16 Best Glass Dining Table Ideas for 2021

Glass Dining Table, Best Glass Dining Table

Owning a glass dining table is highly beneficial for the simple reason that they are presented in a variety of designs.

They range from the warm and traditional oval types to the contemporary or modern types that have frosted tops that are decked with appealing colors.

If you wish to take your time and properly select the type that greatly appeals to you, consider your interior styling.

A round glass top fitted with an elaborately carved wood base together with matching upholstered dining chairs makes the setting feel homely with a Victorian-styled feel.

However, in more traditional interiors, it would be a good idea to imbue the atmosphere a bit with some old-world elegance with some slight modernity.

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Best Glass Dining Table Reviews

1. VECELO Dining Table with 4 Chairs [4 Placemats Included-] Silver

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2. Best Choice Products 5-Piece Kitchen Dining Table Set

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3. SICOTAS Round Dining Table, Modern Kitchen Table for Dining Room Clear Tempered Glass Table

[amazon fields=”B08FDKWDN8″ value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_alt=”SICOTAS Round Dining Table, Modern Kitchen Table for Dining Room Clear Tempered Glass Table” image_align=”center” ] [amazon fields=”B08FDKWDN8″ button_text=”Check Price On Amazon” value=”button” center=”yes”]

4. Modern Glass Dining Table Rectangular Glass Dining Room Table

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5. Global Furniture USA Oval Base Dining Table, Gray

[amazon fields=”B07CYLCBTQ” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_alt=”Global Furniture USA Oval Base Dining Table, Gray” image_align=”center” ] [amazon fields=”B07CYLCBTQ” button_text=”Check Price On Amazon” value=”button” center=”yes”]

6. Flash Furniture 31.5” Round Glass Table with 29” H Chrome Base

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7. HAYOSNFO Round Dining Table with Glass Top, Glass Dining Table, Modern Leisure Table with Wood Legs, Coffee Table for Kitchen Dining Room & Living Room

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8. Nidouillet Round Glass Dining Table, Coffee Desk with 4 Beech Wood Legs for Kitchen Living Room

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9. Modway Gridiron 59″ Industrial Modern Stainless Steel Dining Table in Silver

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10. Flash Furniture 28” Round Glass Metal Table with Gray Rattan Edging and 4 Gray Rattan Stack Chairs

[amazon fields=”B01HD5YNFM” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_alt=”Flash Furniture 28” Round Glass Metal Table with Gray Rattan Edging and 4 Gray Rattan Stack Chairs” image_align=”center” ] [amazon fields=”B01HD5YNFM” button_text=”Check Price On Amazon” value=”button” center=”yes”]

11. richlyforme Dining, 1 Table White Glass and 4 Chairs Leather

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12. Flash Furniture Valencia Oval Comfort Series Take Ten Black Rattan Table with Glass Top

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13. Modway Lakeshore Frosted Glass Dining Table

[amazon fields=”B007QULWM2″ value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_alt=”Modway Lakeshore Frosted Glass Dining Table” image_align=”center” ] [amazon fields=”B007QULWM2″ button_text=”Check Price On Amazon” value=”button” center=”yes”]

14. Moss Espresso Dining Table

[amazon fields=”B076YD36WF” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_alt=”Moss Espresso Dining Table” image_align=”center” ] [amazon fields=”B076YD36WF” button_text=”Check Price On Amazon” value=”button” center=”yes”]

15. IDS Online Mid Century Glass Dining Table With Foot Pad

[amazon fields=”B075FX4KW2″ value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_alt=”IDS Online Mid Century Glass Dining Table With Foot Pad” image_align=”center” ] [amazon fields=”B075FX4KW2″ button_text=”Check Price On Amazon” value=”button” center=”yes”]

16. Monarch Specialties I Tempered Glass Dining Table, 48″, Espresso

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Why Choose a Glass Top Dining Table?

The craftsmanship of modern glass dining tables has improved considerably over the past years.

Nowadays, not only can they be adapted to a large range of designs, including artistic, classical, or futuristic styles but they are also quite sturdy and stable.

This is because many manufacturers use high-quality, reinforced glass which makes them an optimal solution when you are looking for the best cheap and small dining tables for sale at a good price.

While really cheap glass dining tables are not always easy to find, the prices are generally fair which also means that they can be very good for those who want that extra bit of luxury without having to pay too much for it.

Are you afraid that your new dining table will stain too easily? With a glass top dining table, you have nothing to worry about as glass doesn’t stain that easily as you think. Also, it can offer you a lot more options when it comes to choosing a specific color than any other material on the market.

