The 10 Best Key Cabinets (2021 Reviews & Guide)

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When coping with personal assets, the selection for a specific key cabinet becomes really significant.

In the event exactly where you’re storing client-trusted keys, you presume larger risk as any project plan is most probably to incorporate indemnification conditions for cuts the customer suffers whilst your workforce is focusing on the asset.

In order to pick a key storage cabinet to secure your group of keys, take into account:

  • The kind of keys you’re storing
  • How important the keys are
  • How easily accessible it is

You should also consider its security system. You will discover simply two forms of securing system – key locking mechanism as well as the mixture lock mechanism.

The alternative is usually made depending on which matches your requirements far more. The latest versions have digital keyless systems and dual-locking systems for additional security.

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Best Key Cabinet Reviews 2021

1. Sparco Secure Key Cabinet, 10 x 3 x 12 Inches, 60 Keys, Gray

Sparco Secure Key Cabinet, 10 x 3 x 12 Inches, 60 Keys, Gray

Are you tired of replacing locks after misplacing their keys? Grab this modern cabinet from Sparco designers and stay safe.


Construction material: The gray cabinet is fabricated from steel plates. The material is preferred because of its strong, weather-resistant, heat, and fungal attacks. This implies that you may use the cabinet for ages without corroding. Also, metal is machinable, therefore; you can mount the cabinet on the wall using hand tools.

Tag and hooks: The long-lasting cabinet comes with 60 stainless steel hooks to hang the key. Above each hook is a corresponding white plastic tag that helps you to organize the keys.

Cabinet door: The elegant organizer has a steel door that is fitted with a mechanical lock. This is to secure your keys from non-authorized individuals. Alongside the lock are two keys that should be well kept. If you fear to lose the keys, you can duplicate copies from a professional locksmith.


It comes with complete mounting hardware.

The cabinet body is flawless and stylish, therefore; you can mount it even in your living room.


It’s not advisable to mount it at the corner since the door opens toward the right.

2. AdirOffice 40 Keys Cabinet with Digital Lock – Electronic Key Safe – Pin Code Keyless Storage Box for Keys

AdirOffice 40 Keys Cabinet with Digital Lock - Electronic Key Safe - Pin Code Keyless Storage Box for Keys - Secure Steel Lock Box - Scratch Resistant Powder Coated - Wall Anchor- Black

Safeguard your company by organizing your keys in an electronic cabinet from AdirOffice. With this, you might not carry the safe lock keys again. Instead, a tricky but memorable pin combination will be entered to access the keys.


Cabinet constructions: The black key safe is built from stainless steel metal for its strength and durability. This assures you total security for long. Continuous hinges are installed on its top edge that dissipates the pressure anytime the door moves. The dark-coated box also has a smooth-curved door to protect taller workers from head-knocks after mounting. It is packaged alongside the mounting necessities.

Digital lock: The programmable lock is fitted on the cabinet door for real protection. The allowed person uses a secret (three to eight numbers) combination pin to access the keys. Additionally, it has two override keys that open the cabinet whenever the programmed lock fails. Its circuit involves 1.5V AA-sized batteries for the power supply, a buzzer that beeps when someone opens the door, and LED lights that display the power level and all the operations made.

Tag and hooks: The protective cabinet has 40 hooks and tags that help in the key arrangement. It can be used at homes, hotels, production companies, and car sales among other areas that deal with key bunches.


It comes drilled alongside the mounting anchor bolts.


The rotary handle is easy to break.

3. Steel Key Cabinet Security Box Wall Mount with Combination Lock and Radom Color Key Tags-Holds 24 Keys

Steel Key Cabinet Security Box Wall Mount with Combination Lock and Radom Color Key Tags-Holds 24 Keys

One of the challenges of keeping keys in bunches is spending hours before identifying a key for a particular door. In such cases, this cabinet security box from Masmartox may be helpful.


Cabinet construction: The 1.5 pounds key cabinet is built from a coated stainless-steel plate of 0.7mm thickness. Besides the material is resistant to chemicals, moisture, and bacteria, it is strong and non-corrosive. This means that the organizer can be used for decades without fading. Moreover, the powder-coated exterior of the cabinet makes it attractive for any space.

Combination lock: The beautiful cabinet has a 3-digit combination lock that limits key access to authorized individuals. Interestingly, its system has over a thousand possible combinations, enhancing privacy and protection from non-authorized persons. With this, you need not carry the cabinet key around.

