Where Can I Get the Best Trundle Bed?

Trundle Bed, best trundle bed shopping guide

I know you will agree with me when I say a trundle bed is awesome.

The difficult part is…

Selecting a quality one that suits your family, accommodates your lifestyle, and creates space can be a challenging task especially for first-time buyers.

The good thing is…

I have a comprehensive list of what to look for when buying a trundle bed, and a review of the best trundle beds available in the market. That’s not all!!

I will also explain the differences between a Daybed, a trundle bed, and a Bunk bed.

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Best Trundle Bed Reviews for 2021

1. DONCO KIDS Mission Bunk Bed Dark Cappuccino/Full/Full/W/Twin Trundle Bed

DONCO KIDS Mission Bunk Bed Dark Cappuccino/Full/Full/W/Twin Trundle Bed

2. Walker Edison Furniture Company Twin Roll-Out Trundle Frame with Wheels Kids Bed Bedroom, Black

Walker Edison Furniture Company Twin Roll-Out Trundle Frame with Wheels Kids Bed Bedroom, Black, twin trundle beds,twin beds with trundle, childrens trundle beds, trundle beds for kids


This twin trundle bed takes up little space that means that it is ideal for small rooms. It is a strong and robust bed made of a coated steel frame.

Thanks to its functionality, this Silver Metal Roll-Out Furniture allows you to have that extra space needed during the day, making the most of the useful surface of the room.

Whether the room is for a single-use or double use, this bed is a tremendously functional option, because while at night the bedroom can be used comfortably for the two children to rest, during the day will be able to have the additional space of the second bed that you will need so much.

It is a bed that will last between 15 and 20 years, and its cost is incomparable. It has a minimalist design and a low profile. This model is designed so that they open with no effort, so it costs nothing to prepare it every night.

Pros Cons
  • Made of strong quality metal
  • Assembly manual included
  • It is very sturdy
  • Easy to roll out the trundle


3. Full Bed With Trundle by Poundex

Poundex Full Bed with Trundle


This full-size bed with trundle is ideal for those who like more space and comfort at bedtime. The lower bed crawls easily because of the fixed wheels that make it move parallel to the top bed. Learn more about upholstered storage beds.

It has a beautiful and modern chic design making it a very decorative piece of furniture that is very different from those models that we could someday sleep when we were little. The lower bed has a front so that its extraction is much easier.

It is made of synthetic leather and hardwood meaning it very easy to clean. The cream color gives clarity and simplicity to the room. This bed is versatile, complete and economical furniture and offers us a lot of benefits that do not give us other beds.

Features & Specifications

Pros Cons
  • Made of strong wood
  • It is very sturdy
  • easy to roll out the trundle
  • Accommodates thick mattresses compared to other trundles


4. Atlantic Furniture Concord Platform Flat Panel Foot Board and Twin Size Urban Trundle Bed, White

Atlantic Furniture Concord Platform Flat Panel Foot Board and Twin Size Urban Trundle Bed, White


The Concord bed is a bed that lasts for many years. They allow you to take advantage of even the smallest available space. This way we will only occupy the space of two beds at the time of extracting the extra bed to sleep, while the rest of the time will be able to take advantage of that space

With them, you will be able to turn any stay off your house into a guest room. This bed fits perfectly in all the rooms of the house. So, although we have the room and we just want to change the bed, we will be able to integrate it perfectly into the decoration.

The beds’ design is for durability as it is made from environmentally friendly robust woods with a protective finish. the mattress is sold separately.

Features & SpecificationsProsCons
  • Its assembly is easy and fast.
  • Made of strong durable wood
  • It is very sturdy
  • easy to roll out the trundle
  • provides comfort because it accommodates a thick mattress.
  • it is very heavy to move around.

5. Broyhill Kids Marco Island Captain’s Bed with Trundle Bed and Drawers, Espresso

Broyhill Kids Marco Island Captain's Bed with Trundle Bed and Drawers, Twin, Espresso, Twin-Sized Mattress (Not Included), Bunk Bed Alternative, Great for Sleepovers, Underbed Storage/Organization


This Island Captain’s Bed equipped with comes with drawers for that extra needed storage space. Broyhill Kids Marco Island trundle bed is the ideal modern daybed with a classy look. The bed is ideal for kids sleepovers and a great solution for rooms with reduced space.

The bed is made of solid wood. You can expect it to last for a very long time. Captains Bed complies with all ASTM and CPSC safety standards. Fits any standard size mattress or double mattress.

Enough about its beauty, in summary, the Island Captain’s Bed is an exception bed that guarantees longevity as well as quality sleep for you and your guest.

