The 10 Best Pedestal Dining Tables (2021 Reviews)

Pedestal Dining Table

Pedestal dining tables are simply a great innovation, especially for a small family.

The good thing about these kinds of dining room furniture is that there is a great range of models offered on the net and in several local furniture shops.

When keen on glassware, then you might look for a glass round pedestal dining table.

If you like vintage furniture more than contemporary ones, you won’t have problems finding the right table for you.

If your dining room is not too big, then you could go for a square table and if you have more space and have a large family you could go for a rectangular table.

It is important to say that there are some other types of dining tables including folding, extending, and leaf tables. Another design that is becoming more popular nowadays is a round pedestal dining table.

In this post, we are going to look at some of the top-rated pedestal dining tables for 2021.

These round pedestal dining tables are built for modern homes and the quality standards are not compromised.

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Best Pedestal Dining Table Reviews

1. GreenForest Round Dining Table Mid-Century Modern Tulip Pedestal Leisure Table with Strong Metal Base, White

GreenForest Round Dining Table Mid-Century Modern Tulip Pedestal Leisure Table with Srong Metal Base, White

Liven up your dining room by acquiring an adorable pedestal table from Knewlife manufacturers. The table will give a mid-century modern style to your home. It is spacious for four dining chairs.


The top part of the table: It is built from MDF wood. Considering that it is hygienic to wipe the dining table after using, MDF is preferable as it does not swell when spilled with water. Also, the wood is weather-resistant, therefore; the table can be used anywhere in the world. Above all, MDF is strong and durable. This means that the pedestal table can maintain its elegancy for years, if well maintained.

Pedestal base: The table is supported by a circular aluminum base. Considering that the dining table can be used in the kitchen it should be lightweight. This means that you can pick it up to where you want. Secondly, aluminum is durable and does not rust. This implies that the base will not affect the quality of the dining table, even if it lasts for years.

Details: The tabletop is connected to its base by a biconcave aluminum pedestal, giving the dining table an elegant appearance. The entire table is painted white. This gives it a cozy look, enhancing the value of the space.


It is easy to assemble.

The table is multipurpose.


The top part of the table chips at the edges, if mishandled. It is therefore advisable to cover it with glass.

2. Classic White 42″ Round Pedestal Dining Table by Home Styles

Classic White 42" Round Pedestal Dining Table by Home Styles

Are you looking for a presentable dining table for your house? Check whether classic 42 pedestal table from Home Styles manufacturers will impress you.


Construction material: The entire table is built from Asian hardwood. This material is strong, durable, and does not fade. Also, it does not harbor environmental hazards. This means that you can use the pedestal table for years without losing its value.

Tabletop: The circular top is built from well-conjoined hardwood. The wood is flat and smooth, hence easy to clean. Also, its edges are smoothly cut giving it a stylish finishing. From its circumference, four people can dine around the table comfortably.

Pedestal: The circular pedestal is built from a well-machined hardwood rod. Also, it has legs that give the table infinite support. The ornamental design of the pedestal legs gives the dining room an innovative look. It is then painted white displaying beauty and style.

Details: In addition to the cottage style, the pedestal table is finished with quality paints and treatments, that make it attractive. For instance; a clear coat finish protects the table from wearing. Also, a heavy acrylic paint gives it an outstanding look.


You can assemble the table alone.


It is designed for small rooms.

3. Damen Round Pedestal Drop Leaf Table Natural Brown and White

Damen Round Pedestal Drop Leaf Table Natural Brown and White

Complement your dining room with a stylish pedestal table from Coaster Home Furnishings. The unique table will bring emotional affection to the faces of your guests. Its lovely finishing will make it match with any house décor.


Construction materials: The outstanding table is built from natural wood and tropical wood. Hardwood was preferred for the tabletop because it is strong and durable, translating to high quality for a long. The wood is stain-resistant, therefore; cleanable through wiping. Also, it is modifiable through painting or sanding. Its pedestal is built from Asian tropical wood for extensive support.

Design and details: The pedestal dining table is built with modern designs. Its top has a drop leaf that makes it cozy. Additionally, its pedestal is stylishly machined to give the feeders a dainty appetite. Besides that, curved ornamental legs are fitted for stable support. The dining tabletop is finished with brown and its pedestal white. Although the table is designed for two, you can raise the leaf extension to accommodate the third person.