Hooks and tags: The steel cabinet features 24 steel key hooks with corresponding tags for decent organization. The colored tags have blank stickers for labeling the keys. With this, you need not write the key numbers in a book.


The cabinet comes drilled alongside its mounting hardware.


It is challenging to open the box after changing the combination code.

4. Uniclife 28 Key Cabinet Steel Security Key Organizer Lock Box with Key Lock, Wall Mount

Uniclife 28 Key Cabinet Steel Security Key Organizer Lock Box with Key Lock, Wall Mount

This is another cabinet that might save you the hustle of carrying your home keys around, spending hours tracing a particular key lock, or even replacing door locks after misplacing the keys.


Cabinet construction: The lovely safe box is constructed from a 0.8mm thick steel plate for prolonged security. Its body is evenly coated with a powder that stylishly protects it from scratches. The cabinet also has artistic curved edges with beautiful polishing to protect you from painful head knocks. Additionally, a continuous hinge is fitted at the upper edge to reduce the stress exerted when moving the cabinet door and avoid forced access.

Combination lock: The key cabinet also has a 3-digit combination lock that limits access to the keys. Interestingly, the lock has over a thousand possible combinations protecting the premises from non-allowed access. Also, it allows the permitted person to change the combination into a memorable but secure one.

Hooks and tags: The convenient cabinet comes with 28 stainless steel key hooks alongside their colored tags that help in organizing. Blank stickers are stuck on the tags for key labeling. This will help you trace the needed key in seconds.


It comes with mounting anchors and screws.


Changing the combination code is challenging.

5. Key Lock Box for Outside – Waterproof Combination Lockbox for House Keys – Wall Mount Key Hiders with 5 Keys Capacity – Key Safe Storage Lock Box to Hide a Key Outside

Key Lock Box for Outside - Waterproof Combination Lockbox for House Keys - Wall Mount Key Hiders with 5 Keys Capacity - Key Safe Storage Lock Box to Hide a Key Outside

Do you need real privacy on your premises? Then, you can upgrade from carrying a set of keys to this outdoor cabinet from Rudy Run. It will provide real protection to your business.


Cabinet construction: The waterproof cabinet is built from aluminum alloy and stainless steel. Besides the materials being resilient, they are waterproof, strong, and non-corrosive. This implies that the box will provide you with optimal security for a long time. Additionally, their machinable properties facilitate easy mounting. The adorable box is frosted in black and gray.

Combination lock: This is installed on the door to limit access to the keys. It is designed from zinc alloy, hence strong, water-resistant, and non-corrosive. The lock has a 4-digit combination and up to 10,000 customized passcodes. The outer cover shields the dial from weather hazards.

Storage capacity: The versatile cabinet is spacious enough to store 5 house keys alongside vital personal items including credit cards, fobs, and USB drives among others.


The sturdy box comes with screws, plugs, and mounting instructions.

The safe can store all your personal cards.

Authorized individuals find it easy to open.


Mounting the box requires you to drill the wall (which is challenging to some individuals.)

6. AdirOffice Key Steel Security Storage Holder Cabinet Valet Lock Box (48 Key, Black)

AdirOffice Key Steel Security Storage Holder Cabinet Valet Lock Box (48 Key, Black)

Advance your business security by installing this key lock box from AdirOffice. It will also help you organize your keys for easy access to any room.


Cabinet construction: The precious box is built from stainless still plates of gauge 16 that make it stable, durable, and secured. Its body is then frosted black to protect the cabinet from scratches. With this, the cabinet will serve you for long without losing its quality and elegance. On the upper edge, a piano hinge is fitted to prevent forced access and depletion caused by moving the cabinet’s door.

Design: This lockbox is available in two categories; one uses a key lock and the other one a combination code. The cabinet with the key lock comes with two keys for access. You can also duplicate more if you fear losing them. Contrarily, the combination lock has more than a thousand possible combinations. With this, your business premises will be safe from non-allowed persons.

Hooks and tags: The security box is available in two different slots; one has 30 and the other one 48. These will help you organize and store your keys. The steel rings are then fitted in the slots alongside tags that have labeling stickers. With this, you will not spend hours tracing a room key or peruse books to match the key with the room number. Interestingly, the cabinet is spacious for long keys and rings.


The cabinet box gives room to choose.

It comes drilled alongside the mounting hardware.


It lacks a location chart to save you from flipping the tag when finding a particular key.

