What Type of Propane Heaters Do I Need?

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Propane heaters are mainly used to provide heat to certain areas. These are very portable and handy devices that can be taken and used anywhere and in any place.

These heaters are generally used in areas that are not well insulated such as garages, warehouses, or patios. These heaters utilize pressurized gas and provide heat to the required areas. Propane heaters are self-contained and hence there is no need to apply for separate electricity or gas lines.

The utility of propane heaters is not limited to residential purposes only; you can use these heaters for varied purposes.

How The Propane Heaters Work

Propane heaters come in different varieties and sizes. These heaters are mainly rated by British Thermal Units (BTU) hence the energy output of propane heaters is measured by BTU only.

The consumption of energy of these propane heaters depends on the size of the area. If you are heating a 100 square feet area, then the energy output will be 10,000 BTUs. If the area is large as in the garden, then you might need around 200,000 BTUs.

Portable Heaters

A portable heater is one of the common varieties of propane heaters. Portable heaters are very easy to use and transport. These heaters come with an attached wheel and a convenient tank of propane gas. Whenever the propane heater is needed to be used, just attach it to the tank and light up with a match stick. No vent or electricity is needed.

Types Of Portable Heaters

There are generally two types of portable heaters. One variety is tall and the other variety is small. The tall variety is called torchiere and it is used on parties, patios, lawns, or decks. Torchiere is tall and comes with a hooded shield. The small varieties of propane heaters are just small boxes that can be used as handy in the areas like workshops, garages, shades, etc. These small propane heaters are also called convection heaters or radiant heaters.

Mounting Of Permanent Propane Heaters

If you plan to install a propane heater permanently, you can mount it on the wall, ceiling, or floor. These propane heaters feature fans that force air component and spreads out the warmness. The heater is connected to an electrical outlet so that the fan gets the power to do its job.

To install permanent propane heaters, you need a building permit. These heaters are large in size and need a vent. While installing a permanent propane heater, you must make sure that the heater is getting enough oxygen to provide uninterrupted service. Propane needs oxygen for burning and hence you must mount the heater accordingly in such a space where it can gather enough oxygen.

Refill Of The Gas

These heaters include a metal tank where the propane gas is stored. According to the size of the propane heaters, the capacity of the tank varies. The tanks are generally portable and can be easily carried to the nearest gasoline station for refilling.

Indoor Propane Heaters

Indoor propane heaters are very popular. These heaters use propane gas for domestic and commercial purposes. Also known as room heaters, these indoor propane heaters are perfect for patios, garage areas, etc. These heaters can be mounted on the wall and used safely.

If you are using indoor propane heaters, you must have carbon monoxide detectors installed. This is a must-do factor according to the National Fire Protection Association. Propane heaters emit carbon monoxide in a very small amount. It is not like other fuels. Installing a carbon monoxide detector will warn you about the emission of carbon monoxide and thus you can remain cautious.

Ventilation System For Safe Use Of Indoor Propane Heaters

A good ventilation system is very important when you are using indoor propane heaters. Having a good ventilation system will take out the stale air from your indoor area and provide fresh air. When you are using indoor propane heaters, always avoid using indoor heaters that are not vented.

These heaters spread the exhaust into the room where you are using the heater. Hence, it will result in a higher level of carbon monoxide in your home. You must install such indoor propane heaters than can vent the unwanted air out of your house. You must also clean your propane heater regularly so that the fumes don’t get trapped inside.

Propane indoor heaters are also known as propane space heaters or room heaters. These heaters do the job of heating a specific indoor portion of a building. Most of these heaters are handy and can be moved easily. When you are using indoor propane heaters, you must ensure proper installation and safety along with comfort.

The compatibility factor is also quite important. The regulators, hoses, and nozzles must be compatible with your indoor propane heater. For better results, use the products of the same manufacturer. This will ensure safety as the chances of damage or leakage due to improper tools get reduced.

In spite of the fact, if you still smell leakage of the heater, you should not waste time and turn it off immediately. There should not be any open flames within the surrounding of the tank. It is better if you go for those indoor propane heaters that have a sensor for alerting you. Whenever there is a leakage, the pilot light will glow and send your alert.

Clean the heater using warm water and soap. This will help you identify the leaks (if any) quickly when you will be replacing the cylinder. Avoid using combustible or corrosive liquids at the time of cleaning your indoor propane heater.