This bed has undoubtedly been a revolution in the design of home furniture, so we can find from the simplest models of trundle bed to a triple model or even trundle beds that also have large drawers for storage.

Features & SpecificationsProsCons
  • Equipped with three drawers in which to store objects such as books, clothes, toys.
  • It is the perfect choice for a room that has small closets or little storage space.
  • Uses a thick mattress, unlike other trundle beds.
  • Takes a short time to assemble
  • It is very sturdy.
  • It can be a bit difficult for a small child to climb.

6. La Salle Twin Captain’s Bed with Trundle and Storage Drawers White

La Salle Twin Captain's Bed with Trundle and Storage Drawers White

Since these beds open and close with great ease, they hardly occupy space when they don’t use it. This bed is one of its main advantages since they are ideal for small bedrooms and to have a bed for guests that do not occupy a lot of space.

In the children’s rooms, there is a large space for games. When being collected, you can open the cabinets and drawers with freedom and facilitate the cleaning. Learn more about

This bed has good size unidirectional wheels, so they are very easy to move. Pulling them out of the center of the bed even a small child takes them out easily, so if you have twins or two kids who have to share room maybe it would be a good choice.

It is a very attractive bed for its beautiful current designs. In addition to offering spaciousness in the bedroom, they are cheerful and combinable, available in numerous finishes. Not only do they allow you to convert a single room into a double magically, but also convert a games room into a guest room.

Features & SpecificationsProsCons
  • Its assembly is easy and fast.
  • Made of strong durable wood
  • It is very sturdy
  • easy to roll out the trundle
  • provides comfort because it accommodates a thick mattress.
  • It can be a bit difficult for a small child to climb.

7. Discovery World Furniture Twin Bookcase Captains Bed with 3 Drawers and Twin Trundle, Merlot

kids bunk beds with trundle, double beds with trundle, Discovery World Furniture Twin Bookcase Captains Bed with 3 Drawers and Twin Trundle, Honey


8. Bedz King Mission Style Full Bed with a Twin Trundle, Espresso

king trundle beds, full size trundle beds for adults, Bedz King Mission Style Full Bed with a Twin Trundle, Espresso


9. Bedz King Stairway Bunk Beds Full over Full with 4 Drawers in the Steps and a Twin Trundle, Espresso

bunk beds with trundle and stairs, trundle beds with mattress included,Bedz King Stairway Bunk Beds Full over Full with 4 Drawers in the Steps and a Twin Trundle, Espresso


10. Kings Brand Furniture 39” / Twin Size Black Metal High Riseer Bed Frame with Pop Up Trundle

Kings Brand Furniture Twin Size Black Metal Platform Bed With Pop Up Trundle


11. Discovery World Furniture 2118-2190 with Trundle Bunk Bed, Twin Over Full, Honey

bunk beds with trundle and storage, trundle bunk beds with stairs, Discovery World Furniture with with Trundle Bunk Bed, Twin Over Full, Honey


12. Discovery World Furniture Mission Twin Over Full Staircase Bed with Twin Trundle, Merlot

full size bunk beds with trundle, child trundle beds, Discovery World Furniture Mission Twin Over Full Staircase Bed with Twin Trundle, Merlot

13. Best Quality Furniture Full Bed W/Trundle, Dark gray

Best Quality Furniture Full Bed With Trundle Dark gray, children trundle beds, beds with trundle



14. Bedz King Captains Twin Bed with Trundle and 3 Drawers, Honey

Bedz King Captains Twin Bed with Twin Trundle and 3 Drawers, White


15. Discovery World Furniture Full Bookcase Daybed with 3 Drawers and Twin Trundle, Espresso

Discovery World Furniture Full Bookcase Daybed with 3 Drawers and Twin Trundle, Espresso


Features & SpecificationsProsCons
  • It can be a bit difficult for a small child to climb.

What is a Trundle Bed?

Basically, a roll-out bed is just a bed that offers you more space than a normal bed. So how does a trundle bed work?

Trundle is another, smaller bed that is stored under the main bed; the whole construction is called a trundle bed.

Trundle units are set on rollers so it is easy to pull them back and forth from under the main bed when the extra space is needed.

Trundles are used mainly in kids’ bedrooms, but can also be handy to accommodate unexpected guests. If we look to the past, the purpose of these beds was to let a servant sleep just next to his or her master.

Trundle beds are space-saving because when not in use they occupy only one bed’s space. If you plan to use them on a regular basis, get a good, quality mattress that can fit the main bed as well, otherwise you won’t be able to slide your trundle under the main bed.