7. Security Large Magnetic Hide-A-Key Holder for Over-Sized Keys – Extra-Strong Magnet

Security Large Magnetic Hide-A-Key Holder for Over-Sized Keys - Extra-Strong Magnet

Are you contemplating on how to store your spare car key? Try this magnetic holder from HomeAide. In this, you will fit the key into the holder and place it under the bumper or on any metallic frame.


Material construction: The prestigious key case is built from ABS plastic, which is strong, non-corrosive, resilient to adverse weather, and resistant to heat. This implies that you can use the hide-a-key holder case for ages without losing its value. Additionally, ABS plastic has magnetic properties that allow the owner to attach the case to any magnetic material. Its smooth edges give the holder a luxurious look.

Space: The magnetic key holder can fit any over-sized key. With this, your car, industrial machines, and bike keys will be safe. You can also buy it for your gate and house door spare key. Also, you can keep a master key for emergency purposes.


The keyholder is small-sized, therefore; you can squeeze it between metal frames.

You can drive around with your spare key under the bumper.


ABS plastic does not have strong magnetic properties. With this, the case cannot stick on rusted metals.

8. AdirOffice Key Steel Security Cabinet Box – 48 Keys Capacity – Combination Lock (White)

AdirOffice Key Steel Security Cabinet Box - 48 Keys Capacity - Combination Lock (White)

Sometimes you waste a lot of time accessing a room because you cannot identify its key from a bunch. This can go to the extent of replacing the lock. Time has passed when people crowded a locksmith for a duplicate key. Grab this cabinet box and protect your business in style.


Cabinet construction: The 3.2-pound cabinet is built from 16-gauge stainless steel for prolonged security. The material is then powder-coated to enhance the durability of the cabinet. Additionally, the snowy white exterior makes the cabinet elegant. This means that you can install it on your office wall without affecting its décor.

Combination lock: AdirOffice has given the buyer the power to choose between the cabinet using a key and the one with a combination lock. Two keys are provided for the manual lock cabinet and over a thousand combinations for the programmed lock. With this, only allowed individuals can access the keys.

Hooks and tags: The designer also allow the customers to choose between the 30 key slot size and 48. A steel ring holding a plastic tag hanging on each slot. Each tag has a blank sticker where you indicate the key’s detail. With this, it’s easy to identify any key without flipping.


The box is delivered with pre-drilled holes and other mounting hardware.

It is spacious for longer keys.


Needs a location tag that will save you from flipping the keys.

9. DuraBox 40 Keys Steel Safe Cabinet with Digital Lock – Electronic Key Safe with Drop Slot for Key Returns and Safe Storage (Dark Grey)

DuraBox 40 Keys Steel Safe Cabinet with Digital Lock - Electronic Key Safe with Drop Slot for Key Returns and Safe Storage (Dark Grey)

Do you need a cabinet to hide your keys from snoopy employees? Check out for this safe from DuraBox. Besides organizing the keys neatly, the lock will protect your business from external threats.


Cabinet construction: The dark grey cabinet is fabricated from a 16-gauge metal plate. This implies that you can use the cabinet for decades without fading. The box is then powder-coated to strengthen and protect it from unnecessary scratches. Additionally, a piano hinge is fitted on its upper edge to protect the box from tear and wear. The hinge also protects the cabinet from forced access.

Digital lock: The lockbox is then fitted with a programmable system that restricts key access to authorized persons. In this, a digital code (containing between 3 and 8 numbers) is keyed to open the door. However, the box is packaged with two override keys that open the door manually, if the digital lock fails.

Hooks and tags: The modern box has 40 steel key hooks with a corresponding number of blank tags. Also, it has a deposit slot slipping vital documents, if the cabinet is used like a safe.


The cabinet is packaged alongside its mounting hardware, batteries, and the installation manual.

It is versatile.


You need to drill the wall when mounting it.

10. CO-Z Carbon Steel Key Cabinet Storage Box Organizer for Keys with Mechanical Lock 2 Keys (48 Keys)

CO-Z Carbon Steel Key Cabinet Storage Box Organizer for Keys with Mechanical Lock 2 Keys (48 Keys)

Looking for a convenient key organizer for your office? Check whether the carbon-steel cabinet will impress you. Besides the cabinet organizing your keys, it secures your business from burglary.


Cabinet construction: The 3.2-pounds organizer is fabricated from a carbon steel plate. This material is resistant to shock, fire, and weather hazards such as earthquakes. With this, the powdered box can be used for a long time without losing its quality. Also, carbon steel is strong, waterproof, and non-corrosive. This means that the cabinet can provide optimal security for decades.

