The 10 Best Plastic Storage Cabinets

Plastic Storage Cabinet

My ambition is to share with you the best information, tips, and reviews on plastic storage cabinets and containers that I find, currently use and have recycled.

My goal is to create a Home Organization Encyclopedia around the uses of plastic cabinet storage.

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Best Plastic Storage Cabinets


1. Rubbermaid Roughneck Mini Resin Weather Resistant Outdoor Garden Storage Deck Box

Rubbermaid Roughneck Mini Resin Weather Resistant Outdoor Garden Storage Deck Box

2. Suncast BMC3000 Cabinet-Resin Construction for Wall Mounted Garage Storage, 30.25″ Organizer Doors & Slate Top, Silver/Platinum

Suncast BMC3000 Cabinet-Resin Construction for Wall Mounted Garage Storage, 30.25" Organizer Doors & Slate Top, Silver/Platinum

3. Rubbermaid Vertical Resin Weather Resistant Outdoor Garden Storage Shed, 2×2.5 Feet, Olive and Sandstone

Rubbermaid Vertical Resin Weather Resistant Outdoor Garden Storage Shed, 2x2.5 Feet, Olive and Sandstone

4. Rubbermaid Double-Door Storage Cabinet, 18″ D x 36″ W x 37″ H, Gray/Black, FG708500MICHR, Small Vertical

Rubbermaid Double-Door Storage Cabinet, 18" D x 36" W x 37" H, Gray/Black, FG708500MICHR,Small Vertical

5. Suncast Vertical Outdoor Storage Shed for Backyards and Patios 20 Cubic ft Capacity for Tools and Garden Accessories, 22 cu, Vanilla and Stoney

Suncast Vertical Outdoor Storage Shed for Backyards and Patios 20 Cubic ft Capacity for Tools and Garden Accessories, 22 cu, Vanilla and Stoney

6. KETER Storage Cabinet with Doors and Shelves – Perfect for Garage and Basement Organization, Grey

KETER Storage Cabinet with Doors and Shelves - Perfect for Garage and Basement Organization, Grey

7. BS Lockable Storage Cabinet Outdoor 4 Shelf Organizer Yard Garden Garages Pantry Dorm Room Kitchen Adjustable Shelves 2 Doors Accent Cabinet Storage

BS Lockable Storage Cabinet Outdoor 4 Shelf Organizer Yard Garden Garages Pantry Dorm Room Kitchen Adjustable Shelves 2 Doors Accent Cabinet Storage Shed Horizontal Durable Grey

8. Rubbermaid 72-Inch Four-Shelf Double-Door Resin Storage Cabinet

Rubbermaid 72-Inch Four-Shelf Double-Door Resin Storage Cabinet (FG708300MICHR)

9. Rubbermaid Small Vertical Resin Weather Resistant Outdoor Garden Storage Shed, 5×2 Feet, Sandstone

Rubbermaid Small Vertical Resin Weather Resistant Outdoor Garden Storage Shed, 5x2 Feet, Sandstone

10. HOMSPARK Horizontal Storage Shed Weather Resistance, Multi-Purpose Outdoor Storage Box for Backyards and Patios

HOMSPARK Horizontal Storage Shed Weather Resistance, Multi-Purpose Outdoor Storage Box for Backyards and Patios, 26 Cubic Feet Capacity for Bike, Lawnmower, Trash Cans, Patio Accessories

Best Information, Tips, and Reviews on Plastic Storage Cabinets

The focus of my reviews will be to share with you the available models and use of some of the best quality plastic storage cabinets I can find through my research online, from attending home improvement shows, and from actually buying and using some of the units I review.

I want to say I will often say I found the unit perfect for a certain use, but I may not actually buy the unit because I do have a limited budget and space to try these items.

I also want to say that I have bought and do still own some metal and wooden storage cabinets, however, I still prefer plastic for many reasons. I own two metal filing cabinets. There are some plastic ones, but I have found that the plastic ones have a limited load on the number of folders.

The metal filing cabinet is what it is! It holds a lot of heavy papers, brochures, and booklets that I have picked up at the home improvement shows. The paint is coming off the filing cabinet and it has a few dents from my chair, but it is reliable.

My reviews will cover the following units and benefits:

1.Plastic Storage Cabinets. The primary benefits of buying cabinets vs shelves are cabinets can be lockable for privacy or security, can be on wheels for mobility or for cleaning behind, and definitely protect stored items from dust, especially in the garage. There are cabinets with drawers for a combination of benefits for users.