Another option is to use a trundle unit as a storage space when it is not in use for an extended period of time. This is very convenient and very helpful to keep the room in order.

Some of these beds have interesting space-saving features like a desk, upper loft, drawers, etc.

Many loft beds come with trundles. While these options make the overall price higher, but the convenience they give is really worth it.

What to consider when selecting a roll-out bed

Trundle bed frame used

Most manufacturers build trundle beds with either metal or wood. The kind of material used affects the longevity, weight, cost, and appearance of the end product.

The most common material used is wood. Examples of the kind of wood used include Oak, Mahogany, Maple, Pine, and Beech.

Metal is commonly used to create cheap light-weight trundle beds. Today’s trundle beds are mostly designed with both materials.

For example, a bed may have a metal framework and the stacks build using wood.

Daybed Style

It is important to select a style that complements your house design. in the case of a daybed, select a style that matches your interior decor.

Examples of daybed styles include the Mission style, sleigh style, and the Victorian style. Color is another important factor to consider.

Available wood colors include painted wood, plain wood, dark or light wood. Metals can also be painted in different colors.

An Upholstered daybed simply makes the bed look classy and stylish.


It is important for a customer to be familiar with the types of mattresses available. The most common mattresses used for trundle beds are memory foam mattresses and innerspring mattresses. Read more on trundle bed mattresses.

A memory foam mattress takes the shape of the person sleeping on it. It is made with polystyrene foam or latex. Innerspring mattresses, on the other hand, are the most popular when using a trundle bed.

The mattress is made with steel coils surrounded by a layer of upholstery and fabric for comfort.

Trundle Mattress – Everything You Need To Know Before You Buy

There was a time when most of us had not heard of a trundle mattress and bed frame, now they are everywhere. With the huge cost of real estate and the unpredictability of interest rates, many of us are choosing not to move home, but to redecorate and renovate.

Often with cleverly designed items of furniture, you can quite easily create more space and more versatility. This is why the trundle bed frames and trundle mattresses have become such popular additions to guest rooms and children’s rooms.

When these first appeared they were an expensive option and sold through the high end of the bed market. Now you can get both trundle mattress and frame for very reasonable prices online. The huge influx of designs has meant that the market has become very competitive and this has caused the prices to drop dramatically.

Why Is The Trundle Mattress So Important

On a camp bed the mattress is placed on a taut mesh or fabric held in place with springs, this provides some ‘give’ to make the bed comfortable.

With a trundle mattress it is placed directly on slats of wood or sometimes even a solid piece of wood. So a thin mattress would be like sleeping on the floor.

What To Look For In A Trundle Mattress

Comfort, comfort, and more comfort. Most manufacturers will offer a variety of different mattresses to fit their beds and trundles.

Unfortunately for the buyer, there is a huge difference between the cheap mattresses and the expensive trundle mattresses.

There are three basic mattresses available; foam, memory foam, and sprung mattresses. Don’t bother with the foam mattress, you will not have a comfortable nights sleep on this. The memory foam is great but comes at a huge cost.

The most popular choice is the sprung mattress. This will come with different levels of quality depending on whether each spring is separately pocketed or not.

Check The Size Of Your Trundle Mattress

With any mattress, it is important that it fits the bed. However, with a trundle mattress, it also has to fit under the bed. So don’t get carried away and choose a really high mattress which will not slide underneath.

Some trundle mattresses are slightly smaller than standard mattresses (because they have to fit underneath). Is it preferable to have the trundle mattress and the bed mattress the same size, so think about this before you choose your bed frame?

If you have chosen a frame design that has a smaller sized trundle then you will probably only be able to get the correct size trundle mattress from the manufacturer of the bed frame.

Covers For Your Trundle Mattress

It is always worth having a mattress cover. But if you have chosen a bed frame design where you can see the trundle mattress then you will also have to be external trundle mattress covers.

These are made of a thicker fabric and sit over the trundle mattress and trundle frame, usually coming to the ground. They serve two purposes, firstly to hide the trundle and make it look more attractive, but they also act as a dust cover.

These are definitely worth buying as there may be times when you trundle mattress and bed doesn’t get used for a while, and this will keep them fresh.

Care Of Your Trundle Mattress

A trundle mattress needs care just like any other. It should be regularly vacuum cleaned to removed dust and dust mites, as well as regularly aired.

Useful Trundle Mattress Tips

• If you are buying a pop-up trundle, then you may well be using it with the bed to create a king-sized bed. If you are doing this then it is essential that you get the same type and quality of trundle mattress as you have on the standard bed. If these mattresses are different they will not make a comfortable bed when placed together.

