The 17 Best Pantry Cabinets

Pantry Cabinets

A Pantry cabinet, also known as a kitchen pantry cabinet, is a great way to add an organized, space-saving piece to your kitchen.

Remodeling to add a pantry can be expensive and if you are living in a rented home or apartment, completely unfeasible.

By adding a pantry storage cabinet to your kitchen, you have a space that can be used exactly the same as a traditional pantry, but at a fraction of the cost.

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Best Kitchen Pantry Cabinet reviews

1. Colonial Classic Dark Cherry Pantry Cabinet by Home Styles

Colonial Classic Dark Cherry Pantry Cabinet by Home Styles

2. HOMCOM 71″ Wood Kitchen Pantry Storage Cabinet Microwave Oven Stand with Storage – White/Oak Grain

HOMCOM 71" Wood Kitchen Pantry Storage Cabinet Microwave Oven Stand with Storage - White/Oak Grain

3. Bowery Hill Pantry in Dark Cherry

Bowery Hill Pantry in Dark Cherry

4. Hodedah HIK96 Choco-Grey Kitchen Cabinet, Chocolate

Hodedah HIK96 Choco-Grey Kitchen Cabinet, Chocolate

5. Tangkula 72″ H Freestanding Kitchen Pantry Cupboard Cabinet, Traditional Elegant Design

Tangkula 72 H Freestanding Kitchen Pantry Cupboard Cabinet, Traditional Elegant Design, with Adjustable Shelves, 2-Door Floor Utility Storage Cabinet for Living Room Kitchen Hallway (Black)

6. Sauder Home Plus Storage Cabinet, Dakota Oak finish

Sauder Home Plus Storage Cabinet, Dakota Oak finish

7. Crosley Furniture Seaside Kitchen Pantry Cabinet – Distressed White

Crosley Furniture Seaside Kitchen Pantry Cabinet - Distressed White

8. Americana Distressed Oak Pantry by Home Styles

Americana Distressed Oak Pantry by Home Styles

9. Sauder 419188 Storage Cabinet, L: 29.61″ x W: 16.10″ x H: 71.10″, Highland Oak finish

Sauder 419188 Storage Cabinet, L: 29.61" x W: 16.10" x H: 71.10", Highland Oak finish

10. Hodedah 4 Door Kitchen Pantry with Four Shelves, Cherry

Hodedah 4 Door Kitchen Pantry with Four Shelves, Cherry

11. HOMCOM Traditional Farmhouse Freestanding Cupboard Kitchen Pantry with Two Storage Areas, Adjustable Shelving, White

HOMCOM Traditional Farmhouse Freestanding Cupboard Kitchen Pantry with Two Storage Areas, Adjustable Shelving, White

12. Giantex Accent Floor Storage Cabinet Adjustable Shelves Antique 2-Door Low Floor Cabinet Pantry 24″ Lx13 Wx49”H (Black)

Giantex Accent Floor Storage Cabinet Adjustable Shelves Antique 2-Door Low Floor Cabinet Pantry 24" Lx13 Wx49''H (Black)

13. Home Styles Nantucket Pantry – White Distressed Finish

Home Styles Nantucket Pantry - White Distressed Finish

14. Home Source 2 Door Pantry (Grey)

Home Source 2 Door Pantry (Grey)

15. Home Styles Freestanding Americana Kitchen Pantry in Cherry Finish Constructed of Hardwood Solids with Four Storage Doors, Four Adjustable Shelves

Home Styles Freestanding Americana Kitchen Pantry in Cherry Finish Constructed of Hardwood Solids with Four Storage Doors, Four Adjustable Shelves

16. Sauder Miscellaneous Storage Storage Pantry, Cinnamon Cherry finish

Sauder Miscellaneous Storage Storage Pantry, Cinnamon Cherry finish

17. Basicwise Kitchen Pantry Storage Cabinet with Doors and Shelves, White

Basicwise Kitchen Pantry Storage Cabinet with Doors and Shelves, White

Kitchen Pantry Cabinet

With many homeowners finding it difficult to organize the pantry because they fall within dark deep areas, installing a pantry cabinet ensures a better organized and more pleasing storage arrangement for this important part of the kitchen.