No assembling is required.

You can order the dining chairs from the same manufacturer to complement the table.

The table is light, therefore; you can use it anywhere in the house.


Designed for small families.

4. International Concepts 36-Inch Round Pedestal Table, 30-Inch, Espresso

International Concepts 36-Inch Round Pedestal Table, 30-Inch, Espresso

Complement your home look by purchasing this pedestal table from International Concepts. The sturdy furniture can be used in the kitchen, living room, or even in the home compound.


Construction material: The expresso dining table is built from rubberwood. The material was preferred due to its strength and resilient properties. Interestingly, you can use the cute table for up to 20 years without losing its value. If you are an indisciplined smoker, this is the table you should consider. It is heat resistant, therefore; safe from cigarette filter dents.

Details and design: The circular table top has smooth ends that give the furniture a cutting-edge look. The dining table’s pedestal is well-machined to attain a biconvex look. It is then striped around at the center and near the legs, making the table attractive.

Table base: The calm furniture is supported by four beautifully carved legs. Besides giving the table endless stability, it makes it fancy for any décor. Lacquer finishing is then applied to the dining table to make it shiny.


You can repaint the table anytime it becomes monotonous.

It is easy to assemble.


The eclectic table is only preferable for domestic use.

5. French Countryside Oak/ White 42″ Round Pedestal Table by Home Styles

French Countryside Oak/ White 42" Round Pedestal Table by Home Styles


If you are looking for a movable table to enjoy your weekend snack? Check out for a classic pedestal table from Home Styles furniture. The stunning table is designed with a French theme that makes it luxurious.


Construction materials: The pedestal table is built from engineered wood and hardwood solids. Besides the woods being strong, they are also stable, weather-resistant, and modifiable. This means that the pedestal table can be used for years without losing its value. Also, you can re-stain or re-paint it anytime you change your home theme.

Tabletop: The stylish tabletop is built from engineered wood. Its circular shape has smoothly curved edges that give it a prestigious look. From its circumference, four people can comfortably dine around.

Pedestal: The circular pedestal is beautifully striped giving the table an elegant look. On its base, four legs are well fitted for stable support. These artistic legs are designed with a French theme, making the table superb.

Finishing: The tabletop is finished with oak and white, while the pedestal and the base are pure white. The distressed oak techniques including specks, indents, and holes have been featured in the entire furniture. It is then rubbed with unique finishes that make it match with luxurious home décor.


The table is elegant and sturdy.


Assembly required

6. East West Furniture ANT-LWH-TP Antique Dinner Table – Linen White Table Top Surface and Linen White Finish legs Solid Wood Frame Dining Table

East West Furniture ANT-LWH-TP Antique Dinner Table - Linen White Table Top Surface and Linen White Finish legs Solid Wood Frame Dining Table

White displays cleanliness. This can be expressed well after looking at this Mid-Century dining table from East-West furniture. It can enhance the décor of any space.


Construction material: The modern table is built from rubberwood. Besides the material is resilient to extreme weather, it is tough and strong. This means that you can use the table for decades without repairs if carefully handled. Also, its resistance to stain will maintain the table’s quality for a long. Its machinable properties gave the table a smooth finishing that requires simple wiping after use.

The tabletop: The circular dining table has smoothly curved edges that make it presentable. Beneath the dining surface is another layer of wood that keeps it strong. From the circumference, spectacular furniture can be comfortably used by four people. Also, it’s spacious enough to place your serving dish, water jar, fruits, and other serving necessities.

Pedestal: The cute table has a circular white pedestal that is artistically finished to complement your dining room. It is then fitted with strong ornamental legs for ample support and stability.


The linen white makes the table match with all the house decorations.

Ideal for small eating space.


Requires assembling.

7. Modway Lippa 36″ Mid-Century Modern Dining Table with Square Top and Pedestal Base in White

Modway Lippa 36" Mid-Century Modern Dining Table with Square Top and Pedestal Base in White

The furniture is a mixture of style and class. Its alabaster-white appearance will refresh the decorations of any home. The table is spacious enough to fit four standard dining chairs. It is a perfect table for a modern dining room.


