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As the weather gets warmer and warmer, people spend more time outdoors. They may have a swimming pool, a grill, or just a few lounge chairs.

Either way, it’s convenient to have outdoor storage. You may be lucky enough to already have a storage shed, but having something more accessible is also a smart idea. Getting a deck box is a great way to store your outdoor gear.

Before you get a deck box you need to consider how many things you plan on storing, and how much room they are likely to take up. Once you have a good idea, you should get a box that will hold just a bit more than that to make sure you have enough room.

You should also know how much room you have to place your deck box; you wanted to be big enough to hold your things, but not so big that it gets in the way.

As it will be outside all of the time, it’s important that your deck box is weatherproof. Make sure it is built out of the right materials to withstand the elements. If you plan on keeping it outside for the entire year, be sure that it can also stand up to the cold.

Some deck boxes come with optional seating, allowing people to sit on top of them. You may also have a model that has a seat back accessory to make sitting even more comfortable. Of course, it’s very important that you pay attention to whatever the weight rating is for the particular deck box, as you don’t want to overload.

A deck box is an attractive and convenient way to store your outdoor items. They come in a variety of styles and sizes and make a nice addition to your outdoor area no matter how you choose to enjoy it.

When it comes to winter, it is difficult to find something to store your patio cushions and gardening tools in. This is where a deck box comes in handy. They are waterproof so that everything is safe whatever Mother Nature decides to throw at it.

They also look good and will match most any patio theme It is made from resin but the material actually looks like wood or wicker which makes the addition look perfect in your lawn or garden.

Deck Box Sizes Come In Small, Medium or Large

These deck boxes are large and can store a bunch of your belongings that are not meant to be in the house.

This is perfect for the kids’ toys and patio furniture cushions that you would rather not leave out all year round. You can get small ($60 & up), medium ($90 & up) or large sizes ($125-$160), it is up to you

Not everybody has access to a garage or a shed to store their equipment but these storage containers work pretty well.

To give a clear indication of the size, it is 156 cm in length, 73.2 cm in height and 64 cm in depth; perfect for chemicals or fuels that need to be locked up.

Deck Box – Anyone Can Use It

They are very easy to open and can be done with one hand. The hinges on a deck storage box have gas-filled pistons to help with the ease of opening.

No matter how many tools you have or how frail you are, you will not have any problems getting the deck box open to put everything away.

The pistons also help with closing, so you do not need to worry about trapping your fingers when you come to closing the lid.

The lid is also supported so you can leave it open and not need to worry about all the extra equipment that you need to collect to put in.

It is also fairly lightweight, considering the size of the product, at 31 kg. This is due to the resin material that it is made out of.

The resin will not crack in the cold weather and will keep all the rain out, so all of your equipment can stay dry and rust-free.

Deck Box – It’s Waterproof

Even though it is watertight, it does allow for some ventilation so that the equipment such as compost and fertilizer will not become moist and unusable come the summer.

The ventilation also prevents damp from occurring inside the box so nothing will rust or break due to the water.

A deck box is perfect for any garden and can be used for a multitude of things. It is completely waterproof so you are able to keep metal and electrical equipment in there over the cold winter months without worrying about them rusting or breaking.

The large deck box also has a lock so you do not have to worry about children getting in there and injuring themselves on the equipment that you are storing or strangers stealing your mower and other expensive pieces of equipment.

The small deck box does not come with a padlock itself, so this is something extra that you will need to buy, but they are extremely easy to find and affordable.

Deck Boxes with a Bench Seat

The effectiveness and economy of a deck box with bench are far greater than any other deck box I have come across in my experiences with deck boxes.

I had to buy one for my patio after my neighbor’s great experience with his deck box with bench.

The convenience offered with extra storage space plus the exterior beauty covering all that clutter inside, especially with my cedar deck box is just wonderful.

Plus, you get a bonus bench that you can use as a sitting space for any outdoor activity like a barbeque.

Mainly for Outdoor Usage

Considering that most of these available deck boxes are designed for outdoor storage conveniences, these items are made to withstand the harshest weather conditions.

Personally, I have had my deck box for a few years and it has gone through the winter colds and the summer heats.

Any deck box with bench is designed to make a waterproof storage space for all your tools and accessories. They have a large enough capacity to incorporate several large-size tools and equipment, from a pair of pliers to a power saw.

Considering their size, almost all of these deck boxes come disassembled when purchased. I had an easy time assembling mine without help from anyone and it was ready in no time.

Depending on the manufacturer, they might also come with internal partitions, which allow you to store more items within hundreds of cubic inches of storage capacity.

The outside of any deck box with bench is designed to blend in with almost surrounding, be it your garden, back yard, patio, these accessories can even fit inside your house and can be used for book storage and any other activity you may see fit for you.