A kitchen’s pantry acts as an all-purpose storage space that is perfect for the storage of dry goods and foodstuffs such as sugar, flour, spices, grains, etc., and bottled or canned goods.

Many kitchens may have insufficient space to store many food items due to a lack of adequate cabinets.

This is the reason why such cabinets are necessary for the organization of an efficient kitchen.

Kitchen Pantry Cabinet with Pullout Shelves

Using a pull-out shelves pantry cabinet unit gives good and easy access to the otherwise difficult-to-reach sections of a pantry. If the room is just a tiny add-on to the kitchen. Pull-out shelving, also known as slide-out shelves, slide-out drawers, roll-out drawers, and cabinet shelf pullouts, adds value to a kitchen’s pantry and has actually been used for a number of decades.

Asides from being used for pantry storage cabinets, they are also commonly incorporated in other standalone or built-in cabinets used in kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms, and closets.

Their main purpose and advantage are allowing access to cabinets built into awkward spaces and locations, which serves a better purpose than having to search for things blindly, with the aid of hands, or by virtually having to crawl inside.

They work efficiently and functionally while making the best use of limited space.

Benefits Of Pull Out Pantries

A pull-out pantry is a convenient and smaller alternative to the full-sized pantry. Pull-out pantry shelves are used when you don’t have a pantry room. It is also useful even when you have a pantry but would like some additional storage space.

It is a kind of narrow shelf. The shelves slide in and out of kitchen walls and can be made of metal or of solid wood, depending on what goes well with the whole room. Often, they are placed next to a refrigerator but can be placed anywhere in a kitchen.

Benefits of Pull Out Pantry Shelves


They eliminate the need for running down to the pantry room when something is needed. To put this into perspective, cooking ingredients can be placed within easy reach. One benefit of this is numerous trips down the stairs or to another room to get an item that would be a thing of the past.


Pull-out pantry shelves also make it easy to access anything that is stored on them. Most, if not all of these shelves, are accessible from both sides. In addition, the part of the shelf where a particular can of food is placed does not hinder access. It can be easily reached, whether stored close to the cabinet door or placed at the part that goes furthest into the kitchen wall.


As a result, this eliminates any dangers that come with reaching into a normal cabinet. It is much safer getting to whatever is stored in this type of pantry shelves. There are some pull-out pantries that allow each shelf to be pulled out by itself, which provides more ease and convenience.


Another benefit of a pull-out pantry cabinet is that it can store just about anything that needs storing. They are typically used for storing food but can be used for other things as well. For instance, you can store plates, pots, and even pans.

A Good Investment

Putting in pantry pull-out shelves increases the value of a home. If the need to sell ever arises, this nifty little addition will be grounds to increase the asking price. Putting them in does not even require a full kitchen remodel. Pre-existing cabinets can be turned into pull-outs or separate units can be bought and installed.

Shortfalls Of Pull Out Pantries

As with most things, pantry pulls out shelves have a disadvantage. Normal pantries afford homeowners more space to store their food, pots, and pans. Pull-out pantries are limited in space. The number of things that can be stored this way cannot be compared to that stored in a pantry.


The price of pull-out pantries depends on their sizes and what material was used to make them. You can expect to pay anything between $100 and $1,200. Shop around to make sure that you get the best possible price. They are available at local home improvement stores or you can shop online.

Having these types of pantry shelves can ease your life in a number of ways. It does not offer as much space as a full-sized pantry but offers a different set of benefits including versatility, accessibility, and convenience.

Standalone Pantry Cabinet

For maximum storage space with minimal fuss, a standalone pantry cabinet works perfectly well for kitchens that lack a pantry.

They make an instant pantry for a small kitchen and are versatile enough to come in handy as linen closets for the bathroom, or a wardrobe for sweaters in a tight bedroom.

Standalone units come produced in a variety of materials and finishes.

