The 10 Best Sofa Tables (2021 Reviews & Guide)

Sofa Table

A sofa table is a statement piece that is placed in the living room behind the sofa.

It can be used for various reasons including décor and antique pieces.

Best Sofa Table Reviews

1. Convenience Concepts Oxford Console Table, Black

Convenience Concepts Oxford Console Table, Black

2. Sauder North Avenue Sofa Table, Charter Oak finish

Sauder North Avenue Sofa Table, Charter Oak finish

3. Convenience Concepts Tucson Console Table, Barnwood / Black

Convenience Concepts Tucson Console Table, Barnwood / Black

4. Convenience Concepts Oxford 1 Drawer Console Table, Black

Convenience Concepts Oxford 1 Drawer Console Table, Black

5. Safavieh American Homes Collection Samantha Dark Cherry 2-Drawer Console Table

Safavieh American Homes Collection Samantha Dark Cherry 2-Drawer Console Table

6. Monarch Specialties 47″ Console Table – Sleek and Modern Accent Table for Your Home (Cappuccino/Dark Brown)

Monarch Specialties 47" Console Table - Sleek and Modern Accent Table for Your Home (Cappuccino/Dark Brown)

7. Henn&Hart Console Table, 42″, Black

Henn&Hart Console Table, 42", Black

8. Console Sofa Tables End Table Computer Desk Coffee Snack Console Tables for Living Room Or Corridor Hallway Brown Color Wood

Console Sofa Tables End Table Computer Desk Coffee Snack Console Tables for Living Room Or Corridor Hallway Brown Color Wood

9. VASAGLE Industrial Console Table, Hallway Table with 2 Mesh Shelves, Side Table and Sideboard, Living Room, Corridor, Narrow, Steel, Rustic Brown ULNT81BX

VASAGLE Industrial Console Table, Hallway Table with 2 Mesh Shelves, Side Table and Sideboard, Living Room, Corridor, Narrow, Steel, Rustic Brown ULNT81BX

10. YAHEETECH 2 Tier X-Design Occasional Console Sofa Side Table Bookshelf Entryway Accent Tables w/Storage Shelf Living Room Entry Hall Table Furniture, Black

YAHEETECH 2 Tier X-Design Occasional Console Sofa Side Table Bookshelf Entryway Accent Tables w/Storage Shelf Living Room Entry Hall Table Furniture, Black

Sofa Tables

If you want a complete living room, there are just certain things that you have to possess. For most people, we’re talking about a sofa, TV, and a coffee table. Of course, a person may substitute any of these for another other, but there are generally two things that you’ll consider a staple – a sofa and a coffee table.

They are the dynamic duo, and most people’s homes feel absolutely naked without these tables. It makes a lot of sense, as a sofa table is pretty important, and a lot of the time, you can get a complimentary table with the purchase of a sofa. That’s how intertwined they are, and if you’re going to get a good sofa, you’ll understand that you’ll need strong support to make it pop.

Story Behind Sofa Tables

First, a little history will help. It may even help you make a decision. In any event, these tables were initially designed to separate the sofa from the wall, where they could cause some damage to both the wall and the sofa itself.

In addition to that, people generally found that their layout needed for them to have some room for their radiator or heater, as they wouldn’t want to restrict any airflow there. And with that small amount of space, people generally put lamps or books on it, allowing for a small amount of storage.

These days, they’re still found in the same place, but you’re seeing a few more things out of them, whether they happen to be against the wall or not. But now, they’re viewed as something that’s more for the design than practicality, although in some places you do have that minority of people who use it for a utilitarian purpose.

Choosing the Right One

Of course, this can be a little difficult, but if you attack it in a simple manner, you won’t find that to be the case. You want to consider the size, function, and style. These three things are pretty self-explanatory and seem to answer themselves without much thought. As far as size is concerned, you want it to be smaller than the couch in both height and length. Also, you don’t want it to be too wide for it, as it will protrude your sofa that much more.


If you’re planning on using it for more than just a look, you may want to purchase one that has some kind of shelving or drawers if you’re planning to be storing stuff. If this is your fancy, be sure that it’s sturdy enough for the added weight, and while you shouldn’t have a problem with that in most cases, it’s still something that we think that you should think about. And style is just personal preference – just be sure that you’re happy with the way that it looks against your decor.

A sofa table made from glass, wood, wicker, or metal like wrought iron is equally functional and beautiful but suits a particular style. Colors include white, black, brown, and others. Sofa tables are actually relatively cheap, particularly if you look online where retailers have the room to offer discounts and clearance pricing.

The sofa table is something that every homeowner should think about, and while not exactly as important as they were before, they do add a pretty good element to any person’s home.

Sofa Table – The Finishing Touch of Elegance

Creating a beautiful home environment takes hard work, creativity, and just the right furniture pieces. If you want to design a welcoming atmosphere where you can feel confident hosting family, friends, and even business associates; you will need more than simply the essentials.