• If your trundle mattress and your standard mattress are the same sizes then it is a good idea to occasionally swap them around.

• If you are going to regularly be creating a king-sized bed then you may want to consider investing in a memory foam mattress topper. These have recently come down in price and they are a good way to hide the join between the standard and trundle mattress.

Trundle bed Frame

Trundle bed frames come in two basic styles. While the first type slides out from under the main bed like a drawer, the other one pulls out and pops up, meeting the height of the existing bed mattress.

The conventional pull-out style is great for children’s rooms and is the less expensive option.

The pop-up type is more suitable for beds that will be used by adults who may have trouble sleeping low to the ground. Furthermore, its set up also allows for a thicker mattress to be used, which is ideal for people with back problems.

The material used for trundle bed frames is either metal or wood. Metal is typically cheaper but sturdy nonetheless.

When not in use, the bed frame is not as noticeable, which makes metal frames perfect for individuals looking to save some money.

Trundle Bed vs. the Bunk Bed

A bunk bed and a trundle bed are entirely different in function, performance, and design.

A trundle bed is a bed found underneath the traditional bed, Hence, you only pull it out when you need it. The trundle usually has a thin mattress compared to the traditional bed. Trundle beds are mostly found in hotel rooms, guest rooms, and even kids’ bedrooms. Take a look at the best kids trundle beds.

A bunk bed, on the other hand, has two fixed bed-frames, one at the bottom and the other on top. This bed is suitable for kids and guest rooms. The mattresses are usually thick in both cases.

Let’s agree on one thing …

You can get a Bunk bed with or without a trundle bed. Be keen when selecting a bunk bed with a trundle incorporated in it.

Bottom line …

Both beds adequately save space especially if your house has a limited number of rooms.

Full-size trundle bed

The full-size trundle bed is growing in popularity, and with good reason. Whether it is in a guest room or not; it is always worth considering buying a trundle bed option.

What is a full-size bed?

Buying a bed should be easy; however, it seems to have got more complicated recently. Beds come in a lot of different shapes and sizes, but there are 7 basic sizes to choose from.

The smallest is the toddler or cot bed, then twin and extra-long twin, the full, followed by the royals, queen, king, and Californian king being the largest. As a general rule of thumb, whatever size you think you want, also consider the size up.

So if you were looking at a twin bed, then you should also consider the full, equally, if you were looking at a queen, then it is worth considering the king.

The reason for this is that the size difference is not always that great, but it gives you a greater choice of styles and opens your eyes to other options.

Why a full-size trundle bed

If your room can fit a full-size trundle bed then it is definitely worth it. The twin is fine and when putting the bed and trundle together you get a king size.

But if you have the full you can quite easily sleep several adults and their kids in the room without much hassle.

Combination of use

With a full-size trundle bed, you can either keep the trundle bed separate or you can attach it. If you keep it separate then you can sleep a couple of adults/teenagers in separate beds. But the real advantages come when there are little ones involved.

Take a family visiting with two small kids. Mum and one kid in one bed and dad and the other kid on the trundle; the perfect way to sleep a family.

If you are having lots of kids to stay, then attach the full-size trundle and bed together, put the kids in sleeping bags and you can sleep more kids than you would actually want, in one room and one bed – a great slumber party solution.

Designs of full-size trundle bed

There are so many full-size trundle beds out there now that you will certainly be able to find what you are looking for. Since the full size is not that much bigger than the twin, most of the designs found for one can also be found for the other.

The biggest decision is whether to have a pop-up trundle or not. In my eyes, it is insane not to have the popup trundle. It is more expensive, but you have more possible combinations with a pop-up trundle.

Wood or metal full-size trundle bed

The wooden full-size trundle bed frames do tend to be a bit more expensive, but they do have advantages. Firstly, the trundle will usually come in a drawer underneath the bed, so it is tidy and easy to keep clean arrangements.

These are also sturdy and will certainly last well. The metal frames do offer a very contemporary look, however, the trundle is much more exposed to dust and therefore you will need proper trundle bed covers.

Care for your full-size trundle bed mattress

As with all mattresses, they need to be looked after. Mattresses should be aired and vacuum cleaned regularly to remove dust and dust mites.

It is important not to forget about your trundle bed, even it if is not being used, you should still have the same routines. If possible you should have the same mattress on both your bed and trundle. This means that you can swap the mattresses around.

The advantage of this is that both mattresses will wear at the rate so when put together to create on a big bed it will be a lot more comfortable.

Once you have a full-size trundle bed you will wonder why anyone has the full-size bed without the trundle options.

Best Twin Trundle Beds

So, you have several kids at home, and the numbers of rooms are a bit limited. And you come up with the idea of having several kids in one room so they can share.

