Awesome Fire Pit Table Ideas

Fire Pit Table ideas, Best Fire Pit Table

You already know that a fire pit table is perfect for keeping warm…

But which one is the best in the market? Well, you’re in for a treat because I’ve put together a complete list of the best options.

Some are proven.

Some are controversial.

But they’re all here.

And I recently updated this entire list for 2021.

Let’s dive right in.

Fire pits come with an attractive look that can match your outdoor décor. Your guests will feel even more welcome. Imagine having a campfire in your yard or on your porch.

With a fire pit table, you can do just that. Put your feet up on the ledge and relax. It’s all about enjoying yourself.

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Enhance your Home with a Tabletop Fire Pit

A unique and inexpensive way to accent certain areas in your home is by using a tabletop fire pit table.

You can really get creative depending on the size of the area where it will be located. There are also different materials for making them if you choose to do it yourself.

Outdoor Tabletop Fire Pits

An outdoor tabletop fire pit is great for setting the ambiance for outside evening activities. Most fire pits can be purchased physically at a home décor store or home improvement store.

If you don’t mind waiting a few days for it to be shipped, you can also find a great fire pit online. The material can be metal, ceramic, stone, and even glass. The shape can be square, round, rectangular, or any tabletop shape.

They are more convenient than outdoor fireplaces because more people can sit around them and feel the heat while enjoying the dancing flames.

Outdoor tabletop fire pits cost less to install and require less time to place in the desired area. Make sure to put it in a strategic place to block the wind if possible.

While some fire pits use coals, another option is to use gas. Gas tabletop fire pits can be fueled with a propane canister that is hidden under the table.

There are some propane tabletop fire pits that use a larger tank that can be purchased at local fueling stations. These are ideal for people who desire to use the fire pit for longer burning times. Citronella oil can also be used to help keep bugs away and create a pleasant scent.

Indoor Tabletop Fire Pits

Fire pits used for indoor purposes vary in styles just like their outdoor counterparts.

If you don’t have a fireplace, you can still enjoy the flickering flames as well as add to the décor of the interior of your home. They can be constructed from ceramic, glass, stone, or metal.

You can find them online and at local home décor stores just like the outdoor fire pits. Indoor tabletop fire pits can be used to accent a family room, den, bathroom, or bedroom. Just about any room in the house can be enhanced using one.

It is important to get fuel that can be burned indoors. Most of the tabletop fire pits are sold with fuel but in case they do not, you should be able to pick some up at a local hardware store.

Be sure to have plenty of ventilation to make sure not to suffocate yourself.

Safety of the fire pit

Whether outdoors or inside, you should take the necessary precautions to avoid some serious problems related to the fire.

Keep water or a fire extinguisher handy to put the fire out quickly if it gets out of control. Those using the fire pit outside will hopefully be near some dirt as well that can extinguish and smolder the flames.

Always take care to have the area properly ventilated and make sure to use screens if possible. If you have small children make sure they are attended to when you are using a fire pit table.

Following these and other safety guidelines, you will enjoy the warmth and ambiance the fire pit will bring to your home.

Different Fire Pit Cover Styles

An outdoor fire pit is a trendy and warm way to give your home a comfortable and luxurious look. Enjoying the evening with friends and family around a fire pit can be great, but owning a fire pit requires some maintenance and care.

One of the most assured ways of maintaining the fire pit quality and style is with a fire pit cover. Whether you have a portable fire pit or a tabletop fire pit, covering the fire pit when not in use can give it a style statement as well.

Here are four great fire pit covers that you can get for your fire pit and enjoy many leisurely evenings ahead.

Round Fire Pit Cover

One of the most convenient and simple ways to cover your fireplace area is a flat round fire pit cover. There are several styles available such as marble and stainless steel.

These covers could double as a patio table when the fire is not in use and in colder months can be used as a fire pit cover once more. You can even arrange a nice seating area around it to have light snacks and evening guests.

Metal Fire Pit Cover

There are different kinds of metal fire pit covers available to select from. One cover that looks very stylish is a dome-shaped pit cover.

Metal fire pit covers are generally designed with holes, so you also need a fire pit cover screen. Once your fire has burned down a little, the cover screen will make sure that the sparks don’t float around.

Bench Style Fire Pit Cover

If you look at the garden look, then go for a bench-style cover. To do this you make a rectangle fire pit cover with stones to give a bench-like look.

You can also have a small garden set up around it. So, the fire pit cover doubles as a seating area in your little garden.

Hood Style Fire Pit Cover

The hood style looks obvious but is very stylish.

The best part is that the fire pit can be of any shape and size.

So, whether round or rectangle, you just need a hood that sits over it tightly. The hood doesn’t work out as a table or a bench but it is definitely different and unique.

So, before you go ahead and buy a fire pit cover, consider these covers to give your home an ultra-chic look.

Benefits of a portable fire pit Table

Another alternative to a tabletop fire pit is a portable fire pit. Many people prefer this to a permanent pit. A permanent fire pit is dug in the ground.

It is physically exerting and takes time to build. A portable fire pit does not take up too much space in the backyard and helps preserve the scenic beauty of the outdoors.

