The 10 Best Green Curtains for 2021

Green Curtains

Looking for green curtains for your home? Read on for the best read on the available shades of green online.

Traditionally, people would use dark-colored curtains for their bedroom because it gives a feeling of solitude and induces sleep. Nowadays, people are taking another route and choosing colors that are not commonly used.

They seek out brighter colors because it brings life to the room. Bright colors have the ability to light up any plain-looking room in the house. So why not consider lime green curtains for your bedroom?

Imagine a room with a bed covered with purple bed sheets and accented with light orange pillowcases. These, coupled with lime green window curtains, are enough to make the room visually striking.

These colors make the room eye-catching. Lime is a combination of the colors yellow and green, and the effect is a glistening curtain that stands out.

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Best Green Curtains











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Green Curtain Set

A green curtain set would surely grab the attention of anyone in the room. The use of this dazzling color is quite popular in interior design, along with bright red cushions, neon blue covers, and many more similar trends. When using any of these intense colors, it is important to keep them to a minimum.

You should avoid using these colors as the main theme of the room; otherwise, the whole room would end up being an eyesore. In this case, blending is crucial. Find local dealers or check the internet if you want to know more about color wheels and matching.

In the living room, lime-colored curtains would go well with lime green or neon pink throw pillows on a sofa with neutral colors such as white or cream. A sky blue sofa set would also match well. This livens up the room and gives it an open feel.

Green curtains online

You may want to look for your curtains online where there are a variety of different designs and styles available. You can compare different retailers and read user reviews to help you come up with a decision.

You can either purchase a ready-made curtain set or a ‘do-it-yourself’ curtain kit to give things a more personalized finish. You can also find a matching lime green shower curtain set, to spread this bright, peppy color throughout your home.

A Guide to Buying Shower Curtains

When you’re in the market for a new shower curtain, there can be so many options that it is difficult to choose. There are different materials, patterns, colors, and brands to consider, not to mention the accessories, such as bath mats and shower curtain rings, which go along with them. We’ve compiled a few things you may want to consider before making a selection.

1. How does your bathroom look now?

If you are starting from scratch, you can find a shower curtain you love and design the room around it. If not, you’ll want to consider the design elements that already exist in the space. If the walls are neutral, a shower curtain is an opportunity to add a focal point of interest using colors and patterns.

If the walls are already a strong color and you have bold artwork or towels in the space, you may want to steer away from large-scale, multi-color designs. Instead, try pulling a shade from one of these pieces and find a solid shower curtain to complement it.

2. Who will be using this space?

It is important to consider the taste of those who will be spending time in this space. Is this your only or main-level bathroom that guests will be using? If so, you may want to stick to the classics, like florals or stripes, rather than edgy designs.

If it is a secondary bathroom where the kids get ready, bright colors and playful patterns will cater to young ones while they build good hygiene habits. As for teens and young adults, shower curtains with funky or trendy designs are a great way to express his or her individual style.

Extra-long shower curtains can fit the different styles of tubs that college housing may bring. If it’s for a master bedroom, try something that both partners feel comfortable with that’s not overly feminine, masculine, or specific to one person’s interest.

3. What is your interior design style?

Just because it is often the smallest and most secluded room in the house doesn’t mean that the bathroom is not an extension of the home. In fact, because bathrooms often lack much space, they can be the trickiest to decorate and therefore important to master.

If your home is more modern, extend this design aesthetic into the bathroom with a mod curtain and clean-lined accessories. For kitschy-chic decorators, the bathroom is the perfect spot to incorporate a whimsical theme such as the beach, rubber ducks, or toiletries.

If you’re the creative, artistic type, Valilla designs can let your shower curtain act as a large-scale, functional piece of art.

4. What is your budget?

Shower curtains range in price, depending on the quality of the material or the desirability of the designer. PEVA and Polyester are on the lower end of the price spectrum, but don’t let the P-words scare you.

PEVA is easy to clean and doesn’t require a liner, and our polyester curtains are 100% woven polyester, meaning the threads are woven one another to create layers rather than being melted or glued together. This gives it more durability than non-woven polyester material and is generally wrinkle-free.

If you are able to spend more, you may like the look of a 100% cotton or luxury embroidered shower curtain, though these will require a liner to protect your curtain and floors from water damage. A higher budget can also get you some designer names, such as Marimekko or Jonathan Adler to grace your bathroom décor.

5. How much effort are you willing to put into installation and maintenance?

Those with the mentality of “buy one and get it done” will love the simplicity of Hookless shower curtains. As the name suggests, they use a Flex-on ring system to easily and quickly install to the shower rod without any additional hardware.

They also have a built-in, snap-on liner to eliminate yet another step in the process. All of our fabric shower curtains are machine washable, and PEVA and plastic shower curtains can be wiped down with a damp cloth for quick clean-ups.

With these considerations in mind, you can start to narrow down your options to find the perfect shower curtain and accessories to fit your taste, lifestyle, and budget. Happy shopping and showering!

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