The 10 Best Folding Chairs (2021 Reviews & Guide)

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Folding chairs are types of chairs that fold up and become much easier to store by shrinking in total size when they do so.

They’re great for parties, outdoor activities, or anything people might not need a permanent fixture for but still want something to sit on.

Because they come in many different varieties like plastic, metal, upholstered, or wooden, any occasion can be complemented by their convenience, aesthetics, and comfort.

Often they can come with sets of other types of furniture to create an elegant style for any place indoors or outside for any occasion needing them.

Plastic Folding Chairs

Ideal for outdoor use, plastic folding chairs offer stability, ease of maintenance, they’re easy to clean, and won’t rust if they get wet.

They’re light enough to be easy to transport, so anyone needing to go a long distance won’t have to worry about lugging heavy metal chairs around or worrying about wooden ones breaking too easily from the drive there.

They still provide enough support for almost anyone wanting to find a comfortable seat at the place they’re going to end up.

Available in any color someone wanting to purchase them can think of, they’re a great choice when looking at folding chairs.

Metal Folding Chairs

More appropriate for indoor atmospheres due to their tendency to rust in the rain, metal folding chairs provide a stronger hold for a wider range of sitters.

They can be much more permanent than plastic kinds and don’t have to be taken down every time the event is done.

After all, they are much heavier and no one would want to have to pick up a thousand of these every night.

They will last much longer and won’t have to be replaced very often. Most of the time they can be found in arenas and things of that nature.

Upholstered Folding Chairs

For those looking to give a little more comfort to the people using their chairs, upholstered folding chairs can give them just that.

Usually fitted with a cushion on the seat and sometimes back support, these chairs, while normally requiring small amounts of repair to the cushion, can give a much more enjoyable stay.

The thickness varies greatly and is not designed to be used outdoors unless the lining on them is strong plastic.

Cloth cushions on the upholstered folding chairs should be used indoors.

Wooden Folding Chairs

Of all the folding chairs available, the wooden types are the most luxurious. Coming in a variety of types of wood, anyone wanting to class up their office, home, or workspace can find a multitude of colors, styles, sizes, and cushion types with these kinds of chairs.

Ideal for banquets, ceremonies, and weddings, wooden folding chairs will make anyone feel comfortable and they spruce up any atmosphere they are put in.

And once they are no longer needed, they can be stored easily, being folded back up and they don’t take up nearly as much space as a regular chair.

Cheap folding chairs are obviously easy to find since there are folding chairs for sale all over the place online (which happens to be the best place to buy cheap stuff since online retailers order direct from manufacturers and keep their prices lower).

You can find a good discount chair that will last a lifetime and if you buy in bulk, you can even get some nice designer folding chairs from brands like Stakmore and others at a reasonable price.

The best chairs combine a modern look with perfect functionality. Even kids folding chairs are a work of craftsmanship and don’t think children don’t appreciate it! They know exactly how a good chair feels and how a bad one feels!

Four Factors in Buying Folding Chairs

There are four factors you need to know about when the time comes to buy folding chairs. You’ll need to know whether the chair is comfortable or not. You want a chair, not an engine of destruction of your posterior region. You want a chair that will be convenient. They’re all supposed to be convenient, but there are some which benefit from better design than others. Safety is important too.

Learn what two things you need to be aware of to find a safe chair. Then, of course, there is price. The range of prices is great, and you’ll need some idea of what the cost of a folding chair will be. Learn a bit about each of these four factors and you’ll be well equipped to find the right folding chairs for you.


An important consideration for any type of furniture is comfort. Features such as padding or armrests should be considered when evaluating a chair. Size too is important. Don’t make assumptions. Finding the right size for you is critical. Measure to be sure. Folding chairs are commonly about 15 or 16 inches wide.

Measure to find the minimum size that will provide the comfort you need. Something else to be sure about is the height of your chair. Many of them are 19 inches tall at the seat. Make sure that you determine the right height for your comfort. You may even want to consider another design. Perhaps a folding lounger would be more to your liking.


Make sure that your chairs will be easily carried. Also, you should figure out if they will store easily wherever you are planning to keep them. If they’re for travel, do they fit well in the car and leave room for the other things you plan to take with you? The answers to these questions will help you to decide on the right chairs for your situation.


It is important to find a chair that will be safe to use. Be sure that your hands won’t be injured by trying to fold it. Choose a chair that is well made and uses quality materials and workmanship.


Price is another important factor in finding the right chair. You should spend enough to get a chair that will last. This may depend on how much use the new chair will get.

Quality folding chairs for the home or office are probably going to ruin you around $80 to $120, but there is considerable variation from this range depending on quality and features. For uses like camping or sporting events, where there will be less useful, a cheaper folding chair may be sufficient.

The Benefits of a Folding Stool

Folding chairs and recliners are portable pieces of comfort. But a recliner and some folding chairs may be costly. Instead, you might want to consider a folding stool as the cheaper alternative.

Folding stools are suitable in any type of home. It can also sit well in an apartment, an office, or practically any space. It is highly portable because it is lightweight and therefore, easy to carry around anywhere.

These chairs do not take up a lot of space when opened up, and especially when stored. You just fold it and it literally can fit any corner or little space.