Door lock: The classic cabinet has a mechanical lock that comes with two keys. With this, you’re saved from reciting pin codes and combination digits. Interestingly, you can duplicate more keys from a professional locksmith, if you fear to misplace the original ones.

Hooks and tags: The carbon steel cabinet has 48 keys and tags. Also, its interior is spacious for large rings and keys.


The key organizer box is suitable for indoor and outdoor purposes.

It comes with drilled holes and installation hardware.


The key cabinet lacks labeling tags.

Key Cabinet Buying Guide

How To Select A Key Cabinet

A key cabinet is essential for businesses and many homes.

This type of cabinet is made to store keys, and most of them have tiny hooks so that you can easily organize the keys within the cabinets.

While there are many key cabinet models, it can be a little difficult to choose the right one if you don’t know what to look for.

  • Do you need a metal cabinet or a wooden one?
  • How much safety is enough?
  • What type of locking mechanism should the key cabinet have?

All of these questions and more will be answered in this article.


How important is safety for your key cabinet?

If you are using the cabinet in a business setting, then safety is probably very important. But, how much safety is really enough?

You have to consider what type of keys you are storing. For example, storing common house keys in the cabinet requires a minimal level of security.

You might just need a simple lock for this type of cabinet.

If you store office keys, then you might need a more secure frame and a good locking mechanism.

If you store safe keys or client keys where you stand to lose a lot of money if the keys are stolen, then you need the best security.

This includes hiding the safe in an inconspicuous location (such as inside a wall), an alarm system, and other sophisticated features that will keep the keys safe when you aren’t around to watch them.


There are three main materials used to make key cabinets: wood, metal, and plastic. Plastic is the least secure and the most affordable.

This is best for home use because it doesn’t offer much security, but you can easily organize your keys.

Wood also offers little security outside of a lock, but it looks more elegant and can be stylized, unlike a plastic key cabinet.

The best key cabinet material is typically metal. These cabinets cost a moderate to a high amount, but they offer the most security.

It’s easy to add electronic features to make the safe harder to crack, the safe itself is both fireproof and difficult to break open and metal is heavier, so it might be too heavy for someone to steal the whole cabinet.

If you need keys for home use without much security, then wood and plastic will be the best. If you need a key cabinet that is very secure, then a metal cabinet is your best option.

Locking Mechanism

There are many different locks and locking features, but they all boil down to two types: key and combination.

A key lock means that the key cabinet locks with a simple lock and the cabinet can be opened with a key.

A combination lock means that you have to input a combination to open the cabinet.

There are also many cabinets that use dual-locking systems.

This can mean that you have to use either the key or combination, or you might have to use both the key and the combination at the same time to open the cabinet.

Key locks aren’t nearly as safe as combination locks.

The best type of regular locking mechanism would be a digital combination lock or a dual-locking system that requires both the key and combination.


How can the key cabinet be installed?

The most common installation method is a mounting bracket. This enables you to place the cabinet on the wall with a screw or nail.

This makes the cabinet very visible, and it means that someone can easily lift the cabinet from the wall if they need to.

This installation is best if you want the cabinet to be visible in the house or office, and if security isn’t that high a priority.

There are also key cabinets that can only be stored within holes in the wall.

This allows you to easily hide the cabinet behind a painting or something else on the wall, and it makes the cabinet much less visible.

This is perfect if security is needed to keep people away from the keys. At the same time, this type of cabinet is harder to install.

Storage Capacity

How many keys do you need to store?

If you just need to store a few, then a small key cabinet will be perfect for your needs.

If you need to store many keys, then you might need a larger cabinet that can fit many different keys.

There are also different ways of holding the keys within the cabinet.

Most cabinets have rings or hooks that allow you to easily hang the key.

This is perfect if you need to store a small to moderate amount of keys, but it’s not quite as useful if you are storing many.

The other storing method is with deep clusters.

These cabinets are made specifically to hold many keys in a small space, and this is best if you need to store a very high number of keys for your business.


You should also consider how heavy the key cabinet is. Having a very heavy cabinet means that it might fall off the wall and injure someone.

It also means that thieves will have a hard time taking and running off with the cabinet.

Heavier cabinets typically use thicker materials and they are harder to break into with brute force, but they tend to cost more due to the extra materials.

