The 10 Best Sofa Beds for 2021

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Call it the sofa bed, the sleeper sofa, or whatever you will, but the truth is that you should never buy one without reading some of the sleeper sofa reviews posted on the internet because only then can you be sure that you have value for your money.

There are so many sofa beds on sale today that you would find it a daunting task to know which the best one is. That is exactly why you need to read the sleeper sofa reviews so that you see what the other users recommend.

It is also important that when you buy a good sleeper sofa and you are invited to write a review, please do it so that it can also assist another person.

The good thing about reviews is that they give you the pros and the contraindications of a product. It is better to buy your sofa bed knowing what its shortcomings are, rather than buy blindly hoping that it is all good.

Best Sofa Beds Reviews

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Maximize Your Living Space With A Sofa Bed

You may have heard about sofa beds but are hesitant to purchase one due to stereotypes of uncomfortable sleeping. Fortunately, thanks to advancements in sofa bed technology, it is possible to sleep comfortably on a sofa bed every night.

Before we start discussing what qualities to look for, watch this sample video of a corner sofa bed. This bed also includes beneficial storage space as well:

Now that you have seen the video, there are at least five factors to consider when looking for a small corner sofa bed:

1. Size

One of the first aspects to consider when purchasing a sofa bed is the size. Ask yourself who will generally be using it. Is it you or another single individual or does it need to comfortably accommodate two adults? There are at least three sizes of sofa beds including twin, full, and queen. Once you have determined who will be using the sofa bed you can decide on which size to purchase.

2. Type

There are different types of sofa beds available including the traditional folding mechanism. In the folding sofa bed, the bed simply unfolds from underneath the sofa seats. Another type of sofa bed includes a sliding mechanism where the base of the bed comes out from under the sofa and you use the sofa seats on the floor.

The third type of sofa bed is one in which the back of the sofa simply folds down. You may be thinking of the traditional futon frame bed but there are actually small leather sofa beds where the back folds down as well. Many people prefer this type of sleeper sofa as it eliminates the middle bar that is traditional to the folding or pull-out sofa beds.

3. Mattress

most sofa beds come with a mattress for the bed but are sure you double-check this when purchasing a sofa bed. If you find that the included mattress is uncomfortable, you can simply purchase a memory foam topper to throw on top.

4. Color

If you are looking to purchase a piece of furniture that is both economical and stylish, you will be glad to learn that sofa beds come in a variety of colors. With a great selection to choose from, you can easily match your sofa bed to any style or design you need.

5. Price

Whether you are a college student, an empty nester, or somewhere in between, there are sofa beds available to fit any budget.

Who Should Purchase a Sofa Bed

While anyone can certainly benefit from having a sofa bed in their furniture, there are at least three specific individuals who will greatly benefit from a sleeper.

First, if you live in a small apartment or home a small corner sofa bed is a great way to save space. You can turn your living room into your bedroom in a matter of seconds. Second, if you don’t have an apartment or home with a traditional guest room, a sofa bed allows you to easily have guests stay overnight.

Finally, if you are an empty nester and have turned your kid’s room into an office or study, you can purchase a small leather sofa bed that allows your college kids to return home and stay overnight without having to keep a designated room set aside for them.

Where to Purchase a Sofa Bed

The best place to shop for a sofa bed is online. There are helpful websites that allow you to search for a sofa bed based on size, color, price, and more. Here are two websites that offer sofa beds:

1. Apartment Therapy – this helpful website offers an annual guide of the best sofa sleepers. One of the great aspects of this website is that they offer reviews and comments from actual users of sofa sleepers and their products aren’t recommended simply because a brand is paying them to do so. The website also includes pictures and links so you can easily shop for a sofa bed. They offer a good selection of sofa beds that are reasonably priced including a bed from Ikea that is priced less than $300.00.

2. Sofas and Sectionals – this website offers a great selection of sleepers based on a variety of factors including price, size, color, style, and brand. Whether you are looking for a modern, casual, or classic look, this website offers something to fit your needs. One example of a sofa bed from this site includes a twin sleeper that comfortably sleeps, one person. This small corner sofa bed is sure to fit in any little space.

