The 10 Best Queen platform beds for 2021

Queen platform beds

When decorating a bedroom, there are plenty of different options for homeowners. A queen platform bed is a very common and popular size because it gives somebody a little extra room to stretch out but does not seem overwhelming for just one person.

Many people think that what they outfit their beds with is the easiest way to make a dramatic change, but the frame of the bed can make just as big of a difference.

Instead of only focusing on what the bedsheets look like, look at the design of the bed frame. A platform bed combines a frame and mattress and eliminates the need for a box spring.

This makes the bed ready to sleep straight after purchasing it. Because of its simple ready-to-go installation, this bed has quickly become one of the most popular styles of bed. Learning about the different variations of a queen platform bed and the ways to customize it for a home will make this unique bed fit right from the moment of purchase.

The first decision a homeowner must make when shopping for a bed is what they want their bed to be constructed from. The most common choices are wood and metal. Each of these materials has its own pros and cons, so it is important to know which fits best with a specific person’s home before it is bought.

Queen Platform Bed Frame

Wooden queen platform beds have been popular choices for many years because of their timeless design. Furniture built with wood has remained popular in interior design for as long back as interior design can date.

This is because it can withstand plenty of wear and tear with its reliable durability and it can be used in just about anyone’s room, regardless of age or gender. Wooden platforms can be adorned with feminine or masculine touches in the fabric, making it perfect to suit anybody.

If a homeowner decides to purchase a wooden platform for their bed, they can feel confident that their piece will look great and be able to adjust to any changes in style. Purchasing a platform bed that is constructed out of metal is another popular choice.

Metal is chosen in furniture pieces because it withstands any rough wear and the buyer can feel secure knowing that their furniture is well put together and will not fall apart after only a few years. Choosing metal over wood also eliminates the flammability that one might worry about with a wooden bed.

While this may not be a concern for some, it could be a huge benefit for those who want to be as safe as possible. Buying a metal platform bed gives the homeowner a unique edge because of its sleek design.

A metal bed frame varies from wood dramatically and gives a bedroom a new modern feel instantly. If the homeowner appreciates the look of metal over pieces that are more traditional, then purchasing a metal frame could be ideal.

While the material used to build the furniture is very important, it is not the only thing to consider as far as the aesthetics of it. Many of these beds have built-in storage units, making them the perfect bed for those with limited space.

Queen Platform Bed with Drawers

A queen platform bed with drawers will have storage underneath the bed, which will clear up the floor dramatically and can be a lifesaver if the bed is purchased for someone with more relaxed cleaning habits.

Learning about the different customizations available for these types of beds will allow the homeowner to find one that will fit their lifestyle perfectly. Storage beds have plenty of hidden storage compartments, where the person can simply stuff things away that do not fit into their dresser or closet.

While storage areas are usually located underneath the bed, some actually have storage as the headrest. This frame usually has cubby areas in the back where books, CDs, or other knick-knacks can be kept.

Purchasing a queen platform bed with storage is very appealing for those who are always looking for ways to get organized more.

Queen Size Platform Bed

Buying a queen size platform bed is more than just getting a new place to sleep. These beds are different from traditional beds because they do not require so many separate parts to be purchased.

Buying a mattress, box spring, and frame can end up being costly and does not necessarily give the bedroom the look the homeowner desires. Purchasing this bed instantly gives them a completed look and does not need any more added to be ready for sleeping in.

Along with its simplicity, many people love how much storage it offers. Pull out drawers underneath are great for those who appreciate having more places to keep their things.

A built-in bookcase can also be an appealing addition to a bed. A queen platform bed gives many benefits such as simplicity, beautiful design, and plenty of storage.

Wood Bed Frame Plans for Queen Bed

Wood Bed Frame Plans for Queen Bed

There are three basic ways to make wood bed frame plans based on the method that exists. Among those three methods, the standard queen bed method is one of the common methods in wood bed frame plans.
There are a few steps that you need to know in order to do this kind of framing for your wooden bed frame.

Wood Bed Frame Plans Gear

The first thing you have to look at in the standard queen bed wood bed frame plans is the gear. Basically, the plan will show you how to make a frame that will fit for a mattress in queen-size; it is about 60 inches wide and 80 inches long.

There are so many different gears but there are three basic things that usually exist, those are bed rail hangers, wood, and wood screws.

Mounting in Wood Bed Frame Plans

In this wood bed frame plan that uses for queen size mattress, in order to mount the bed, you need to make a rigid connection use the bed rail hangers to the head post and the end of the side-rail.

Before you step up to the next process, you need to check each placement that you do is correctly connected. You can use 8 long lag bolts in the place of bed rail hangers, those lag bolts will make the bed very solid as a result after you tightened them.

Supporting Parts in Wood Bed Frame Plans

The next thing you need to do is to make supportive parts that will hold the mattress. Start by making supportive blocks by cut a groove. The groove should be a slot with 1.5 inches x 3.5 inches slot that centered.

Then you attach the supportive blocks to the headrail right in the center meanwhile the foot rail with screws. Use the bed rail hangers in order to connect each rail to the post.

After all connected, then you can start adding the supportive beams to the supportive blocks that you have attached.

Wood Bed Frame Plans: Plywood

This plywood will be the part that holds the mattress and keep the surface flat. All you need to do just rest the plywood on top of the supportive parts that you have made. Remember to measure all the sizes so that the plywood will fit the inner part of the bed frame.

This is the last step of the whole process of the wood bed frame plans. Such an easy and simple thinks to do, but you must remember that precision is the key to everything.

Remember to double-check all of the steps to make sure that you do not make any mistakes that will ruin the whole process.

