The 10 Best Metal Bar Stools (2021 Reviews)

Metal Bar Stools

Metal bar stools are a great invention particularly when you are short on space but need more seating for your family.

More of us are gradually running out of space in our homes and we may not be able to fit a bigger dining table.

Installing a breakfast bar and buying some appropriate stools is one way of making better use of the space available. If space is a real problem, it is best to buy stools with swivel seats.

Why Kitchen Counter bar stools?

The kitchen is supposed to be the heart of the home. It is usually the room where you spend a lot if not most of your time in. Your kids can be doing their homework while you are cooking dinner. You can chat with them as you both get on with the task in hand.

So what do you look for in kitchen counter stools? Usually, you will want them to blend in with the existing color scheme. If you have a modern kitchen you may prefer the stainless steel variety. If you have a 1960’s inspired home, you may like the retro style more. Some people will only buy wood and others will want certain colors.

If you have young children you might want to avoid those made from heavy materials, for example, wrought iron as they could cause a serious injury if one were to fall over on a child.

You may want to buy adjustable height stools particularly if you have a young family. You will also probably want to choose a style that has backrests and perhaps armrests as well.

You also might want to avoid white fabric coverings as these will get covered in kid’s fingerprints. Instead, opt for easy to clean stools such as those made from metal or plastic.

Metal Bar Stools Styles

Metal Bar Stools come in various shapes, sizes, and colors and can be comfortably called one of the most favorite pieces of furniture for designers.

Since the size and specifications are mostly limited, metal bar stools can be quite a challenge for designers as well. From bar stools with adjustable height to the geeky modern bar stools, you will find all kinds of choices in the market.

By color coordinating with other paraphernalia in your bar, you can make the area bloom with the right metal bar stools. Here are a few you can choose from.

  1. Not sure what height bar stools you should purchase? Buy ones with adjustable height. Available in various designs and colors, you will definitely find one you like.
  2. Want to give your bar a particular look? There are a lot of genres available- gothic, traditional, and even romantic ones for those who like to add a softer side to their bars.
  3. Though metal bar stools are the most popular because of their longevity and durability, wood bar stools are also quite fashionable. Modern bar stools come carved in a lot of different materials.
  4. If you are looking for something exclusive, you can glance through the various online stores that stock contemporary bar stools in different varieties. Being fashion-conscious and wanting something exclusive doesn’t always need to be a costly proposition, you can find great deals within discount bar stools as well.
  5. If you are worried that bar stools don’t provide enough back support, look for metal bar stools that are ergonomic. These specialized bar stools are built to support the human body in the most comfortable position without putting pressure on the spine or nerves.

Stylish metal bar stools are not difficult to look for in the market. With the rise in demand for stylish furniture, there has been a significant increase in functional and aesthetic designs as well. Stylish metal bar stools are not just available in high-end furniture boutiques anymore, you can get them at regular shops too.

contemporary bar stools

When looking for contemporary bar stools, ensure that the metal suits your purpose. All metals are not the same. While hollow metals like wrought iron are lightweight, they are not suitable for outdoor bars. Aluminum bar stools are again lightweight and durable, perfect for outdoor but are not the right material if you want something that can withstand heavyweights.

Metal bar stools can be found as single pieces and in sets. In case you are one of the adventurous kind, you can opt for buying a mixture of bar stools- it not only adds a different kind of feel to the ambiance but is also economical.

If one iron bar stool breaks or goes out of shape, you don’t need to change the whole set. Users get options to choose from the different bar stools available and you can comfortably show off the ones that are your favorites.

Choose different designs, colors, and materials to make an exciting metal barstool collection in your bar.

Metal Swivel Bar Stools

When it comes to commercial bars, the requirements for metal bar stools change quite a bit, especially because of the change in the number of people using them every day. In a commercial set up, owners need stronger bar stools that don’t undergo too much wear and tear and are modern as well to attract the customers.

In this scenario, the best option is to choose metal swivel bar stools, which are specifically designed and crafted for heavy use and for longer periods of time. Though costlier than other conventional contemporary bar stools, these make economic sense in the long run.

The biggest benefit of investing in metal swivel bar stools is the longevity of the furniture pieces. They are stronger structurally and also come with longer-lasting upholstery that doesn’t fade out too soon keeping your bar/pub/restaurant looking newer for longer.

Metal swivel bar designs

Metal swivel bar stools come in various designs and in various combinations of high-quality material. From plush leather seats to weatherproof wood to high-quality metal, you will get a metal swivel bar stool that complements the interiors of your commercial establishment.