Some of the important varieties of indoor propane heaters include Radiant Space Heaters, Wall Mounted Space Heaters, Vented/Unvented Space Heaters, and Circulating Type Space Heaters.

Radiant Space Heaters or infrared space heaters heat objects and hence it results in heating the surrounding air.

Wall Mounted Space Heaters can be mounted on the wall and used conveniently.

Unvented space heaters can operate from a single space by using the indoor room air for combustion. Vented space heaters do combust by taking air from outside. It also exhausts the bad air to the outdoors.

Circulating type Space Heaters are the blue flame indoor heaters. The flame of this heater heats the indoor-surrounding. Choosing the most appropriate indoor propane heaters for your home and garage helps you achieve all your heating requirements.

With the recession, the global economy has taken a back seat. Everyone is looking for opportunities to save money. Electricity is a major concern of expenses and you must take some steps to curb it. The heating system is a much-needed necessity and it is better to invest in something that is relatively cheaper.

The propane wall heaters are good options in this regard. Buy a patio propane gas wall heater and make the maximum out of your investment.

Benefits Of Propane Wall Heaters

Provides Safety

Propane wall heaters are completely safe. One of the most important safety measures of these heaters is that they can be installed safely on the wall. If you fix it higher on the wall, almost near the ceiling, then there are no chances that kids or pets will touch it. You also won’t injure yourself by running over it accidentally.

Avoids Mess

People are fed with electric heaters that include electric chords everywhere. If you have an electric patio heater, you probably feel disgusted about the messiness of the wires. But the propane wall heaters are free from such chords. There is no messy appearance and you will love the openness of your patio. Electric heaters require huge space and thus the propane heaters are useful to provide you the maximum opportunity to utilize your space.

Cost Saver

Propane wall heaters are definitely a much cheaper option than electric heaters. The cost of electricity is higher than propane. So replace your old electric patio heater and bring home the latest propane wall heater. Install it and save money.

Research Before You Buy

When you are convinced of buying propane wall heaters, then you must consider a few aspects to make it a smart decision. You should do adequate research on few important aspects before you purchase propane wall heaters. Chalk out the area and the wall where you want to install the propane heater. Take a measurement tape and measure the space on the wall where you want to fix it.

Compare varied propane wall heaters. In the market, there are plenty of alternatives. You need to watch out for the price and features of several products. Choose according to your requirements and make the best out of your investment. Proper research will help you to choose a good propane wall heater and you will also save a few bucks.

When you are researching, go for the trusted source. One such excellent source to get information about propane wall heaters can be availed on the internet.

Sit in front of your PC and let the search do the job for you. You can know about different products, their features, structure, prices, etc. Thus, the comparison job becomes much easier.

Considering the above aspects, it becomes easier to pick up the right propane wall heater for your need. These heaters are convenient and user friendly and hence it makes sense to buy propane wall heaters rather than choosing the expensive and messy electric heating options.

Propane water heaters use propane gas as the main source of energy to heat water above the normal temperature. These propane water heaters are good for your day to day household requirements such as bathing, cleaning, cooking, etc.

One common variety of propane water heaters are tank-type water heaters. These water heaters feature a cylindrical tank in which the hot water is stored. Tank-type propane water heaters or storage water heaters can store water from 75 liters to 400 liters.

These water heaters can store heat for later usage. This variety of propane water heaters is hugely popular in European countries where there are numerous gasoline stations. These water heaters are relatively cheaper.

Advantages Of Using Propane Water Heaters

There are several factors that make propane water heaters more beneficial than electric water heaters. These water heaters are definitely more affordable as propane gas is always cheaper than electricity. This is not all, there are several other benefits of propane water heaters. The storage space necessities of these heaters are smaller and they offer a wide variety of sizes, vending options, and installation.

The heating elements are more long-lasting and hence the components of these heaters promise more durability. The adjustment of the temperature of these heaters is more accurate. Last but not the least; propane water heaters are eco friendly. These water heaters can emit 60% lesser greenhouse gases.

Why Use Propane Heaters?

This is a general question that many people ask. They want to know why they should use propane water heaters and not electric water heaters. The reasons are quite clear from the above discussions in the ‘Advantages’ section. Here are a few more benefits of propane water heaters.

