The 10 Best Papasan Chairs (2021 Reviews)

Papasan Chair

Ready to grab a Papasan chair and boost your comfort level?


This buying guide contains 10 of the best Papasan’s available online. The chairs come in a large bowled shape frame having fluffy cushions on them.

These chairs are fast becoming a popular trend among house-owners. The reason behind the popularity of Papasan chairs is these chairs are very comfortable and are a great place to sit while watching TV.

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Best Papasan Chairs 2021

1. Urban Shop Faux Fur Saucer Chair with Metal Frame, One Size, Black


Urban Shop Faux Fur Saucer Chair with Metal Frame, One Size, Black

This faux fur saucer chair is designed to add value to the eclectic and modern design plan. Its 100% mink fabric and stylish inset design patterns help to give this chair an alluring appeal.

Button capped depressed points dot the inner portion of the seat resulting in the creation of a diamond tufted pattern. The pattern extends over the entire fabric-lined cushioned surface.

The rounded frame with sloping sides is an adventurous departure from conventional furniture. This design results in a chair that resembles a saucer. A firm metal frame cradles and supports the cushion which has a width of 32 inches.

It is able to accommodate most adults and young adults and is a perfect addition to a living room, bedroom, or dorm room. This chair is ideal for relaxing while reading a book, watching television, or just chilling.

You can get this chair in other colors such as red, blue, grey, and purple.

Pros Cons
  • At nine pounds it is relatively light making movement easier when necessary.
  • You can store it easily as it folds down and opens quickly.
  • It can’t support over 225 pounds

2. OSP Designs Papasan Chair, Black

OSP Designs Papasan Chair, Black

This black Papasan chair is designed to offer you the ultimate sitting comfort while also injecting an element of creativity into your room decor.

The lower portion of the frame, which functions as the feet of the chair, has a wicker-themed design. The wicker design is created with propylene and covers the sturdy steel frame that gives the chair remarkable durability and strength. Fluffy tufted puffs provide comfort while enhancing the beauty of the chair.

This is indeed a great casual seat in which you can relax whether you’re in your apartment, bedroom, dorm room, or living room. Just hang back in its cradle and chill out, check out a great movie or dig into a really good book.

The 360 degrees swivel base allows you to change your position without getting up to move the chair. The width of the seat is 38 inches and it has a depth of 36.5 inches. This chair is available in other colors such as green, grey, white, blue, orange, and red.

Pros Cons
  • Has a sturdy structure
  • Easy to move around.
  • It cannot handle weights above 200 pounds

Papasan Patio seat Cushions

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3. International Caravan Bali 42-inch Indoor Fabric Rattan Papasan Chair – Walnut/Natural

International Caravan Bali 42-inch Indoor Fabric Rattan Papasan Chair - Walnut/Natural

Here is a chair that can help you to enjoy your interior space while adding its subtle air of sophistication to your modern décor theme.

The cushion is made of twill and polyester. It is full and fluffy so you feel like you are sitting on the clouds when you settle in. The rattan frame upon which the cushion sits is an example of craftsmanship at its best.

The lower portion features elaborate circular shapes created by the merger of sleek rounded strips, resulting in an open concept base. The rich brown lacquer finish gives it an earthy, warm appearance.

The solid eggshell color of the cushion is one that easily blends into most decors. The rich brown hue on the rattan base and support cradle also work well with most décor themes.

The chair’s simple elegance will shine in your bedroom, sunroom, or living room where it will offer you a divine spot to relax in as you read, watch your favorite movie or catch up with friends.

Pros Cons
  • Easy to move around
  • .


4. Urban Shop C (Khaki) olors, Large, Round

Urban Shop C (Khaki) olors, Large, Round

Very few items of furniture will prove to be as comfortable and as decorative as this chair.

Its larger than normal size is bound to bring you multiplied levels of comfort as you recline in your living room, dorm room, den, or sunroom.

A large round metal frame fits into a groove in the seating material holds the chair’s core while also creating a nice human-sized pocket for you to sink into. The metal frame extends downward into two sets of interlocked scissor-shaped pivoted to allow the chair to open and close.

The cushion is filled with polyester material, the same material used for its casing. Its innermost section is decorated by depressed stitch work that causes geometrically shaped tufts to emerge in the fabric. A similar pattern appears around the tufted frame that encircles the rim. Combined, these upholstered features make for a very comfortable seat

Measures: 37″L x 30″W x 30″D.

