The 15 Best Full Size Daybeds

Full Size Daybeds

Looking for a full size daybed? This post will guide you to the best ones online.

… but first a bit of history

Tracing its origin back from the shores of Greece to the proud Romans and to the lavish Victorians, the modern full-size daybed has endured up to this day and has served people in its humble way of accommodating guests staying for the night.

Throughout its classic history, it has proven itself to be rightfully indispensable furniture.

Understanding how the daybed became what it is now, one would just have to think of any furniture for seating that was converted to become not just for sitting but for lying down, a bed, that is.

With its wood or metal frame and ability to carry full-sized mattresses with linked springs, daybeds are just as basic as it is functional.

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Best Full Size Daybed Reviews

1. DHP Bombay Metal Full Size Daybed Frame with Included Twin Size Trundle, White

DHP Bombay Metal Full Size Daybed Frame with Included Twin Size Trundle, White

2. Full Daybed Frame, Solid Wood Daybed Frame,No Box Spring Needed, White Daybed

Full Daybed Frame, Solid Wood Daybed Frame,No Box Spring Needed, White Daybed

3. DHP Winston Metal Trundle, Full Size Sofa Bed Frame, White Daybeds,

DHP Winston Metal Trundle, Full Size Sofa Bed Frame, White Daybeds,DHP Winston Metal Trundle, Full Size Sofa Bed Frame, White Daybeds,

4. Full Daybed with Two Drawers- White Day Bed with Storage Drawers- Extendable King Size Daybed with Drawers’ Trundle Panel

Full Daybed with Two Drawers- White Day Bed with Storage Drawers- Extendable King Size Daybed with Drawers’ Trundle Panel- Convertible Full-Size Day Bed with Storage

5. Merax Wooden Daybed Extendable Bed with Trundle Bed and Two Storage Drawers, Sofa Bed for Bedroom Living Room, White

Merax Wooden Daybed Extendable Bed with Trundle Bed and Two Storage Drawers, Sofa Bed for Bedroom Living Room, White

6. Full Tan Linen Jude Daybed

Full Tan Linen Jude Daybed by foundstone

7. Full ZanowitZ Daybed

Full ZanowitZ Daybed


8. DHP Victoria Daybed, Full Size Metal Frame, Multi-functional Furniture, White

DHP Victoria Daybed, Full Size Metal Frame, Multi-functional Furniture, White

9. Tufted Reversible Sofa Lounge Daybed Couch Full Size Day Bed Corner Black by D&H

Tufted Reversible Sofa Lounge Daybed Couch Full Size Day Bed Corner Black by D&H


10. Dorel Living Morgan Full Daybed, Espresso

Dorel Living Morgan Full Daybed, Espresso

11. Furniture of America Medina Cottage Style Storage Daybed, White

Furniture of America Medina Cottage Style Storage Daybed, White

12. Carmelita Full Size Daybed

Carmelita Full Size Daybed

13. Hinsdale Full Size Daybed

Hinsdale Full Size Daybed

14. Esther Full Daybed by alcott Hill

Esther Full Daybed by alcott Hill

15. Mckittrick Full Daybed by alcott hill

Mckittrick Full Daybed by alcott hill

So What is a Full Size Daybed?

Imagine yourself lying back relaxing on your new full-size daybed.

Where ever that dream may take you, there is a daybed to suit your needs and to fit in with the current décor of your home.

Full Daybeds are of different types and can be made up of metal and wood and are composed of three different things which are the arms of a couch which form two sides, and a back section that is used for sitting.

The mattress which is used for this type of bed is the twin size bed mattress which is very comfortable.

Full-size daybed Styles

It can be humble in its simple designs or as classy as it is with its ornate styles. Its availability can fit anyone’s tight budget and can match any interior decoration of the room it is to be placed in.

The full-size daybed had gone through a lot of innovations as other versions evolved from ancient civilizations to be what it is now.

Now as a modern couch or sofa, it started to be a place to relax, for leisure, and for socialization. It is not uncommon for the full-sized versions to become more popular as of recent.

