Overhead Garage Storage Options

overhead garage storage

The garage. That’s where you keep your car, right? If you’re like most Americans, the unfortunate truth is that there might not be any room in your garage for your car.

The average garage seems to be nothing more than a storage room. From bikes to old clothes to power tools, just about anything you don’t want to keep inside your house seems to end up in the garage.

And all that clutter eventually builds up to the point where there’s just no room to fit the car in or use the room in any way. That’s why overhead garage storage is so ideal.

If you like the idea of clearing up the floor space in your garage, then there are several overhead garage storage ideas that you might want to consider.

There are a few heights at which you can put shelves in your garage and still have ample room for your car. The most popular are over the garage door, and over the hood of your car. You can buy pre-made overhead garage storage systems for either height.

In terms of actually setting it up, you have two options. The first is to hire someone else to do it, and the second is to go the “do it yourself” route.

Professional Overhead Garage Storage Solutions

There is plenty of businesses that offer overhead garage storage racks at relatively low prices. You can have them install a few basic units, or instead have plans drawn up for custom-designed shelving units that will maximize the storage space in your garage.

Hiring someone else to set up your garage overhead storage system has obvious benefits. The job can get finished in record time, and you have the benefit of the design and installation being done by experts who do this every day.

Do It Yourself Overhead Garage Storage

If you’re the type who likes to roll up your sleeves and get your hands dirty, you can buy metal overhead garage storage units that are easy to install. While they may not have been built to fit your garage, there is a wide range of sizes available, so you should probably be able to find ones that will fit your space well.

If you would rather take on the entire project yourself, then you can build overhead garage storage shelves out of 2×4′s. There will obviously be more work involved than just hanging some prefab storage racks up, but you can have the satisfaction of doing it all yourself, and also of saving some money to boot.

Garage Storage Systems

Cleaning out the garage is a most dreaded chore in nearly every household. Probably since no one has to live in it, the garage very quickly gets crowded and chaotic. Difficult to clean. Dreadful to sift through. Impossible to organize. Or so you thought.

With a garage storage system, your entire concept of “garage” will change. Garage storage systems create tidiness, livability, and spaciousness in even the most horrifying garage chaos. With proper cabinetry, shelving, and work tables, there’s no reason not to absolutely love going into your garage. It will become an extension of your home. Usable, and enjoyable.

1. What are the different systems out there?

Garage wall storage systems, like attached cabinetry, is essential. For anything from cleaning supplies to first aid kits, to drills, saws, or screws, wall systems can perfect the organization. Drawers or ceiling height closets are a must.
Overhead garage storage systems are perfect for the items you use less often. Camping gear goes up there. Ski equipment, beach umbrellas. Things like that. Out of the way, but easy to find!
Hanging garage storage systems are best used for hanging often used tools. Hanging shelves for boxes of nails, gardening supplies, gloves… the items you don’t want to waste a minute looking for but need to have somewhere simple to put back, right away.

And this is all aside from roller blade or boot racks, rolling cabinets and work tables, or simple hooks for work clothes and the like.

2. Are there different companies or brands to choose from?
Gladiator garage storage systems are only part of a line of Gladiator Garage Works, which also includes garage flooring, paneling systems, even appliances. Their modular garage storage systems are an impressive option. One-stop-shop.

Rubbermaid garage storage systems are easy installation systems of high quality and reasonable cost. Rubbermaid also sells storage containers and ideas for every storage dilemma you have. Or can imagine.
Home Depot garage storage systems are perhaps even simpler to install; most of their shelving and cabinetry doesn’t actually get installed into the walls. Their products are usually freestanding. This means ease. It also means you put together your organization system; design freedom and storage responsibility!

3. What is the best garage storage system?
Truthfully? They are all the best garage storage systems. It depends on what storage and organization level you are looking for, as well as how much you are willing to pay. Gladiator is tempting for someone who can remodel the entire garage. Less investment and less class, but with similar storage results would come from Rubbermaid. The Home Depot is for minor jobs.

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