15 Best Rollaway Beds

rollaway bed

This is the ultimate guide to buying a rollaway bed 2021.

So if you want to:

  • Host your guests in style
  • Create space
  • Have a bed that can be stored away when not in use.

Then you’ll love this new guide.

Let’s get started.

This guide offers a simple checklist for different types of rollaway beds. We’ll look at the mattress type for different folding or foldable beds, bed sizes, and alternatives to the fold-up bed. Let’s start by having a look at some of the best roll-away beds.

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Best Rollaway Bed Reviews 2021

1. Linon Home Dcor Luxor Memory Foam Folding Bed Mattress, Cot, Beige

Linon Home Dcor Luxor Memory Foam Folding Bed Mattress, Cot, Beige

2. Amani Folding Bed by alwyn home

Amani Folding Bed by alwyn home

3. Milliard Diplomat Folding Bed – Twin Size – with Luxurious Memory Foam Mattress and a Super Strong Sturdy Frame – 75” x 38

Milliard Diplomat Folding Bed – Twin Size - with Luxurious Memory Foam Mattress and a Super Strong Sturdy Frame – 75” x 38

4. Arely Black Folding Bed

Arely Black Folding Bed

5. LUCID Rollaway Folding Guest Bed with 4 Inch Memory Foam Mattress – Rolling Cot – Easy Storage – Twin

LUCID Rollaway Folding Guest Bed with 4 Inch Memory Foam Mattress - Rolling Cot - Easy Storage - Twin

6. Inofia Foldable Folding Bed, Rollaway Extra Guest Bed with 5 Inch Memory Foam Mattress and Portable Metal Frame on Wheels

Inofia Foldable Folding Bed, Rollaway Extra Guest Bed with 5 Inch Memory Foam Mattress and Portable Metal Frame on Wheels - Easy Storage - Space Saving - Twin Size - 75 inches x 38 inches

7. LEISUIT Rollaway Guest Bed Cot Fold Out Bed

LEISUIT Rollaway Guest Bed Cot Fold Out Bed - Portable Folding Bed Frame with Thick Memory Foam Mattress for Spare Bedroom & Office

8. Linon Verona Cot-Size Folding Bed, Multicolored

Linon Verona Cot-Size Folding Bed, Multicolored

9. Zinus Traveler Premier Folding Twin Guest Bed, Plus Bonus Storage Bag

Zinus Traveler Premier Folding Twin Guest Bed, Plus Bonus Storage Bag

10. Smile Back Rollaway Beds with Mattress for Adults Folding Bed Portable Foldable Guest Beds Twin

Smile Back Rollaway Beds with Mattress for Adults Folding Bed Portable Foldable Guest Beds Twin, 5 Minutes to Assemble, 5 inch Memory Foam Mattress, 75x38 Inch

11. Quictent Heavy Duty Folding Bed with 2 Extra Support Belts

Quictent Heavy Duty Folding Bed with 2 Extra Support Belts, 300 lbs Max Weight Capacity, Guest Bed with 3D Stretch Knit Material Cover Mattress and Storage Bag

12. Giantex Folding Guest Bed Frame with Mattress

Giantex Folding Guest Bed Frame with Mattress, Foldaway 3.5 inch Twin Mattress, Portable Single Sleeper Bed w/Wheels for Camping Office Nap, Adjustable Guest Bed w/Storage Bag (Brown)

13. Rollaway Guest Folding Bed Cot – with Foam Mattress Compact

Rollaway Guest Folding Bed Cot - with Foam Mattress Compact, Portable & Lightweight Folding Bed Frame with Thick Foam Mattress for Spare Bedroom & Office (31 inch Foam Mattress)

14. SpaceMaster iBED Extra Wide Guest Bed, Large, Black

SpaceMaster iBED Extra Wide Guest Bed, Large, Black

15. Jay-Be Saver Folding Bed with Airflow Mattress, Regular, Black/White

Jay-Be Saver Folding Bed with Airflow Mattress, Regular, Black/White

What is a Rollaway Bed?

A roll-away bed comprises of a folding frame, with attached wheels. Rollaway beds are ideally suited for making flexible sleeping arrangements. The folding bed mechanism makes the bed “foldable” when not in use, and the wheels make it easy to move around.

This type of flexible sleeping furniture is essential when you suddenly need to accommodate extra guests, or you need to create more space in a room during non-sleeping hours.

Difference Between a Twin and Queen size Rollaway Bed

The difference between these bed sizes is size. This is best illustrated using a chart.

A twin bed accommodates a single person but limits the movement on the bed. Twin XL, on The other hand, has more space for moving around as well as an additional 5″ length.