Daybeds Through History

Daybeds, also known as a Chaise Lounge, are a combination of a traditional bed and a couch. They usually have a headboard and a foot-board just like a normal bed, but they can also include a backboard for seated support when in use as a couch.

The base frame is then suspended from these end boards and railings. Add a mattress and some pillows or cushions and you have a comfortable place to relax, sleep, read a good book or just take in the scenery.

Daybed vs Chaise Lounge

The main difference between a ‘daybed’ and a ‘chaise lounge’ is the bed end boards. Traditionally the chaise lounge had a reclining position with a headboard and partial backboard and it was obvious on which end you were to recline.

Historically daybeds have been around for 1000’s of years and were to be found in most cultures. Early daybeds were a simple structure made from rope or wood and decorated lavishly with bedroom sets made from rich fabrics, tapestries, cushions, and tassels.

It was a common practice for royalty to hold an audience from the comfort of their bed-chamber whilst reclining on their bed. Although many were sized for just one person, today we see more full-size daybeds that can fit two or even more people.

Why should you own a daybed?

Daybeds are useful inside or outside. You can turn your office or the corner of a larger reception area, into a spare bedroom or sleeping nook, easily and quickly by incorporating a daybed into your home décor.

Your new daybed can then be used as a couch during the day and a bed at night.

Some full-size daybeds even have the option of a trundle bed or extra storage like drawers, underneath making it an even more useful piece of furniture and a wise investment.

A Full-size daybed

Do you have a large deck or patio on your home? An outdoor full-size daybed is just the thing to create that relaxing ambiance and peaceful atmosphere that invites you to just sit, recline for a few moments, perhaps hours and enjoy the view.

A full-size daybed differs from a regular size daybed by offering a larger seating area and sleeping spaces for 2 or more people.

There are so many styles and designs to choose from varying by the way they are built, the materials they are built from, sizes, whether they contain extra storage or a trundle, and many other design features. When shopping for your new daybed you will be spoiled for choice and it should be very easy to find one that will suit your needs and your decorating preferences.

Bed Mattress Info

Quality night’s rest is a guarantee of your general well-being and good mood for the next day. To enjoy every moment of your sleep, pay attention to the choice of your bed mattress. The optimal ratio between firmness and softness will prevent you from back disorders and create the best conditions for relaxation.

Remember that each bed mattress has to correspond to your height and the size of your bed. Having to save some space in your apartment, you should consider some flexible variants.

Inflatable Mattress

An air bed mattress can be easily inflated or taken away as soon as there is no need in it. Being an amazingly convenient option, it is perfect for camping trips or guest accommodation.

Moreover, the air bed mattress is incredibly easy to store – folded it can be put into a secured bag and leave enough place for a minimalist interior.

On the other hand, there are still many usual options, such as the purchase of a sofa bed mattress. The whole process can be a bit tricky, so make sure you know exactly how big your sofa is.

The modern sofa bed mattress can be filled with latex, memory foam, urethane, or have a strong innerspring. Keep in mind that each of the materials has its own peculiarities and terms of durability.

A twin bed mattress is a perfect option for convenient daybeds and trundle units. Despite its modest size, it is a good variant for those who want to sprawl for a minute and enjoy the moment of calm.

However, being unaware of some important aspects, you might be taken aback with the variety of shapes and models. Therefore make sure to read some bed mattress reviews in order to learn more about the product.

Submitted by professional researchers, they emphasize the most significant quality issues making it easier for you to decide. Having read a couple of bed mattress reviews, just go to the store and choose the most attractive option.

Choosing Comforter Sets For Daybeds

Choosing comforter sets for daybeds can be both exciting and overwhelming … exciting because you are like an artist putting the final touches on a masterpiece and overwhelming because there are so many daybed comforters to choose from. By keeping a few things in mind, your selection can become a simple process.


First off, color is crucial. Sometimes it is easiest to work backward and decide what colors will not go with your choice of daybed frames.

For example, if you have chosen a black day bed, you most likely would not want to choose a blue comforter set.

Also, you would probably not want dark colors as that would give the room an overbearing dark feel to it. So by deciding what doesn’t work, you have already narrowed your choices.