Know You Know What I know

As much as I have had an incredible time, I have learned how to live with these accessories though dozens of errors. First of all, if your deck box with bench is going to fit somewhere next to a wall, give it a few inches of allowance.

The allowance will allow convenient opening and closing of the lid without any damage. I had mine fitted tightly to the way and slightly messed both the stucco on my wall and the deck surface when I opened the lid. Luckily I had it coated with two layers of finisher so the damage wasn’t that much.

Also, the weight of the box may cause damage to the wall surface in the form of bald spots if there is repeated banging when opening the lid. I would also advise you to consult your manufacturer on care and maintenance tips.

Personally, I have had a plastic and metal deck box before I went for this cedar deck box with a bench. I would say that care tips are universal depending on the material used to design it.

If at all you are in need of a lot of storage space, a small deck box with a bench isn’t a bad investment. It is cheap, but not in a low-quality kind of way, but affordable. Having a large deck box with a bench has saved my home a great deal of space and eyesores for guests and I would recommend it for anyone.

How to Care for a Wicker Deck Storage Box

If you love your wicker, then read on for tips on how to care for a wicker deck storage box. Wicker provides one of the most beautiful materials for making interior and exterior décor ranging from baskets, porches, and seats.

Similarly, they are used to make Storage Box. For such a beautiful material, it is important to know how to care for a wicker deck storage box, including fixing broken joints and cleaning processes.

This will help maintain its beauty for longer-lasting services as a décor investment. Wicker is a form of wood and therefore more prone to damage and wear and tear than other materials such as plastic and you, therefore, have to be keen on the caring process of this storage accessory.

Wicker Deck Storage Box – Dust is The Biggest Problem

Dust is an element that acts against wicker longevity. Dusting my wicker deck storage box and other wicker materials once a week has helped to keep the surface maintained in its best form.

My wife gives it a thorough scrub once a month using a soft paintbrush, a vacuum cleaner or a brush attachment. We also apply high-pressure blowers on the surface. All these measures will help remove dust in between the wicker weaves.

After trying out a number of products, I found out that dirty and grimy surfaces can be washed off using ammonia, mixed in water. Specifying ammonia is because this is a wicker friendly substance.

Make an ammonia solution using water and two tablespoons of ammonia. Clean the dirty surface using a piece of cloth ribbing it thoroughly on the wicker deck storage box surface. Immediately rinse off the solution from the surface with clean water. This process should also be thorough.

Wicker Deck Storage Box – Pick That Sunny Day

On a sunny day, you can hose all your wicker furniture outside, maybe in your back yard. This will help to maintain its structure by preventing drying and falling apart.

Wicker might also be scrubbed with warm and salty water, using and scrubbing over the surface. This will help to avoid yellowing, which is common in most trees. Rinsing is not necessary for this method.

Knowing what surface coat may work with a wicker storage box is also an important point on how to care for a wicker deck storage box. For a longer-lasting and easy to deal with wicker surface, you might want to consider a coat of varnish.

Lacquer can also be handy in keeping the surface safe for a longer time. A coat of either of these will have a glossy surface appearance and may go for a few years with little maintenance.

Additional furniture wax may be of further help as it can hold things in place much longer.

Wicker The Plant

Wicker as a plant is dried then woven. This makes it strong and therefore easy to maintain. However, just like other woods, it is subject to wear and tear from many environmental elements.

The above points on how to care for a wicker deck storage box should help you in preserving your wicker storage chest for a long time.

Wicker maintenance is not that hard. Still, much care must materialize for longer-lasting furniture. Be careful about what you use in the above steps and also share the same on how to care for a wicker deck storage box

Differences Between Fiberglass & Roto Molded Poly Dock Box Products

Here are the primary differences:

The Look & Finish:

  • Fiberglass offers a glossy sheen surface that is very attractive and has a high-end appeal
  • Ploy Titan STOR boxes offer a matte finish that is very attractive but not shiny or glossy

The Durability:

  • Titan STOR is your best choice when it comes to durability; if you are looking for a box that will last through hail storms, travel, abuse and just about anything you can imagine, the Titan STOR is the box you need.
  • Fiberglass will last forever, but unlike poly, there is a need to keep it protected from harsh treatment. Fiberglass can crack (just like a fiberglass boat hull) when abused.


  • Pretty much the same. Fiberglass and poly are both going to last a lifetime if treated properly (don’t run over them with a tractor my friends)

The price

  • About the same. There is not a lot of difference when it comes to the cost of boxes.

Fiberglass advantages

  • We offer many more styles and designs of fiberglass boxes because it costs much less to set up a new fiberglass design.
  • Rotomolding is much more costly to set up and because of that, there are fewer styles to choose from currently.

The advantages of poly roto-molded products are mainly held in the incredible durable over fiberglass. Fiberglass holds up to the elements extremely well, however when compared to poly, fiberglass is just too brittle. That’s where poly chins.

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