The Complete Guide to Portable Closets 2021

portable closet

A portable closet is a very handy thing to have in the house because it can easily store a lot of your clothes and more items that you might want to keep in there.

It is also available in so many designs that its use can be as varied as the needs of people for home storage. Just think of it as a Swiss Army knife only that it can store clothes and other things.

And not only that you can easily move it from one spot to another, hence the term portable, you can also easily set one up. How to build a portable closet?

That might be the easiest question to answer because assembling a small portable closet is just a breeze and at most times will not even require any kind of tools.

How to Buy Portable Closets

It’s easy to assemble. It has zippers for easy opening and closing. It has a built-in rack for hangers. It comes in all colors and designs imaginable. Those are among the qualities that these portable clothes closets embody and are the exact things that make people want them more. But buying one should not be as simple as going to the store and picking out one. You should think of a few things first before you spend your money on these cheap portable closets.

1. What are you going to use it for?

Most of us are just impulse buyers and we purchase a thing just because a friend had recommended it or we just saw one and it looked nice to have. That is a very poor shopping habit and if you are one, you probably have countless items at your house that you are not using and are just occupying precious space. Think first if you really have a use for one of these portable closet systems because even though it is small, it can still be just another junk in your house if you do not make good use of it.

2. Buy one that is easily assembled.

Because that is one of the essences of a thing being portable. It has to be easily assembled so that whenever you feel like rearranging your house, you can simply disassemble your portable closet and put it back again in another corner of your home. Make sure that the instructions are easy to follow and that the whole procedure can be done by just one person alone. Otherwise, it is not as portable and as handy as you would think it might be.

3. Get a portable closet that is adjustable.

Adjustable in many ways. It can be the height, if you are a very tall person and that you want your things to be at your eye level. It can also be used for things other than your clothes like for your shoes, books may be, or any other accessories you might want to keep in there.

Reasons for Buying a Portable Storage Closet

Portable storage closets are specifically designed to handle situations just like these. That is because they can also serve as complements to your existing and much bigger room closets which are probably already filled to the brim. So you need another closet for all your other stuff, and perhaps not just for your clothes. Now that is just one good reason why you need a portable closet storage unit. A few other possible reasons are the following:

1. You have a very limited budget for another closet.

That is, for a bigger and regular-sized wood closet in your room. The best alternative to this is portable closet solutions. They come very cheap and in a variety of designs and sizes. You will surely find one that is well within your purchasing capability.

2. You just need another closet for your less important stuff.

When you only need a closet to store your items and you are just going to put that closet in a very inconspicuous spot, then a portable storage closet is your best choice. It’s cheap. It’s lightweight that you can easily move it from one corner to another. And it has enough space for your other things.

3. When you need a quick solution to your storage needs.

Perhaps you are not too conscious about the overall interior design of your house and you just want another closet for your clothes and other stuff. A quick answer to that need is a portable closet because you do not have to hire a carpenter to have one made just for you. With the availability of various designs, finding one that fits your needs is very easy. And assembly is also fast and you can do it all by yourself. Just make sure that you read the instructions carefully so you do not misplace some of the parts. Otherwise, everything else can be set up within minutes.

4. You are very disorganized.

Not everyone is as organized as that Monica character in the tv sitcom, ‘Friends’. Most of the population are kind of slobs. They throw their clothes on the floor, they leave their things on the bed or hanging on a chair. And when it comes to looking for just one item, it usually takes them an eternity just to find it, even if it is as big as a rain jacket. That is because we are disorganized and a nifty portable closet can help us organize our lives and our things as well.

5. You have a very small space.

Perhaps you are living in a small apartment that you have no choice but to limit the number and the size of your furniture. Closet companies have long realized such a situation that is why they have come up with this great solution: portable closets. It does not occupy much space and yet it can store a lot of your stuff.

6. You keep on moving.

You only last for a year at most in one apartment and after that, you are again on the move to your next abode. When you are constantly switching apartments, it pays to have very lightweight pieces of furniture that you can easily disassemble and reassemble. It makes hopping from one apartment to another so much easier and fun at times.

Closet Maid Storage Solutions

Closet Maid storage, Best Closet Maid storage

Closet Maid Storage products are an incredible way to organize your home in a stylish, attractive fashion.

