Buy the Best DVD Storage Cabinets in 2021

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There are different designs available for the DVD storage cabinet. Some units come as full-size pieces of furniture that include space for your entertainment items.

The designs you can find range from simple to elegant and can fit with many different types of decorating ideas. The Coventry country style cabinet is a piece that allows you to place your television on the top of the cabinet. It comes with two open shelves and two enclosed shelf units that have magnetic door closures.

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Best CD/DVD Storage Cabinet 2021

1. Sauder 409110 Multimedia Storage Tower Cinnamon Cherry finish

Sauder 409110 Multimedia Storage Tower Cinnamon Cherry finish

This flexible and charming storage shelf unit may just be what you need to keep your possessions organized while contributing to your interior décor.

The unit has six adjustable shelves that can be made smaller or larger to facilitate the items you need to store.

The rich dark cherry cinnamon finish gives the storage tower a powerful yet sophisticated image. And the almost black hue allows for some versatility since the unit can blend into most décor color schemes.

Another versatile way to use the unit is to buy more than one and assemble them to create a bigger storage space vertically or horizontally. If you decide to stack one on top of the other though, be sure to anchor the top one to the bottom one as well as the wall to prevent toppling.

It has the capacity to fit 280 DVDs or 426 CDs. In addition to CDs and DVDs, the shelves will accommodate VHS tapes, books or small accent pieces

Pro: It is elevated off the ground by five small legs.

Cons: The shelves that run along the full width of the storage tower may sag unless you provide support. One way to make this adjustment is to use one of the shelve lengths to make support.

Assembly required

2. Prepac Large Four-Sided Spinning Tower Storage Cabinet, Black

Prepac Large Four-Sided Spinning Tower Storage Cabinet, Black

Help your CDs, DVDs and VHS tapes to migrate from those cardboard boxes to this neat, charming tower storage cabinet.

The storage unit is crafted to bring beauty to your space while offering ample storage space. It comprises four columns of storage shelves, arranged to allow you access from all angles. This access is facilitated by the unit’s ability to rotate to 360 degrees.

It has a rich espresso laminate covering which helps it score extra points for durability and attractiveness. Additionally, the unit is built from laminated composite woods manufactured in compliance with CARB regulations. To top it all off there’s a sturdy MDF backer

This is indeed a flexible item of furniture. The shelves can be adjusted to accommodate varying sizes so if you have a collection that spans varying media types you’ll be able to customize a shelf to fit each category.

With this storage unit, you can neatly arrange up to 280 VHS cassettes, 1040 CDs, 832 Blu-Ray Discs or 476 DVDs.

Pros: The manufacturer offers a five-year warranty on parts (with certain conditions).

Cons: Assembly Required

Since all four sides bear storage shelves you won’t be able to place it against a wall without blocking out one shelf.

3. Atlantic Drawbridge Media Storage Cabinet

Atlantic Drawbridge Media Storage Cabinet - Store & Organize A Mix of Media 240Cds, 108DVDs Or 132 Blue-Ray/Video Games, Adjustable Shelves, PN37935726 in Black

Let your media collection put on a glorious show with this attractive storage cabinet. It offers a great holding and display space for all your DVDs, CDs, VHS cassettes, or books.

With a simple dark frame that sits flush against the floor, this storage unit delivers impressive storage flexibility as the shelves are adjustable.

It is made from composite material and has a gorgeous wood finish. The sleek matte coating makes it look quite attractive in a traditional way. This is truly a solid cabinet offering you durability and style for an economic cost.

It is built with smaller spaces in mind so as an individual unit, it can fit into most little nooks, allowing you to use up those smaller vacant spaces. Additionally, to fill out larger spaces or boost your storage capacity further you can combine two or more of these cabinets.

With this cabinet in your storage arsenal, you can arrange up to 108 wii, 108 DVDs, 132 Blu-Ray Discs, or 132 PS3.

Pros: It has the perfect coating color (black) for blending in with various color palettes

Cons: Since the cabinet is open at the front, dust can accumulate on the stored media cases.