Pattern or Design

Pattern or design is another important feature to consider. For a little boys’ room, it’s obvious that you do not want a floral print. But what about your daughter? Is she into girlie things and would like florals and pastels? Or is she a tomboy and would take offense to those ruffles of eyelet? Or maybe the daybed will be in your husband’s home office so he’s going to want something more manly or bold. Others come with Storage and drawers.


The actual material that day bed comforters are made out of is most likely of little concern to the average owner. Just a few obvious pointers as reminders. Rugged use needs rugged material … after all, kids will be kids. High-class and more expensive material will further dress-up and enhance a high-end daybed choice and will fit well in a formal room.


Do you have a theme for the room? Will you be wanting matching or coordinating accessories such as window treatments, or maybe wallpaper or borders? Trying to coordinate throw pillows with your chosen daybed comforter sets is relatively simple. But if you are wanting matching accessories, you will have to limit your selection some. There are still many themes to choose from, and you can even find daybed linens to match your comforter set and other accessories.

Contrast and Complement

Most important of all, and hopefully something you were considering when you purchased the daybed itself, is that your daybed comforter set needs to complement your daybed frame.

A pale yellow floral print will not look as attractive with a light-colored wood daybed headboard as it would with a darker one or even a white iron or wicker daybed. White-on-white and black-on-black each have their place, but contrasting and complementing colors work well for most rooms.

Decide on what you DON’T want, create some guidelines on what you do want, and then start shopping. If you’ve narrowed it down to 2 or 3 and can’t decide, then go with your gut!

Remember, you can always change it in a few years. Unlike the bed which should last for many years, comforter sets for daybeds are just like coats and are meant to be replaced every few years.

Daybed Ensembles For Any Decor

Daybed ensembles are made up of a comforter, dust ruffle (or bed skirt), and pillow shams.

Since daybeds just use a regular-size twin mattress, selecting the right sheets and mattress pads is relatively easy because day bed linens are the same Camo bedding as for regular beds.

But choosing what we actually place on top of the daybed can be a little overwhelming since there are so many styles to choose from.

The “Look”

What is really exciting about daybed bedding ensembles is the new look that you will be creating for a room in your house that only guests will ever really see.

There is such a wide range of styles and colors to choose from and you will find that each ensemble will provide you with the latest in fashionable coverings that are also custom fitted for your day bed.

So whether you want to update the decor of your guest room or give your child’s bedroom a whole new look, you will find a great selection of daybed sets that will match whatever design it is that you have in mind.

Only For Daybeds

The daybed ensembles that you will find online or in your local bedding store have been specifically designed for use with daybeds only and will not be suitable for any other bed.

In some ensembles, you will get a comforter, bed skirt, and three pillows shams, while others will include just a daybed cover and bolster pillow covers.

But you are sure to find a set that matches your daybed perfectly.

For Kids … For Adults

If you are looking to spruce up your child’s daybed, you can choose from kid daybed comforters with horses … to camouflage designs … to ones with a wildlife design … to cartoon or action figures … to something more feminine like a Laura daybed set or one that is full of flowers and fairies for your little princess.

And if the daybed ensemble is for a more adult type of room, you could go for bold geometrical shapes, a solid color, or something that adds a touch of elegance and luxury to the overall look by choosing from the day bed comforters in toile fabric or even silk.

But whatever type of daybed ensembles you choose for your daybed, remember to be sure that they fit in with the overall decor of the room.

They should also be comfortable so that those sleeping under them can be assured of a good night’s rest and will wake up feeling refreshed the next day.

A daybed frame is the outer “frame” of the daybed that gives it strength and a unique look.

A full day bed is a piece of furniture which is commonly found in homes today for use in a living room as seating to entertain guests.

It can be used as a comfortable piece for lounging and relaxation maybe on the patio or the garden, or as a place for sleeping and resting in a guest room for family or friends who are staying the night.

It is a combination of a couch or sofa, a bed, and a chaise lounge or lounge chair, hence making it an item of furnishing with great versatility in function and design.

So it is a single object that seats more than one person and can accommodate someone who could be reclining or even lying down flat on his or her back with plenty of room around them.

