The 10 Best Makeup Vanity Ideas (2021 Reviews)

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Bedroom vanity tables are a perfect addition to your bedroom as they not only provide a function but are a fantastic-looking piece of furniture too.

Every girl loves to take their time to pamper themselves to make them look beautiful so what could be better than their own bedroom vanity table.

There will be no need to be first into the bathroom as all what you need will be at your vanity table.

Most bedroom vanity tables will have built-in mirrors that can be flipped up and attached to provide a clear view of your front, left, and right so you can transform yourself. Your vanity table will come with plenty of storage for your makeup and keep your jewelry safe.

You can decide where to put all of your favorite things – all in their own little place. Of course, you will enjoy sitting on the softly padded stool so you are comfortable whilst you are pampering yourself.

Vanity tables for the bedroom are as popular as ever and most homes now have one. They are extremely versatile for all ages – young and old – there will be a vanity table suitable, whatever your age.

Whether you need to take time over getting yourself ready for a night out or need to get ready quickly for work there is no better place to prepare yourself. It is your own little space – away from the husband and kids – somewhere you can have a little “me” time.

It is an essential beauty aid as all ladies like to take their time to get ready and look fantastic.

Where else can you comfortably get the benefits that a vanity table provides?

A bathroom is ok to an extent, but you can easily be interrupted and where are you going to keep all of your makeup and personal things, jewelry, etc?

Varieties of Makeup Vanities

There are many different styles, designs, and colors – so there will be one to cater to everyone’s taste. Choose from a white table to chocolate brown, antique black to wrought iron, scrolling with charm.

You can choose a table that has no built-in mirrors or one that has single or tri-fold – ideal so you can see yourself from different angles.

Then there is the number of storage drawers to choose from. Some have a couple or three others have five or six – you can decide how much storage you require for your things.

A vanity table really will look great with any setting in your bedroom.

Regardless of your taste or requirements are you will find the perfect vanity table for your bedroom. You will never lose your lipstick again and you will always know where all of your earrings are – it will always be in one place.

When you wake up in the morning you will feel good about yourself and confident about getting ready for the day. You will have your own space to take your time and make yourself look terrific.

It will be a fine piece of bedroom furniture that you will keep for years to come and will get hours and hours of use. Everyone needs their own space and their own special place and a bedroom vanity table will be a very classy addition to your dressing space.

French Makeup Vanity

French furniture has always been popular with many pieces available through auction houses and many companies producing replica furniture items to suit all budgets. Furniture that falls into this large grouping of French furniture comprises items that are detailed and handmade.

The French style of furniture includes bedroom furniture such as dressing tables mostly consists of intricate pieces of furniture. The light colors of French-inspired furniture have a few advantages over furniture in other styles.

The white or lighter colors of this furniture act to lighten the room by reflecting some of the sunlight from an uncovered window. This is great for bedrooms that can seem a little dingy and it also makes the bedroom look a lot bigger.

Advantage of French dressing tables

One advantage of French dressing tables is that are easy to match with other furniture in the room. White generally goes with most colors of furniture such as a dressing table that can be added to a room. Other furniture in the bedroom can also be painted in lighter or white colors to also match the style of a French dressing table.

Another great advantage of French-inspired furniture is that it doesn’t go out of fashion. Items such as French dressing tables and bedside tables are always available. People are always considering this style of furniture for not only the bedroom but for other rooms in the house.

Oak dressing vanity

Oak has long been a popular choice when it comes to furniture making. Oak trees are relatively slow-growing which provides the timber with a fantastic grain.

The slow-growing attributes of the oak also provide the timber with strength and durability. These attributes are perfect for furniture to ensure that any item of furniture made from oak will last for years and years. Furniture items such as dressing tables are in constant use every day so it may be important to choose a dressing table that can last rather than selecting a cheaper dresser that will require replacing in the future.

The use of oak for furniture is also great as this timber is hard wearing and it is also able to be sanded back and refinished to look like new. This is a great feature for furniture such as oak dressing tables as the top of the dresser sees the most use with items being dropped and marking the surface.

Another advantage of using oak for furniture such as dressing tables is that the timber can be finished in a large number of finishes. This is great for people who are matching a dressing table to furniture that is already in the bedroom. The oak can be finished in a darker or lighter color.

The main disadvantage when it comes to choosing oak furniture, especially dressing tables that can have intricate work is the price. Oak is an expensive material to work with so the furniture that is made is more expensive than other materials such as pine.

Choosing the Right Dressing Table

Choosing dressing tables varies for different situations and functions. There are those who buy for their own use, some buy for group use.

Some buyers buy knowing that they are alone and no one will use it besides them and others buy dressing tables because they know that many will use them.

Sometimes some people buy them for themselves but without the intention of sharing this space with other people. Here are some tips on the different situations at home that you may face.

High-End Quality of the Material

Women must always check the material of the vanities for bedrooms. It can be either wood or fabric. It entirely depends on the women about the kind of material they are interested in. Fabric is rather soft and comforting, therefore, recommended to everyone.