Sofa Bed Improvements

With so many individuals looking to purchase and benefit from sofa beds, you will be pleasantly surprised pleased to learn that there have been improvements in the spring systems and mattresses on sofa beds. These advancements make it possible for an individual to comfortably sleep on these types of beds every night.

Why You May Need a Sofa Bed

While sofa beds are not the most comfortable places to sleep night after night, they are an asset when you have a smaller home or apartment and need a place for guests to spend the night.

You have quite a few choices to pick from when you go shopping for a sofa bed, including the size of the bed and whether or not you should select the sofa for sitting comfort or sleeping comfort.

Most sofa bed manufacturers don’t take into consideration the comfort of both the bed and the sofa, it is usually an either/or selection. You will want to decide its primary role in your home before you pick out the sofa bed.

If you are going to use it on a daily basis as a sofa, you will want to be sure it is comfortable when you sit on it, but if you are tucking it away in another room solely to have an extra bed for company, you will want to test out the bed’s comfort level.

Pull-out sofa beds

Pull-out sofa beds are normally sold at dedicated furniture stores or department stores and they usually feature full and queen-size beds. You can get smaller sizes, twin beds, but they are usually not in the sofa format, but in oversized chairs.

If you purchase a stand-alone sofa bed from one of these places, they are made to be comfortable while sitting on them and the bed usually isn’t very comfortable.

For a standard sofa bed, you will pay anywhere from $500 to $1000. Again, these are primarily constructed to be comfortable while sitting on them and the mattresses are usually thin and uncomfortable. A sofa bed made for comfortable sleeping will generally run over $1000. However, it will be worth it if this is the primary bed in a studio apartment.

Besides the traditional fold-out sofa bed, you can also get sofa beds with flip-out mattresses, a drop end sofa, or an A-frame sofa bed. Some of these are more suitable for younger guests or your children to sleep on than your parents or anyone who is older because the mattress sits on the ground.

flip-out sofa bed

The flip-out sofa bed has a mattress that lays on the ground when you flip out the seating area of the sofa. Sometimes the back also flips back so the enter sofa becomes the mattress. These are very convenient for your children when they have their friends spend the night or you can put them in the family room for your children to use when they are watching movies, in case they fall asleep.

An A-frame sofa bed is formed by the seat and the back of the sofa. With a single adjustment, the back folds down as the seat moves forward on the frame a bit and the two pieces align to the bed. These are not the most comfortable beds for sleeping, but they require less space than a traditional fold-out bed and would be a great piece for someone living in a small space who needs an extra bed for visitors.

The end of a drop-end sofa bed can be adjusted to allow the sofa to become a chaise lounge or a small sofa bed. This is good for tight spaces as well, perhaps a teenager’s room for when they have a friend spend the night.

You can find some high-end sofa beds with very comfortable mattresses, including memory foam mattresses for sofa beds, that you can add to your living room or your family area and use for when guests come to visit.

Buying a New Armchair Bed

If your living quarter is too crowded for both a comfortable armchair and a bed, you may consider shopping for a space saver Armchair Bed. In fact, with the increase in popularity of chair beds, there is a lot of variety available in the market.

There are many elegant designs available that will match the theme of the interior décor of your room. Whether you want the simple and classic look, or you want a more modern touch, there is a perfect piece out there for you that will look perfect in your home.

The two types of armchair bed

Armchair beds are available in many different colors and designs, but there are two basic styles that sell the most; the metal-framed mattress and the foam mattress armchair bed.

The metal-framed mattress armchair bed comes with a metallic frame as is evident from its name. The mattress is mounted on a metallic frame with the help of springs and a fabric cover. The mattress may be quite thin but is usually very comfortable. Looking like a traditional living room armchair while being folded up, the mattress lies hidden under its comfortable cushions. It is generally more popular with adults as it has a supported mattress under the cushions.

The foam mattress armchair bed is more popular among kids and teenagers. Instead of the metallic frame, the foam is attached to the wooden structure of the armchair. As the night falls, the foam can be pulled out to reveal a full-length mattress lying on the floor. It is ideal when you have friends over for a sleepover or an all-night group studying session.

Due to its popularity and demand in kid’s rooms, newer designs come in all sorts of colorful and bright covers that appeal to the children’s imagination. Some are also covered with scenes from popular cartoon films or children’s movies.