Construction material: The mid-century dining table is designed with two materials. Its top part is built from an MDF board. Besides the material is smooth, it is affordable and easy to cut. This means that the table is relatively cheap and maintainable. Also, the board is recyclable, therefore; you can embrace the furniture and spare trees. Additionally, coated aluminum is used on the pedestal and base. Considering that aluminum is strong and resistant to corrosion, the dining table may be long-lasting.

Design and details: The iconic furniture has a well-polished square top that can beautify any space. Its innovative sides and corners give the table a retro style, boasting the appetite of the food served. Its cute designed bi-concave pedestal is complemented by a circular powdered-aluminum base, making the table eye-catching. The tabletop was enhanced with lacquer finish paint to make it waterproof and chip-resistant.


No assembling is required. You can also reassemble it easily when moving.

It is sturdy and elegant.


The table is not ideal for outdoor use.

8. Modway Lippa Mid-Century Modern 20″ Round Side Table With Walnut Top and Black Base

Modway Lippa Mid-Century Modern 20" Round Side Table With Walnut Top and Black Base

It is recommendable to complement modern homes with elegant furniture. If you are contemplating about the dining table to purchase for your new home, try checking out this pedestal table from Modway manufacturers.


Construction materials: The unique table is designed with a mixture of wood and metal. A brown veneer is used on its top part and cast aluminum on the lower side. Besides the veneer being stable, it is safe from unnecessary cracking. This means that your dining table may maintain its quality for a long time. On the other hand, cast aluminum is strong and resistant to rust. This adds value to the dining table as it refreshes your décor.

Design and details: The dark brownish tabletop has smooth-curved edges, giving the table a distinctive look. It is then polished with lacquer finish paint to make it shiny. Besides the cast aluminum pedestal and base offering wonderful support and stability, it gives the table a shiny look that enhances your dining room. Black and dark brown colors give a cozy effect on any furniture.


The pedestal table can fit in small dining spaces, therefore; you do not need a mansion to own it.

It is light to lift. This means that you can enjoy your meal anywhere in your house.


The aluminum base can be dented if mishandled.

9. Signature Design by Ashley Accent Bench, Chipped White

Signature Design by Ashley Accent Bench, Chipped White

Do you love fancy designs on furniture? If yes, the silhouette dining table from Ashley Accent Bench might impress you. It can be used in the dining room, office, entryway, or even in the kitchen. Besides its unique style, the table is charming white.


Construction materials: The classic furniture is built from veneers, engineered wood, and hardwood. Engineered wood was preferred for the tabletop because it resists the changing weather. Also, it is light but strong. This means that the weight of the dining table does not compromise its durability. It is then supported by a hardwood base for extensive stability.

Pedestal: The biconvex table pedestal entails an artistically designed hardwood that can enhance any space. Its ends are stylishly striped and attach to the tabletop and base beautifully. It is then attached to a well-designed flat base with scrolled legs. The fancy style, cutting-edge sides, and antique look will complete your dining space.

Finishing: The eye-catching table is rubbed with a distressed finish that gives it an antique appearance. Each part was designed with a fancy desire, making the output ornamental. The design and construction of this pedestal table add value to each coin.


It is easy to assemble.

Four standard dining chairs can fit comfortably around it.


Senior adults and children may find it heavy to lift.

10. Whitewood Industries International Concepts 36″ Round Top Pedestal Table, White

Whitewood Industries International Concepts 36" Round Top Pedestal Table, White

Refresh your home decorations by adding this iconic pedestal table from Whitewood Industries. It has almost everything you may need for a modern dining room.


Construction materials: The modern table is built from Parawood. The wood is resistant to climatic changes, tough, and durable. This means that you may use the pedestal table for years. The fact that Parawood is machinable and easy to stain gives the stylish table a butcher block top, therefore; easy to wipe.

Tabletop: The classic dining space has a circular top that is spacious enough for 4 standard dining chairs, food, drinks, and other meal necessities. Its edges are stylishly machined giving the part a smooth finishing. Another circular block is fitted beneath the serving area to strengthen the top.

Pedestal: The circular biconvex pedestal is striped around making, the table outstanding. Four curved legs are then fitted at its base to support the table extensively. The artistic legs give your table a traditional yet elegant appearance.