These water heaters make life more comfortable and easy. People make smart choices as propane is environment-friendly gas. It works hard, operates smartly, and burns cleanly. Thus, it is perfect for domestic usage. If you use propane water heaters, you can contribute towards protecting the environment, save energy, and reduce emissions of greenhouse.

Propane gives good value as it provides considerable savings compared to other alternatives. Using propane water heaters is reliable and safe as these heaters are clean and non-toxic.

What Should Be The Safety Measures?

If you are planning to install propane water heaters, you need to take care of some safety measures. Remember that propane is a flammable gas and hence you need to take the necessary steps to use it safely. You must not use outdoor propane heaters inside your home and in the same manner, you should not use indoor heaters outside.

You must ensure that the device has been installed properly. If your propane water heater is poorly installed, then it can catch fire and can emit an increased level of harmful carbon monoxide. Installing a carbon monoxide detector can be useful in this regard.

Propane water heaters are among the most useful appliances. This saves your time, energy, and money. Use a propane water heater and reap its benefits.

Ventless Propane Heaters

Everyone is familiar with fireplaces and heaters, especially those who live in countries where the temperature is very less. Fireplaces are very attractive as they not only heats up the interior but also increase the appeal of the house.

But, searching, shopping, and storing of logs for the fireplaces are lengthy as well as a costly process. In such cases, you may try an alternative that is easy to use and less expensive. Ventless propane heaters are the perfect choice for that.

Ventless propane heaters are less expensive because these heaters use propane gas, which is not very costly. Propane gas is also easily available through several manufacturers of gas. These models are easy to install and can be easily placed at a room corner.

There are some models of ventless propane heaters that can be mounted on the wall of your house. Try to go with the models that come with lower BTUs.

Advantages of Ventless Propane Heaters

Ventless propane heaters are handy and feature excellent mobility. If you choose the portable ventless propane heater then you can transfer it from one room to another. You can also use the heater in your camping tent or RV. The tank for storing gas can be the little movable ones and hence it comes as a great help for those who need to transfer the heater constantly.

Propane gas can be easily refilled in these heaters as the gas is available at the mainline supply of your area. You can also use large tanks, directly connected to the heater. For safety purposes, install the propane tank outdoor and the heater indoor.

Disadvantages of ventless propane heaters

You can plan the propane gas supply to your ventless propane heater in any way you want but you have to ensure that you have vented the room or place properly. Though the name of these heaters is ventless propane heaters gas heaters are not totally ventless.

For making the device operate smoothly without any shortcoming, enough supply of oxygen is a must that is possible only with proper circulation of air and the right ventilation.

Thought ventless propane heaters are excellent products but there are certain health risks associated too. That is why ventless propane heaters are banned in certain parts such as Massachusetts, California, and Canada.

The officials have declared this device unsuitable for usage. This is because the ventless propane heaters make complete use of oxygen that can cause suffocation to those who are inside the room.

Apart from that, various processes of combustion may not completely burn the propane and thus there is not just suffocation due to oxygen loss but also chances of inhaling dangerous carbon dioxide too.

Not just that, the level of humidity also rises in the room and that promotes the growth of fungi and bacteria, leading to severe allergies and diseases.

Hence, if you are planning to buy ventless propane heaters then you should check with the permit issuance sections of your local government.

The issue of propane heater safety is an important one. It is not only crucial to know about the correct technicalities of the device and its installation and maintenance methods but also to regard the safety measures that ought to be associated with it.

The measures related to the safety matters in relation to the propane heater must be known and taken by the company representatives who sell these heaters, the staff of a particular place like a bar where these are fixed, and also the family members residing together who to use these kinds of heaters. In fact, there are different genres of propane heaters that are being used at a hoard of places.

Let us first discuss the indoor propane heater safety in brief. The indoor propane heater is used in the household premises, in the majority of the instances. The safety in this case necessarily centers on the family members in the household, and especially children and the aged persons. The exact region for placing the heater must be selected carefully, so as to keep it away from the reach of the children. By taking such a measure in regard to propane heater safety, mishaps can be easily avoided.

It is essential to keep in mind that during the time of installing the ventless propane heaters, the lower portions of the walls must not be taken into consideration. The reasons are two. The children or even the adults can come too near to the heaters that can prove to be dangerous. The second reason is the working of these heaters gets disrupted and they fail to function optimally if not placed on the top portions of the walls. All these factors combine together in considering the propane heater safety in this case.