For everyone who is rather fond of classy furniture, they are suggested to go for the wood chairs and tables. Both are great in quality and tend to make an amazing set.

Mirrors for Increased Convenience

Vanity makes up table with mirrors come in handy since it gives a lot of exposure to women when it comes to the important task of getting ready on a daily basis.

Women must always look for how many mirrors a table has since it is one of the major qualities of a table set. Without an adequate mirror, it becomes quite difficult to dress up appropriately on a regular basis.

Availability of Lights

When it comes to choosing from the best tables, it is rather significant to go for a makeup vanity with lights. Lights must never be ignored as they tend to make it easier for women to dress up. Moreover, lights also provide a good overall effect. Many tables also tend to provide multiple angles which can be quite useful. Furthermore, extendable and closeable mirrors tend to look rather chic and pretty much enable women to acquire a lot of conveniences when it comes to dressing up appropriately and without any issue on a daily basis.

Increased Storage Space and Drawers

Storage space is quite an important factor before choosing the best table for personal use. It facilitates women for keeping their valuables safe and to have all their makeup supplies in front of them.

For everyone who is concerned about having a good amount of storage space, drawers need to be considered. There are many makeup tables available that have a lot of drawers for the utmost convenience of women.

Buying for yourself

In this instance, you are free to choose anything that you want. You can choose any style and any color and any size you want. You have free reign over your decisions about your home and your furniture.

In this case, you should just concentrate on bringing out your personality and preferences as much as possible. Make sure that the dressing table you choose is to your liking and that it will be able to achieve the function you want it to have.

Buying for a home with two or more users

Making a decision here is a bit tricky. You should keep in mind the actions and behavior of the people you will share it with. You will want to choose a much subtle design. Something that many people will like and something that won’t be over the top.

Keep the accessories simple and inexpensive because there are many of you who will use this dressing table. It is better if there are fewer drawers in it because fights might arise when an item of great importance is left there and got lost.

You will want to lessen the times that these kinds of instances may occur. You also should refrain from installing locks from the drawers at the dressing table. You won’t really know what kind of thoughts and thinking others will be experiencing so it is better that you set it up as open as you can.

You should make it so that everyone who will be using it will enjoy their experience there.

Buying for a couple

Buying with two couples can either be fun or frustrating. Some say that couples choosing a dressing table together can be seen as a test where the couple will show their problem-solving skills while working together.

It is a cross of the situation when you are single where you have all the freedom in the world and the situation where you have to share the dressing table.

You will have to think of the other person’s preferences too as well as your own. You will need to settle for a compromise if you don’t have the same likes and dislikes. It is also suggested that you keep it open so that no instances of suspicion will also come up.

When out choosing a for two, it is wise to bring along your partner so that you will be able to immediately discuss the decisions about the choices you are to make.

Choosing a dressing table for a home that has many people
but is still used by just one person

The main issue here is security. The dressing table is your property and your freedom to choose what kind according to your own preferences is still there.

The only problem here is that there is now a question of security. You should make sure that things in your dressing table are safe and that it is protected.

Whether you choose antique dressing tables, pine dressing tables, white dressing tables or modern dressing tables is not really a question if you try to consider people who will be using them.

Think of your home and the people around you before buying to make more than the worth of your money.

Choosing Dressing Table Mirrors and Stools

When buying dressing tables, it is always better to choose dressing tables and accessories that would be a match with each other because when you buy things that match it will be easier for you to put them together in one place.

They will complement each other so that a better harmony in the room will be felt and seen when decorated by these things. Luckily there are dressing tables that are sold as a set. A set means that it is sold together as a whole.

They are created specifically to complement each other in the set but if you want to add your own style to match your furniture, you can always choose the elements of the set yourself.

Dressing Table Mirrors

  1. Choose dressing table mirrors according to your dressing preferences. You may want a mirror big enough to see your whole upper body and you may also choose one that will focus on your face. Big mirrors are usually installed in the center of the dressing table to create a vision of balance. Sometimes, big mirrors are accompanied by movable smaller mirrors on their side. When you want to use a small mirror for your dressing table then just choose a mirror that will be able to stand by itself on your table.
  2. Use a mirror that is appropriate for your dressing table. An example of this is that when you buy an antique dressing table, you don’t match it with a modern style, different color mirror. Doing it this way usually destroys the balance and harmony of the set.
  3. You should always choose a mirror design that will complement the other parts of the set. If you don’t want it to look like a set then just try to make them as appropriate as possible. If you plan on making a statement then make that statement tasteful. Make your statement worth it.

Dressing Table Stools

  1. Make sure that the stool you are going to buy is comfortable. You will probably spend a lot of time in this stool especially when you always make it a point for you to look good. So when choosing the best dressing table stool it is important that you will enjoy sitting on it.
  2. Choose a stool with a height and width that is appropriate for your dressing table. Having an oversized stool won’t help when putting on your makeup or fixing your tie. Choose something that you are comfortable using with the dressing table. You can’t use a stool that makes you sit higher than the mirror or a range out of reach of the items you need.
  3. When choosing a stool, remember that it should serve the function of making you use the dressing table in a proper and comfortable manner so that you can concentrate on making yourself look the best that you can.