Assembly required

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4. Leslie Dame Solid Oak Multimedia Storage Cabinet with Classic Mission Style Doors, Black

Leslie Dame Solid Oak Multimedia Storage Cabinet with Classic Mission Style Doors, Dark Oak

This storage cabinet delivers a healthy dose of traditional beauty while also serving a useful purpose in your home. It provides you with sufficient space to house 298 DVDs or 612 CDs.

Its solid oak body and expert craftsmanship endow it with two of the most desirable qualities in today’s furnishing world- beauty and stylish charm.

Unlike many other media storage cabinets, the Leslie Dame Solid Oak Multimedia Storage Cabinet gives you the option of locking your collection away. Double doors close the unit fully, changing and simplifying its entire appearance. Additional shelves on the inner sides of the doors multiply the unit’s storage capacity. With the doors open, you not only gain access to the media stored inside, but you also change the whole décor of the space.

The shelves are adjustable allowing you to make the changes you need in order to maximize the storage space or fulfill a design dream.

Pros: The doors enclose the items within, protecting them from unnecessary exposure, eliminating the accumulation of dust, and providing a cleaner design element.

No assembly required.

Con: It is pretty heavy even when empty as it weighs 93 pounds and so moving it can be difficult.

5. Tangkula Multimedia Media Storage Tower with Tempered Glass Door, Brown

Tangkula Multimedia DVD/CD Storage Cabinet, Wooden Media Storage Cabinet, Multi-Functional Home Furniture Media Storage Tower with Tempered Glass Door, Brown

This cabinet offers multimedia storage with charming traditional beauty infused.

Designed to resemble a traditional cabinet, the storage tower has a core built with high-grade MDF wood so you know it will stick around for years to come. The rich wood look and traditional carpentry details give this cabinet a very attractive look, making it a great way to enrich the charm of any space. Sleek, smooth panels run along the sides, framed in narrow strips that add interesting design details. The top and bottom feature overhanging frames with beautiful ogee molding.

Two tempered glass panels run down the front doors allowing your items to remain visible even when the doors are closed.

This cabinet fits beautifully into your apartment, game room, living room, bedroom or office and can be used for other purposes such as the storage and display of plush toy or souvenir collections or books.

With four adjustable shelves, it has the capacity to accommodate around 100DVDs.

Pros: Since the unit comes with doors, you can lock your media devices away from dust buildup and other potential damage.

It comes with hardware that you can use to anchor it to the wall for greater stability.

The shelves are adjustable

Cons: Assembly required

6. Winsome Wood 94944 Holden Media/Entertainment, Antique Walnut

Winsome Wood Holden Media/Entertainment, Antique Walnut

Here is a cabinet with a conventional frame, beautiful décor potential and practical storage options. It has the appearance of a traditional cabinet but it is designed to meet modern storage needs.

Observing the cabinet from the front, you’ll see double doors with transparent glass-framed in walnut colored strips. The walnut hue, which helps to give the cabinet its traditional feel, covers the remainder of the surface as well. Beautiful protruding molding at the top and bottom complete the charming conventional look.

Inside the unit, you’ll find four shelves that you can adjust to meet your storage needs. Removable shelf support pegs and 12 established shelf levels allow you to make the adjustments you want to make.

The cabinet’s dimensions include a depth of 9.2 inches, a width of 22 inches and a height of 44 inches. This allows you to fit about 140 DVDs or Blu-Rays. The cabinet is also great for storing and displaying small books and other collectibles.

Pros: The transparent glass panels in the doors allow you to see what’s stored inside while keeping dust away.

It is a great fit for small spaces

Cons: It weighs 42 pounds so it may be challenging to move around.

Assembly required

7. Atlantic Venus Media Storage Cabinet

Atlantic Venus Media Storage Cabinet - Stylish Multimedia Storage Cabinet Holds 198 CDs, 88 DVDs or 108 Blu-Rays, 4 Adjustable and 2 Fixed Shelves PN83035729 in Espresso

Modern furniture designs merge seamlessly with traditional craftsmanship to produce this spectacularly gorgeous storage cabinet.

The deep espresso color gives the cabinet a warm traditional look and feel. Two push to open magnetic latch doors with modernistic, elegantly curved edges open to reveal four adjustable shelves. There are also five adjustable dividers that you can use to customize the shelves while providing additional support. The cabinet’s base is wider than the dimensions of the shelves for extra stability.