2. Plastic Storage Drawers. I feel these are one of the best investments you can make to organize your closet, remove some of the bulky items from your bureau, and store seasonal clothes. We have them in all of our closets, and we make a point of having a beach drawer (swimsuits, etc.), a winter drawer (heavy socks, extra gloves, scarfs, and hats), and a linen drawer for extra blankets. Using clear plastic storage drawers has the benefit of making items visible, allowing light into the drawers to minimize mold and moth infestation, and being a clean palette for any color you may want to paint them.

3. Plastic Storage Sheds. There are models for use that include small patio storage, garden sheds with shelves, low height for lawnmowers, and also full height for small workshops. The most amazing array of sheds are available from Rubbermaid for specialty below fence-line storage so you meet your apartment or condo requirements. These sheds are lockable and provide a no-maintenance (except for cleaning) solution for you to assemble yourself.

Plastic Storage Cabinets for Home Improvement – Top 5 Reasons to Buy Plastic

We do not typically think of using plastic storage as a home improvement item, however, let me explain why plastic in most cases is the best choice.

1. Best features and best functions, plastic is more flexible for use and for re-purposed use than most wooden or metal cabinets. This is because plastic is lightweight, can be stackable, be lockable, may be clear, and have drawers, doors, and shelves.

I prefer stackable plastic storage drawers for closets. I prefer plastic storage sheds because they can be hosed down to clean out spider webs, gardening messes, and spills.

2. Easy maintenance is just a quick soap and water job. Even with the lawnmower oil spill, I was able to use hot soapy water and a little bleach to restore the plastic storage cabinet back to new. plastic storage sheds take a betting from lawnmowers, bikes, motorcycles, and ATVs. Most owners prefer plastic storage sheds because they are compact and can have all of the related specialty items stored with the vehicle. Often larger outdoor sheds become all-purpose storage and the vehicle loses space to other needs.

3. Economical and attractive. Depending on where you plan to add home organization improvements, there is a wide variety of units that may fit snuggly and perfectly with your decor. And when you want to jazz up a cabinet, there are spray paints in all shades that adhere to plastic. These cabinets are always more affordable than wooden or metal storage cabinets because it is cheaper to manufacture and ship plastic. Plastic storage containers can be modular for the home-owner to assemble (the same as wooden or plastic), however, the unit is lightweight and easier to assemble. Ask any friend, would they like a box of over 1,000 screws to assemble a metal storage shed or would they like a few snap-together panels and some plastic screws for a plastic shed.

4. Combinations of Features. If you look online or in your home improvement store, you will discover that plastic storage cabinets have the widest range of feature combinations. I will be stressing the features in most of my articles because it is the feature that sets plastic storage cabinets apart from wooden or metal storage units. Stackable units are more flexible for re-purposing than taller units. I prefer to buy plastic storage base units then stack them. Always remember to anchor your shelving to prevent it from falling over. People who live in hurricane or earthquake areas are familiar with anchoring sheds. Most plastic sheds have metal anchors.

5. Modular and expandable. Most manufacturers of plastic storage cabinets realize the marketing potential of saying to a homeowner that he or she can buy only the features or size needed for the job and can add more drawers, shelves, or bins later. If you think about the potential of mixing and matching extra drawers, bins, or containers to a base unit of shelves, then you will realize that the plastic cabinet you buy for the garage, may be ideal for the kids’ toy storage in the basement or attic later. Because renting storage is a monthly expense and buying a plastic storage shed is a fraction of the cost, many people use the outdoor shed to hold garden tools, shelves for plastic storage containers with lids to keep seasonal clothing, and for plastic containers holding seasonal decorations.

Tips: Get Organized with Storage Cabinets

This may seem like a bold statement, but I have experience with metal cabinets and wooden cabinets, so I feel from my experiences, my budget concerns, and the longevity of the products: plastic storage cabinets are the best. Let me explain why with these anecdotes:

1. Metal Storage Cabinets: I have owned 4 styles and have taken to the dump 2 of them and left the third in the backyard of a sour previous house. The vertical locking cabinet eventually the doors were sprung and they did not meet together so I could lock them.

The doors were always the problem because jerking on the handle to pull them open caused the small Amerock hinges to bend.

The hinges were not replaceable because they were integrated into the frame. There are cheap metal models and I did not think I had the cheapest. If you decide to buy a metal cabinet, buy the same quality as school lockers – industrial strength – because the doors take the most abuse and must be high grade.