A queen size Rollaway bed is designed for two people. They fit perfectly without any problems. The CA King bed is the ultimate bed. It can accommodate up to four people without any squeezing.

A Queen roll-away bed is best suited for couples. A good example would be hosting guests who prefer to sleep together for various reasons. Its size is able to accommodate two people comfortably.

Advantages of Roll away Beds

  • Your able to accommodate guests in your home, even when your regular sleeping furniture is occupied. A rollaway bed can be placed anywhere inside your home, providing you with the flexibility of converting any room into an extra guest room.
  • These beds provide flexibility in using available space. They are ideally suited for constricted living spaces like student rooms, or campus accommodation, where extra work or living space can be created during the daytime. They are also well suited on a trailer, provided you fasten them securely.
  • Storage is easy as the beds fold into a compact package, and the wheels provide easy mobility for rolling them over to a storage location.
  • Rollaway beds can be stored in a big wardrobe or attic, and hence do not get in the way, or clutter space, when they are not needed.
  • They are available in multiple sizes, and with various mattress options, which make it easy to select one for your specific needs.

How to choose a mattress for your Folding bed

Some of these portable beds come with a mattress while others don’t. If you purchase a rollaway bed frame, then you sooner or later have to purchase a Mattress for it. Making a choice on which rollaway guest bed mattress is easy …

But remember this:

Not all mattresses will be an exact match for your fold up bed.

Carefully read the manual that comes with your guest bed. Doing so will give you the precise measurements for the recommended mattress. The most common types of mattresses for rollaway beds are;

  1. Memory foam mattress. These guest beds are a viscous elastic material surrounding a firmer form core. They are great in relieving painful joints and also expensive. Their firmness is determined by room temperature.
  2. Innerspring mattress. It consists of three components; the core which supports the sleeper’s body made of steel spring coils, the foundation which is what the mattress rests upon, and the upholstery layers covering the spring core and also gives the mattress comfort.
  3. Air mattresses. Contain one or more bladders filled with air, and their comfort is based on the amount of air in them.

Alternatives To a Rollaway bed Or a Foldable Bed

Folding Cot

A folding cot is a very practical item to have when you live in a small apartment and receive frequent visitors to your abode. Depending on the size of your flat, you may not have an extra room that you can set up just for the purpose of receiving visitors.

Folding cots can be tucked away in a corner of your flat or in your closet and brought out upon need. It provides a comfortable bed for your guests to sleep on when needed without having to be part of your permanent home decor.

Folding Cot Types and Designs

The folding cots come in a variety of types and designs to include rollaway beds, beds with hideaway cabinets, beds with memory foam mattresses, etc. Milliard offers a lightweight, economical option as a guest bed cost with its durable metal frame, castor wheels, and three-inch foam cushion mattress.

This bed can be easily set up in a corner of a bedroom or living room for guests to sleep on and then neatly folded and stored away during the day.

Another practical design is the ibed. Its adjustable headrest gives you the option of sitting in a semi-reclining position to read or chat with friends, or completely lying down to sleep. The four-inch mattress lies on a specially designed system of wooden slats attached to a tubular foldable frame with wheels for greater ease of mobility and storage.

What to Look for in a Guest Cot

Some key features to look for in a guest cot are:

  • Comfort
  • Convenience of use
  • Size and portability
  • Quality
  • Cost

Comfort is probably your number one concern when it comes to this item. You may find a bed that offers you a great bargain in price, but if it does not provide the support and comfort your guests need, then it will not serve your purpose.

Although cost is important when buying a portable guest cot, you should not be guided by price alone. Consider the structure of the bed to ensure it is sturdy and strong. The mattress should provide adequate support, even for plus weight size individuals.

By purchasing a quality folding cot, even if it costs a bit more, your bed will give you optimum use for many years down the line.

Folding Mattress

With the trend going towards renting smaller spaces, an increasing number of people are seeing the value of using a folding mattress. The usefulness of a foldable bed mattress is most appreciated when a loved one or guest comes to a sleepover.

Unlike the traditional mattresses or beds, the foldable types occupy less space. Homeowners can own and store several pieces without obstructing any passageways.

Knowing more about this particular type of bed will help you decide if it is something that you need in your home.

Types Of Folding Mattress

Bi-fold vs. tri-fold

There are essentially two types of mattresses: the bi-fold and tri-fold. True to what the name implies, the bi-fold is identified as a mattress folded in half while the tri-fold mattress splits the bed into three compartments.


Roll-away mattresses are bi-fold beds that come with wheels. The foam is often built-in with springs and a metal frame to provide more support to your body. Strategically placed wheels allow you to roll away the folding mattress for easy storage.