Remember that choosing the best accessories for your dressing table is very simple. There are very practical and simple things to keep in mind. You should always make it personal and functional or usable aside from they make a perfect match. You also should always make it a point that it looks good together with the other things in the set.

Cleaning your Vanity Table

Your dressing table is the best spot in your house to pamper yourself with beauty routines as you get ready for a tough journey to work. Buying one that surely fits your lifestyle, home, and fashion taste is your first great step towards creating a place of treating your frontline, your face.

When you find your entire ensemble already done, you can no longer take the time to wipe or polish the table to leave it clean behind.

The daily hassles of dressing up and putting on makeup will surely take most of your time before you get out of work. You might not have enough time for general cleaning as you get back home tired and stressed after toiling the whole day in the office.

You may have the best vanity dressing table or you may have bought the toughest antique dressing table in the market but surely, everything will tarnish easily if not used with care.

Take some of these tips on maintaining your dressing table’s cleanliness and eventually working for it to last longer with you:

Cleaning Routine for Dressing Tables

Lighting. Make sure your dressing table is illuminated from above. You can easily pick out things on top of it which do not actually belong there. The brightness of the area where you will do most of your beauty habits will encourage a positive atmosphere. You wouldn’t want to work on your face while getting disturbed with gloominess. Moreover, a brightened dressing table generally looks clean and organized.

Keep jewels in place. Hanging your necklaces on a corkboard will not only let you find them easily but will also make your dressing table maintained. You do not need to hook some nails as they might ruin your white dressing table but you can definitely place a little board on top or beside it where you can hang your accessories. This will also prevent them from getting tangled with each other.

Keep and Dispose of Cottons Properly. Look for glass jars in moderate sizes where you can place your cotton balls and cotton buds. The chemicals absorbed by the cotton balls from astringents and alcohol will tarnish the perfect finish of your wooden dressing table when placed wet on top.

Clear out dressing table mirrors. You can never prevent your things from splashing onto your mirror especially when you are always in a hurry. Find some time to wipe of smudges.

Organize your electrical tools. Hairdryers, curling tongs, and straightening irons should be placed on a box or a string bag.

Dispose of trash right. Place a trash can just beside your dressing table stool to immediately dispose of used cotton balls, cotton buds, and empty plastic bottles. Girt and dirt will scratch off your dressing table made of wood you wipe them off your top at once.

Maintaining that polished look of your dressing tables will make it conducive to your beauty rituals every day. Keep it clean and organize enhance and further its natural shine and appealing look. Have that good cleaning practice and enjoy your pampering moments.


What is a vanity table?

A vanity table will help you create a spacious and comfortable place to prepare for your day and is ideal for make-up, hair products, and other commonly used items. A vanity table consists of a table with storage drawers, a mirror, and a bench.

What are vanity tables made of?

Some vanity tables are made of wood and some are made of metal.

Wood Vanity Tables

What type of wood is used in making wood vanity tables?

Wood vanity tables are made of softwoods, hardwoods, and some use manufactured wood in construction.

A) Softwoods: Softwood is from an evergreen or coniferous cone-bearing tree. Common varieties are pine, fir, and cedar.

B) Hardwoods: Hardwood lumber comes from deciduous trees, these are the trees that shed their leaves annually. The most popular domestic species are oak, birch, walnut, cherry, ash, and poplar.

What is solid wood?

Solid wood is a term most commonly used to differentiate between ordinary wood and engineered wood. The fact that a product is made from solid wood is often touted in advertisements.

What is a veneer?

A veneer is a thin layer of wood and is commonly used in tabletops and facings to achieve a uniform finish.

Vanity Table Finishes:

What is a vanity table finish?

It is simply the stain or the color applied to the wood.

Are these finishes safe?

The answer is yes the finishes applied are lead-free and conform to all safety standards.

Vanity Table Finishes:

Maple finish, mahogany finish, cherry finish, oak finish, white finish, black finish, beige finish, cappuccino finish, espresso finish.

Are all vanity tables in our store available in all finishes stated previously?

The answer is no. The vanity tables featured are only available with the finishes specified.

Metal Vanity Tables:

What type of metal is used in metal vanity tables?

Steel, aluminum, wrought iron

Frequently used vanity tables terminology:

1) Tabletop: It is the vanity table-top and is commonly used for jewelry, makeup, and hair supplies

2) Swivel Mirror: This is a mirror that swivels to meet individual requirements

3) Felt-Line Drawers: Cloth material is used to line the inside of drawers, and is mainly available in red, pink, burgundy, and green

4) Hardware accessories: Are mainly metal drawer pulls, handles.

5) Queen Anne Legs: It is a traditional style leg

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