2. Metal storage shed: The shed that I left at our previous home had sliding doors. Eventually, the track rusted. In the winter, snow and ice would form in the track so I had to leave the door open to get to the snowblower. I now have plastic storage shed with doors that swing open and fit snuggly against the floor to prevent snow and ice from forming inside. Because the metal one was at the tree line in my backyard, the moisture caused the roof to peel and rust.

3. Wooden storage cabinets: I have bought and have had custom ones made for us. The custom ones were made of plywood and were extremely heavy. I painted the plywood ones to blend in with the back of my garage. After a few oil spills and they because unusable for other items due to the smell.

I tried to clean up the oils but they had soaked into the wood. The inside frame was made of 2×4′s and I was able to install hooks for tools. Eventually, the wooden cabinet shelves warped due to soda and other spills. The doors also warped with time – I think from the weight – and I had to remove the items stored on the inside of the door.

So from an economic perspective, plastic storage cabinets give more value per cubic foot than wooden or metal ones.

In conclusion, plastic storage cabinets are rugged and won’t chip, crack, or peel. Most of the manufacturers when creating the mold for these light-weight cabinets create shelf and niche areas for adding shelves and holding long-handled tools in place.

Benefits of Plastic Storage Cabinets with Doors for Style and Security

The secret to finding perfect plastic storage cabinets with doors is to search for styles that fit specific locations or rooms. For example, locker room-style cabinets can be very durable and colorful for most non-living spaces. Although my teenager loves his locker storage cabinets.

If you want an extra storage cabinet for a child’s room, then plastic is spill-proof, dent-proof, and washable. Many of the toy manufacturers sell cabinets for storage of parts, such as Lego, and some train sets. These cabinets can be a double duty for play if placed in a central area. This is true for adult items too. Rubbermaid makes plastic storage cabinets on wheels that can be a patio cart or a workshop tool cart.

Some cabinets have a single door and others have double doors making it easier to store large items – the more doors the better because there will be less weight on each hinge, and less wear and tear on multiple doors.

This is an important feature to review: take a look at the hinges. Is there enough for the height of the door? Are they of good quality?

If you are buying a cabinet for a larger project, such as for the garage or a workshop, then buy styles that are modular and are not likely to change in the next year. Do not put off completing a project too long because manufacturers are updating and adding features all the time to be competitive. Sometimes the colors will change and you will not be able to find last year’s color.

Plastic Storage Cabinets with Doors for Outdoors

Rather than take up space in my main plastic storage shed for some items I have bought several specialty plastic storage cabinets for gardening, for yard games, and for outdoor barbecuing. I may have overdone it a little on the organizing, but I did buy a bin with a lid for the charcoal and set it in the smaller fin next to my grill. One of the reasons I like this one so much is I can keep the lighters, newspapers for starters, and other gadgets handy.

I sometimes think maintaining my plastic storage cabinets is a full-time job, then I realize that I truly enjoy the peace of mind when you know what you need is handy and that you do not have to run to a store because you have started dinner and have run out of charcoal.

I use the top of the plastic storage cabinet as a buffet counter after we have cooked. I spread a doubled beach towel over it to protect the plastic and we use straw trivets for hot plates.

If you are looking for a convenient way of storing trash bins outside your home and want to prevent animals from getting into your garbage, I recommend the lockable plastic storage cabinets with doors because not even bears can open them.

I do have a preference for white or light colors for outdoor cabinets because over time the sun does bleach darker colored cabinets in an uneven pattern. Again I do prefer some of the Rubbermaid products because they seem to be able to withstand freezing weather and very hot weather.

One of the challenges I faced a few summers ago was several of my cabinets had wasp nests in them. Then I learned a trick from my neighbor – I emptied the cabinet and sprayed the walls of the cabinet with a fine mist of wasp and hornet spray. The oily spray stuck to the grooves of the cabinet and we have not seen any more nests. Speaking of cleaning – it is a good idea to give your outdoor storage areas a good annual cleaning to prevent a buildup of spiderwebs, etc.

The plastic storage cabinets with doors that have lift-up lids for complete accessibility should have a mechanism for the doors to lock or for the lid to hold the doors in place. Remember small children will try to hide or playhouse in these and you will have to be careful what you store and how it is opened.

One of the best tips I can give you for these outdoor cabinets is to place the cabinet on pea gravel or mulch base to eliminate weeds. I dig out an area about 5 inches wider and deeper than the cabinet. I like the bare area with landscape cloth, then I usually use pea gravel as my base. The landscape cloth and gravel allow good drainage for snow melting and for rain.

One of my cabinets seemed so lightweight that I was concerned it would blow over during strong winds so I drilled four holes in the base and hammered 12-inch landscape nails through the holes. I put a rubber washer on each nail to protect the plastic flooring and hole.