Adding an armchair bed topper for extra comfort

If sleeping on your camp bed is not comfortable enough and your apartment does not have any space for a separate bed; there are many accessories available to help you out. The most popular are mattress toppers for added comfort while sleeping. Two of the most popular mattress toppers include the feather topper and the memory foam.

The much thinner feather topper can usually be tucked inside with the mattress during the daytime, but the memory foam has to be removed before the bed is folded back into an armchair for the day. So you will need space under a cupboard or in the closet to store the rolled-up memory foam when it is not in use.

The utility of an armchair bed is impossible to ignore. Its dual-purpose saves a lot of valuable space in the smaller rooms without sacrificing any comfort. It can serve as a comfortable armchair during the daytime; you can watch TV or read the newspaper while sitting on it. At night, you can pull out the mattress to enjoy a good night’s sleep on this versatile piece of furniture.

With a little bit of creativity and thought, you can easily decorate your small area into something you are proud to call your home. From a small corner sofa bed to clever storage options, there are some fun and easy ways to create a style you love.

Keep it light

Lighter colors create a sense of space and make a room feel more open. If you are not able to paint the walls in your apartment and they are darker-colored, be sure to choose light-colored furniture to offset that and create great drama as well. Alternatively, if you have bright or dark furniture, make sure your walls and other features are light in color for a similar offset.

Curtains are not just for windows anymore

Hang a curtain that can be pulled to divide your space, giving the appearance of multiple rooms. You can choose when to have it open and when to have it closed.

Your options for colors, patterns, and textures are virtually endless and give you an easy, affordable way to make a big statement on the overall design and style of your studio apartment.

You can select a sheer style that hints at the idea of different rooms but does not completely block one area from the other. This can be the best option for small spaces as it prevents the division from making each area seem too small.

However, if you have a need or desire for more privacy between the spaces, choose a curtain with a texture or pattern to avoid the heavy look of a solid wall with nothing on it.

Mirror, mirror on the wall…

A mirror can create the illusion of space and openness unlike other design elements in your home. Whether hung on the wall or on a closet door, mirrors will help open up your small space and make it feel incredibly roomy.

Full-length or at least door-length mirrors especially can do this but if you do not have the space for these, select one or two smaller mirrors to hang at different parts of your area.

Mirrors can be one of the greatest dual-function items you employ, being both decorative and useful.

A bed for day and night

Sofa beds are not just for family room dens anymore and they are certainly not all big, clunky, and ugly anymore either. Today’s small sofa bed can not only be a huge space saver but a fantastic decorative feature in your home.

Given the important dual nature of a sofa bed, this one piece of furniture may end up being the single most important in defining your style and your space.

If your budget is really tight, there are many affordable options at retailers such as Ikea or Wayfair. Ikea offers both armchair beds and small sofa beds and some models even allow you to select the mattress of your choice. Wayfair’s small sofa beds come in a variety of options to meet a wide range of budgets. You may also look at a small leather sofa bed.

If your budget is more generous, retailers like Pottery Barn or Sleepers in Seattle offer some very elegant choices. With rich colors and textures to choose from, your sofa bed is sure to make a statement that says elegance to anyone who enters your room.

When shopping, be sure to note measurements so that you are not surprised by a sofa that does not fit like you thought it would. No matter your budget, you are sure to find a small sofa bed that fits your personality and looks, and that also fits your space.

Mix and match storage

Living in a small space can force you to get out of your hypothetical box. Do not restrict yourself to looking at a bookshelf only for books or at a kitchen shelf unit only for dishes, for example.

Be clever and maximize your space by allowing multiple types of items to be stored together. Putting books on one shelf and dishes on another can be a great way to find a home for your things in a fun way.

Employ the gallery display

Hanging floating shelves on wall spaces not only gives you places to display or store items but creates a sense of airiness, opening up your studio apartment.

For an added bonus, stagger the location of multiple shelves and their locations respective to each other. You can even change what you put on your shelves now and then to keep your area fresh and new.

Consider open storage

Not all storage options need to have doors. Closing things off close off space. There are many highly functional open storage products that offer a great decorative element. You can vary the material or color of the storage as well to complement your overall design.