A nice dining room table, sofa, and entertainment are essential starting points, but no home is complete without the right accents and accessories.

A sofa table (sofa console table) can add an elegant touch to an already beautifully designed room.

More than simply a surface to place a clock or family photos on, a sofa table is a tasteful compliment to finish off your formal living room or more casual family room.

many different Names

Accent tables for your living room come with many names: cocktail table, coffee table, console table, and sofa table to name a few. What role do each of these play and which table best meets your needs?

  • Sofa Accent table: a table used as an accent piece in any room for decoration purpose
  • Sofa Cocktail table: a low table where magazines can be placed and coffee or cocktails are served.
  • Sofa Coffee table: a low table, usually placed in front of a sofa, for holding ashtrays, snack bowls, glasses, magazines, etc.
  • Sofa Console table: a table, often with bracket-like legs, designed to fit against a wall.
  • Sofa End table: a small table placed beside a chair or at the end of a sofa.
  • Sofa table: a table with drawers, having drop leaves at both ends, often placed in front of or behind a sofa.

Once you have decided which type of sofa table can meet your needs, you will need to decide on a few more details including the style, color, material, and shape of the sofa table. Sofa table styles range greatly.

There is a sofa table designed simply for decorative purposes or it may be designed for storage. A sofa table may include drawers or shelves. A sofa table may have a glass, wood, or metal top.

A sofa table may be antique or contemporary. A sofa table may be curved or nesting with increasingly smaller sofa tables beneath it. Once you determine what type of sofa table you need, consider what style best suits your home.

Color of the table

When choosing the right sofa table it is important to consider color. What are the primary colors in your home?

Would you like your sofa table to blend into your decor or stand out as a bold accent piece?

Do you need your sofa table to match the rich wood coloring of your entertainment center? Or would you like just the right antique look to match your heirloom-style couch?

Perhaps you are going for a more modern look, and a black or a white sofa table fits better with the bright coloring of your sofa or curtains. Maybe a rich espresso would best bring out the neutral shades you love.

Pairing your furniture with the right color sofa table is liking matching a specialty cheese with the right wine. A perfect combination is simply delightful!

The material

Material is also an important consideration when choosing the right sofa table. Material selection is everything in the design world.

Are you looking for a glimmering centerpiece for your room? Perhaps a glass sofa table would be just the right fit.

Do you want some sleek with clean lines? Metal might be your material of choice.

Perhaps you prefer the natural beauty of the wood. Look to your sofa table material to offer you the effect you desire to achieve in the room overall.


Finally, no sofa table selection is complete without the consideration of shape. Geometric space involves both practical and aesthetic considerations.

Does that limited walkway demand a narrow sofa table? Does the sheer number of your chosen accessories require a long sofa table?

Does that tiny space between your sofa and wall mean you need a small sofa table to match? Or is around the sofa table simply your way of drawing attention to an exquisite centerpiece you wish to show off?

The variety of sofa table shapes offers you the opportunity to find a piece that will exactly suit the purpose you are trying to fulfill.

A sofa table can serve as a finishing piece to any room in your home. If you are looking for the final touches for your living room, bedroom, hallway, or office, a sofa table may be exactly what you need.

Enjoy browsing our wonderful selection of sofa tables today. We are sure to have one that meets your purposes and tastes.

What is a console table?

A traditional console table is a small table, often with curved legs resembling consoles, designed to be set against a wall. They may be used as accent tables for displaying accessories or other decorative items.

It may also be used to hold a small lamp in areas that need additional lightings, such as hallways or entryways. A console table usually sits against a wall and may even be attached to the wall.

Advantages of console table:

A console table is a great idea if you’re particular about creating an elegant home interior without taking up too much space. These tables are small in size and can be conveniently placed against the wall.

They are also great storage solutions as many come with drawers. Advanced wooden console tables are perfect for decorative enhancement of the room and best for space management. They can be placed and used in practically every room in the house.

Where can you use your console table?

Console tables are designed to be placed mainly in your entryway. So this piece of furniture can offer your entryway or your hall a very delightful and inviting look that will gain you the admiration of your guests.

You can also set them in other areas like your bedroom, especially if you want to use one to hide a radiator, so, in this way, you will be able to conceal this defect and offer your bedroom a very charming look without losing room space.

You can even consider placing it in your bathroom to make your bedroom look more attractive but you will also have the chance to store the bathroom stuff in this table’s cabinets or drawers.

Some people use tall console tables as a kind of buffet in the kitchen or dining room, as a table between the kitchen and the dining area where cheese trays and wine and desserts can be left ready for the next course without having to run between the two rooms for each item.

And that’s not all.

If you have some blank wall space that you can’t figure out how to dress, a console table can solve your issue. Many console tables today are more than just four legs and a tabletop. They are elegant pieces that have drawers, mirrors, cabinets, and anything else that would provide useful for simple storage.