It is classic and sturdy.


It is preferable for domestic use only.

How To Pick The Best Round Pedestal Dining Table

If you are looking for ways to upgrade the interior of your home or you are just moving into a new home, the round pedestal dining table might just be able to work that trick for you.

Since the 5 piece dining set is the important home furniture and more often than not, they are placed in conspicuous places in the home. You can easily make an impression on a visitor by how your dining looks.

Although there are many designs and styles that range from glass tables to antique chairs and over modern ones, if you have a large room and a big family, a round pedestal table might just be the perfect dining set to meet your family’s needs.

Round pedestal dining tables, although they have been around for a while now; suddenly have started gaining more popularity. Of course, the taste of people keeps improving.

These tables that sometimes were made bland now come in several designs that can transform your dining and make it look chic, stylish, and elegant altogether.

These tables are made so right that they can easily fit any dining element whether they be chairs, chandeliers, flower vases, and even the walls of your home. You will only need to say what design you want and you will get it.

Things to Consider Before Purchasing One

There are however some things you should consider before heading out to make that purchase. Going out without considering these things may see you purchasing the wrong pedestal table for your home.

The design

This is very important since it is the first thing a visitor will see and it is what will add that elegance and beauty to your home.

If you have a particular design in mind, make sure you stick with it. Do not allow the salesperson to offer you what you really do not love. Round dining tables are great for small kitchens.

The Size

Round pedestal dining table sets come in different sizes, it all depends on how large your dining room is.

You can have them small and you can have them large too. You will find ones that can hold a family of about 12 people while there are some that can only take 2 people. Get more information on the best small kitchen tables.

The best thing to do in this case is to consider how many people are in your family and how big is the size of your dining room. This way, you will be able to select the right size for you.

The Price

These tables are really costly but your investment in them is going to be worth it. You might need to prepare your budget and see how much you want to spend on a table. This will guide you and prevent you from overspending.

The User

While these tables are basically made for dining, there is nothing wrong if they are placed in the living room, library other parts of your home.

You can use it for reading in the afternoon and you can use it to drink tea with friends or loved ones. Therefore, you might want to look for one that can be used for more than eating.

If you are a savvy shopper, you might want to shop for these tables online. You may be lucky to bag for yourself at discount prices and even free shipping.

Importance Of Buying Round Pedestal Dining Table

Did someone suggest the possibility of having a round pedestal dining table to you and you are wondering what the heck?

Well, you are just like me; I wouldn’t want to buy anything without knowing what’s in-it-for-me. There are a number of advantages a round pedestal dining table has over other types of dining table; some of which I will try to discuss below.

Elegance and Beauty

We all want beautiful homes; that’s a fact! However, beautiful homes are carefully built; they just don’t come from heaven.

It all starts with the interior decoration, the kind of furniture you put there and of course, your dining plays a huge part in this, being one conspicuous part of the home apart from the living room.

The kind of furniture in your dining room can alter the general outlook of your home by up to 50%! If you don’t know this, then I suggest you give it a shot.

Round pedestal dining tables are however timeless and very cool and timeless. They have a way of adding beauty and elegance wherever they sit. I don’t know how this happens but it just happens.

You are more likely to fall in love with them than other types of dining sets. They will just fit like magic into any interior and conjure beauty in a flash.

Variety of style

Another reason why you probably should go for a round pedestal dining table set is that they come in a wide variety of designs. Oh, you will be spoiled so much that you will want to take everyone you see home.

If you want to go glamorous, you got it; if you want it romantic, you will find several designs along that line and if you want something that will be perfect for outdoor dining, you will not look too hard before you get hundreds of designs.

The artistry on these tables is masterful. They come in a mix of wrought iron and wood, marble and wood, all iron, all wooden, and anything you can imagine. There are way too many designs to choose from and this will give you more options in choosing the best for your home.


They are durable; I guess that is something I can’t afford to take my eyes off from when I go shopping. If it is not going to last longer, then it is not on the list.

Round pedestal dining tables last longer because of the materials from which they are made. As a matter of fact, even the wooden ones will last at least 20 years. Some will last you for a lifetime.