The most popular pieces being the traditional pantry storage cabinet made from oak, solid pine, cedar, and redwood

Choosing the Right Corner Pantry

A corner pantry makes an excellent addition to a small kitchen setting. As the name implies, these cabinets can be conveniently situated in a corner of your kitchen where you can easily reach the items stored within.

Corner pantries provide accessible storage space for frequently used items in your kitchen, without having to take up valuable counter space or requiring a separate room. This frees your counters for cooking and meal prep or to place decorative displays. These pantries can be purchased as preassembled units or they can be custom made to complement your kitchen decor.

Uses of a Corner Pantry

The uses of corner kitchen cabinets are many and varied. Some people prefer to stock their pantries with food items such as canned goods, small packaged foods, spices, oil, vinegar, wine, and other easily preserved.

With an open shelved pantry, these items are easily accessible upon need. Pantries can also be used to store non-food items such as dishware, coffee cups, glasses, serving bowls, and trays. Sometimes pantries are used for storing kitchen cleaning supplies, paper towels, and napkins, etc.

One great advantage of a corner kitchen cabinet is that items can be neatly organized in a compact space, within easy reach when needed. If you purchase a preassembled pantry, installation is fast and easy, enabling you to begin using your product right away.

If you opt to build your own pantry, you can customize the size and design to suit your specific needs. In this way, your pantry makes practical use of the space already available within your kitchen by transforming it into a usable storage facility.

Styles and Designs

A corner kitchen cabinet can be of traditional or contemporary design. It can be purchased to match the wood color and style of your existing kitchen décor. Closed cabinets come with attached doors that enable you to hide the contents of your pantry from plain view. With an open shelf design, your products are on open display.

Open shelf pantries offer easier access to your goods, but they require good organization in order to create a more pleasant aesthetic appearance. Having your goods properly organized is key to keeping your pantry neat and tidy.

By purchasing accessories such as decorative baskets, racks, and bins, you can keep your shelves well organized to always find what you need and in order to create an attractive space.

If you are having a pantry specially designed for your kitchen, you may want to combine a closed and open shelved look, as well as arrange the space within your cabinet to best suit your needs. A customized corner cabinet offers greater flexibility in storage as well as provides you with a more original cabinet design.

Where to Buy a Corner Pantry Cabinet

You can purchase a corner pantry locally in shops that sell kitchen furniture or you can purchase your product online. Online retailers offer greater variety when it comes to styles and designs as well as competitive prices.

Prices of kitchen pantries vary depending on quality, size, style, and material, ranging anywhere from $100 for inexpensive cabinets to over $1,000 for higher-end designs.

A corner pantry can help you maintain your kitchen neat and organized by providing extra storage space for whatever you need. In addition to storage, these cabinets can enhance your kitchen décor.

If you have a small kitchen setting, a kitchen pantry cabinet makes a good investment that will serve you well into the future.

Glass Pantry Doors – Add Elegance To Any Kitchen

A glass pantry door provides an ideal way to add a touch of class to your kitchen. Additionally, you can add more space to your kitchen by replacing an old wooden or screen pantry door with a glass pantry door.

There are beautifully crafted glass doors that would ensure a pantry looks neat and spacious enough to store food items and kitchen appliances with minimal mess. The doors are readily available in a number of designs and sizes to suit every type of pantry. Depending on your taste, kitchen layout, and budget, you have the option of choosing a single or double glass door.

The Various Types

There are several types of glass pantry doors you can install to give your kitchen a modern look. Here are a few examples:

Clear Glass

This type of door is designed with clear transparent glass to provide you with a stylish and visible store without interfering with your overall kitchen style. It has the advantage of ensuring that all the items in your pantry are clearly visible and accessible. You will however need to maintain a neat and organized kitchen to get the best out of this type of glass door pantry.

Frosted Glass

This type of door is ideal for those who prefer to keep their pantry shelves and contents concealed but still want to add a touch of elegance to their kitchens.

Decorative Stained or Etched Glass

These are similar to frosted doors but come with elaborate decorations to charm up your kitchen interior. There are many varieties of stained glass doors to supplement your interiors from simple rustic designs for the traditional kitchen to the highly elegant styles for the modern kitchen. Your kitchen will look sophisticated and stylish with an etched glass door.