As such this increases the design possibilities even more, as the glass can easily be made to look like another material while retaining its properties. A black glass dining table is a good example in this sense.

Varieties of Glass Dining Tables

There are a number of dining table types you can choose from, each of them with its unique properties and design options. While not all may appeal to everyone, some of these tables can be an excellent addition to any dining room, their smooth, elegant craftsmanship conveying a timeless quality.

A glass top dining table is one of the most stable and stylish selections of glass dining tables. In their case, the top is made of glass and rests on either metal or wooden legs.

Glass insert tables can be a great choice, as well; the border created around the glass insert being adaptable to a large variety of unique and luxurious designs. Also, you can opt for large dining tables if you have a larger dining area since glass top dining tables are not limited to a particular size.

In terms of the materials used, the combination of dark wood and glass is an excellent choice when searching for a more classic design, while plastic and metal can provide your dining room with a more slick and modern look.

Regardless of how specific your needs may be, glass dining room tables can offer you everything you need without burning a hole in your pocket.

How To Choose the Perfect Glass Dining Table Set for Your Home

Maybe you have finally purchased your dream home. Perhaps you are redesigning a dining room or long to create a beautiful relaxing place to entertain family and friends.

Whatever your reason for purchasing new dining room furniture, or a glass dining table set is an excellent alternative to wood or synthetic dinette sets.

What are the top reasons people choose glass materials? We’ll answer some frequently asked questions concerning maintenance and design.

Let’s also explore the kinds of glass tables available in today’s market.

Lastly, you can find an expert assessment of the actual cost of a glass table, as well as the best way to get a table from the store to your newly designed dining room.

Ignoring the look and feel of space new furniture will occupy is one of the biggest mistakes people make when furniture shopping.

In the wide-open expanse of furniture showrooms, it’s easy to forget the actual size of a dining room. Before you go to the store be sure to one: measure the room and two: bring color samples with you.

What Are the Design Reasons to Choose a Glass Dining Table?

Although at one time most people purchased oak or maple dinette sets for formal dining, the contemporary furniture market offers an exciting and elegant alternative: the glass dining table set.

Glass tables are superior for many reasons. First, it is easy to coordinate a glass table with other furniture. Second, glass table tops are clear. For these reasons glass tables are visually light, meaning they can make your space seem larger.

A modern glass dining set is a great way to create the illusion of a larger space in a small dining room, to create a room’s focal point, or to complement the modern architecture and sleek lines of a new home.

“Despite the singular benefits of owning such a table, there are some frequently asked questions concerning glass dining tables.”

How Do I Care For My Glass Dining Table?

Glass tables are made from extremely durable and tempered glass. In this way, they are similar to a traditional wood dining set.

Always use pads to protect the table when eating from a casserole dish or hot pan. Although the glass will not crack or break, it is important to protect the surface from superheating. A pad will also protect the glass surface from scratching.

Even though glass tables need to be protected and cared for like wood counterparts, glass top dining table sets are much easier to clean.

Unlike wood, which needs to be polished and treated every few years to maintain condition, glass tables only need a spray of window cleaner or quick dusting to keep clean.

Although wood may need to be refinished, glass tables coordinate with many different colors, textures, and finishes. Overall, glass is easier to care for than other materials.

How Do I Choose the Shape of My Glass Dining Table?

Once you have decided to purchase a glass dining table set, it is important to find the proper shape and size for your space.

Like other dining sets, glass tables are available in round, oval, and rectangular shapes. Be sure to find the best size and shape glass table for your space.

Unlike wood tables, which often feature extra leaves, most glass tables are not adjustable. Be confident and measure your space ahead of time.

You want to have enough room for chairs and comfortable movement around the table. It is a good idea to have at least two feet of space in all directions, measured from the outside edge of the tabletop to allow for comfortable seating.

What Is The Most Popular Shape for a Glass Dining Table Set?

The most popular shape for a glass dining table is round. Round glass tables usually feature a sculptural pedestal. The pedestal can be made in many styles and materials.

This can set the design tone and focal point for your set.

More classic styles usually have wrought iron pedestals for support, while modern and contemporary looks feature wood or even concrete.

Formal dining rooms look best with a classic style base with glass tabletops. Classic base materials may include finished wood with curved or regular angles and a varnished finish.

Extended and counter height dining models look better with more modern features. Shiny metal (chrome-plated) frames often fall into the more contemporary category.