Most metal swivel bar stools come with a warranty. You can choose from conventional bar stools to the ones with plush backrests. Since aimed at being used at commercial establishments, these metal swivel bar stools are also height adjustable which makes them truly customizable for each of your customers.

Most commercial metal swivel bar stools are ergonomic like the majority of modern bar stools, so you don’t need to worry about an uncomfortable guest.

Adjustable Bar Stools

adjustable bar stools are well suitable for home or apartment with a kitchen bar. Some options will have back or backless according to your requirement. These are utilized for commercial use; stationary stools are usually more perfect.

Adjustable stools are easily adjustable even for the tallest of counters or shortest of kids. Some people will be very tall and some of them will be very short but, these adjustable tools are suitable for any kind of people.

Adjustable stools are not only used in bars but also in living room furniture. There are a number of options available in choosing designs, colors, fabrics, and also chair height adjustable feature. Most of these stools are light in weight.

There are many benefits to purchasing adjustable stools. The first thing is that you can easily move from one room to another without any disturbance. You will add versatility to your stools. It is easily rotatable and you can easily communicate with your friends or guests by sitting on it. Fat or slim both kinds of persons can sit on these adjustable stools and these stools do not have backs and it is backless in the model.

These bar barstools are made up of different kinds of materials. Some of them are upholstered bar stools, gas lift bar stools, padded barstools, steel bar stools, retro bar stools, backless counter stools, Oak bar stools, swivel bar stools, kitchen bar stools, wooden bar stools, and metal bar stools.

Adjustable barstools have an extra feature of wheels at the bottom. They are extremely convenient and comfortable. When people wanted to purchase adjustable bar stools they should choose the right store for that. Online also provides the best places to sell adjustable stools. Choose the correct one so that you will land on a safe side.


Bar stools come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, styles, and seat heights. From contemporary to rustic, metal to bamboo, leather to bare wood, you’ve got a lot of features to choose from in your quest to find the perfect stool.

There has been evidence of stools throughout history, with the earliest surviving pieces dating back to the days of the Egyptian Old Kingdom (circa 2680 B.C.). They demonstrate basic woodworking skill, but as time progresses, so does the capacity for man to not only improve upon the most minimal of designs but elaborate; sophisticated joints, veneering, the use of metals and precious stones and cushioning have changed the look and feel of stools a great deal since their first inception.

In modern times, barstools have been found used in pubs and bars, casinos, diners, gardens, patios, and of course, homes! Versatile furniture for small areas, bar stools can be an elegant piece for the garden table, a space saver in a cozy kitchen, or the perfect touch in a gentleman’s den.

The proper choice of what is needed to suit your lifestyle can be all different and this guide will help you to make a more informed decision.

Location, Location, Location!

Bar stools aren’t just for tucking into nooks in a shadowy public house or up against your breakfast bar anymore! Gardens and patios are an increasingly popular place to keep a pub table set these days, and there are many weather-proof materials available.

Rattan, wicker, wrought iron, bamboo, treated wood, and even molded plastic are beautiful ways to accentuate the exterior of your abode as well as offering a nice place to sit and take in your surroundings in style.

How Tall is Too Tall for a Bar Stool?

Perhaps the most important thing you need to do is decide what height of stool will suit your needs. When choosing your bar stool it is a good idea to keep the height of the surface it will be paired within consideration.

If you intend to have the stool be a freestanding piece, then this is not as important, but usually, most designs will offer several heights. We will go into detail about the four types shortly.

You will want a 10 to 12 inches difference between the top of the seat and the surface of the stool for maximum comfort. In order to determine what size is best for you, measure the distance from the floor to the top of the surface you are pairing the stool with. If your table or counter has an overhang (or skirt), measure from the floor to the bottom of the overhang for the best fit to your bar stool.

There are three types of heights that you will encounter when shopping for bar stools:

bar stools heights

  • • Bar: 29 – 32”, most commonly used with home bars
  • • Counter: 24 – 28”, used in casual dining, pub sets and at kitchen islands
  • • Spectator: 33 – 36”, also known as “extra-tall” stools, typically used in commercial settings

bar stools spacing

One final fitting consideration is how many stools you can put around your table or at your nook. Industry-standard is to allow 26 – 30” from the center of each bar stool, as shown in the diagram to the left. You’ll want to account for enough elbow room so that each person sitting at the counter has enough space to move freely while eating.

What’s Your Style?