Closet Maid systems have been designed for basic closets, bedrooms, garages, kitchens, and pantries, laundry areas, home offices: you name it, Closet Maid has thought of a new and improved way to live. From wood to the wire, Closet Maid organizers look and feel great wherever they’re installed.

The beauty that comes out of order is really unimaginable until you’ve witnessed the glamorous designs that are Closet Maid shelving. Oak, cherry, and maple wood shelving to display and store your kitchen ceramics, wines, spices, dish drying racks…your basic home and food supplies can be transformed into a space of royal cleanliness. Closet Maid shelves for videos, DVDs, CDs, and books in your home recreation area will do the same.

Closet Maid cabinets and cubbies in a chaotic children’s room may actually solve that “kid’s mess” problem. With an attractive and simple way to put away clothing, laundry, toys, and books, your children can actually enjoy the neatness as much as you do. They can quickly learn that having a place to put their things opens the room to greater play and enjoyment. What could be better? And Closet Maid can design them to compliment your child’s bedroom décor; the fun colors that everyone will appreciate is only one example.

The new lines in Closet Maid selective actually turn an organization into elegance. With everything practical like Extention drawers, and expandable closet rods, designed with everything beautiful, like soft edges and spectacular wood finishes, you get to customize your Closet Maid organizer to the very last detail. These laws defy entropy!

A Closet Maid closet organizer for the bedroom, garage, and home office takes advantage of all the best in Closet Maid. Shelving, drawers, hanging rods, shoe organizers, toiletry organizers, caddies to hold your electric iron and ironing board, boxing space; the works. The only possible disadvantage would be that such an incredible organization might blow your mind.

Wait, you say? Do you ask about installation? Closet Maid products are incredibly simple to install. Instructions are straightforward. Diagrams are clear. An added benefit, as well, is that Closet Maid has created an employment niche specifically for those who are installation challenged. Closet Maid herself will help you install that unbeatable organizer system.

In a nutshell, Closet Maid has altered reality for the organized and disorganized. Don’t procrastinate a moment longer. Whether it previously came naturally or required superhuman effort, the stats now are like this: Closet Maid makes organization easy and beautiful.

Awesome Portable Closet Systems

Portable Closet Systems When space is getting tight or you suddenly need an extra closet room, please don’t stress. There’s a simple and inexpensive way to solve the problem. Portable closet storage. Portable closets are cheap and will store any variety of items that you’re desperate to get out of the way.

A portable clothes closet is the perfect choice for guests who need a closet room that you just can’t spare. Simple closets provide a hanging rod for suits and clothing, sometimes even special tie and shoe racks. A portable closet system offers even more. In addition to hanging space, you can have drawers and shelving for folded clothing, dirty laundry, art supplies, kids’ toys, whatever you can think of. When you’re waiting for the next child to grow into some stored clothes, where do you put them? With the out of season sweaters, coats, scarves, gloves, boots, what do you do? Portable clothes closets. Simple as tea.

When you don’t need that storage in the guest room or office, portable storage closets ride nicely into the attic or down to the basement, storing your belongings neatly out of sight. They can also act as a drying rack for items you want to hang dry in the laundry room. Use it as a portable linen closet in any room of the house.

Then, when you’re moving houses, too, you can save the trouble of folding and packing all your clothes into suitcases; stick them into that portable closet organizer, and onto the moving truck they go!

So as you begin to search for the paramount portable closet, there are a number of things to keep in mind.

1. Portable closets are not known for their beauty. You may not be able to make a very aesthetic choice in this buy. It’s functional. Be warned.

2. If the closet doesn’t have proper support at the base, it will sag terribly when full. Unless you’re looking purely for hanging space, make sure to get a closet with a proper base…or support it yourself with some extra boxes.

3. Most hanging closets won’t protect your belongings against severe humidity and moisture. Think about where you’re storing the closet when you choose plastic, canvas, or Rubbermaid portable closet.

4. Portable closets usually require some standard assembly at home. Be prepared.

5. Get a closet with a quality zipper. When that closet is stuffed the way it can be, zippers tend to jam. A T shaped zipper jams more than a D shaped zipper; go for the latter when you have the choice.

Other than that? Rock on! For anywhere from $20 to $100, you’ll be able to pack away those storage nightmares, for good!