What to look for before buying a console table?

You will be delighted to find out that this particular piece of home furniture is offered in a variety of styles, designs, and colors so you shouldn’t have a problem finding a style that best suits your house décor. Inwood, you have Oak, Maple, Teak, Sheesham, Fir, Redwood, Mahogany, Hemlock, etc. to choose from.

Apart from wood, you will come across metal, steel, and even glass, and here the price will differ depending on the material used in the console table. The most popular colors that you will get to see are brown, beige, gold, red, and black.

Some also come in neutralized colors that are influenced by the fabric used as the steel.
Knowing the price and the specific type of console table you want will help you pin down the style that goes with your home décor without exceeding your available budget.

Modern Console Table

The modern console table is a medium-sized wall table that is roughly the height of the back of a sofa. These tables go great sitting against a wall or the back of a sofa. The traditional console table was made to only have two legs, and be attached directly to the wall with the use of brackets.

The modern console table typically has four legs and doesn’t need to be fixed to the wall or another piece of furniture. The modern console table can be made from various materials, but to provide the modern look, it usually employs metal, glass, or a darker stain of the wood. The main focus of the modern console table is to provide a distinct style while also performing the function of the furniture.

Modern console tables tend to not be the focal point of the room, but more of an accent to the rest of the modern furniture in the room. The modern console table ranges in price and goes well with other pieces of modern furniture.

Mirrored Console Table

Console tables come in different materials and one of them is the Mirrored Console Tables that use glass material. This type of console table is preferred by many people since it is very unique and it has a style of its own. Having a table that has a glass material is something that many people would want because of the many advantages that come with it.
Find the largest selection of mirrored console tables on sale. Shop by price, color, locally, and more. Get the best sales, coupons at Amazon.

A Mirrored Console Table is usually designed in such a way that the person using it may get satisfaction and that the table may serve the owner in the right way that is designed to. Mirrored Console Tables is designed for the people who want the best and are looking for high quality.

This type of console table is unique and is preferred by many since someone can be able to see through the entire table even beneath. Where the table may appear as if it is not clean it is usually very easy to see using this kind of console table and so mostly the owners detect the dirty areas within the table easily and wipe it giving out sparkling clean results.

The Mirrored Console Table is preferred by many since people want to match the mirrored tables with other glass materials in the house and normally this is in the living room where the owner wants it to match with materials like the glass cabinet and the window glasses.

Also, the Mirrored Console Table is small in size which gives the owner enough space in the room to do other things. The table can also be moved around in the house since of its small nature. This is advantageous since if the Mirrored Console Table is just one in the house it can be moved from one place to another depending on the use and where it is required at a particular time.

These particular type may vary in size and also shape because there are the round-shaped, the square-shaped and even the oval-shaped. They are also short in height and most of them are normally knee length. This enables the owner to use the Mirrored Console Table even when one is sitting and also when one is in bed.

People who are interested in the mirrored type of console tables can always visit our website and check out the various designs that are totally amazing and classy. One can also make a customized design that he or she feels is the best for him or her.

There are very qualified and trained people who have various skills in the making of the Mirrored Console Table s and one can always place an order of the design of one choice.

This is usually done at agreed prices between the person making them and the person who wants the Mirrored Console Table. The Mirrored Console Tables are in high demand nowadays since everybody wants to be associated with the high class that comes behind the beautiful Mirrored Console Tables.

Console Table And Mirror

A console table and mirror combo can add a lot of function and decorative style to any home. The wide variety of materials and styles that are available make sure that you will be able to find one to match your needs. Let’s look at some of the options right now.

A console table and mirror are a staple in many homes all over. They really do offer a great way of adding a lot of decorative style to any room. Both the console table and the mirror can be found in an exact matching design, or you can get a more mixed and matched style depending on what you feel suits your style more. A perfectly matching set will complement your styling and design choices very well.

These are a great match for each other. The console table is a kind of table that is specifically designed for use against a wall. A mirror hanging above a console table is really only a natural fit. When they are used in combination like this they can have more than just aesthetic and style benefits. There are in fact real functional benefits to the union of a mirror and a console table.

If you put the combination of a console table and mirror near the entrance of a home, you have a great functional station. For starters, the mirror can be used for any last-minute grooming before you go out. This is a great opportunity to check your hair, makeup, or whatever else that you feel you need to check.

The console table is a great place to store your keys, your purse, briefcase, or whatever else you could imagine. If the console table has drawers then you have even more storage options. You could keep spare keys there, a list of important phone numbers, or anything else that you feel is appropriate to put in there.

Putting a console and mirror combination in your bedroom gives you a great grooming station. Women can use it to do their hair or makeup. Add a matching chair or bench and you have a great place for this kind of purpose. Not only will it add this functional ability to your room, but it can greatly enhance the visual appeal of your room as well.

The materials that a console table and mirror are made out of can also greatly enhance any room in any home.

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