The 10 Best Memory Foam Mattress Topper

memory foam mattress topper

A memory foam mattress topper is a pad made of viscoelastic memory foam that goes on top of a mattress, placing an extra layer of cushion and comfort between a sleeper and his or her mattress.

The extra cushion can make a firm mattress feel softer and can give extra support to a mattress that is too soft.

Viscoelastic memory foam is an open-cell foam that conforms to the shape of the body, thus reducing pressure points while providing support.

Originally developed by NASA, memory foam is temperature-sensitive. When cold, a memory foam mattress topper is more firm.

But the foam becomes more elastic at higher temperatures, such as when a person lies on the pad and the person’s body temperature warms it up.

This is the effect that causes the foam to conform to the unique shapes and curves of the body. When the person gets up, the foam gradually and gently returns to its original shape.

Several companies produce memory foam mattress toppers. The most well-known is Tempur-Pedic, which was the first company to manufacture memory foam mattresses for the consumer market. Tempur-Pedic was not only the first but is also one of the most expensive brands of viscoelastic foam mattress products. Many other memory foam pads are available at various weights, sizes, and prices.

The higher the density of the foam used, the firmer – and generally, more expensive – the memory foam mattress topper will be. Density is defined by how much one cubic foot of the foam would weigh. Densities run from two pounds up to five pounds. Lighter density foams are softer, but they tend to wear out faster overall.

In addition, higher density memory foam takes longer to bounce back from its conformed shape. So, a sleeper who changes position frequently may prefer a lighter density mattress pad that changes its shape more quickly.

Memory foam mattress toppers also are sold in various thicknesses, from one inch up to as much as five inches. Thicker foam pads provide greater cushion than thinner ones. The desired thickness is a matter of personal preference and can depend upon the weight of the people who will be regularly sleeping on the pads. Smaller individuals may be comfortable on a less expensive one or two-inch pad, while those with more bodyweight may prefer a three-inch or thicker foam topper.

Overall, the comfort, support, and durability of your memory foam mattress topper will be determined by the combination of density and thickness. Visit a local bedding store or go online to see what’s available in your price range.

Best Place to Buy a Mattress: Tips You Need to Know

Best Place to Buy a Mattress In need of tips on the best place to buy a mattress? If you are looking to purchase the best-rated mattress, then it helps to know exactly where to start your search.

Before you decide to buy a mattress online, though, you might want to check your options first. After all, a good mattress is an important investment, so you should think carefully before buying one to avoid any regrets.

What Makes a Quality Mattress?

It is important to choose a top-quality mattress that supports your back well. This is particularly essential among those who suffer from low back pain, as well as individuals who struggle to sleep soundly each night. Unfortunately, some marketing tactics by manufacturers make it harder for you to shop a good mattress since you may end up being overwhelmed by your numerous options.

Hence, it makes perfect sense to have a thorough understanding of what makes a top-notch mattress. Then, be sure to evaluate the item and compare it with your other options. You may even want to consider going to stores that provide cutaway views of the mattress’ interior, which you can use in gauging the quality of the product.

Primarily, a good mattress has these essential features:

1. Excellent Back Support

Mattresses come with coils and springs of varying thicknesses. Coils with thicker wires ensure you of a firmer mattress. However, this is not the only measure of the mattress’ quality, although this can give you a clearer idea about the kind of support you can expect.

2. Comfort

The padding of the mattress offers optimum comfort. You should check the material used for the padding such as cotton or polyester. Thicker padding makes the mattress more expensive, yet the quality of comfort you can get makes it worth every dollar you pay.

3. Insulation

It is ideal to determine the amount of insulation in the mattress padding. Basically, the padding is set on the top portion of the coil springs. This serves as a means of protecting the coil from causing any damages to the mattress’ top layer. Moreover, the padding prevents you from feeling the coil springs from the top part of the mattress.

4. Quilting

You will notice that the outer part of the mattress comes with ticking or cotton with polyester blend found in top-quality mattresses. In addition, be sure to check the stitching used on the quilting, as this must be consistent and not unbroken to ensure durability.

These are some of the key components that make up a good mattress. As always, make it a point to ask questions from the seller and determine what you are getting from the mattress you are looking to buy. You deserve to have a good mattress that provides comfort as you sleep and minimizes back pain while providing ample support to your back.

Great Place to Buy a Mattress

The most convenient place to buy a mattress would be online, and you can choose from a wide selection of products suitable for your needs and budget. Furthermore, you can bypass the long queue in stores, since you can simply make your purchases even at the comfort of your own home.

However, as you search online for quality mattresses, you need to make sure that the products sold come with a money-back guarantee. This is an important aspect to consider since you do not want to end up buying something that you do not intend to use because of poor quality. So, in case you are not satisfied with the product, you can simply send it back and get a full refund on your purchase.

As you start searching for a mattress to buy, be sure to check the product’s warranty. In most instances, you can find a product with at least a 10-year non-prorated or full replacement warranty. This is a good feature since you can always have the item replaced when there are issues that arise within the warranty period.

Most importantly, make it a point to shop at stores that are known to offer quality mattresses. Be sure the store offers major brands including Tempurpedic, Simmons, and Sealy, to name a few. Specialty stores give you assurance that the salespeople are well-trained when it comes to answering any questions or concerns you may have about mattresses.

With these tips, you will be able to find the right product that meets your needs. So, think about buying a quality mattress from a reputable seller to ensure your total satisfaction with the product and expect the best value for your money.

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