With the doors closed, you’ll not only enjoy the privacy of your items being locked away from plain sight but also the confidence that comes with knowing dust is being kept out. When closed the cabinet also has a sleek simple yet charming appearance.

The cabinet offers ample storage for all your CDs, DVDs Blu-Rays or collectibles. You can fit up to 180 Blu-Rays, 88 DVDs or 198CDs on its shelves. You can also use it to secure your small paperback novels or collectibles.

Pro: Its size makes it perfect for small spaces such as dorm rooms and small apartments but it can still be functional in larger spaces.

Cons: Assembly required

The back panel is not as sturdy as the remainder of the cabinet.

8. Venture Horizon Revolving Media Tower 1600 Black & Oak

Venture Horizon Revolving Media Tower– Grande 1600 Black-Steel Ball Bearing Spinner

This revolving tower is a media collector’s dream come true. It has an immense storage capacity and is stunningly gorgeous.

It is basically four columns of shelves arranged to offer access from all sides. Narrow panels extend from the corners to partially cover each column while helping to hold the whole unit together. The resulting appearance is a pretty open combination of four storage shelves.

The revolving feature is a nice modern touch that affords you the option of accessing your media from the four shelves and adding a modern flair to your space at the same time. Rotation is facilitated by sturdy steel ball bearings that add to the performance capacity of the tower.

With the capacity to handle up to 400 pounds and accommodate up to 1600 CDS or 756 DVDs, this storage tower is definitely designed to deliver maximum performance.

The open multi-dimensional shelving allows you to use your collection as a décor element while also storing them neatly and conveniently.

In addition to this gorgeous black coating, you can find the tower in hues such as cherry, oak, walnut, and white

Pro: This is a great space utilize as each of the four sides is fitted with storage shelves

Cons: The unit does not have doors, which means your media cases can accumulate dust over time.

When empty, it weighs 125 pounds which means it can be pretty challenging to move around.

9. Atlantic Elite Media Storage Cabinet

Atlantic Elite Media Storage Cabinet - Large Tower, Stores 837 CDs, 630 Blu-Rays, 531 DVDs, 624 PS3/PS4 Games or 528 wii Games with 9 Fixed Shelves, PN35435742 in Black

A great display unit for your souvenirs, accent pieces or media collection, this cabinet is both attractive and functional.

When compared with other cabinets in its category, this one is considered mid-size. It has a wood composite core with laminate made from paper and PVC. Additionally its back panel is made from simulated carbon fiber. Its dimensions include a width of 37.25 inches, a height of 60.25 inches and a depth of 7.38 inches

It has 7 shelves that will fit up to 609 CDs, 438 Blu-rays, 420 DVDs, 528 wii or 410 PS3/PS4

It features an uncomplicated yet functional design characterized by neat sleek panels intersecting at right angles to create cube-shaped shelves. These sectioned shelves help with the categorizing of your media items.

The extended base helps to ensure that the unit remains very stable wherever it is placed.

Pros: It comes equipped with a wall anchor kit that you can use to firmly connecting the cabinet to the wall for added stability.

Its black frame can fit into almost all décor themes and color schemes.

Cons: The open design leaves your items vulnerable to dust accumulation.

The shelves are fixed so you don’t get the option of customizing them.

Assembly required

CD/DVD Binder

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10. Atlantic Typhoon Media Spinner Unit

Atlantic Typhoon Media Spinner Unit - Fully Rotates 360 Degrees on a Ball Bearing Base, Holds 216 CDs, 144 DVDs, 4 Fixed Shelves, PN82635716 in Espresso

This is a wonderful acquisition for you if you need something that is eclectic and modern but also very functional. This storage unit has a very open design and is very flexible in terms of purpose.

The unit has four spacious cube-shaped storage spaces, and if you choose to do so, you can store items on the top as well. A combination of espresso themed wood-like panels and silver-coated parts give the unit a unique and artistic appearance.

You can access and view the stored items from two open sides. Two semi-closed sides feature two narrow panels sandwiched by pairs of round vertical metallic posts.