The frame of the daybed is usually found with a back and arms when used as a couch, ideal for kicking your shoes off after a long day or simply for the tall persons to sit comfortably, or may have a headboard with a single side rail and footboard or front rail while utilized as a bed.

Background on Daybeds and the Daybed Frame

Daybeds were used by the ancient Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans. Found mostly in the residence of monarchs, or those in the upper classes of the society, these were used for sleeping or resting, or just lounging around.

Its form of architecture, details, and finishes became more elaborate and intricate; the materials used are more luxurious, and the daybed frame was made much more hardy and grand, as seen with the owner with money, the upper-class people.

Daybed Frame Material

Influenced by the frame designs made known in the French furniture industry during the 16thcentury or the years between 1500-1600, the contemporary daybed came about.

The orientation changed, there was no longer a headboard, higher than the foot panel, that was placed against the wall; the furniture was now placed with the longer side resting along the wall.

The uneven side rails found in the earlier daybeds were no longer applied either, instead, the ends were made to be of parallel height. There was no apparent headrest location anymore; the modern daybed now has symmetrical sides with most of the time a higher back or headrest.

Daybed frames are made of numerous different elements to correspond to your room concept and design, and even to suit your style and size requirements. It could be formed of wood, a very common frame construction material, also used in furniture on most occasions.

It has a wide variety of types available, quite abundant, with specific properties to correspond to different purposes. Wood is a resource ready for use, available and renewable.

Wood Daybed Frame

A-frame could be carefully carved from a huge trunk or fastened piece by etched piece.

These are done with precision and skill, craftsmanship and artistry passed from generations. Special hand tools are employed to produce detailed work.

An item for lounging or lying down could be a work of art in your space. It could easily bring a classic look or that of tradition.

An atmosphere of formality and sophistication is achieved with little effort.

With the introduction of composite materials, in addition to cheaper and, lightweight alternatives to wood, such as engineered wood or laminated wood, the look and feel of authentic wood can nowadays be delivered without much difficulty.

These could be made and sold by the hundreds, a single time-honored daybed design could be mass-produced with a color and finish of your choice: from golden oak, red chestnut, to dark walnut and finishes of linseed oil, shellac, to varnishes, there are thousands of combinations to choose from to match your needs.

The homeowners themselves could put the daybed frame together, since most are manufactured with economic value in mind, manufacturing for thousands and selling for a competitive price plus ease of transport and assembly.

Metal Daybed frame

With the frame made with metal, the already versatile furniture gains more flexibility in terms of form. The possibilities of softer edges and extensive curves are limitless. The metal daybed frame is much lighter and could exude a more delicate and dainty feel with its thin rails.

These front and side panels could be designed such that they are see-through with graceful curves like vines on a brick wall, and the allure of the walls finish peeks through a maze of organic pattern enveloping your fluffy day bed.

With modern technologies, the daybed can be made in a shorter amount of time, with the possibility of doing hundreds for, say, mass production of a single well-loved design easily and with less cost.

There can also be a combination of components used in assembling the daybed frame; wood and metal as well as other composite elements to serve as sound structural build.

It all depends on a person’s requirements, the design, his or her priorities on either form or make, or maybe the price, and more importantly what is the major function to be resolved.

Consider The Style

You can purchase a daybed frame made from either wood, metal, or wicker. But if you are looking for something with a more classic look, then a metal daybed is probably your best option.

These types of frames will often come with curling spindles and can be found in a variety of colors (since they have been painted) or just be polished brass.

Other daybed frames may come with arched backs and these are available in either wood or metal.

In some cases, they may actually resemble a sleigh and are known as sleigh daybeds. But if you are looking for a day bed frame that will soothe your sense of adventure, then you may decide to choose one which comes with a patterned back and then co-ordinates the rest of the room to match the pattern.

But many daybeds present a very non-traditional look and these may be more to your liking. Consider the sturdy manly look of a log day bed or a shaker trundle bed.

Maybe you would prefer a daybed upholstered in leather or some other material that fits with your decor. Or you might choose a platform day bed style over the Danish modern daybed sofa. Express your creativity with your selection.