Weight typically isn’t the biggest factor in choosing the right key cabinet, but you should still consider it because it does determine the price and safety of the cabinet.

What Materials To Consider When Buying A Key Cabinet

A key cabinet is meant to protect your keys, but getting the hardest material doesn’t necessarily mean that you are getting the best cabinet.

There are many factors that go into selecting the best key cabinet material such as durability, how hard it is to break into, and design.

It really matters what you are looking for when you want one of these cabinets, and this article will help you decide on the right material for your needs.

There are three basic materials used to make key cabinets: metal (usually iron or steel), wood, and plastic.


A metal key cabinet offers superior protection from thieves. Iron and steel cabinets are difficult to break into, and they are harder to destroy.

While there are some other metal cabinets out there, you should always opt for iron or steel if you want something that can resist thieves.

These cabinets also tend to have more safety features than the other two materials because this one is most often used for professional protection.

Recessed hinges and digital locks may be available with a plastic or wooden key cabinet, but you will commonly only find these features with metal ones.

Disadvantages of metal

However, there are a few cons when it comes to metal. This type of key cabinet, if not properly finished, might be susceptible to rust. This can destroy the durability, and the cabinet will not be as protective.

Metals can also dent easily if hit with blunt force. Wood will often scratch, but metal dents.

These dents can make it easier for thieves to break into the unit if they steal the whole key cabinet. Metal cabinets can also be very loud if they are not oiled regularly.

This can make them inappropriate if you need to open the cabinet at night when others are sleeping.

The other problem is that metal key cabinets are plain. Very few metal cabinets look luxurious. Most of them just look like a box.

If you just want a cabinet that protects your keys, then this shouldn’t be a problem.

If you want something that also looks good while protecting your keys, then you need another key cabinet material.


Metal may be known as a harder material, but wood is still very protective and durable. There are many hardwoods that can take a good hit without breaking, and finishing varnishes can keep the wood protected against the elements. While this material is not commonly used for professional security, as it’s more of a design piece, it is still good for a key cabinet.

The best thing about a wooden key cabinet is that there are many kinds of wood and designs to choose from. You can choose from oak, mahogany, ebony, and many other kinds of wood. This allows you to select from different price ranges, colors, and thicknesses. Wood is also very easy to design.

Laser cutting metal into a design can be difficult, but carving into wood isn’t all that difficult. If you are looking for a key cabinet that also brings together some interior design, then wood is a perfect choice. It is much easier to find someone willing to make a custom design from wood than from other materials.

Wood is also protective. While wood typically does not come with the same safety features that metal offers, it is still good enough to keep your keys safe. If you are using this for the home or somewhere where stealing is not a problem, then wood is fine. If you are worried about someone stealing the keys, then this key cabinet may not be for you.

Wood should be durable against the elements, such as water and moisture if the wood was properly sealed. Some cheaper cabinets are not properly sealed, and this can lead to some major problems later on. The wood can grow mold, split apart or have other problems.


A plastic key cabinet is probably the least protective because these cabinets rarely come with the necessary safety precautions to keep out thieves. However, there are still some advantages to having a plastic key cabinet. These cabinets are affordable, and the material is easy to work with.

Plastic is an easy material to mold. Metal is difficult to turn into certain shapes, and wooden cabinets only come in certain sizes. Plastic, on the other hand, can be easily poured into a simple mold. You shouldn’t expect many plastic cabinets with design work because the overwhelming majority of these cabinets are plain. However, they can be made to fit any shape.

You might find small wood or metal cabinets, but plastic is the most common material in this arena. This is because plastic is great for molding into any size. The majority of smaller cabinets are made from plastic, and this can be convenient if you just have a few keys that you want to store.

Plastic is also the most affordable material. Metal is moderately priced because it is strong, and wood is typically more expensive because it looks better. Plastic is cheap. It does an adequate job of protecting and storing keys around the house, and it can fit into any space.

Plastic can also come in nearly any color. You won’t commonly find blue or green metal or wood cabinets, but these are common colors with plastic. This can be used to create an organizational system. For example, car keys go in the green cabinet, and house keys go in the blue one.


Finding the right key cabinet is easy.

You just need to consider how safe you need the keys to be, where you want to store the cabinet, how many keys you need to store, and what type of material is best for your needs.

Most home users will need a small key cabinet without many safety features, while a business owner will need a larger one with intricate safety features.

Just keep in mind what you need, and you should easily pick the right cabinet.

How To Make a Key Cabinet

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