In any case, whether you prefer ornate Italian decorating or sleek contemporary glamour, a glass table can help you achieve your desired look.

How Can I Get a Custom Glass Table?

Custom made glass tables are cost-effective when compared to other surfaces. For odd and unique spaces, glass top dining tables are the perfect solution.

Hobbyists and furniture makers who specialize in reclaimed wood and materials often outfit unconventional supports with a glass tabletop—some examples include reclaimed barn wood, drift-wood, tree stumps, or antique doorways and windows.

Think creatively and you can probably come up with a design for a custom table if that’s your design style.

If you have a space that needs a custom height or length, order tempered glass in the desired dimensions from a home improvement warehouse or local glass shop. Work with a local carpenter to design your own table base.

Not only will glass save you money over wood or granite alternatives, but you will also have the benefit of knowing your table was made specifically for your space.

If you need a breakfast area, a small table for an atrium, beautiful porch furniture, or a multi-functional space for a bonus room or studio, a glass dining table is a perfect solution.

How Do I Get My Glass Dining Table Set Home?

Once you have decided to purchase your glass table dining set, the final step in your dining room design process is getting your table home. You may think that a glass tabletop may be more fragile than other tables, in some ways that are so but glass can be extremely strong.

Although the glass has been tempered to prevent shattering, cracking, or breaking, rough and poor handling can chip the edge or scratch your new table.

The other thing about glass is that it can get extremely heavy if it is thick or over three feet in diameter. That is why having it shipped to your home can really be helpful.

When purchasing find out about having it shipped to your house. For a small delivery fee, you can be sure your table and chairs will arrive at your home as beautiful as when it left the store.

Although it can seem simple to pack and deliver a glass tabletop home yourself, you will end up spending extra money on Styrofoam and other materials to protect your table during transportation. Also putting a dining set including the top, base, and chairs can take up a lot of room that you may not have in your car or van.

Depending on the manufacturer, some sellers will be flexible on delivery fees, especially if you are purchasing other items such as stools or chairs.

If you have to rent a delivery truck yourself to save money consider that you’ll have to lift and pack the glass tabletop which can be very heavy and hard to secure, especially if it is round. They can roll around in the truck.

You usually want to store or ship the glass on the edge, supported by good packing material on the bottom so it doesn’t chip the edge. Glass is stronger in that direction if you go over any bumps in the road.

What Are Some Glass Dining Table Set Prices?

There is a broad range of prices for glass dining table sets. If you purchase only a tabletop, without a pedestal or support, you can expect to pay as little as fifty dollars.

On the other hand, glass dining sets, including chairs—or custom designed table tops with unique etchings or other treatments can cost at least eight hundred dollars or more, delivered.


You can get a matching set or pick a table and base then add the chairs later for a more eclectic look.

Some custom-designed furniture companies will include the shipping in the cost of the dining set. These tend to be more unique and more expensive also.

Glass tabletops are a great solution for difficult to fit spaces. They also suit a variety of decorative styles and tastes.

Furthermore, the glass dining room table costs less than many other custom-made furniture pieces. Express your personal taste and show off your design flair with a glass dining table set in your dining room.

The beauty of Glass Dining Table Set

Glass dining table sets look beautiful, and their tops add a translucent depth (if ‘blasted’), or transparent endlessness (if clear) to dining rooms with either casual or formal settings.

When compared to the traditional wood dining table sets, they make a room look ultra-modern, spacious, bright, and classy.

Today’s savvy homeowner’s top choice in dining table sets is those that have thick tempered glass tops, and sleek leather upholstered chairs.

This combination is the current epitome of dining table and chair sets.

Qualities and Features Of Glass Top Dining Tables

A modern glass dining table is elegant, classy, and trendy. It successfully stands as an attention-grabbing centerpiece that looks costly and exudes the designer touch.

Glass is renowned for its eye-catching translucent qualities that stand out from other interior décor elements. Its beauty and fragile looks belie its strength and durability, but glass dining table sets are as strong as most other dining table materials.

This is because the glass components of the dining set are tempered glass, which is a form of safety glass that is thick, unbreakable, and resilient.

The glass tops on these tables can endure heat, and are therefore suitable for hot dishes or cups of coffee, though it is highly recommended to use placemats for very hot items.

However, when it comes to maintenance and hygiene, glass tops are the best, since they are absolutely non-porous and moisture and stain-resistant.

The elegant beauty of glass dining tables commands a premium price that is either on par, or higher than natural stone dining table surfaces.