Use area rugs to create areas

Whether small or large, an area rug can help define a certain space or spaces in your apartment and add design and color to the overall look.

If you have wood or tile flooring, they also add warmth and an inviting feeling. You can easily shop for rugs that complement the color of your walls as well as the color of your furniture pieces.

Put your furniture to work

Furniture can do double duty as whatever piece of furniture it is intended to be plus a clever room divider.

Your entertainment center, for example, can house your television and stereo equipment while simultaneously separating a living room space from a bedroom space. Look at what pieces of furniture you have and how you can employ them in this way.

Keep it clean

Just like mom always used to say, a cleanroom is a better room. Nothing closes in a room, large or small, like a mess.

Pick up after yourself as you go and the job is never too big. While this may be the idea on this list that is the least “fun”, it is also the idea that costs you nothing.

These are just some ideas of how you can make your new small space work best for your needs. As you shop for furniture, you may get even more ideas and, before you know it, you will be living in the space of your dreams.

Small Leather Sofa Beds

Whether you are looking to save money by not having to purchase a sofa and bed or simply want to allow space for guests to stay over at a moment’s notice, there are many reasons to consider purchasing a sofa bed.

Since you may only be familiar with the negative comments about sofa beds, here is a good discussion on both the pros and cons of sofa beds. It’s important to look at both sides and be informed when making your decision on whether or not to purchase a sofa bed.

Sofa Bed Cons

First, let’s take a look at the cons of a sofa bed. You will probably be surprised to learn that there aren’t a lot of negative points when it comes to sofa beds. In fact, there is probably only one negative thought that comes to mind concerning sofa beds: lack of comfort.

Sofa beds have been traditionally known for being so uncomfortable that it takes the sleeper a great deal of time adjusting in the morning due to the lack of a good night’s sleep.

You may have had experience sleeping on a sofa bed in a hotel room or studio apartment and have only a few experiences from which to judge your like or dislike of sofa beds. While the comfort of a sofa bed (or lack thereof) is certainly a major factor in determining whether you purchase one.

keep an open mind as we discuss the benefits and many uses of sofa sleepers. You might be amazed to learn that sofa beds have come a long way in comfort and design over the past few years.

Sofa Bed Pros

Now that we have discussed the one long-standing negative of sofa beds, let’s take a look at three major benefits:

1) maximize your living space,

2) save money on furniture and

3) create an instant guest room.

First, if you are looking to save space in your apartment or home, a small sofa bed is an excellent choice to help you save space. By transforming your sofa into your bed each night, you eliminate the need to have two large pieces of furniture in your living space.

This type of furniture may be essential in places such as a studio apartment where your living area is one room. A small leather sofa bed allows your little apartment or home to look stylish and inviting without having a large bed take up much-needed space.

Another benefit of purchasing a sofa bed is saving money. Instead of purchasing two large and fairly expensive pieces of furniture, you will be able to save money by combining two functions into one. This can be especially beneficial for college students or anyone looking to save money.

A third advantage of purchasing a sofa bed is the ability to create an instant guest room. If you are the type of person that loves having guests over but live in a small apartment or home, you may feel limited in your ability to offer them a place to stay since you don’t have a designated guest room.

However, a sofa bed offers you the ability to welcome guests at a moment’s notice. A sofa bed is a great purchase if you love the company and want to allow your guests the option to stay overnight.

Where to Buy

As with all purchases, one of the best places to look for a sofa bed is online. Online shopping makes it convenient to research and review several different types of sofa beds without having to spend time driving to different stores and looking at numerous models.

It is easy and efficient to compare models online to find the sofa bed that fits your needs and budget. Here is a list of two websites that offer an amazing selection of sofa beds:

Sofas and Sectionals is a great website that offers an amazing selection of leather sleepers from world-renowned brands. This website also includes a helpful search function that allows you to shop by brand, color, size, type, price, style, etc.

Apartment Therapy offers its annual guide on sleeper sofas which includes a top 16 list. This helpful site includes pictures, reviews, and other pertinent information on sofa beds.

As you can see there are many advantages of purchasing a sofa bed and the improved selection and quality makes this piece of furniture a great investment.

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