Which are the Best Purple Rugs for 2021

Purple Rugs

Looking for purple rugs? You’ve come to the right place.

Purple is a rich color that is modern and yet easy to coordinate. Purple can go well with just any color: blue, red, lime, yellow, orange, pink, fuchsia, gold, silver, white, cream, black.

Purple is indeed very easy to use to tie in whatever wall color and furniture you already have in your home.

Purple is elegant and spiritual. Depending on the shade and design, it can be warm and cozy; fun and crazy; floral and feminine; strong and masculine; or neutral giving the air of class while being unnoticeable.

Purple Area Rugs have become very popular because it takes most of the interior decorating guesswork out and can complement the color of choice of just anyone in the whole family — from grandpa, grandma, mom, dad, and kids.

Best Purple Rugs 2021

1. Noahas Super Soft Modern Shag Area Rugs

Noahas Super Soft Modern Shag Area Rugs Fluffy Living Room Carpet Comfy Bedroom Home Decorate Floor Kids Playing Mat 4 Feet by 5.3 Feet, Purple

2. junovo Round Fluffy Soft Area Rugs for Kids Girls Room Princess Castle Plush Shaggy Carpet

junovo Round Fluffy Soft Area Rugs for Kids Girls Room Princess Castle Plush Shaggy Carpet Cute Circle Nursery Rug for Kids Baby Girls Bedroom Living Room Home Decor Small Circular Carpet, 4ft Purple

3. junovo Ultra Soft Area Rugs 4 x 5.3ft Fluffy Carpets for Bedroom

junovo Ultra Soft Area Rugs 4 x 5.3ft Fluffy Carpets for Bedroom Kids Girls Boys Baby Living Room Shaggy Floor Nursery Rug Home Decor Mats, Purple

4. Purple Area Rugs for Girls Room Soft Fluffy Rugs for Kids Bedroom Nursery Decor Mats 2.6’x5.3’

Purple Area Rugs for Girls Room Soft Fluffy Rugs for Kids Bedroom Nursery Decor Mats 2.6’x5.3’

5. YJ.GWL Super Soft Faux Sheepskin Fur Area Rugs

YJ.GWL Super Soft Faux Sheepskin Fur Area Rugs for Bedroom Floor Shaggy Plush Carpet Faux Fur Rug Bedside Rugs, 3 x 5 Feet Rectangle Purple

6. Beglad 4 ft x 5.3 ft Soft Fluffy Area Rug Modern Shaggy Rugs for Kids Room

Beglad 4 ft x 5.3 ft Soft Fluffy Area Rug Modern Shaggy Bedroom Rugs for Kids Room Extra Comfy Nursery Rug Floor Carpets Boys Girls Fuzzy Shag Fur Home Decor Rug, Purple

7. YOH Modern Soft Shaggy Fur Area Rug Fluffy Bedroom Rugs, 5×8 Feet Purple

YOH Modern Soft Shaggy Fur Area Rug Fluffy Bedroom Rugs, Non-Slip Indoor Comfy Plush Accent Rug for Living Room Dorm Kids Boys Girls Room Luxury Furry Baby Nursery Decor Floor Carpet, 5x8 Feet Purple

8. ACTCUT Super Soft Indoor Modern Shag Area Silky Smooth Rugs (5.3′ x 7.3′, Purple)

ACTCUT Super Soft Indoor Modern Shag Area Silky Smooth Rugs Fluffy Anti-Skid Shaggy Area Rug Dining Living Room Carpet Comfy Bedroom Floor (5.3' x 7.3', Purple)

9. Rostyle Super Soft Fluffy Nursery Rug Floor Carpets Kids Playing Mat Purple

Rostyle Super Soft Fluffy Nursery Rug for Kids Teens Room Comfy Cute Floor Carpets Kids Playing Mat for Bedroom Living Room Home Decorate Area Rugs, 5 ft x 8 ft, Purple