It is often much more expensive than wood dining table sets.

And there are the unique glass tops with such artistic flair that’s sure to cost the homeowner a bit of money through this can vary considerably, depending on the dining set’s manufacturer, regional location, type of glass used, its size, thickness, and color.

Different styles and functions of glass dining table sets

The possibilities of style, color, and configuration of glass dining table sets are wide-ranging and diverse.

Depending upon the homeowner’s specific interior decor, a glass and chrome dining table may enhance the rooms’ furnishings better with regard to aesthetics than say a black glass dining table.

An extending dining table works well in situations where “extended” family and friends frequently gather for dinner or entertainment.

If space is an issue, a round glass dining table will likely function better in smaller dining areas.

Adding Elegant Ambience to Glass Dining Table Sets

Glass dining table sets can be custom made to light up from underneath, making them unique with an ornamental appearance that no other dining table material can achieve.

Having such lights fitted makes the table visually appealing, creating a dramatic and elegant ambiance in the dining room.

Using glass dining sets is the perfect way to add style to dining areas. Their stylish attributes showcase all other features that surround them, and because they reflect and ‘bounce’ light, a room will appear brighter and more spacious.

One of the best things about glass dining tables is their ability to blend well with most types of furnishings and furniture.

And whatever the interior decor theme may be; casual, formal, contemporary, or ultra-modern, they will distinctly set off every piece around them, making all other furnishing elements in the room appear much more important than they actually are.

And whether the glass tops come unframed or framed with wood, stainless steel, aluminum, wicker, or bamboo, the fact is that glass dining table sets are simply classic, by the way, they bring a touch of luxury into the interior, whether classic or contemporary and help define and accentuate their surroundings.

Modern Iconic Features of Contemporary Glass Dining Table set

For those homeowners who desire a modern theme for their dining rooms, contemporary glass dining tables and chairs are a great way to modernize a dining room, because unlike the traditional wood dining sets, glass dining tables and chairs are really quite versatile, and have the modern minimalist look of clean, clear lines with unobtrusive qualities.

Glass, like silicone, though hundreds of years in existence, is still a modern material that will almost always complement designs ranging from modern industrial themes to the light, airy and elegant featured futuristic style furniture.

They have the characteristics of making the smallest of dining rooms seem large, because of their translucency and ability to reflect light.

Shapes and styles

Contemporary glass dining tables come in an interesting variety of shapes and sizes, with endless design possibilities of pedestals and table legs.

There is the square, rectangular, oval, round, and oblong, and there are the high-tech designs of asymmetrical shapes that will be of interest to the chic and sophisticated interior designer.

There are the ultra-modern styles with crazy and striking pedestal dining legs, traditional designs with ornately carved wood or stone bases, and even the luxury glass dining tables intricately decorated with beads of glass, or Swarovski crystals.

And not only do they come in varying shapes, designs, and sizes, but you will also find them in various colors, asides from the clear glass genre.

Using contemporary glass dining tables changes ordinarily common tables into awesome parts of dining room décor themes, and with the endless choices that abound on the market, there is definitely something to suit everyone’s style of home decor.

Modern Glass Dining Table

A modern glass dining table is not only exquisite; it’s lustrous, timeless, and versatile enough to serve either in a formal or casual setting.

Unlike a typical wood dining set, modern glass dining sets allow the room to feel open, light, and sophisticated.

The qualities of glass

Because of its smooth, hard structure and its versatility, glass is a popular material – from windows to furniture, to art installations, and to dishware and jewelry.

Glass can be made into custom shapes and sizes and can have color or texture added for a different look. Glass is an incredible functional material, especially for tables.

It is non-porous and moisture resistant, which is ideal for hygienic purposes. It is also heat and stain resistant; perfect for families.

As being one of the main elements of modern design, glass is a popular material for many applications.

A modern glass dining table

Choosing a modern glass dining table is a great way to go because of its versatility and timeless design style.

It allows you to be creative and provide your space with a structural piece of art. Along with the many possibilities available for the tabletop, there are many options for the table base as well.

Use the clear quality of the glass tabletop as a visual gateway to the artwork beneath it. The bases of modern glass dining tables primarily consist of steel or other metal materials.

However, because of the adaptability of modern design, a unique wood base would fit as well.

A modern glass dining table in your home

In today’s homes, especially newly built homes, space is formally known as the “dining room” that has shrunk or disappeared completely.

For small spaces where a table is needed, a modern glass dining table is the answer for a functional and visually pleasing space.

