10 Best Toddler Beds for 2021

Toddler Bed

Cheap Toddler Beds – How To Find Quality Without Breaking The Bank

Your baby is not a baby anymore but, fortunately, not a teenager either. He is now a toddler who happens to be a bigger version of himself and, hence, must transfer to a bigger bed. Well, it is time to look at cheap toddler beds for him!

You might ask why; settle for cheap beds for your toddler when you can go for more expensive varieties. Let’s put it this way: Your child will only use the toddler bed for a few years before it is stored in the attic. Often, there is no sense in buying expensive things when their more affordable counterparts will suffice for the purpose.

Of course, cheap does not necessarily mean low quality. The trick is in choosing the right toddler bed that represents the balance between acceptable quality and affordable price. Besides, you can always purchase high-quality toddler beds being offered with substantial discounts in furniture stores and online sites.

Your next question will be why to go for toddler beds when a full-sized bed will do the job just as well, not to mention that you will only be buying one bed until your child moves out for college. Well, there are many valid reasons for such a choice.

First, full-sized beds do not have guard rails that provide a measure of safety for your child. You will be able to sleep at night in your own bed knowing that your restless sleeper for a child will not fall to the floor, thanks to the guard rails.

Second, full-sized beds are significantly more expensive than cheap toddler beds. You might want to save your money for something else, say, for a new dishwasher. Or simply, you just want to save the money, period.

Third, toddler beds come in many designs that are as kid-friendly as can be. Think cartoon characters like Spider-Man, Superman, and Batman for the boys as well as Cinderella, Princess Jasmine, and Dora the Explorer for the girls.

Fourth, the size is just right for their little bodies to get on and off. Their little legs may not be able to easily get off the bed in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom.

For these reasons, it is no wonder that parents and children alike love their toddler beds. Your role as a parent, however, should extend beyond loving how your child loves his new toddler bed.

It is your responsibility to ensure that your child will be safe using the bed in the same way that you ensured safety with his crib. Certain guidelines are applicable, which include but are not limited to the following:

* Guard rails should extend to at least 2 inches above the surface of the mattress
* Bedposts must not extend more than .06 inches higher than the bed’s end panel
* Maximum bed weight should be stated so as to avoid overloading although most toddler beds can only carry a maximum of 50 pounds

Cheap toddler beds are great investments in your child’s future. Keep in mind that a good night’s sleep is very important in your child’s physical and mental health, which the right toddler bed can significantly contribute to.

Bed Buying Guide

Bed Buying Guide As if you weren’t tired enough already, buying your first mattress or replacing an old one can be an exhausting experience like no other.

There are countless models available to choose from, comparison shopping is almost impossible since competing companies call identical bed styles by different names, and, above all else, it’s an incredibly personal item.

Let’s face it, one individual’s pleasure can be another person’s aching back! Then, of course, you have to think about all the other essentials like a quality frame, headboard, soft sheets, supportive pillows, a warm comforter, protective yet decorative duvet cover, accent pillows, bed skirts, and a plethora of other accessories.

Whew! Let’s start with the most obvious and essential element, the mattress.

Pick a Size

The last thing you want is cramped quarters that’ll restrict your body’s natural shift during sleep or, worse, lead to you falling out of bed and onto the floor. You also need to consider if you’re going to be sleeping alone or with another. Standard mattress dimensions look like this so search for one that will give you just the right amount of room:

Double – 53 x 75 inches
Queen – 60 x 80 inches
King – 76 x 80 inches
California King – 72 x 84 inches

Find the Right Feel

Around seven hours per day for ten years, that’s how much time you’ll spend on your new mattress so it’s best to make sure you find something comfortable and made from premium quality materials that’ll last.

And since comfort is subjective, it’s a good idea to head to a mattress store and roll around a little on a few different models before taking advantage of great online deals so you have a good sense of what feels the best to you. Here are a few popular mattress styles to consider:

Innerspring Mattresses

Conventional innerspring mattresses with steel coil support systems are popular and inexpensive; however, the higher the coil count, the more money it’ll cost you. Look for independent coils if you sleep with a partner, this will keep one person’s movement from disturbing the other person’s sleep.

Memory Foam Mattresses

Memory foam, the stuff of astronauts, will conform to your body and it’s a heat-sensitive material. There are many varieties of foam beds available today including gel and latex, which feature different levels of heat dissipation and are easier on folks with allergies.

Hybrid Mattresses

Hybrid models give you the best of both worlds with the affordability of innerspring and the heat retention and ergonomic conformity of foam.

Air Mattresses

Adjustable air mattresses inflate with the press of a button, customizing the firmness of each side of the bed to suit each individual’s needs.


Waterbeds aren’t as en vogue as they once were, but they’ll shape to your body, minimize pressure at joints, and remove any burden on the spine. It’s also impossible for dirt and dead skin particles to penetrate the mattress, eliminating dust mites in the bed. On the downside, finding sheets that fit can be difficult, water is chilly and may require heating, and a waterbed is a hassle to move.

Buying the Right Bed Frame

A bed just doesn’t look like a bed until that mattress is off the floor and cradled within a quality frame. A-frame gives a bed structure, presence, and personality. Here are a few examples of the most popular bed frame designs offered at Hayneedle.com:

Platform Beds

The most common because it’s so beautifully versatile, platform beds have a fairly straightforward look featuring a low-sitting, solid base. The platform bed does not require a box spring and features a clean, minimalist design.

Panel Beds

Available in wood, metal, or an upholstered design, the panel bed includes a headboard and footboard in one piece and is great for being flat against the wall. The panel detailing is usually vertical and can include slats, raised panels, and inset panels.