The problem is, you don’t know how to choose the right bed. Should you choose the bunk beds or the twin trundle bed? What about the room layout?

Where should you put the beds? Is it possible to have more than two kids in one room without creating chaos and a mess? Before you jump to the matter deeper, get a straight fact about the whole matter.

A Trundle Bed vs. the Bunk Bed

They are entirely different in design and function. A bunk bed is a bed with two mattresses located on top of each other. The single-frame consists of two mattresses and two-bed frames; one on the top and one on the bottom. That’s why most bunk beds are quite big, high, and thick.

A trundle bed is a twin bed that has a smaller size bed that is placed on rollers or casters. Thanks to the built-in roller, the smaller one can be easily slid under the bigger main bed.

The most common design is a pull-out trundle bed where the smaller bed is pulled out from, the larger frame.

That’s why the trundle bed is also said as the bed inside the bed because the overall design looks like a big single drawer that has a sliding smaller bed underneath. Historically, the trundle bed was used many centuries ago. This type of bed was designed so servants or slaves could sleep closer to their masters.

Naturally, each design has its benefits and flaws. Both of them can seriously save space, especially if you have a lot of kids and a limited number of rooms. However, there are also other things to consider. From a safety point of view, a trundle bed is safer because of the distance from the bed to the floor. If you have small toddlers or kids, putting them on the top side can be risky and dangerous. But if you aren’t using the top space, then what’s good does it make to have the bunk bed from the first place?

From a maintenance and care point of view, having a bunk bed is also complicated and overwhelming.

Cleaning and making the bed are probably easy but things can be complicated when you have to change the sheets; unless you are pretty tall, and you have a wide reach of arms.

For some people, the bunk beds seem bigger and more solid. In a small and low room, it can create a crowded and ‘too full’ effect. You won’t have to worry about a thing when the room is pretty high and spacious, but things will be different in a small room. Unlike the bunk bed, the trundle bed seems more open and spacious (mostly because of the absence of the tall and upper part construction). For a small room, having a trundle bed is more ideal.

Using the Twin Trundle Beds

Although trundle beds are mostly popular for kids, it is commonly used for the guest room. The flexibility and the space-saving feature are the most favorable factors that most homeowners like.

When they have such a bed in the guest room, they don’t need to bother about how many people will stay or spend the night. If it is only one person, the bed is ideal. If the guests are two people, the trundle beds can provide an extra and convenient sleeping area.

Again, the trundle beds are ideal for small bedrooms, especially for kids. When there is more than one kid around, the trundle bed can provide a comfortable sleeping platform without compromising space.

Let’s say you have four kids; you can have two trundle beds in one room (provided that the room is spacious enough), and your room arrangement problem is solved.

Different Types of Trundle Beds

Some beds have metal frame construction while the most common design is made from wood. If you want to maximize storage and space efficiency, you can also choose a trundle bed with extra storage compartments and drawers on each side.

Naturally, this type of bed is bigger and wider than the regular trundle bed, but then again, you can provide a convenient sleeping area and maximizing space usage.

You can also combine the trundle bed with a day bed, which will increase comfort. To provide different characteristics of the users, you don’t always have to make the bed in a similar way.

Using different colors, patterns, or characters for the different beds (with different arrangements for the pillows and blanket) will give a unique styling.

The Advantages

Also known as the captain bed, this trundle bed is a space-saving item. There are a lot of benefits that you can get from having one:

* You can save a lot of money as well as space. In this modern-day where the property’s size and dimension are getting smaller and smaller, space can be a problem. Moreover, when you have a trundle bed, you can buy only a single bed instead of buying two.

* Despite the size and the type (the twin or the full size), such a trundle bed has its appeal and attractiveness, especially because of the neat and compact sizing.

* The trundle beds are less risky and dangerous because it is not far from the ground. If your kids have the tendency of falling, this bed can prevent serious injuries (which are mostly related to bunk beds or any other tall beds).

* The trundle beds can be matched or paired with different height of mattresses. In some designs, the trundle beds can be folded or popped up.

* In most cases, the mattresses aren’t heavy so carrying them around should be easy and simple.

Choosing the Right Mattress

Choosing the right mattress for the trundle beds isn’t difficult, but there are some things to remember:

* Pay attention to the dimension. The mattress for the trundle bed depends on the bed’s size. Before purchasing anything, it is best that you measure and note it down so you won’t end up buying the wrong size.

* You can choose whatever thickness you see fit but it shouldn’t be less than 8-inch thick

* In case you have the pop-up trundle bed, you need to choose mattresses with the same dimension. It is important to make the bed stay level.