10. Homore Soft Fluffy Faux Fur Area Rug for Living Room 3×5 Feet Purple

Homore Soft Fluffy Faux Fur Area Rug for Bedroom Living Room, Extra Comfy and Fuzzy Rugs, Washable Plush Carpet for Bed Home Decor, 3x5 Feet Purple

11. Garland Rug Town Square Area Rug, 5-Feet by 7-Feet, Purple

Garland Rug Town Square Area Rug, 5-Feet by 7-Feet, Purple

12. Zareas Modern Furry Area Rugs for Living Room 4×6 Purple Shag Rug

Zareas Modern Furry Area Rugs for Living Room 4x6 Purple Shag Rug for Bedroom Fluffy Soft Fuzzy Carpet for Kids Room Girls Boys Long Fur Indoor Dorm Nursery Mini Spa Floor Comfy Accent Home Decor Mat

13. Angeline Lilac Area Rug

Angeline Lilac Area Rug

14. Clancy Striped Handmade Braided Cotton Area Rug

Clancy Striped Handmade Braided Cotton Blue Area Rug

15. Beverly Purple Area Rug

Beverly Purple Area Rug

Buying Purple Area Rugs

How do you choose among the many purple area rugs? Most people who are buying purple area rugs are more focused on the color scheme and design.

It might take you ages to look for “that” design that you are looking for only by clicking on every purple area rug image that you will see online, to realize that it is out of your budget.

Trim down your choices

To trim down your choices, you first have to decide on what budget range you can spare for such a piece. You should consider what look and feel you really want and thus you should also decide on the material early on.

Do you want shag area rugs? Will it be made of wool or nylon? The material used can make a huge difference in the budget that you will set aside in buying your purple area rug.

To trim down your choices further, what room do you intend to use the purple area rug for? And measure!

Tips in measurement

There are few tips for getting the right size. Add 2 to 4 feet around the feet of the furniture that you intend to use it for. Two feet will do for the living room; 3 feet is better for the bedroom; 4 feet if you’re going to use the purple area rugs under your dining table to give room when the chairs are pulled out.

With the budget, material, size, and style that you prefer at hand, it will be much easier now to sift through the images of purple area rugs that are on sale.

Enjoy the search! Imagine owning a purple area rug nicely placed in your room. Even just one piece can already work wonders in transforming your living space instantaneously!

kinds of purple rugs

Different kinds of purple rugs that you can select from are round area rug runner rugs, purple area rug, octagonal and hexagonal rugs, etc. Purple rugs could also be used as wall hangings that will generate your rooms seem more stylish and dignified.

The royal color will make your home appear like a royal home plus present an imperial feel to your interiors. And if the colors of your suites are colors of purple, with the purple rugs, your home will look at nothing more than a mansion.

Use a purple runner rug in the center of your hallway and watch how stunning your home appearances. Purple runner rugs may also be used in the staircases, which will create the stairs look wonderful creating them much less slippery.

The perfect way to get the compatibility of the room using the color of the rugs is to search on the internet about rugs and find out images of homes, which are embellished applying purple interiors then decide for the rugs.

The best choice will be a modern purple area rug which has many shades of purple that will be ideal for any kind of flooring. Your home will be exclusive and imperial.

More About Purple Rugs

Purple area rugs tend to add a certain type of flair and pizazz to a room. Whether it’s lavender or deep eggplant, purple is simply not a common color and can add quite a bit of interest to the overall decor. Area rugs come in all different sizes, shapes, and colors, and shades of purple may be worth a look.

In areas of fashion, makeup, and other trends, purple tends to find a home. Burgundy for fall colors, orchid in spring collections, or electric purple for summer outfits is almost always in style. It makes sense that these trends would make it into home decor, but more as accent colors. You don’t really want to douse a room in every shade of purple you can find!

Throughout history, purple has been a color associated with royalty. Rich hues adorned Egyptian palaces, Chinese emperors, and even the chambers of English queens. Today it is commonly associated with friendship, wisdom, and passion. But mostly, those who choose purple in their home simply love the color.