Sleigh Beds

A classic bed with flourish, sleigh beds feature curved or scrolled boards for an enchanting look inspired by 19th-century French sleighs. This is an ideal choice of someone who appreciates classic, antique style.

Poster Beds

Poster beds, also called four-post beds, have an elegant bed frame that features corner columns often with elaborate carvings for a truly majestic look. The posts usually have varying heights.

Canopy Beds

With a beautifully crafted bed frame, the canopy bed takes the ornate four-poster bed and adds connecting crossbeams ready to be dressed up with lavish fabric for a more dramatic presentation.

Low Profile Beds

As the name suggests, the low profile bed has a short, sleek design that makes getting in and out of it easy. Many platform beds are considered low profile.

Decide on a Style

You can assemble a frame with everyday tools, so don’t worry about the setup that comes from more elaborate designs. Just select one that’s durable, dependable, and showcases a style to match your taste. The aforementioned frame designs come in themes ranging from traditional to modern. Don’t know the difference? Just like that fluffy comforter, we’ve got you covered:

Timeless, Traditional

Generally flaunts wooden construction with crown molding and turned or carved legs for a decorative touch. This style’s enduring quality will complement a larger variety of other home furnishings so even as you update the rest of your décor as years go by, your traditional bed will always tie the room together.


Make a statement with cool metallic and weathered finishes. The industrial style hides nothing, emphasizing every pronounced piece of its construction so as to catch the eye and excite the imagination. Think sharp lines and abrupt mechanical connections paired with luxurious linens. It’s a look that perfectly pairs the elegant with the rustic.


Rustic or reclaimed styles depict a country or cottage-inspired design consisting of lighter woods and distressed details for a rugged, antiqued appearance that radiates both warmth and character.

Coastal Getaway

Few looks are as refreshing as the seaside bedroom. Crisp white linens and nautical décor in colors matching soft sand and cool waters make every trip to the bedroom feel like a relaxing retreat.

Antiqued Ivory

Delicate details and distressed finishes make up this vintage-inspired motif that adds undeniable allure to any bedroom.

Cool Contrast
Dark mahogany and brown hues contrast with light grays, greens, and lavenders to give your bedroom a cool and contemporary makeover.

Mission or Shaker-inspired pieces are defined by their exposed carpentry, hardy oak, and a rich stained finishes. Distinguished by simple design and materials, a good Mission piece showcases expert handcraftsmanship.

The New Classic
This unique approach to bedroom décor marries traditional and modern aesthetics to create something that’s timelessly tailored, yet fashion-forward with neutral-hued linens, lavish finishes, and fetching accents.

Cost & Budget
Designing or refurbishing your bedroom does not have to be overly expensive if you do it correctly. That’s why it’s important to have a plan in mind before you start buying pieces of Bedroom Furniture to complement your style.

Buying the perfect four-poster bed and then not being able to afford the amazing bedding is pointless. Keep in mind your overall budget and the cost of the items (including all of the decorative elements) before starting, to ensure you have the right pieces at the right price. Research is essential.

Kids Bedroom Furniture Designs for Girls and Boys

Kids bedroom furniture designs for girls and boys fulfill the needs of those who are looking for some contemporary but unique ideas because, in the presence of uncounted ideas and thoughts in the field of home decoration, it is hard to find and choose an actual and desired style for the designing of a special kids bedroom.

A relaxed and enjoyable place with favorite colors, lovely themes, and great design where your child hangs out and chills more than any other place. For this purpose, we gathered 12 inspired designs and schemes for boys’ and girls’ bedrooms. You can decorate his and her bedroom paint, furniture sets, study table, seating, lighting, wall decor, and other accessories by using and applying these themes with fewer expenses.

One problem occurs in the process of decorating kids bedroom furniture designs is that babies change their mind quickly and hardly stay on any point for a long time, the solution is that you have to purchase some easily durable furniture accessories and disposable decorative items and try to change the setting of kids room on at least monthly basis.

Kids room decoration

Boys bedroom ideas

As we said earlier that styles and designs for kids room changes frequently and while seeing some movie or documentary boys changes their concepts according to their favorite character’s house style and it is also a fact that boys room can be furnished in various ways.

So, for more comfort and better outcomes you have to involve your baby boy in the whole process of decorating or remodeling kids’ bedroom furniture designs and take his opinion seriously. Try to give them a surprise by buying furniture sets or other decorative items according to their desires and wishes.

In this regard, we should look at contemporary development in the field of home decorating fashion because this is the most important feature. So, for the cool decoration of the boys room, you should first take a brief look towards modern development in the fashion of bedroom shape, size, wall decoration, door design, window styles, bedding, painting ideas, color paint themes, etc.

We present awesome and trendy designs of these all things in the boy’s room photos gallery below, you can choose one of them exclusively or make a mixture of all appealing ideas from all.

Girls bedroom ideas

Now in the second phase of kids bedroom furniture design ideas, here we are staging a great collection of baby girls’ bedroom pictures that are the reflection of the awesome ideas and designs that are considered necessary to embellish sweet girls’ bedroom.

The things that experts use and recommend specifically for the decoration of girls bedroom like bedding (canopy beds, day beds, bunk beds, iron beds, toddler beds, sheet sets, bed skirts, blankets, pillow shams, sleeping bags, cushions), seating furniture (chairs, sofa, benches, table, computer desk), lighting (lamps, chandeliers, night lights ) and wall decor (wall stickers, painting, wall clocks, mirrors) are almost addressed in these photos.

One very interesting and cheap tip in this regard is that if you are not able to remodel a kid’s room by purchasing new furniture accessories or other decorative things, just repaint existing furniture, change the setting of furniture and other items, and fell easy. This will not only save your amount but also give you an idea to apply these kids bedroom furniture design ideas and remodeling exercise to the other rooms of your home.


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