You can make your own wooden bed frame with this video guide below:

Japanese platform beds

Japanese platform bed

If you are currently shopping for a new bedroom setup, you know how tiring it can be. Every store seems to have the same dated styles.

It seems like all you are doing is replacing your current bedroom set with a newer version of your current bedroom set.

If you cannot tell the difference between the old and the new, what is the point? Why are you even wasting your time?

However, you do not have to live with an old style that is no style. Take a journey to Asia. Take a look at a Japanese platform bed.

Japanese platform beds use elements of traditional Asian architecture and design to fashion an exotic and unique appearance. These beds are as stunning as they are unusual.

A wonderful platform bed feature is the fact that no box spring is needed. The mattress sits directly on a wood slatted bed frame. If you have ever tried to man-handle a box spring around a corner or carry one up a flight of stairs, you will be thrilled with the fact that you do not need to ever worry about that again.

Do not be concerned about finding the appropriate bed size either. A Japanese platform bed frame comes in all the normal ranges. Twin, full, queen, king, and even California king are all available.

Japanese Style Platform Bed

Just like any other bed, you can find an infinite number of styles and variations with a platform bed. If you have a smaller space to work with, a great option for you to consider is a platform storage bed. These beds come with built in drawers that slide out from under the bed, and slide right back in flush with the frame.

If you do not already have a chest of drawers and are buying on a budget, this is a wonderful way to get a new bed and some drawers in one easy package and a lot cheaper than buying separates.

A platform storage bed is also nifty space saver if you have kids. The sliding drawers are a terrific place to keep toys, books or anything they want. If two of your children are sharing a bedroom, these storage beds are a necessity.

There usually is not enough room for two dressers and who wants to hear the fighting over drawer ownership. With their separate platform beds, they have their private storage locker. As a parent, if you can eliminate just one thing your kids may fight about, it is worth doing.

The Headboard

When thinking about your Japanese platform bed plans, don’t forget the headboard. Headboards can really be a beautiful addition to a bed and absolutely will add style and class to your bedroom. A well designed and crafted headboard is a thing of beauty, and the Asian influenced styling of a matching Japanese bed platform headboard can be arresting.

It is the combination of simplicity and intricacy that dovetails so perfectly with eastern philosophy and completes the bed. A headboard is not absolutely necessary, but it is a nice touch. Many people become so enamored of the Asian style that they decide to design the rest of their bedroom around their bed. One of the most popular additions is a shoji screen.

The shoji screen was originally used in Japan as an actual support structure. Today they are used a decorative free standing screen. A soft shoji light placed behind the rice paper screen will fill the room with a warm relaxing glow and bring out the wood grain of your platform bed.

These screens are also easily movable and can be changed to fit your needs and mood. You can create a new look for your bedroom any time you wish.

Nothing soothes the soul and restores the spirit like the sound of running water. The Asian Culture has long looked to water for peace and healing. Many Westerners have also discovered the sense of tranquility and well being that comes from flowing water and go to sleep every night with the sound of a fountain softly playing in their ears.

A fountain can be a lovely addition to your bedroom and add an incredible ambiance. Many of there indoor fountains are self-contained and require no plumbing. Some can actually be mounted on the wall.

Asian art is a wonderful way to complete your room. A very popular style is Japanese calligraphy. Generally, these prints feature classic Japanese wisdom expressed in traditional calligraphy characters. Chinese calligraphy is also a beautiful addition to any room and presents enlightened visions of some of the greatest philosophers to ever grace the world.

Japanese platform bed could be the central point for your bedroom. It is the one place where you should be able to shed all the days stress and experience the true relaxation that comes from being in your own private place. Take care with your bedroom. Design it well, and design it for peace.

Queen Bed Sheets

Best Queen bed sheets, Queen bed sheets

Among those of us with the luxury of larger bedrooms, that queen size bed feels like an absolute necessity. Once you’re accustomed to the spaciousness and freedom to spread out as you like, or roll over in either direction a number of times, it’s hard to go back to anything smaller.

As attached as we get to our beds, we get attached to our queen bed sheets set as well. Comfort, style, familiarity…it takes a while for those queen sheet sets to wear down enough that we’re ready to give them up. But there does come a time, now and again, for a new queen sheet set.

Since bigger beds are becoming more and more common, queen size sheets are easy to find. Any style, any pattern, plenty of fabric choices as well.

For warmth and cozy softness, go for the casual comfort of queen flannel sheets. For real sophistication in quality cotton that only gets softer with time, you’ll thrill in Egyptian cotton queen sheets. There are styles and qualities in between, of course, with no end to the variety.

You would think that “queen” is a universal size. So when you buy a queen fitted sheet for a super spacious queen mattress, you might be surprised. Olympic queen sheets are the right choice. For an oversized queen mattress, you need an extra 6 inches in the sheet width. That’s a big difference.

These Olympic Queens are not the common buy, however, so you’ll probably know if you own one. Or are buying one. Any queen flat sheet will suffice for regular and oversized queen mattresses, but if you want it to fall nicely over the edge of the bed, you may as well get complete sets of Olympic queen size bed sheets.

Whether you have an Olympic queen or not, the idea of complete sets is attractive. Save yourself a bundle of time and money by buying a bed in bag sets. Quality designers will take care of all the mixing and matching themselves, putting together a trendy, all-inclusive bedding set…for one great price.

If you buy a couple of beds in a bag, you’ll be even better off. Every time you do a laundry load, you can redo your bedroom with a new pattern of sheets. It’s the simple remodeling job around.

So don’t let the fun stop at the queen mattress. Enjoy the queen bed sheet sets just as much. Or more!

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