Consider The Purpose

When you are looking to purchase a daybed for your home, it is important that you take into consideration what it is going to be used for.

For example, if it will be used for extra seating as well as an additional bed, it is important that you choose a daybed frame that is sturdy and will be able to withstand the abuse it is likely to receive from all the daily use a sofa gets.

So when selecting a daybed for your home, think of all the kinds of qualities you would expect to find in your favorite sofa and choose a daybed frame using the same guidelines. Then just select the perfect daybed comforter set to complete the look.

Cheap Day Beds – Is Cheap What You Really Want?

When looking for cheap day beds, you need to take several things into consideration.

The saying “You get what you pay for” is very true when it comes to furniture. So make sure you are willing to compromise on quality if you are insistent on really going cheap.

Keep in mind that daybed is a piece of furniture. Unlike much of the furniture in your house, the day bed can serve two purposes … normal day-to-day seating as well as sleeping arrangements.

And since you are getting “two for the price of one”, price is not necessarily an area you want to skimp on.

So before you buy that cheap daybed, ask yourself these questions –

1. How much would I be willing to pay for a regular bed?

This can include the mattresses and springs or can just be the cost of the bed itself. Either way, be sure you are comparing apples to apples and not apples to oranges.

2. How much would I be willing to pay for a sofa or additional seating?

Again, be sure you are comparing apples to apples and consider that a daybed will seat two or three people, depending on the style, and should be compared against a sofa or loveseat that seats the same number of people.

3. What quality would I want if I was purchasing a new bed or sofa?

There’s no reason to compromise on quality “just because” your goal is to find a cheap day bed. If you wouldn’t be happy with the lower quality on a new bed or sofa, why would you be happy with a lower quality daybed?

4. Why am I choosing to buy a daybed rather than a sofa, a regular bed, or a sofa sleeper?

Is space an issue? Do you need the dual-purpose of the daybed? Do you just like the look of daybeds? Did you stumble upon a good selection of daybeds on sale?

5. Will I be happy with this purchase or am I settling for something I will regret even by the time I get it home?

Buyer’s remorse can be very costly so be sure you buy “right” the first time.

Remember, quality furniture will last for many years so if you choose wisely, your money will be well-spent as you enjoy using your daybed year after year.

Upholstered Daybed – Contemporary Or Traditional?

This is an amazing piece of furniture. It is usually larger and more striking than a standard day bed, but be careful as they are rather spaced hungry.

The upholstered day bed is a piece of furniture that makes a statement, so it is worth reviewing exactly how much space you have before you get too carried away. It is also worth deciding how you will organize the furniture around the day bed to ensure that you do not end up with space that is overpowered by furniture and loses its charm.

There are several different styles of upholstered daybeds; one of the oldest and most well-known daybed designs are those based on the French chaise longue.

chaise longue style

Within the chaise longue style, there were several important design differences.

Firstly there were those where the ends were tied up. These usually were high backed and had rather ornate wooden carvings to which the ends were attached using a cord.

There was a smaller version of these which the French sometimes refer to as a reading chair. This would usually have a slightly lower back than the chaise longue, it would also only have one side; that is it would have a headboard, but nothing at the feet. It gives the effect of being rather triangular.

It is a smaller and more delicate version and fits perfectly into many different room designs. Both of these style daybeds are becoming increasingly popular and hence easier to find.

If, however, you are looking for a more contemporary look for your upholstered daybed then don’t panic. One of the contemporary looks which have really taken off recently is the leather daybeds.

Leather is a very good fabric for daybeds, sofas, and chairs as it lasts well. Many people actually believe that leather looks better as it ages. Leather furniture is on the pricey side, but you will be buying an item of furniture which will last and not need repairs or replacing.

Daybed Bedding and how to choose properly

On the web today you can find a fantastic selection of daybed bedding, including cool linens, daybed comforters, skirts, and matching pillows, in styles that are just right for adults and the younger generation. Daybeds require specially designed linen sets for that finished, perfect look.

Daybed Bedding and tips on choosing the perfect daybed sets

A daybed is one of the most functional pieces of furniture that you can have in your home today.