Having a hole in the ground is old school and leaves your surroundings in an ugly light. Portable outdoor fire pits have increased in popularity in recent times and offer a nice way for family and friends to have fun in the backyard.

A portable fire pit actually saves you money in the long term because it is cheaper to maintain. Besides, you have many options to choose from. When it comes to a permanent fire pit, you have no choices, except what you have dug in the ground.

Portable fire pits come in different shapes and sizes, so whether you have a small backyard or a big lawn, you have no issues. In addition, it can double up as a grill.

Gas vs. Propane

If you’re looking for a portable fire pit you are going to have to decide between propane and gas.

A portable gas fireplace may be cheaper but is not ultimately very portable because it needs to be connected to a gas line. Only a portable propane fire pit is going to be truly portable.

With propane, you can take your fire pit somewhere other than your backyard such as camping.

Charcoal vs. Wood

How you want to use a pit will determine if you should place wood or charcoal inside your work bowl.

If you want to grill then use charcoal. If you have time to kill and want to sit and enjoy the warmth of the fire, use wood. Charcoal distributes heat more evenly and cooks faster than wood.

Do not forget a grill grate when you are cooking. You can use a metal grate or a stiff screen alternative. This could be a toaster oven, timeworn screen door, or barbecue grill. Ensure that you lay it on top of the metal box inside the glass.

Put a can of gel fuel at the bottom-center of the box and then put the grate. The gel should be for fireplaces and not be the one used for cooking. Put rocks over the grate.

However, do not forget to leave an itty-bitty opening between the rocks, right above the gel fuel

Fire Pit Safety – The Basics

Placement and Weather

When it comes to fire pit safety the first thing you have to make sure is that your pit is positioned in a safe place. That means there are no flammable structures within 10 feet of the pit.

Next, you need to check the weather forecast because windy conditions can produce dangerous situations. Furthermore, always make sure you have access to a bucket of water and a garden hose before starting the fire.

Starting Your Fire

When you have checked your pits’ location and the weather, it is time to start a fire. The most important fire pit safety rule is to never want a huge fire, keep it small.

The bigger, the more dangerous. This mainly holds true for tabletop fire pits, as a larges fire might light the table.

If you are starting your fire, use some paper, which you have crumpled. You could also use fire starters bought in a store. Then you cover the paper or starters with the smallest sticks you can find.

Then you can light the crumpled paper or the fire starters using safety matches or a lighter.

Other Considerations

When the fire is burning the next fire pit safety rule is to never leave the fire unattended and never let children out of your field of vision.

If the fire somehow escapes from the pit, try to extinguish it using a bucket of water or some sand.

This means you need to have quick access to either water or sand. If for some reason you cannot control the fire then keep your distance and call 911 immediately.

Extinguishing Your Fire

After dousing the flames with water or sand, the safest thing to do is to make sure the fire has stopped burning entirely. Then take the ashes out of the fire pit and spread them over a larges, inflammable surface.

After that slowly and gently put more water on the ashes and monitors it. Do not walk away immediately because the ashes might flare up and cause a fire, which can lead to dangerous situations.


Below is a summary of the most important safety rules for lighting a fire in a pit.

  1. Clear the area around your pit and make you have access to water or sand
  2. Use crumpled paper or fire starters to start your fire, never use gasoline.
  3. Never leave your pit unattended.
  4. Never let children out of sight.
  5. Extinguish your fire properly and monitor the ashes.

Different fire pit activities to enjoy

Firepit activities can be very fun to do with family and friends. This is a great way to spend time bonding outdoors. One of the activities you can do around the fire pit is created and share lots of scary stories.

The blazing fire offers the beauty of gleaming light in the dark that creates a wonderful backdrop of scary stories, such as ghost stories. Good scary stories should send shivers down the spine of you or your friends.

Children get excited with big flames; their imaginations will run wild listening to that Halloween story. You can create your own stories or get one from a secondary source either a book, script or online. This fire pit activity is not only entertaining but also interactive.


One of the most popular fire pit activities is to use the flames from the fire to cook with. Place a simple metal grate on top of the fire pit and cook anything over the open fire.

Several items such as fresh vegetables, pasta, or boiling water can be done on a low burning fire.

You can also roast marshmallows and enjoy chocolate bars and crackers around the fire; people will enjoy it.

If you’re still looking for something to do around the fire why not you try stargazing? You can have a contest to see who finds the most constellations.

The fire pit will automatically help define the mood and theme of your occasion.

No matter the season, the fun will fill the air as long the flames of the fire are burning.


Pitch a tent close to the pit fire and enjoy some good camping; this will be unforgettable.

Choose one chilly Saturday or Friday night and experience camping in your own backyard with warmth from the fireplace.

Getting a tabletop fire pit is a new trend in outdoor living. A tabletop fire pit is convenient as it is portable and uses fuel instead of wood.

The fire produces magnificent spectacles creating a good time under an open sky. This type of fire pit is ideal to enjoy a romantic moment with your lover.

A tabletop fire pit is convenient for indoors, yard, balcony, patio to provide proper gel is used. The gel should help create an actual flame not only heat.

Other fire pit activities you can do around fire pits include enjoying dinner, playing board games, playing games such as truth and dare, completing puzzles, doing karaoke, playing cards, and just about anything else you can come up with.

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