It is important to note that whichever type of glass door you pick for your pantry, ensure that it matches the style and color scheme of your kitchen.

Advantages of Glass Pantry Doors

In comparison with wooden pantry doors, these doors eliminate the rustic look of an old kitchen. If you have a pantry made of ceramic or concrete, you can eliminate its dull native look by replacing wooden doors with frosted, etched, or clear glass doors.

Glass doors are made of high-quality glass that can withstand pressure and impact. You need not worry about the possibility of the door breaking unless it is exposed to a strong and intentional impact.

You can also have a specially designed combination of glass and wood for a unique-looking glass pantry door. There are also different types of opening systems you can choose from. A sliding pantry door is ideal for small kitchens with limited space while a spacious kitchen will look more sophisticated with single or double swing doors.

A glass swing door looks less obtrusive than a wooden one. Prices for glass doors for your pantry will depend on the furniture store or online outlet you place your order from. However, prices range from $12 per square meter to between $45 and $75 per set depending on the type of door you are interested in. Most online outlets include shipping costs in their quotes.

Today’s Pantry Storage Ideas

Modern-day pantry cabinets include laminated pieces in white or other colors, coordinated with the installed kitchen cabinets, while others come in an attractive colored finish with wood accents, upper glass doors, and lower wood doors, with built-in convenient work surfaces.

All in all, whether there is room for a pantry room off the kitchen or not, having a pantry cabinet is an essential necessity in today’s kitchen, because, without them, storage of dry foods, etc. may be difficult to achieve, and if there is no space for a fitted unit, a standalone piece will serve just as well placed in the laundry or anywhere in the home at close proximity to the kitchen.

Have An Efficient Kitchen With A Pantry Organizer

A pantry organizer is a powerful tool that can save you time, space, stress, and money. You may not think of it as being so vital, but it can make a real difference in simplifying your life.

Think of all the time spent rifling through the pantry, looking for the necessary food items. Inevitably a few are shoved to the back and expire before anyone sees it again. The right organizational system can help prevent this.

Get to Know Your Pantry Organizer Options

It is important to find a system that works best for you. An organizer can be as simple as additional shelving, a spice rack, and some corresponding containers. These items can be purchased at home stores, kitchen stores, and general merchandise retailers for less than $100.

Kitchen pantry organizers can also be professionally installed, costing thousands. The right option will depend upon your individual needs. For most people, this job can be completed by taking some specific and thoughtful steps.

Recognize Your Needs and Tastes

Before starting your kitchen pantry organization, first, take a moment to determine your goals. If you are cooking quite often and have a wide range of food items, your pantry will need to be very well organized. However, if you have mostly dry and canned goods, then your system can be simplified. Start by emptying the pantry.

Remove any food that is expired. Sort the remaining items in a way that makes sense to you. A general grouping might be as follows:

  • Cans
  • Spices
  • Pasta
  • Flour
  • Prepared foods

Keep Organizing!

You can base what kind of organizer you need off of the groupings you now have. For cans, there are specialized can holders. These save on space by essentially stacking the cans and they also make it easy to read the labels. A spice rack is another important part of the pantry organization.

These keep all your spices together and make it easy to tell what is what. Dry goods like flour and pasta can be kept in simple containers. A sealed container will keep the ingredients fresh while making them easy to store. Depending on how many prepared food boxes you have, you might want to consider adding shelving.

This can be as easy as using stackable shelves that sit right on top of the existing shelves. There are also racks that hang on the doors, these serve the same purpose.

Make Life Easier

Using some kitchen pantry organizational tools will make your life easier. While an organizer is great for most people, there are other kitchen pantry organization ideas. Sort your goods by frequency of use. The things you use most often should be right at eye level and easy to get to. If your pantry is small or you run out of space, there are sliding racks that can fit between appliances. You can also stack containers right on your counter.

A pantry organizer is a great way to simplify and be more efficient in the kitchen. Consider implementing these ideas to best suit your individual needs.

DIY Kitchen Pantry Cabinet

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