It is a practical piece of furniture that serves many purposes. You can easily grab one in the house if you need an extra seat. And if there is a need to reach something, it can be a great sturdy stool.

Folding stools are perfect for outdoor activities as well. They are easy to carry on picnics and other outdoor activities. If you are watching a ball game with your family, it will not hurt to bring an extra seat with this stool because it is lightweight.

These chairs are cheaper than normal chairs. Nonetheless, you should be warned about the ability of the stool to carry weight.

It is not really made sturdy enough just like many other chairs. It goes to explain its portability and weightlessness. Most of the time, the stool does not fold as smoothly back and forth as it does when it is new.

Therefore, it is important that you exercise caution when you purchase a folding stool for your own use. You can buy it online or in your local discount stores.

Anywhere you may consider buying it, the price will be reasonable. The price will play around only a few bucks, not so much, but will be worth it with all the uses of this stool.

Where To Buy And Prices

Folding stools that will suit your preferences best is much easier and convenient to buy online. With many reputed and highly trusted online superstores to buy from, you would be done buying it swiftly than you have imagined.

With that, two popular places on the internet to buy these folding stools are and Of course, you may be familiar with these two famous online megastores. I have personally found and bought my folding stool set at Amazon.

When it comes to prices, folding stools are currently sold at prices between $12 (excluding tax) and $35 (including tax) at

That is, the prices can vary by a difference of a few dollars depending on the size, the brand, and any added features or the lack of it.

However, though, even the simplest and the cheapest of all folding stool will almost be always sufficient for your needs regardless of its brand.

Picking An Outdoor Furniture – Folding Chairs Can Be Good Options

When it comes to choosing cheap outdoor furniture there are a few things that we should keep in mind to ensure that what we buy will be appreciated.

Should we consider a classical-looking patio chair set or should we set our sights on those folding chairs that can blend well with the garden flora and fauna?

In any case, garden furniture is available in a myriad of different styles and materials so we must ensure we make the right decision.

One of these ways is to take a look around the garden or where we prefer to set the furniture piece we have in mind. Further, it would also help if we would take cognizance of the current settings of our house outdoors.

If we have a very modern area with lots of modern pots and a clean and fairly minimal look then very modern furniture will probably be the best choice and it will look right. But if we have a very classical or a cottage-style garden setting then the modern design may not be such a good choice.

We need to take into consideration what is already present so that the outdoor furniture we buy will look the absolute best. It can look odd if we buy very clean-lined pieces of patio chairs or a modern-looking folding chair design if we have a very conventional garden.

It would be much better to get something more classical and timeless in appearance as this will look much better and may blend well with the house outdoor settings.

One good thing to also note is that we must always remember to consider just how we will be using the pieces we buy. If they are for very infrequent use then comfort is not such a factor and in this case, folding chairs can be good option.

But if we are buying garden chairs that we will be using every day then something softer or with cushions is definitely worth considering.

Just these few simple points should help you to pick something that will suit your outdoor space better and never forget to keep comfort in mind if you will be using what you buy on a very regular basis. Too many people forget this and regret their purchase at some point.

Plastic Folding Chairs Are Versatile

Plastic folding chairs have been the most popular choice for many business establishments and households due to their numerous advantages and price affordability. They are known for their lightweight yet sturdy characteristics making them perfectly suited to many types of uses in any environmental condition and physical setting.

This versatility has been the main factor that positively influences the preference of households and most business entities. They are well suited for convention centers and many other institutions such as schools and universities.

They have proven to be very useful at parties and home gatherings too. Another factor that greatly influences many people to prefer buying a plastic folding chair is its reasonable pricing. Polypropylene plastic resins are basically the main ingredient in the production of these chairs.

These resins are widely known to be light and durable and can withstand the harsh effects of being exposed to the elements such as sunlight and rain. Another factor is that they are conveniently easy to maintain and clean. That is why they are hot items nowadays.

These chairs are available in various arrays of colors, shapes, designs, and sizes. Their designs vary in accordance with the creativeness of their manufacturers.

Their colors may vary from various shades of blue, white, black, ivory, brown, red, green, and many other color ranges.

But the most preferred are the white plastic folding chairs due to the fact that the color white can perfectly blend with almost any indoor and outdoor settings and themes.

They can be used in many outdoor activities such as outdoor weddings, camping trips, fishing activities, picnics, and many others.

When one happens to attend some big gatherings such as graduations, seminars, and conferences, there is a fair chance that a white plastic folding chair is used.

Price Range

Their prices vary according to brand, size, design, and shape. Those who buy at large volumes can be well off with wholesale plastic folding chairs. Usually, one can get a very good deal with suppliers when purchasing in bulk.

Some who are adept and diligent at hunting for bargains are able to procure used plastic folding chairs with ease and of course, with some sort of luck.

Wherever these chairs are bought, one thing common is that their prices are very reasonable for the value one is getting in using them.

Currently, a vast selection of these chairs is readily available in many folding chair showrooms, home supply depots, and hardware in most parts of the country. Sometimes, it can be quite confusing on what design or color to buy.

However, more often than not, one can seldom go wrong when buying them. The two most notable places online that have these chairs are the Folding Chair Shop and the biggest online retailer Amazon.

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