Rubbermaid Closet Organizers

Best Rubbermaid Closet Organizers, Rubbermaid Closet Organizers

Rubbermaid closet organizers are perhaps the most well known and widely used closet organization systems. Rubbermaid closets can be customized for your kitchen, garage, mudroom, or bedroom storage. T

hey are known for being easy to install, easy to adjust, and wonderfully long-lasting. Nothing could be better! Want to know what Rubbermaid has to offer? Here is a sample of what you’ll find in Rubbermaid products.

1. Rubbermaid closet shelving includes every type of shelf for every type of storage. Wood linen shelves, shoe shelves and shoe racks, shelving kits for adjustable shelving space, accessory shelves, just to name a few. Mostly wire, but canvas and laminate are options, too.

2. Hanging rods perfect for your entire wardrobe, hooks for bathrooms and garage storage, laundry spaces, etc. Rods and hooks in metal or wood, they’ll have something that can hold the load of any item.

3. Drawers come in wire or wood, and in all different sizes. From sock drawers to sweater drawers, to that inescapable miscellaneous drawer, Rubbermaid has it covered. Deep shelves are best for clothing, narrow shelves for those small and always needed items like sunglasses and the last pair of socks.

4. Rubbermaid closet kits can be complete Rubbermaid closet systems or inserts for storage, like Rubbermaid closet shelves kits. A Rubbermaid kit provides an easy to install, easy to use closet storage organization system pre-designed to make your living easier. Some versions have adjustable shelving racks and rods spaces, to expand or contract your Rubbermaid closet organizer at will. Others are not adjustable.

5. Food containers, beverage containers, filing boxes, laundry bins… Rubbermaid closet storage doesn’t end with shelves and drawers. Rubbermaid has thought of everything you’ll need in putting your home, garage, and office space in true order. Canvas storage chests will fit neatly into that newfound closet space. Suit bags and sweater boxes, to boot!

6. Tips, too! The company website also offers tips, suggestions, and guidelines for making Rubbermaid closet organization easy, attractive, and eternal.

What’s more? Rubbermaid posts articles on a continuous basis for new home organization and interior design ideas. Their articles are always easy to read and incredibly helpful, whether you buy their products or not!

Since a Rubbermaid closet system is inexpensive (anywhere from twenty dollars to $165), installs smoothly without any cutting involved, and are built to last, Rubbermaid has become a popular company. It keeps growing, too! Rubbermaid closet solutions are made to be part of every home. There’s no reason you can’t take advantage, as well.

Closet Shelves Keep You Organized

Where would we all be without our closet shelves? In every room of the house, these shelves are used for all sorts of things. From the bedroom to the bathroom to the linen closet, these shelves definitely make our lives more organized and put together.

Closet shelving is needed to keep our lives in order. Imagine going into your kitchen, trying to look for something to eat without the pantry closet shelves neatly holding everything you need. Or what about trying to find a clean set of linen when it is not neatly piled on your linen closet shelving.

You’ll never be able to find anything. It’s important to try to keep your shelves as orderly as possible, this way whatever you need will always be easily accessible. A closet shelving system is one way to keep yourself organized. It also helps to have bins to keep all of the small things together- label them so you’ll know what’s inside each one.

Closet shelves need to be sturdy. You don’t want to have everything falling down or being tilted by a shelf that can not hold heavyweight. Wire closet shelving is a good option, as it is durable and strong, ideal for heavy items such as cans or tools. Wood closet shelving is also recommendable, as long as it is strong and not easy to bend.

When choosing your shelves, be sure to keep in mind what they will be used for, so that they will be able to hold the weight you need. For people that are handy, building closet shelves is an ideal option. This way, the shelves can be custom build for what you need, and be placed exactly where you want. You really have to know how to build closet shelves before attempting this, or else you wind up with a bigger mess than you started with.

If you build closet shelves, you can be creative and think of original ways to store your stuff, adding a unique twist to your home. Attaching shelves to the upper section of the wall is a great space-saver, besides being a convenient place to put things; when you do things yourself, the sky is the limit.

Next time you do a spring cleaning or just want to get organized, a great place to start is in the closets. When you organize those shelves, you will feel very good about yourself, and appreciate being able to find everything you need without any effort.

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