It provides you with a classy and clean look and gives the room a light feel because there is no visual heaviness to space.

Modern glass dining tables also provide a reflection of natural or artificial light which decreases the feel of a dark and dreary space. If you desire a pure modern style in your home, a glass dining table is the best option for your eat-in kitchen or dining space.

The element of glass and the different shapes you can achieve with the material will set the stage for your goal of modern design. If your home is more traditional or contemporary, do not shy away from a modern glass dining table. It fits perfectly in a small and/or dark space.

Glass is a versatile material and can be married with any style your home may already exude.

You do not have to have a modern home, kitchen, or dining room for a modern glass dining table to fit stylistically. That’s the beauty of the modern style. Learn how to protect your glass dining table.

The Extending Glass Dining Table

An extending glass dining table is a dining table that is designed to extend its leaves when required to seat more people and retract them if required to seat fewer people.

Extendable glass dining tables are usually built with the leaves attached and stored underneath its surface when not in use and when extended, the transparent edges meet almost seamlessly, forming a stylish and elegant dining set that’s perfect for romantic dinners for two, or group dinners for eight.

To extend these types of glass dining tables, each of the narrow sides is pulled out and the centerpiece will just fall into place. This process extends the dining table outwards so you can entertain more guests over dinner.

Extending Glass Dining Table Sets Are Great Value for Money

A glass dining table that extends is a wise buy because you will get a stylish and beautiful table without having to pay the price of the rigid conventional table.

For example, a dining table set for 2, which has the ability to extend for additional people, translates to great value for money spent on the dining set.

And because they are built with thick tempered glass, each piece is a real beauty. It’s like getting excellent and expensive-looking glass dining room furniture sets at very affordable prices.

You may not have sufficient space in your home to have guests to dinner, but you want a beautiful glass dining table that is inviting and sophisticated, one that can seat four or six dinner guests.

It is possible to purchase an extending glass dining table that is compact and small. For example, one that is 90cm but can extend to 130cm effortlessly. Set off with simple and elegant dining chairs, the set up will be ideal in any home.

So for those looking for very chic and contemporary dining suites that ‘smack’ of class, but lack the space for it, the extending glass dining table set may be just what you need.

These glass dining sets can be aptly described as impressive and functional, and it is almost certain that they will enhance and add a sense of individuality to a dining room.

The Charm of Black Glass Dining Table Tops

A black glass dining table is the epitome of glass top tables. They are elegant and stand in a class of their own.

The dark smoky effects of a thick slab of black glass placed centrally in a dining area give a definite feel of an interior designer’s touch being applied in the dining room.

Glass Dining Sets

Glass, known for its attractive eye-catching qualities, stands out distinctly when placed amongst all other items of décor in an interior space.

Its elegance and chic but seemingly fragile appearance belie its strength, but a glass top dining table, be it clear, opaque, colored, or black, is as sturdy and strong as wood or most other dining table components because most glass sheets used solely for table-top surfaces are made with tempered glass, a type of glass that is unbreakable, resilient and thick.

Many modern-day furniture and items of decor have a fair amount of glass elements added to them, and glass dining tables are no exception.

But when it comes to the use of black glass, more conventional dining tables made with wood tops or other similar materials don’t stand a chance of being as noticeable and ‘artsy’ as black glass.

Black Glass Dining Table Tops, Dramatic Old World Charm

Hardly does any glass tabletop stand out as much as a black glass dining tabletop. And because it looks chic, especially when edges are beautifully beveled, or decorative and ornate etchings are made on the glass, it holds an aura of mystery and high expense to a dining area’s style and theme.

Black can somehow be described as a timeless component of design that will go very well with all other items in its surround. And if the black glass dining table is one of those where the glass tops sit on an alone pedestal with a wide girth, the better it looks.

Black glass placed on a lone pedestal will give the illusion of a floating decorative piece that works well with all things around it, enhancing the dining chairs placed around it and giving each chair prominence, as opposed to chairs that seem inconsequential, tucked in to disappear under a dining table with four legs.

Adding a Lovely Centrepiece

And to top it up with complementary features, adding a beautiful centerpiece of fresh flower arrangements (with flowers changed regularly before they start to droop) set in lovely ceramic vases, or a unique centerpiece carving adds elegant simplicity, and will leave visitors breathless and impressed when they walk into the dining area.

Centerpiece décor placed on a black glass dining table top is imperative and is as important to show off black glass tabletops, like the dining chairs set around them.

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