* The mattress is designed to improve sleeping quality and comfort. That’s why you should choose the one that can support the spine comfortably. If you want the mattresses for the kids, this feature is crucial. The problem with too firm or too soft (fluffy) mattress is that it can cause back issues and health problems. You may want to stick with the medium-firm type of mattress that can provide solid back support.

* Choosing the right mattress depends on the type of sleepers too. If you tend to sleep on your back, the medium-firm or the firm one is your best option. But if you tend to sleep on the side, the soft mattress is better.

Choosing the Right Trundle Beds

Choosing the right trundle bed is almost similar to the regular bed, with some important points.

* Consider the space layout and management. If you choose the pull-out bed, make sure that there will be enough space for the smaller bed and the bed won’t get in the way.

* Consider your storage option. If you have smaller rooms, and there isn’t much storage area inside the room, choosing the trundle bed with storage containers or slots will be a wise option.

* Consider your budgets. Such a bed is more expensive than the regular single bed, but it is more economical than buying two single beds. If you have a limited budget, you can always consider buying an old bed or go to a garage sale or thrift store.

Best twin trundle bed with storage drawers

One of the most popular beds for kids today is the twin trundle bed with storage drawers. The drawers underneath are used for keeping personal items such as blankets, books, toys and other stuff. You definitely get the best of both worlds with this kind of bed. Just imagine that with this bed, not only do you get a bed but a storage space as well that allows you to keep your personal things with ease. It lets you maximize your room space.

There are different designs and styles of trundle beds. First, we have the classic trundle bed with two-layers of drawers underneath. Another one is the trundle bed with a pull-out bed in the middle and several built-in drawers in the lower layer. Also, there’s the four-layer trundle bed with three layers of beds and an extra layer of drawers.

Twin trundle bed with storage drawers can also be used as an extra bed for your guests. They won’t have to sleep on your living room sofa anymore. What’s more useful is that they can put their clothes in the drawers. This is the common dilemma that guests encounter whenever they decide to stay for a couple of days; they worry about where they will place their clothes and other belongings. If your house is not that big, you worry about it also.

The usefulness of these beds can’t be compared to any other kind of beds. It is definitely a win-win with a solution when buying this type of furniture. It is a very simple yet smart way to save money since you can’t go wrong with beds that have a storage drawer at the same time.

Purchasing a twin trundle bed with storage on the internet has many benefits. There are many choices to choose from different online shops. In online shopping, you will save a lot; the time, power, and gas in driving from one store to another. You can actually find great deals in mane selections. You will also find trundle beds with storage at cheaper prices compared to buying it in a typical outlet store. Product reviews and critic are also very helpful in evaluating different trundle beds. They will help you in deciding which one to buy according to your personal needs. Aside from online shopping, it also easy to find the trundle bed with storage in furniture bazaars of mall stores.

Why You Need To Get A Quality Trundle Bed

Whether you are buying the bed for yourself or for your kids, always choose a quality one.


Think of it this way: we spend almost one-third of our time in bed; our health and awareness depend on a good sleeping; if you buy the bed for kids, it will influence their health too.

So think of this purchase as a long term investment.

Normally you can choose from wooden and metal beds – both materials work great; just keep in mind that a wooden bed will be a bit heavier, so you will have trouble moving it around.

These beds come in great designs and colors and can be good for both kids and adults. So, now you know how does a trundle bed works!

Kids Trundle – Why Every Childs Room Needs One

Wow, how did we survive before the kid’s trundle was invented?

Whether your little one is just getting out of a cot and heading for their first ‘big bed’ or they are older and you are updating their room, you must consider the kids trundle combinations.

These great designs of furniture have finally consigned from the camp bed and air bed to the tent. You will find that your kid’s trundle gets used so often that it is practically as essential as the main bed itself.

If you have kids then you have to be prepared for their friends to come and stay. It is almost as if they wake up one day and all they can talk about are sleepovers.

Kids Standard Bed With Trundle

This is highly popular kids trundle choice. You basically have your kid’s bed and then the trundle underneath. The style of bed you choose will affect the style of trundle you get.

If you want a traditional wooden bed then you will find that a lot of the associated trundles are in a wooden box which when under the bed looks like drawers. If you are choosing a metal standard bed then you will probably have a trundle with fabric covers.

Kids Bunk Bed With Trundle

Most people think that they have maximized they kids bedroom when they have a bunk bed – then comes along a kids trundle which fits underneath; fabulous idea.

The bunk bed is a great pieced of furniture, and your kids love them, but they will still want to have their friends over to stay. The kids trundle is a great way to make an extra child feel welcome and comfortable.