Pros Cons
  • Easy to clean- spot cleaning and wiping will suffice to keep it clean.
  • It is relatively easy to move around.

5. Blazing Needles Solid Twill Swivel Rocker Chair Cushion, 48″ x 24″, Steel Grey

Blazing Needles Solid Twill Swivel Rocker Chair Cushion, 48" x 24", Steel Grey

In this chair, you’ll find the perfect combination of modern and traditional styles.

Built to resemble a traditional sofa, this chair has a distinct backrest adorned by depressed points that create a beautiful pattern. This pattern continues down to the seat. And in addition to being beautiful, the resulting contours help to make the cushion even more comfortable. Chair ties at the top and sides help to keep the cushion in place.

Armrests curl elegantly along the sides and tightly-wound wicker material coils merge to form the stand upon which this chair sits.

The cushion isn’t fastened to a chair so you get to use it flexibly. You can throw it on the floor for lower cushioned seating or add it to your Papasan chair to add fluff where a previous cushion has become worn.

It is available in over 20 other colors, allowing you to select one that best fits your décor theme.

Pros Cons
  • It is very light (weighing only 7 pounds) which means it is easily moved.
  • It is very flexible so you can fit it into most cradles..

Indoor Swing Chairs

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6. Mainstay Saucer chair, Wind Aqua

Elbern Design Aqua Campton Papasan Chair

Embrace the cool sophistication that flows into your interior space with this gorgeous saucer chair. Its light airy metal frame complements the cool light wind aqua hue of the 100% polyester cushion while also providing stability for the chair.

The seat is supported by a 28 inches wide metal circular frame and features a soft seat with an abundance of space for your sitting pleasure. Two ‘ U-shaped metal rods merge through hinges at the side to form the feet that support the seat.

This sturdy support system has endowed the chair with the capacity to handle up to 225 pounds of weight.

Depressing points in the cushion trigger the creation of neat lines that produce a variety of geometric shapes, enhancing the beauty of the chair. The circumference of the seat is covered by a fluffed frame so you’ll experience its cushiony softness as you recline.

You can choose from ten cushion colors for this chair inclusive of red, royal blue, pink, and brown.

Undoubtedly, this chair is a plus for any room that facilitates lounging or relaxing.

Pros Cons
  • The steel frame is foldable so the chair be easily stored away
  • No assembly required.

7. International Caravan Furniture Piece 42-Inch Rattan Papasan Chair with Solid Twill Cushion

International Caravan Furniture Piece 42-Inch Rattan Papasan Chair with Solid Twill Cushion

This chair is a perfect example of the ability of modern furniture designs to embrace traditional craftsmanship. It will bring beauty and comfort to your living spaces.

A rich navy red cushion provides the user with a comfortable lounging spot. The tufted design, which is achieved by the installation of button-covered depressed points also doubles as a comfort multiplier as it gives the cushion a contoured surface.

Beneath the seat cushion is a sturdy rattan frame comprising a wide circular frame that connects to the underside of the cushion and cradles the seat to create a nest-like cove into which you can retreat when you feel the need to lounge or relax. The frame is made even stronger by a network of circular rods that run inside the wider circle.

Below this frame, you’ll find an intricate webbing of rattan rods, curved and connected strategically to create the base upon which the entire chair sits. It is designed in an openwork fashion with laterally placed circular connections, and this results in the spacious circular gaps between the rods.

Pros Cons
  • It is pretty sturdy
  • With this chair you can sit facing any direction you wish.

8. Cotton Craft Papasan Peacock Blue Overstuffed Chair Cushion

Cotton Craft Papasan Peacock Blue Overstuffed Chair Cushion, Sink into our comfortable Papasan, Thick and Oversized, Pure 100% Cotton duck fabric, Fits Standard 45 inch Round Chair, Chair not included

This chair endows any room it sits in with vibrant beauty and divine physical comfort. Designed to elevate the level of comfort and beauty you enjoy in your dorm room, den, sunroom, or living room, this chair is a great piece of furniture to own.

The cradle for the seat is made of a combination of curling and angled rods that create a bowl-shaped space for the cushion to occupy. At the base, a circular frame attaches to vertical rods leading up to the cradle. This provides the chair with great stability and helps to prevent tipping.

A thick, polyester-stuffed colorful Papasan cushion with tufts adorns the seat. The cushion’s polyester covering boasts an appealing appearance characterized by vibrant colors and designs that are both aesthetically appealing and flexible in terms of decorative function.