In the color wheel purple is the complementary color to yellow, meaning they are opposite one another on the wheel. Because both can be very intense colors, it may be a good idea to use a pale yellow with a bright purple if using a complimentary style of decorating. Better yet, it helps to find colors that go well with purple without hurting the eyes, such as cool tones of blue or green.

Redecorate with a Purple Rug

If you are not redecorating the whole room and are simply looking for an area rug that can tie the decor you already have together, then look at the overall elements of your decorating. Does it have a more romantic, classic, or modern feel to it? Is the color bright and punchy or more subdued and quiet? Answers to these questions can help you decide on the type of rug to look for.

Colors such as mulberry or aubergine are less in-your-face purples which can accent almost any room nicely. Meanwhile, violet or amethyst tends to be louder and can be used in more chic, modern, and funky rooms. Think hip college pads or your teenage daughter’s room.

With the popularity of purple area rugs growing rapidly, many stores or resellers now carry a large selection. Some even have a whole section of their store or website dedicated to purple rugs which you can spend quite a bit of time perusing. Knowing the type of rug you’re looking for, and maybe even a few specific colors you want can help shave time off of your search.

Design of the rug

Design is one thing that is generally very different in purple rugs. When most think of an area rug, they either envision the 70’s shag carpet in their buddy’s van, or those rectangular rugs with intricate floral patterns.

Because purple is a more modern color for rugs, the designs tend to be as well. While that shag and floral motif are definitely available, it is not as prominent as more asymmetrical designs and interesting cuts.

Imagine an octagon rug with the outline of cherry blossoms or a large square one with an abstract art style print. These are the types of designs you are more likely to find when looking at purple rugs.

Polka dots, hearts, feathers, even tropical flower designs are quite common. The point is that a purple area rug is more trendy than the classic options, and so the design will most likely be more interesting.

Large Rugs

Rugs share quite a bit in common with their stationary cousin, the carpet. The general thought of a rug is either a very ornate, very expensive piece or a large blob of mobile carpet – but in truth, large rugs run the gamut as far as size and shape are concerned. As anyone who has spent time in the domestics section of a large store (or inside a college dorm room, for that matter) can attest, rugs are not limited to a single texture.

Popular large rugs come in shag, rough industrial fabrics, soft and comfortable carpet-like textures, and of course, the classic large looped variety, amongst many other textures. As far as colors and patterns are concerned, well, almost any shade or pattern can be found on these items.

Bright neon colors have become increasingly popular for some while classic plain patterns and ornate heirloom rugs maintain staying power. Shapes range from the standard large rectangles to circles, stars, triangles, and beyond. In short, large area rugs come in almost any flavor one can dare to imagine.

Large Indoor and Outdoor Rugs

Rugs are, of course, also available in the indoor and outdoor variety. While most are more familiar with the indoor pieces, large Outdoor rugs are gaining popularity as bits of outdoor room decor.

Because of the variety of compositions available in rugs, the outdoor units can be mostly weather and waterproof, great for decorating a patio or deck. They also provide a bit of pleasant relief from the heat that can radiate off most outdoor building materials.

Outdoor rugs are typically quite difficult from their indoor counterparts, but most of the things that hold true for one hold true for both – each type comes in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors to suit any environment.

Outdoor rugs, however, typically tend to be optimized for ruggedness and protection in a manner that indoor rugs simply are not.


In most cases, the unique design of the rug is a great thing. But some rooms are already a bit too “busy” to add a carpet with a wild print. Luckily, there are still rugs that are simply one solid color, or have a more mellow look and can be used to calm a room down.

Unless you intend for the rug to be the center of attention, it may be best to look for a quiet rug. It is really all a matter of preference, style, and room layout or decor.

Basic tips for interior decorating still apply to purple area rugs. Simply be smart, and allow your personality to shine, and even you can get a beautiful and trendy area rug to work in your home. It’s not just for the pros anymore!

No-Sew Faux Fur Convertible Area Rug

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