There are also other varieties of propane heaters that are used in different places. One such genre is the propane space heater and with it automatically the issue of propane space heater safety is raised. It works in a definite space. It is important that space must be in compliance with the capacity of the propane heater. A small heater for a large space or a small heater for a large space is a strict no-no. These factors are required to be stressed in the realm of propane heater safety.

Thus we see that from the overall perspective propane heater safety is an important issue that needs to be intelligently explored. In order to know more about propane heater safety, the companies that do business in these products are required to take serious initiatives.

The fastest way to know if you have a propane gas leak is the smell. If you smell gas, move quickly. A leak of propane gas into the home is dangerous and shouldn’t be ignored. Have your family and pets evacuate the house as quickly as possible. You have to decide if you want to take the time to find the leak or evacuate as well. If you decide the check for a leak, here are some things you can do.

Whatever you do, do not use your cell phone or create any kind of spark that might set off an explosion. The cell phone has signals that can create these sorts of catastrophic events so be warned. It would be best to get all cell phones out of the house as well in case someone calls you.

propane tank Birds are known for showing stress or dying if there are gas leaks. If you have a bird, and there is a natural gas leak, the bird would either be dead or showing signs of stress. If not, the leak may not be that bad yet, so you should still check as much as possible..

The obvious place to check would be the stove. Check all the burners and oven to make sure they are all turned off. If they are off, leave them off until you have found the leak. You have other things you can do to check.


Check the hot water heater. Perhaps the pilot light has gone off. If so, it is best to cut it off at the meter. Do not try to re-set the pilot light until you have found the source for the smell of propane gas that prompted your actions.

You can go to the propane tank and read the instructions for testing for a leak. After completing the test, if you find that there is a reading between four pounds per square inch and six pounds, there is an excellent chance you have a leak. You can leave now or take one more step to be sure.

Take a wet sponge and apply some dishwasher liquid to it. Fold the sponge in half to distribute the dishwasher liquid. Apply some of the soap along the pipe so that it is covered. If the pipe begins to show bubbles, you have a propane leak. Leave and call the company that provides you the propane service. Do not come back until they tell you to.

The propane heater is a very popular device in the cold countries of the world. It radiates heat and keeps the environment warm and protects the people from cold waves. There are various types of propane heaters available in the market. Apart from knowing the functioning details of the heaters and their processes of installation and upgrading, it is also important to know about cleaning a propane heater.

If a propane heater is cleaned regularly, then its maintenance costs decrease considerably. Moreover, the efficiency of the heater is also raised. So, keeping into account these factors, a person must know how to clean a propane heater.

Firstly, it is vital to have clear ideas about various components of the propane heater. This knowledge makes the task of cleaning easier. Separating each component from the other and then cleaning each of them individually is a wise thing to adopt. In this manner, each part of the device is taken care of. Cleaning a propane heater as a whole is not a good thing to do, as there are some parts inside the machine that goes unnoticed.

The body of the propane heater should be dismantled before beginning the process of cleaning the device. This is relatively easy to do. All you need is a screwdriver, with the help of which you can smoothly separate out the metal sheets that make the outer body of the machine. Then, you can, on the first hand, start dusting the inner portions of the device with a dry cloth. Cleaning a propane heater in this way is a common method.

The fan of the propane heater is one of the most important components of the device. In order to know how to clean a propane heater, it is crucial to know to clean the fan that flows out the warm air. Cleaning involves cleaning its fan.

As a first step, the fan can be cleaned with a dry cloth or wool, to get rid of the dust. Then it may be carefully cleaned with a piece of cloth soaked in a good cleaning solution or in water. While cleaning a propane heater, it must be made sure that not a single of its part is in function.

The other components of the propane heater like the part that does the heat exchange that is the heat exchanger and also the sensors should also be cleaned carefully, to not damage them in the process of cleaning. In this manner, cleaning a propane heater also ensures that the efficiency of each of the machine parts remains intact.

After cleaning a propane heater, make sure that all the components of the device are properly fixed to the body. The parts must be in place in exactly the same fashion they were before the start of cleaning them. Unless this is done, the device will not function in the desired way and also can bear costs to the user. So to avoid inconvenience these pants must be accounted for.

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