be viewed as a negative. Part of the beatify of wide plank flooring is you have the natural creativity of nature expressed in the wood. Instead of seeking a bland “sameness”, you get a floor full of personality.

Celebrate the uniqueness of each board and inspect them carefully. You are the one who decides how the boards will lay on your new floor. So use the flaws as accents to create a look to your wide plank flooring that is unique to your home.

Skip a step

One of the most tedious steps of any hardwood floor installation happens after the floor is in place. You usually have to sand every inch of your new hardwood floor to bring out the natural beauty before you finish it.

This step can be bypassed entirely when you are putting down a wide plank hardwood floor. In fact, manufacturers of wide plank flooring recommend that you do not send your new floor after installation.

The boards of your new flooring come with a natural beatify that does not need additional sanding to look great. That sanding is the most difficult part of the installation of a hardwood floor, that is a big advantage that will save you time or money if you are using a professional flooring installer.

Get help if you need it

You should never be afraid to turn to the experts when you are preparing to lay a wide plank floor in your home. This doesn’t mean you have to spend big money to have the floor installed. Your manufacturer should be a rich resource to you for answering any questions about how to install your new flooring.

But even if you have to make an investment in a professional installer, you will find that it is a worthwhile investment. Your new floor will be a source of pride and pleasure for your family for many years to come.

If you put some time and effort into making sure the installation is done right, that is an investment that will pay you back every day for as long as you live in the home.

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