The 360-degree rotating capacity is an impressive modern feature that elevates the functionality of the tower. Through this feature, you can put the tower on display from each angle and you have the flexibility to change this angle depending on your tastes and mood.

The open shelves can be used to store and display a variety of items such as souvenirs, accent pieces, DVDs, CDs, or books.

Pro: The open design allows air to pass through, reducing the chances of items becoming musty.

Cons: Because it is open at all times, dust may accumulate.

Assembly required.

11. Atlantic Windowpane Multimedia-Storage Cabinet

Atlantic Windowpane Multimedia-Storage Cabinet - Tempered Glass Pane Style, Sliding Doors, Stores 720 CDs, 288 DVDs, 144 CDs or 348 Blu-Rays, Adjustable Shelves, 71.5 X 32 X 9.5 inches PN in Espresso

12. Atlantic 4 Tier Rotating Cube Espresso

Atlantic Genuine Rotating Cube 4-Tier Espresso Multimedia Storage Tower

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13.Fasmov Set of 4 DVD Storage Bags Hold up to 160 DVDs (40 Each Bag)

Fasmov Set of 4 DVD Storage Bags Hold up to 160 DVDs (40 Each Bag)

14. Snap-N-Store DVD Storage Boxes, Set of 2 Boxes

Snap-N-Store DVD Storage Boxes, Set of 2 Boxes, Each 6" x 8.25" x 16.5" Inches, Holds up to 26 DVDs in Cases, Black (SNS01618)

15. mDesign Plastic Stackable Household Storage Organizer Container Bin with Handles – for Media Consoles, Closets, Cabinets

mDesign Plastic Stackable Household Storage Organizer Container Bin with Handles - for Media Consoles, Closets, Cabinets - Holds DVD's, Video Games, Gaming Accessories, Head Sets - 4 Pack - Clear

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16. AmazonBasics YBB12400R2 Nylon CD/DVD Binder (400 Capacity)

AmazonBasics YBB12400R2 Nylon CD/DVD Binder (400 Capacity)

17. Case Logic CD/DVDW-92 100 Capacity Classic CD/DVD Wallet (Black)

Case Logic CD/DVDW-92 100 Capacity Classic CD/DVD Wallet (Black)

18. New MegaDisc 1000 Cd DVD Black Aluminum Hard Case for Media Storage Holder w/Hanger Sleeves

New MegaDisc 1000 Cd DVD Black Aluminum Hard Case for Media Storage Holder w/Hanger Sleeves


19. Atlantic 80 Disk Storage Manager – Protect and Organize Media, Durable Hard Plastic in Black

Atlantic 80 Disk Storage Manager - Protect and Organize Media, Durable Hard Plastic in Black, PN85012055

20. Crosley AC1017A-NA Stackable Record Storage Crate

Crosley AC1017A-NA Stackable Record Storage Crate Holds up to 40 Albums, Natural

Why should I use A DVD storage Cabinet?

A Dvd storage cabinet is designed for people to allocate their DVDs, CDs and is also suitable for putting electronic gadgets such as DVD players.

Don’t feel annoying about choosing a DVD storage cabinet just because you have no idea how to purchase.

Let’s make your purchasing process much easier.

  • First, think about open space or a closed cabinet meets your needs. Using an open designed cabinet can make you display your collection, and you can reach them easily. But if you have children or pets at home, a closed one is your better choice.
  • With the help of the cabinet doors, you can keep your collection away from dust, animal furs or prevent your kids play with your valuable discs.
  • A well-designed storage cabinet not only organizes your DVDs and CDs but it also gives your room a nice look. For instance, a wooden cabinet gives your room a warm and elegant look.
  • But if you want to have space with futuristic stylish sense, you can choose a metal storage cabinet. And the metal cabinet usually mixes glass shelves, this blend of different materials give your cabinet a unique and special taste.

Usually, a DVD storage cabinet may have special racks only suitable for DVDs.

But you can always find other styles of cabinets, having bookshelves or drawers with them.

By using a multi-functions cabinet, you can allocate your DVDs and other stuff such as books or magazines altogether.

You can easily arrange these media storage cabinets in living rooms.

As you will be able to organize these CDs in proper order, your home looks beautiful. Media storage cabinets are available in different sizes and shapes.