Kids Pop Up Trundle

The popup trundle allows you to raise the trundle up to the height of a standard bed. Many people use this facility to put two twins together and create a king-size bed. You may think that this is not necessary for a kids trundle.

However, the pop-up trundle is a good idea for two reasons. Firstly, it can create a king-size bed where you can sleep three kids rather than two. This works best if you put them all in sleeping bags.

They will love it; it will probably be their favorite sleepover. The other reason is that even if you are not going to put the bed together, kids like things to be the same. So by having two beds the same height with matching superhero or Barbie bed linen the kids will be much happier.

Preparation For An Easy Sleep Over

If you are having extra kids then you need to be organized, the evenings can be a little stressful, with the food, bath, and bed schedules running quite tightly.

With the kids trundle it is worth preparing the bed or even always keeping it prepared underneath the trundle covers. This means that there is one less thing to organize in the evening.

Best Colours For A Kids Trundle

A popular color for kids trundle is white. This is basically because it is versatile and also wears well. The dark woods do look stunning, but kids have a way of knocking and chipping things and it just seems to show less on the white kid’s bedroom furniture.

Best Bedding Choices For A Kids Trundle

If you have chosen a trundle bed in a drawer then you will need very little extra bedding. It is worth having a sheet or cover which you can put over the bed sheet to keep the dust out after you have made up the bed and when it is in the trundle drawer, but other than that your standard bedding will be fine.

However, if you have a kids trundle that is visible then you should invest in a trundle bed cover ensemble. This will include a cover that hides the trundle bed from view and makes it look a little more attractive when under the bed.

The huge number of different styles and designs of kids trundles means that you could not possibly see all these in shops, but the internet will give you access to pretty much all of them, and at very competitive prices.

Daybed With Trundle – A Versatile Combination

Daybeds just the word conjures up images of an elegant yet useful piece of furniture. Something you almost wouldn’t want to use but would only want to look at.

That is what is so terrific about daybeds … their beauty and functionality. Simply put, they are a stylish alternative to traditional beds.

Are you getting ready for your own “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition”? Maybe you’re trying to figure out how to have a home office and still have a guest room.

Or maybe one of your children has left home and you’re looking for a way to give the room a new look.

Or maybe you don’t even have a guest room but are looking for a way to sleep an extra body or two when company comes.

The Solution … A Daybed

By definition, a daybed is for sleeping and for sitting. It doubles as a comfortable bed at night as well as additional seating during the day.

It is a two-in-one piece of furniture … and just right for the homeowner who has space limitations.

There are a lot of decisions to make when purchasing a daybed and that is what this site is all about … providing you with more in-depth insight into the nuances of daybeds.

Daybed Covers- More Than Just A Bedspread

You may not be interested in the many-pillowed look that is often associated with daybeds. If not, then maybe you should take a look at daybed covers instead.

A daybed cover is simply a one-piece covering for your trundle beds or day beds.

It’s like a bedspread but with split tailored corners that cover the mattress and drops down the sides and front of the daybed all the way to the floor.

This gives more of the appearance of a sofa rather than a bed and it results in a more finished look.

As with the daybed comforter sets, all 3 visible sides of the daybed are covered so it could also easily hide a trundle bed.

You can still add pillows if you like; it just has a decidedly different look than the typical daybed sets.

Get Out of The Bedroom

While you could still obviously use this in a bedroom, the daybed cover would work great in another room of your house because it doesn’t look as much like a bed.

Some possibilities would be in a wide foyer, a sunroom, or even in your formal living room.

Just For The Mattress

If you’re more interested in a fitted daybed cover for the mattress, those are also available. A good waterproof mattress protector is a wise investment.

Be sure it repels perspiration and liquid spills, is anti-allergen and dust-mite resistant, is breathable for sleeping on as well as easy to launder.

So whatever your interpretation of a daybed cover, here’s a great resource for finding just what you’re looking for.

Cheap Daybeds

There are a few ways to find a cheap daybed without sacrificing too much.


You can go cheaper on the quality and still get a good daybed. Using metal daybeds as an example, there is metal and there is iron.

While many of the metal beds are made in the same styles as the iron ones, a metal daybed will be of lesser quality and therefore a lesser price.

Or if you’re thinking about wood daybeds, there is wood and there is oak. While oak is a kind of wood, when you buy oak you are buying quality and most likely style … for a much higher price.

This is the kind of trade-off that many people are looking for and are willing to make.


You can go cheaper on the price. If you focus on just the price, there are many budget-priced daybeds available.