Since the patterns incorporate a combination of light and dark hues, as well as colors (green blue, and white) the cushion can be integrated into most décor color schemes. And with 4-5 inches of thickness, this cushioned is designed to provide maximum comfort.

Pros Cons
  • The multi-colored cushion may not show stains easily 10.76 pounds, it is pretty light which makes moving it easy.

9. Blazing Needles Solid Twill Double Papasan Chair Cushion, 48″ x 6″ x 65″, Chocolate

international caravan Indigo Papasan Chair

This is a great cushion to enhance the comfort of your Papasan chair or adjust your décor state.

Designed to deliver maximum Physical comfort to your living and entertainment spaces, this cushion comprises 100% polyester fabric

Its dimensions include a depth of 48 inches, a height of 6 inches, and a width of 65 inches. A contoured surface is created by depressed stitch work arranged to create cube-shaped tufts. This contoured design feature is both attractive and comfortable.

This cushion can be used in many ways. You can install it above your current worn cushion or replace it to improve the comfort you experience while sitting in it. You can also pick a color that goes with your latest décor modification. Or you could just lay it on the floor for more comfortable low-level seating.

This chair cushion is available in burgundy, chocolate, steel grey, forest green, and fifteen other color variations.

Pros Cons
  • It fits into most Papasan frames
  • It can be laundered (but may take a long time to dry).

10. Rattan Wicker Swivel Rocking Round Papasan Chair with Thick Cushion Dark Brown

Rattan Wicker Swivel Rocking Round Papasan Chair with Thick Cushion Dark Brown

This chair displays splendid craftsmanship that is evidently the product of meticulous attention to detail. It features a color combination (earthy brown and light brown/beige) that fits seamlessly into most interior decoration color palettes.

The entire chair sits on a uniquely shaped base that begins with a circular rattan rod at the bottom. Vertically installed rods extend from this circle to connect with a tight network of circular rods that extend to the cradle. The frame is designed to facilitate swiveling and rocking motions giving this chair extra marks for comfort.

The cushion fits perfectly inside the cradle, creating a bowl-like sitting haven for you to enjoy. Velcro-lined loops connect the cushion to the frame. The cushion features comfort-enhancing tufts that allow the user to enjoy luxurious physical comfort.

Its 48 inches diameter and 40 inches depth combine to present you with exceptional value in sitting space.

Pros Cons
  • The chair is crafted with hand-made designs
  • The chair is extremely eco-friendly as its core materials are natural and bio-degradable..
  • Its a bit heavy

First, we need to discuss what a Papasan chair is. The Papasan chair goes by many different names: disc, mamasan, and bowl chair are just a few of them.

Papasan chairs are stylish, comfortable, and flexible – they are easier to move and position for your comfort. Some Papasan chairs (the “foldable” type) can be put in a carrying case if you want to use it for outdoor activities like camping or concerts.

The traditional Papasan chair is bowl-shaped with a cushion on top, and it sits on top of an upright frame that allows the bowl to be adjusted to different angles.

This can allow the person seated to adjust to the chair to specific comfort needs, but it can also be dangerous as the bowl can slip out of the frame.

papasan chair frame, papasan chair base

Be careful, something like this might happen:

bowl chair

What cushions are used on a Papasan chair frame

The cushion most often used in these chairs is similar to that of a futon – a thick cloth material stuffed with cotton. The frame of the chair is most often made of rattan, but more expensive versions use wicker or wood.

Non-traditional types of Papasan chairs are called “moon chairs” and have a single frame made from plastic or metal. The frames of these chairs are collapsible and usually come with a carrying case.

Because these chairs are often used for outdoor activities, the cushion is made from tougher material and is sometimes water-resistant. Also, the cushion is usually thinner and lighter to allow for easier transport.

papasan chair cushion

Papasan chair frames

Papasan chair frame is built in two-part. There is the bottom part called the Base, and there is the upper part called the Bowl. Both two parts are needed to put the cushion on your chair.

There are multiple types of frames. There is some really solid metal frame, and there is a cheaper but less pricey, wooden frame. I like more the wooden frame because they are more natural and they look good in my backyards.

The frame that is on the image is a handcrafted Papasan chair frame. It means that this is a unique product and you won’t find it anywhere else on the internet.

The downside of this is that it may cost a bit more, but after all, those chairs are pretty solid and I don’t think you will need to buy more than 1 in your entire life.

The diameter of the base is 27.50″ and the height is 12″.