You can select a cabinet of your style. These are generally made of wood.

DVD Storage Units with Doors

The nice part about using the door cabinets for your entertainment items is that they stay neat and organized.

You always know where your movie is when you want to watch it. The doors keep all of the items cleverly hidden so the room it is in does not appear cluttered.

The DVD storage units are quality pieces of furniture that will enhance any style of the room they are in.

You can use the furniture pieces with doors in a bedroom, living room or den area. The price of the piece will vary depending on the size and features it includes.

You can find them at most stores that carry home furnishings.

Which media storage is right for your home?

Finding the right DVD storage unit can help immensely in reducing the clutter that amasses gradually with more and more purchases of DVDs.

Inadequate storage can result in an annoying spread of scattered cases, and the loss of the DVDs themselves.

There are a number of choices when searching for the right DVD storage units. It is important to consider not only the number of disks you currently own but also the possibility of owning more.

Of course, it is also good to find DVD storage units that go along nicely with the aesthetic of your living space.

What to consider when selecting one

1. Period of storage

In this case, you should pay attention to the length of time you will store your stuff. If you want to store your stuff just for two months, please think about the rates as well as the contract terms.

2. What about long-term self-storage?

If you want to store the items for a long time, you can choose the heavy one, since you will not move it very often. How long will you use your DVD storage unit?

2. Required Features

It is a good idea to be aware of what in DVD storage furniture cabinets are great features and not so great features. The classic good looks of wooden furniture are not forgotten when considering DVD storage furniture.

You can find these in a variety of different forms of hardwood to match your current furniture. Cherry, mahogany, oak, and pine are all very common finishes to find when looking at wooden DVD storage furniture.

Many times would in DVD storage furniture offers doors that you can open or drawers that you pull out like a dresser. When looking at the variety of wooden DVD storage furniture that features doors that allow like a dresser it is very important to consider the height and depth of those drawers.

Some DVD storage furniture looks fantastic but if it’s a pain to use it won’t do you much good. It’s for this reason you want to get DVD storage furniture with adequate drawer size.

I personally avoid DVD storage furniture that uses drawers but that’s just me.

3. Swivel Base Feature

Another hot option in DVD storage furniture is a swivel base. Typically smaller forms of DVD storage furniture will offer a base that will allow the cabinet to swivel from side to side.

There are a couple of different uses for this. The first is placement-oriented. Maybe you would like to keep it non-square or off-angle from the rest of the furniture in the room.

The swivel base always you to dial in the exact angle that you want the DVD storage furniture to sit at. The second popular use of a swivel base is to rotate the DVD storage furniture.

This utilizes more than one side of the cabinet for storage making it more efficient for space conservation.

Sliding doors

Of course, you shouldn’t forget DVD storage furniture that features a sliding door.

The sliding doors typically made out of glass can be constructed out of wood as well.

The advantage of glasses that you will be able to see through it and display your DVD collection. Of course, that reverse is true of wood.

Wood will allow you to conceal your DVD collection.

This is a great way to reduce the appearance of clutter in any room.

It is for that reason that you should know what you’re looking for in DVD storage furniture before you go shopping.

A DVD storage cabinet that is useful in many ways:

Since a media storage cabinet can be useful in many ways; it is easy to find such a cabinet in a lot of houses and small business units.

When it comes to businesses, business owners may have to maintain business documents such as contracts, account details, client information and many more.

This is when they will need a media storage unit, as they don’t have to worry about the safety of such important media.

They can have it all stored in one place so that they can use them whenever needed. Also, they can avoid misplacing or losing any such important documents.

People who are planning to buy a media storage cabinet can go online and check for the different styles.

They can then read the online reviews and get the one that fits their requirements.

to store media stuff and protect them in style.


With these great ideas in mind hopefully, you have a better idea of what to look for in DVD storage furniture.

Just keep in mind that you don’t want to purchase any DVD storage furniture that will conflict with the rest of your room.

In fact, if possible purchase DVD storage furniture that adds a slight feel of elegance to yours. This is often done with storage furniture that is made out of a combination of both glass and wood.

This is the type of storage furniture that we most often see consumers use.

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