It’s a mixture of a lounge chair, and sofa bed and is therefore used not only used for sleeping, but also for sitting down on.

Unlike normal beds on the market, it can be placed in the lounge. To complete the look though, you should also shop for daybed bedding.

This is a really nice way to make your sofa bed or daybed look attractive, stand out, and make the bed comfortable at the same time. These daybed sets can also protect your sofa from nasty stains, too.

Factors to consider when shopping for Daybed Bedding

There is a huge array of offers on the market today along with a range of choices for bedding. You can shop for daybed bedding sets and daybed bedding ensembles as you would for any other bedding product.

Of course, there are a few things you should take into consideration while shopping. One thing to think about is the size of the bedding.

Beds today are of varying sizes and you’ll find daybed bedding for King-size, Queen-size, and last but not least, single beds. What about the design of the bedding?

It doesn’t take a designer to point out that you should choose the design that complements the theme of your bedroom or living room, does it?

You might even want to put it in an entirely different room other than the two just mentioned. Daybed sets are available in different colors and designs and there are many exquisite ones on the market.

You’ll find the usual plain designs that come in solid colors and the more daring attractive designs that printed. It’s just a case of choosing the right bedding covers that fit in with your theme.

Some people like the more contemporary daybed bedding while others head for chenille bedding or even Moroccan bedding. In the end, it’s the customer who makes his/her choice.

Daybed Covers to Complete Your Bedroom Style

Daybed covers are important paraphernalia of every cozy bedroom to make sure that you can leave your bed ready for the next occupant without having to worry about the accumulation of dust in one’s spacious bed.
In fact, they not only your bed and bed coverings from dust, but they also give your bedroom an added touch especially when it is not in use.

Daybed cover sets come in a variety of choices available for homeowners. They come in different styles and colors to suit the theme of your rooms or to identify one with one’s personality.

The styles differ from the classic and vintage style with lace adornments to those that are more retro with bright colors as well as to the daybed covers that are more modernistic and abstract in designs.

Daybed covers also come in various colors and hues. For those who are conservative, choices would verge from virginal white to woodland colors and even rosy hues or other lighter shades.

These colors are also ideally suited for women who tend to be on the sensitive and sensual side. Men also tend to be conservative in their choices but unlike women, they usually opt for darker colors from white to darker browns and blacks.

Unlike women who prefer flowery patterns on their daybed covers, men would usually opt for shape patterns from stripes to checkered patterns on their designs.

The daybed covers would also come in a customized fit to enable consumers to buy from any retailer and still have the right and appropriate size for their daybeds without it having to stretch too much or hanging too loosely.

Daybed covers that define one’s style:

The daybed covers are also a reflection of the homeowner’s style. They are a part of the expression a person is allowed to in the bedroom. They are not merely there to provide an added cover to your bed and beddings but rather, daybed covers also define one’s style.

Daybed covers are also an appropriate covering especially if the bed would remain unoccupied for quite some time as it prevents dust to actually accumulate on the bed space.

In addition, it remains ready in case there would be a sudden need for the bed without one having to go to actually prepare the bed in a rush.

Daybed covers are actually not just a necessity to provide protection for one’s bed but more importantly, they define the style and the theme of one’s personal preferences.

They are also a window to the personality of the owner whether one is a pure bachelor by his own choice of colors or a conservative with the virginal white covers chosen by a conservative individual.

In addition, there also various materials from which the covers are made of giving homeowners more choices to choose from whether they prefer comfortable cotton or a velvety type of cover.

Anyway, whatever the material is, it would not be used for laying down but is more importantly meant to entice an individual to a comfortable bed.

Daybed cover sets

Daybed cover sets should not be missed in a household. Not only for resting purposes, but daybed covers sets can be used for the decorations of your home.

You can beautify your home with this day bed. But a soft daybed should be matched with a presentable and smooth cover. Through this, people can say what kind of person you are, your personality, attitude, and behavior.

You have the freedom to choose your favorite color, designs, and even prints. Whether you have plain prints, floral, or kid’s patterns, your daybed cover sets of choice must be aligned to your home décor.