How to Store Gasoline in a Plastic Storage Cabinet with Doors

My overriding advice is to verify with local authorities the ordinances or laws for the storage of gasoline cans and propane tanks. Also for safety, follow these general rules:

1. Only store gasoline in a tightly sealed canister that is made of plastic and is designed specifically for gasoline storage. The canisters are red and have the word “GASOLINE” embossed on the sides. The best canisters hold about 5 gallons and have both a small capped vent for air and a spout with a childproof cap.

2. If you are adding or combining c=gasoline into containers, always do this outdoors in a well-ventilated area and not inside of sheds and garages. Spilled gasoline is very difficult to clean up and is very flammable.

3. Never store gasoline canisters near electrical outlets, lighting fixtures, or in direct sunlight. Gas vapors inside the canister cause it to expand as it warms up. These vapors can be easily ignited by a spark from an outlet, from a cigarette… You get the idea. Never store matches or lighters near gasoline; it gives the impression that it is safe to ignite where the matches are stored and may not be.

4. Some regulations actually state only store gasoline canisters in metal sheds or cabinets. Verify if this is what applies to your locality. I actually prefer to store our gasoline canisters in plastic storage cabinets with doors that are in the shade of a cedar tree. The canisters can expand and contract; the cabinet can expand and contract. The cabinet is not airtight and is never in direct sunlight.

5. Weekly check the gasoline canisters during summer months or hot weather. The inside of a cabinet is almost always greater than the outside. Pop open the air vent on the canisters to allow vapors to escape. This is why I prefer to have the cans outside of by shed and never in the garage.

The Benefits and Uses of Plastic Storage Cabinets with Doors

1. If you cannot afford full-size outdoor plastic storage sheds, then plastic storage cabinets can be very affordable and useful for extra storage space.

2. If you do not have a yard or space for larger storage sheds, then cabinets can fit in small outdoor spaces, such as patios and balconies.

3. It is easier to repurpose a cabinet with doors for storage in a basement, in a rental storage facility, or inside a new shed. If the cabinet is lockable, then it can be used inside of a shed that is left unlocked.

4. Plastic storage cabinets with doors hide the contents and make a space seem tidy. These cabinets can be used next to hot tubs, pools, patios, barbecues, decks, porches, etc. to keep necessities nearby without clutter.

5. The shelves inside the cabinets can hold plastic storage bins to keep items dry and organized. Some cabinets are sold with bins and are ready immediately for you to clean up a cluttered space.

6. The cabinets can be used to store cushions for outdoor furniture to keep them from dry rotting in the sun and from getting mold from staying wet.

7. The cabinets can be used to store bird seed and wild animal feed in a secure dry area near feeding areas.

8. The cabinets can be used to hold pool toys, life preservers, and other floatation devices.

9. The cabinets can be used to store small stacks of dry firewood near fire pits or patio fireplaces. This makes it convenient to start a fire and maintain it.

10. A medium-sized plastic storage cabinet with doors can be used to store folding lawn chairs, hammocks, hammock cushions, and folding tables. It keeps the items clean while not in use.

My Best and General Organizing Tips

If you are serious about putting your home, office, or business in order and reducing clutter which is very distracting, then consider using plastic storage solutions in new ways. Organizers come in all sizes, shapes, and with amazing features. These are my best tips for organizing any space:

1. Consolidate and eliminate. Do not rush to a solution, but rush to sort the items into related cardboard boxes. For example, place all your books in one area of the home except for books currently being read and used. This will create a home library for all to enjoy.

2. Prepare a home, office, or business manual to document what is critical to run the function. Phone numbers, addresses, repair options, suppliers, police, government, emergency contacts. The manual can have key annual, monthly, weekly events documented. Birthdays, anniversaries, inspections, etc.

3. Recycle often, especially old magazines, newspapers, books, cans, bottles, and clothing.

4. Only buy to replace items. If you are well organized then you may have more outfits than you realize if you mix and match clothing. This is also true for tools. Manufacturers produce the same basic tools year after year – they only add a feature r storage box to help sell them. Get into the habit of eliminating after you buy something to keep areas organized and manageable.

5. Learn to repair and maintain your home, office, or business to reduce repair costs. Never repair electrical items yourself unless you are a licensed electrician. Having the supplies and tools for repair and maintenance can be very satisfying, but it can get out of hand without the organization. Keep everything well labeled and dated, such as paint cans. Only buy with a purpose in mind, then follow through by using what you have bought.

How to assemble Ram’s Utility Plastic Cabinet

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