Sofa bed

Sofa beds are pieces of furniture for multiple purposes. During the day, they can function as seating furniture. When needed, the mattress can be stretched out to unveil the bed. The foam and construction can vary depending on the brand and model. There are sofa beds which are made entirely out of foam and held together using a mechanism that utilizes a metal frame. Some sofa beds may also use a futon-type mattress.

Murphy bed

A bed can limit the amount of space available to move around and can sometimes be an eyesore. One way to solve this dilemma is by hiding the bed behind a wall. In North America, this is referred to as the Murphy Bed. The foldable mattress is propped up and stored behind a false wall which can be pulled down whenever the bed is needed.

Benefits of Using a Folding Bed Mattress

Space saver

Compared to the traditional mattress, a foldable mattress weighs less and consumes less space. You can store the mattress inside a cabinet or behind a false wall. Once stored away, you have more room inside your house or apartment to move around in.


A traditional mattress and frame can be expensive. Guests do not often stay long and you might find that the bed may not be used for long periods of time. For temporary sleeping arrangements, purchasing a few foldable mattresses is a more practical solution.


If you constantly find yourself with guests and friends who like to sleepover, then having a Daybed in your living room would be another alternative. This type of furniture functions two ways as it is both a couch and a bed in one.

Futons, folding couches, sleeper sofas, and pullout couches are all examples of couch beds that give additional sleeping spaces in case there’s a need for it.

The function is basically the same which is to either pull out the mattress or recline the back of the couch to produce an instant bed. Instead of buying extra mattresses for your guests, couch or sofa beds are a better choice as you also get a couch to relax in while you’re watching TV at home.

Wall Beds

Wall beds are the answer to get that extra room that you need. These beds are attached to walls usually by a closet like a compartment and can be lifted up when not in use; thereby, giving you instant floor area.

Perfect for studio type or one-bedroom apartments, just simply pull down the bed at night for sleeping, and then tuck it away in the morning to give your room that much-needed space. If you’ve always wanted to invite friends but are a little hesitant because of your cramped quarters, then the wall or Murphy beds are a fitting choice.

The first designs of wall beds were made by a man named William L. Murphy during the 1900s. The traditional Murphy Beds feature two door closets in which the bed is folded and kept hidden usually during the day.

Modern-day Murphy beds, however, offer a lot more functionality and style than the older versions. With innovative designs that include bookshelves, desks, and armoires to frame the bed, homeowners get more benefits apart from that extra space the furniture provides.

Chair Beds

A chair bed or a sleeper bed is a very economical yet functional piece of furniture that you should have. This type of chair converts into a small-sized bed that can serve as your guest bed if in case someone from home drops by for a sleepover.

Cramped rooms and tiny apartments would greatly benefit from chair beds as these are small yet highly functional. Prop up the bed for napping or simply use the chair when you’re reading a book or watching your favorite TV show. Versatility, Affordability, and usefulness all make this convertible chair a must-have item for budget-conscious people living in small apartments.

Things You Should Consider Before Buying That Chair Bed

  • The convertible bed should serve its purpose of being a bed and a chair. Otherwise, just buy an ordinary chair or couch.
  • Determine where you’re going to place the chair.
  • Set a budget to limit your options and spending.
  • Choose a design that complements the room and its furnishings.
  • Consider ease of use as well. Pick a style that is easy to recline.
  • Go for quality and comfort more than anything else. This should also save you money in the long run especially if the chair lasts for years.

What to Consider Before Renting a Portable Bed

How many beds do I need?

The number of guest beds in need will greatly influence your decision. If it’s only one guest or kid came from college you just need to buy one guest bed, if it’s a fraternity or reunion, many folding beds are going to be needed for the weekends, and in this situation, you should consider renting guest beds.

Is it a one-time thing?

In a case that your kid is coming home from college and his/her room was turned to an office, this is not a one-time situation because they might come every weekend. You will just but the folding bed in this situation. If it’s a one-time thing like a reunion, you just have to rent the folding beds. This will be a better option.

Is there sufficient storage space?

It has been said that folding beds are convenient and can fold u when not in use. This d does not make the guest beds invisible. If you have enough space to store the folding beds, it is not a problem but of you don’t have this space, you might consider renting or borrowing the folding beds.

Milliard Folding Bed, Rollaway Bed In Action

Wrapping Things Up

Guest beds are also very handy and can serve a wide variety of purposes. You may also choose to purchase a small single bed or daybed in order to save space, but add a trundle for added capability. When not in use, the trundle can be stored underneath the bed and pulled out and popped up when needed.



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