If you are planning to buy daybed cover sets, you should consider the items used in that particular daybed. There are comforters, bed covers, linens, and bed skirts. You can apply your creativity to set up your daybed.

You may think of what will be the age, gender, the season, and other criteria of the person that will be lying on that bed. Not to mention the budget, you should also consider this important matter. You do not have to buy expensive items to use just to make it presentable.

Try to mix and match. It is understandable that you are always after the best quality, but a worthy purchase is at reasonable prices. Do not hesitate to invest in this item, as one can last long if handled with care.

Keep an eye on its fabric and make sure it is machine washable, too. Opting for a bedding set is an excellent step to make given its multiple functions that are not entirely focused on serving as something you can sleep in alone.

Daybed with trundle

What a daybed with trundle means to parents and children

A typical daybed with trundle is a type of bed that can be used as a sofa during the day time and the same can be converted into a small bed at the night times.

It is a versatile product that serves a dual purpose to the users especially the parents who live in a lower budget.

Moreover, this incredible daybed with trundle can save a lot of space for the bedroom. Undoubtedly this unique daybed seems to be of great boon to the parents who work from home.

They can use the bed as a sofa in their small home office and use the same as a bed for the children during the night times.

Benefits of using the daybed with trundle

  • These unique daybeds offer great comforts to the children which come generally in twin-sized mattresses. These fine mattresses ensure good sleep for the children.
  • Kids always enjoy the daybed with trundle as the bed is convenient and also very handy.
  • Setting the daybed is very simple and requires no special skills.
  • These daybeds with trundle are safer for the children when compared to the other double-deck beds.

Dust Ruffles for Daybeds

Day bed cover sets most often include a day bed cover or comforter, bed sheets, and matching pillow shams. Adding a dust ruffle to your day bed can enhance the look of your day bed ensemble.

Day bed dust ruffles closely resemble the dust ruffles you might find on a regular bed. Like a standard dust ruffle, a dust ruffle for daybeds wraps around the base of your day bed adding style and a crisp, colorful look.

Dust Ruffles for Your Daybed

Most of us are familiar with the dust ruffles used for the average bed. Dust ruffles for daybeds look like the dust ruffles for beds and share similar purposes.

As the name suggests, a dust ruffle helps to prevent dust and dirt from accumulating under the bed. Dust ruffles for daybeds also serve a decorative purpose.

A popular accessory for day beds is a pull-out or popup trundle bed and daybed trundles a great way to provide extra sleeping space.

A daybed ruffle is a great way to keep your trundle bed out of sight when it’s not being used. Many daybed designs provide a great deal of storage space under the bed. Dust ruffles for daybeds let you take advantage of this extra storage space keeping stored items neatly out of sight.

Dust ruffles for daybeds are a great way to enhance the look of your day bed and compliment other daybed linens.

Whether you use a matching daybed dust ruffle, a contrasting or complementary color, dust ruffles for day beds make a great decorating accessory.

Daybed Dust Ruffle Fabrics

Fabrics for bed linens can be found in a variety of colors and levels of quality. One of the best indicators of fabric quality and comfort for daybed dust ruffles and daybed linens is the thread count.

The thread count of a fabric is simply a measurement of the number of threads per square inch of fabric. Higher quality daybed linens, including daybed dust ruffles and daybed covers, have a minimum thread count of two hundred.

Whether you chose cotton, polyester, or cotton-polyester blends, higher thread count fabric is more comfortable and will be more durable.

Fabrics with a thread count of four hundred and higher will feel silky and luxurious. You can expect to pay more for daybed dust ruffles and daybed cover sets with higher thread counts but the added comfort will be well worth the extra cost.

Caring for Your Daybed Dust Ruffle and Daybed Linens

Like any type of bed linen, always be sure to read the manufacturers’ fabric care label before cleaning your day bed dust ruffle.

Some fabrics that can tolerate machine washing last longer and hold their shape better when air-dried.

Drying your daybed dust ruffles and other daybed linens using a hot air clothes dryer can cause some fabrics to shrink or even fall apart.

Properly caring for your daybed dust ruffle and other day bed linens will protect your investment and provide you with years of comfort.

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