The following will give you some information on the various styles the industry uses to describe its designs:

  • • Casual: The key here is simple, with clean lines that can incorporate country aesthetics
  • • Contemporary/Modern: Minimal, clean lines without much in the way of curvature; sleek!
  • • Retro: Let’s go to the Hop! The 50s, 60s, and 70s diners are terrific examples of this playful style.
  • • Rustic: Distressed is the word du jour, evoking images of log cabins and summers by the lake.
  • • Traditional: Hand-painted details, dark wood, and curving lines are the hallmarks.

The Basics

You know where you want to put your bar stool, the height you’ll need, and have an idea of what style is right for you, but perhaps you are feeling a bit inundated with where to start making choices? Why not begin with the base! Wood and metal are by far the most proliferate materials used, with a great deal of variation in both families. Some examples are as follows:

  • • Aluminum: durability that lends a clean, contemporary look
  • • Bamboo: not only a green product but a highly workable one
  • • Beech: fresh and cheerful, terrific for modern and casual design schemes
  • • Cherry: a warm splash of color that can be used in both traditional and contemporary settings
  • • Chrome: a must for any “diner” setting, pairs terrifically with bright colors
  • • Rattan: a gorgeous, popular choice for outdoor use in drier climes
  • • Wrought Iron: gardens and kitchens alike will benefit from the strength and beauty of iron

types of bar stools

You will often find “solid hardwood” described for the material when browsing a website for bar stools. Hardwood is a higher density wood, and those most commonly used in furniture production are oaks, beech, ash, maple, and cherry. More exotic hardwoods are holly, ebony, mahogany, boxwood, lauan, and teak. Because hardwood joinery is more expensive than softwood, many companies will offer a “veneer” finish, which is a thin slice of wood that is glued onto core panels of a more cost-effective material like particleboard or fiberboard.

Give Me the Works!

Now that you have the basics down, you can think about more functional aspects of your ideal bar stool!

To swivel or not to swivel? That is the question. Keeping in mind safety if children will be using the bar stool is very important! These are especially useful in tight places where there isn’t a lot of room to move the stool around. Be sure that you have a little extra knee space when deciding if this is the right fit.

Craftsmen understand that not everyone is going to be at ease three feet in the air with no back to support themselves when they invariably attempt to lean, as we are accustomed to being able to do in a regular chair. Because of this, backs have been incorporated into designs. They can be short enough to offer the minimum of security, or tall enough to demand attention in even the busiest of interior and exterior schemes.

Another thing to consider if you go with the backed option is whether or not you’d like armrests. While most bar stools traditionally do not offer this feature, the customer is always right – and designers have embraced this philosophy with pleasant results. Make sure the arms fit under the countertop or table unless you want your stools sprawling everywhere!

Backless Barstools

Types of Backless Barstools

You may be setting up your bar at home, or are keen on improving your existing counter’s layout. Obviously you need some good quality bar stools. You may get confused while making a choice between backed or backless types.

This essay will clear your doubts. Backless stools give a feel of a rustic, natural, and country atmosphere. They create a lovely ambiance and are certain to add some class and spice to your bar setup. They provide a unique, customized look to it.

Guidelines for Buying Backless Barstools

  • You should keep in mind the fact that backless type bar stools are primarily preferred when you intend to use them for a brief period.
  • There are plenty of choices for backless barstools. Pick one after weighing all options.
  • They come with multiple seat choices and are available in either metal or wood.
  • As far as material is concerned, when deciding between wood and metal, you should consider your tastes. If metal barstools look contemporary, wooden types have a warmer, nostalgic feel to them.

Types of Backless Barstools

There are generally three main types of backless barstools:

  1. Standard round seat backless barstools: They have a smooth surface.
  2. Saddle-style backless barstools: They conform to the body’s surface for enhanced comfort.
  3. Round cushion backless barstools: They have a wooden base and come with a padded cushion done in the fabric you want.

There are various types of backless bar stools, such as backless barstool with beveled seat; square seated; single ring bar; swivel kitchen barstool; saddle backless; double ring; heavy-duty backless barstools; round top barstools; upholstered backless stool sets, and backless commercial bar.

Other Factors to Consider While Buying Backless Barstools

  • Apart from a utility, the design is a key criterion when selecting backless barstools. Many of them feature elegantly done decorative work.
  • These types of barstools feature a wide variety of finishes and seat fabric options.
  • Wrought iron designs can make the barstools highly durable.
  • Backless barstools are available as a stationary stool or with a swivel seat.

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