These tables are not only durable, but they are also timeless. If you don’t know, pedestal tables date back to the early Roman empire in the ‘sixte -somethings’ or thereabout, and till today, they are still being used.

So if you buy one today, you are not likely going to get tired of it because it is out of vogue. They are always in vogue and only found in homes that understand elegance and can pay the price.

Easy to Maintain

A typical round pedestal dining table is very easy to maintain. If liquid pours on it, it is only going to require wiping.

The only special cases are found in the one made from marble which may get stained. Even with that, they can easily be polished to a shine in no time. So you can be sure your table is not going to look sucky after a couple of years because you were eating on it.

So there you got it, the choice is left to you. These tables do not cost a fortune. You will even find some that match your budget.

If you want the best prices, I advise you to shop online. This will also give you the opportunity to view thousands of possible varieties available.

Round Pedestal Dining Table – Stylish and a Space Saver

Dining sets are needed in every home. Even homes without any other furniture consider a dining set a must, just as much as eating is a must if we must stay alive. This is why they are regarded as one of the fastest-selling furniture in any furniture showroom.

There is a wide variety of them sold everywhere; both online and offline. If you are a lover of antiques, you will find one for yourself and if you love them glassy and shiny, there are glass tables there for your purchase.

Those who are more comfortable with modern sets will find various eye-catching modern designs too to suit their fancies.

If you have a small dining room, the square compact type sets will be perfect but for homes with large families and large dining rooms, the round pedestal dining table sets are most perfect.

Round pedestal dining tables are never out of vogue. They remain one way of improving the looks of your dining and your home in general. Apart from this, they are very good for homes with large members and bigger dining rooms.

These tables are becoming so popular these days because they seem to match just any kind of interior décor. They go perfectly with other elements of the dining such as the lighting, the chairs, the chandeliers, the vases, and even the walls.

You will find these round pedestal sets in big homes, palaces, and presidential banqueting halls. The size of the table will, however, depend on how large the room is and how many people are going to be using the table to dine.

Does size matter?

Size matters a great deal when shopping for round pedestal dining table sets and as I said, this will depend on what your needs are. You will find round tables that are big enough to seat up to 12 people at a time while there are designs only meant to seat two people and no more.

Even with the regular size, which you may likely want to go for, you will need to get the exact measurement of your dining room so as to get a perfect size.

Of course, you will have to work within your budget. Although these round pedestal dining table sets are sweet, there is no reason why you should run over the cliff because of them. Do not go for sets you cannot afford since there are ones you can afford.

The designs vary and more often than not, you will get confused because nearly all the designs are sweet to behold. This is why you should get a particular design in mind before going to shop so that you do not get confused.

However, if you find it hard to make a choice, you may go for any design you think is attractive enough since most of the manufacturers have cute designs. One thing you must not miss is the size.

So whether you want to improve your home’s interior décor or you just need a dining set that befits your status, you will find a lot of options to select from in the round pedestal dining tables; ones that will surely give your home that beauty and timeless elegance that you have always wanted.

3 Reasons Why You Should Choose Pedestal Dining Table

A pedestal dining set is a wonderful part of the furniture, that can enhance the beauty and elegance of the dining room and your home. Because of that, you must know the few reasons why is the pedestal dining set right for your dining room and your lovely home.

One of the reasons is, that the pedestal dining set is available in various attractive designs, colors, and styles. You can choose the available pedestal dining set of dark wood, light wood, glass top, or metal.

Depending on the other furniture in your house, you may choose the finish of either light wood or dark wood. The excellently designed set will add a sense of romance and grace to your dining room decoration.

The second reason is that you can choose a black or white color. Again depending on the other furniture. Also, you have a great choice to pick one of the styles or the size of the pedestal dining table.

So you can choose a single pedestal dining table if you have a small dining room, or Double Pedestal Dining Set if you have a bigger family. A 5 piece dining set or a 7 piece dining set is great for an average family.

The most important reason to choose a pedestal dining set for your dining room is that the investment in a Pedestal Table Set is the fact that the pedestal table and chairs are very reliable and deserve your investment.

You can be ensured that this Pedestal Dining Set will last for long and will serve you for many years to come.

After you examine each of the reasons and evaluate them, you’ll have to admit that a very compelling case can be made for beginning to consider having Pedestal Dining Set for every season!

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