Most online stores will give you the option to shop by price. Start with the lowest price bracket and work your way up. When you find one that you are happy with, you can buy it.

If the budget is really a factor, set your limit before you start looking at cheap daybeds and stick with it. If you allow yourself to look at the more expensive ones, you’ll find one that is “just perfect” and then you will blow your budget or end up settling for something you hate.


You can go cheaper on the “extras”. For lack of a better word, “extras” means things like shipping, delivery, and taxes.

When you walk into a store in your local neighborhood and buy your daybed, there are a lot of extras that you will end up paying in order to get your cheap daybed home.

While many people tend to blow off sales tax, it can actually add quite a bit to your final price.

If you bought a daybed for $500, a daybed comforter set for $100, and had an 8% tax rate, the taxes alone will add almost $50 to your final price.

Then, unless you have a truck and/or several friends who will help you get your daybed home, unpacked, and set up, you will end up paying a delivery charge.

Again, this will probably cost you another $50 – $100 or more, depending on where you live. So your $500 daybed is now costing you $600 or more.

Many online stores offer free shipping and since most people also do not have to pay sales tax, you can save quite a bit of money.

If you take the amount that you would have spent on taxes and delivery by buying locally, you can probably get a little nicer daybed online for the same price, thus making your more expensive daybed just as cheap as your cheap daybed would have been.

It’s all about how you shop!


And don’t forget about the upsells that you usually get when face-to-face with a salesperson.

Haven’t you gone into a store to buy a sofa and chairs expecting to pay one price, but walked out paying almost double by the time the taxes, delivery, scotch-guard, wood finish protector, and lifetime guarantee were added into the price?

It’s a whole lot easier to say “no” to an online form than it is to a live person, thus potentially saving you a lot of money or allowing you to get more for your money.

If you are really just looking for a cheap daybed, one that is cheap in quality, then you can probably find daybeds on sale locally at a store or a going-out-of-business sale.

But if you are looking for a good deal and the best price on daybeds, then shop online and consider ALL the charges that will be added to the final bill and see if you don’t get more daybed for your dollar at an online store.


Why is it called a trundle bed?

The name “trundle” means to roll, but the name can also refer to the pair.

Which type of bed is safer for kids, a trundle bed or a bunk bed?

Safety is an issue you should consider as a parent. a trundle bed is safe in terms of the distance from the bed to the floor.

A bunk bed on the other hand is dangerous especially when small toddlers are involved. Read more about bunk beds.

What is the benefit of using a trundle bed?

One of the best ways to increase space in your house is to have a guest bed or a trundle bed.

It is only used when needed, for example when you have guests and the number of beds available cannot accommodate them, then the trundle is rolled out for that extra guest.

The classic double bed will limit your space and movement in your bedroom. Not only does a trundle bed give the illusion of making your room appear spacious, but it also comes with additional storage space. This is all that makes it a unique bed.

Does a trundle bed suit you?

Well, a trundle bed best suits you if you are planning to accommodate overnight guests, children, and teenagers. Most of these beds have designs for thinner mattresses, unlike normal beds.

It is, however, important to note that trundle beds may not be accommodating to the elderly and people suffering from back problems.

Does the material used on the bed matter?

This only matters if you want your bed to coordinate with the interior design. The most common material used is wood. It lasts long and does not easily produce the squicky sound that we all hear from other kinds of beds. Other materials used include metal and upholstered.

Which trundle bed sizes are commonly available?

Trundle bed designs aim at creating space in your apartment or hotel, it would unethical to design huge trundle beds. The most available sizes are full and twin-size trundle beds.

Which mattress best suits my trundle bed?

The best-suited mattress for your bed depends on the size of your bed. The top bed will have a thicker mattress compared to the trundle bed.

The trundle should have a mattress not thicker than 10 inches. Most trundle beds come with product descriptions. The guide gives recommendations on the best-suited mattress for the bed.

Final Words – Wrapping it up

Daybeds with Trundle and full-size trundle beds are the way to go when looking for a spacious, durable, and convenient bed. These beds come in quality styles thus allowing you to transform your rooms.

There are also many colors to match your decor. You can choose from metallic-wood combos, hardwoods, and softwood.

Trundle beds are certified for safety and offer many years of service. Most of them are provided at an affordable price. Some are ready to use while others are provided in parts that are easy to assemble. They can accommodate playful kids and also adults due to sturdiness.

Trundle models make perfect beds for kids, guests, and day rest. There are few downsides like cracks, fragile rails, the absence of pads, and poor hole alignments. Otherwise, the overall performance of the above-mentioned models makes them a great choice.

How To Make A Trundle Bed On Wheels

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