The bowl has a diameter of 45.25″ and a height of 16.50″.

If you want the total size that you need to place it at your home, it’s 45.25″ x 28.50″.

The two parts are sold separately so we can mix up the colors if you want. I really like the mixte of a dark brown for the base and a lighter color for the bowl with a dark green cushion.

Since the two parts are sold separately, you need to be careful when buying on the internet. You may expect to get both pieces but if you bought only one, you will only get the one you have paid for.

Small Complaints to the Chair

One of the common complaints about moon chairs is that there’s no place to rest your feet, but fortunately, some moon chairs come with matching ottomans.

These are collapsible just like the main chair and will fit in the same carrying case. Other optional features include a built-in headrest or throw pillows.

Moon chairs covers can also be purchased if you want to be able to change the style or make the chair water-resistant.

Kinds of Papasan Chairs

The traditional Papasan chair is made to hold one adult sitter. The wide cushion provides comfortable sitting and gives a luxuriant appearance to your chair.

Due to the frame that holds the cushion is separated from the base of the chair, you can tilt it at different angles for watching TV, reading, or any other activities. The variety of uses is what makes these chairs so popular and demanded pieces of furniture.

Today you can buy so-called mamasan chairs and even Babysan chairs. A Mamasan chair is larger than a Papasan chair and can hold two people.

You can snuggle with your boyfriend or girlfriend or with a child in this chair. Babysit chairs are made just for infants, in which they can swing. The junior size of the Papasan chair is made for children and can be a perfect addition to the child’s bedroom.

The usual Papasan chair is made out of rattan or wicker. You can find a variety of colors or designer paints in these frames. In addition, the cushions are also sold in various forms, colors, and patterns.

If you want something more modern, pay attention to the frames made from plastic and metal. These materials are very convenient. The metal frame is foldable so you can move the chair without any trouble.

With such a variety of styles, the Papasan chair can be a wonderful and comfortable piece of furniture in your house.

What about Quality?

The Papasan Chair delivers the best quality to each and every customer who wishes to purchase a Papasan chair.

The shop delivers not only Papasan but all kinds of chairs as per customer’s needs. Some of the chairs, in which this shop has mastery, are as follows: Kneeling chair, sleeper chair, Wassily chair, womb chair, Aeron chair, and so on.

The Papasan chairs are specially handcrafted as per needs and requirements. Master craftsmen and skilled labor with some decent experience craft all types of chairs with natural material. All the joints in every type of chair are specially reinforced to ensure durability.

If you are not a great fan of Papasan chairs, we have many other types of chairs that are sure to lure you to sit on them. As already stated, you can try out many different types of chairs online.

We have all the above-stated types plus we also have other types of chairs like wingback chair, stressless chair, Adirondack chair, Bergere chair, Sayl chair, and cheap bean bag chairs.

It is highly comfortable, with a curved structure specially designed to give its users maximum satisfaction when they sit on it.

The wider the chair is, the more comfortable they are. Most of these chairs also have detachable cushions, making them easier to be cleaned compared to those that are already fixed to the frame.

The foldable moon chair is available for both kids and adults, which gives a clue on how popular it is. The main difference is the design of the cushions.

The children’s version is usually printed with popular cartoon characters, while the adult’s versions are more toned down and generally have solid colors, although some made of different fabrics such as corduroy and leather have also surfaced.

There are also those that come bundled with ottomans, adding to the level of comfort that the chairs bring.

Having a moon chair around the house can be an advantage especially when you want to have comfort that doesn’t come at a high price. Its design is

not that striking but the comfort it brings far surpasses other types of chairs available today. This is one of the reasons why a lot of people are turning to moon chairs. Since there are lots of moon chair covers being sold nowadays, you can easily change the design of your chairs anytime you want to.

Moon chair covers for a kid-sized moon chair usually sport a cartoon character, so whenever your daughter is feeling like a princess or your son is feeling like a race car driver, you are sure to find one that will suit their likes perfectly.

As for adults, moon chair covers come in bold colors such as black, red, and brown but there are other colors being sold as well so you should look into them.

Different kinds of materials are used in manufacturing moon chair covers so whether you are looking for covers made from microfiber, leather, or others, you are guaranteed to find one.

Before buying a moon chair for your home, see to it that the cover can be removed so you can wash it or replace it anytime you want to.

Since dirt and dust can accumulate on the cushion, you should choose one that has the option to replace it. This will make it easier for you to install the moon chair covers you have bought.

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