The Complete Guide to Daybed with Trundle

Daybeds with Trundle

Are you looking for a daybed with a trundle for your newly bought house or recently rented an apartment?

Are you about to replace your old daybed with a new one that is more contemporary in design?

Do you know where you can find beautiful and elegant daybeds that will fit your budget?

Well, read on to find out where you can find the best deals for daybeds online and offline. You can also learn more about upholstered Daybeds.

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Best Daybeds with Trundle Reviews

1. Fashion Bed Group Casey Complete Wood Daybed with Ball Finials and Roll Out Trundle Drawer

trundle beds queen, Casey II Wood Daybed with Ball Finials and Roll Out Trundle Drawer, White Finish, Twin

The Casey bed is a great daybed that also doubles up as a guest bed. This full-size daybed is crafted from solid wood making it strong, sturdy, and durable. This bed is of XXX high density.

The outer body has been finished in white into a stunning piece of woodwork. It measures 45.5 x 81.5 x 41.75 inches and requires very minimal space.

It can be easily configured to a number of styles depending on your needs. Its design incorporates back and side panels, wooden deck slats, and a roll-out trundle for extra visitors.

Its main attraction is that it has a roll-out trundle for storage or to place an additional mattress. A quick and effective solution.

This design is suitable for small spaces, the versatility it offers allows adapting to the demands of comfort and space of each user.

It is multifunctional furniture with a design that combines with any room in the home. Formerly the possibilities of choice of Daybed were quite reduced, in contrast, today we have sofa beds that occupy the minimum space in its bed version.

2. Zinus Eden Twin Daybed and Trundle Set

Zinus Eden Twin Daybed and Trundle Set / Premium Steel Slat Support / Daybed and Roll Out Trundle Accommodate Twin Size Mattresses Sold Separately

Neat, comfortable, and space-saving are just a few of the adjectives that aptly describe this daybed and trundle set.

A fully metal frame supports the whole unit. Strips of metal are connected to create two twin-sized bases (one for the daybed and the other for the trundle below) to house mattresses.

This metal frame also extends above the top mattress to create a semi-enclosed space above the bed. These protruding parts make function as headboard and side rails and provide a pivot against which you can lay pillows or cushions.

Additionally, the sections of the framing that are visible above the daybed create a sofa-like appearance. The frame is coated in a smooth black color that gives it a pristine look.

The set allows the user to switch between one and two spaces situations as needed.

The swivel casters help the trundle to slip out and in easily to facilitate the creation of extra bed space and retraction as needed.

Pros: A five-year warranty comes with this unit.

The metal support makes this unit very durable

Cons: The mattresses do not come with the unit so you will have to buy them separately.

The trundle may need additional support for the wheels to stay still on hardwood floors

3. Homelegance Tulney Fabric Upholstered Daybed with Trundle, Twin, Gray

Homelegance Tulney Fabric Upholstered Daybed with Trundle, Twin, Dark Gray


This Homelegance Sleigh Daybed has been placed among the best sellers on the market, and that is logical because they offer a lot of advantages. In fact, we could say that these far outweigh the drawbacks.

First of all one of its main advantages is that they allow taking advantage of the space well, occupying less than a typical combination of a sofa and two beds.

Also, they manage to take advantage of the corners, corners of the house that are often very wasted.

It is an example of functional furniture. It consists of a lower space in which to house another bed that moves with wheels. This full-size daybed achieves a greater use of space and an integrated set.

FeaturesWhat we liked What we didn’t like

  • The trundle does not pop up so the two beds cannot be at the same level.
Features & SpecificationsProsCons
  • It can be a bit difficult for a small child to climb.

4. Furniture of America Modal Daybed

Furniture of America Modal Daybed


The Modal Daybed with Trundle by Furniture of America is a great versatile daybed that comes with a trundle just in case you have extra visitors.

This daybed sports the traditional bed design and is crafted from strong solid wood. It is carefully finished in wavy contoured side frames and a simple structured back frame.

The America Modal full-size Daybed measures only 79.1 x 41.4 x 23.2 inches and weighs approximately 80 lbs making it easily portable and versatile as you can put in in your bedroom, balcony or even in the lounge.

FeaturesWhat we likedWhat we didn’t like

  • The trundle fits under the bed but leaves no room to spare.
Features & SpecificationsProsCons
  • It can be a bit difficult for a small child to climb.

5. Zinus Eli Twin Daybed and Trundle Frame Set

Zinus Eli Twin Daybed and Trundle Frame Set / Premium Steel Slat Support / Daybed and Roll out Trundle / Accommodates Twin Size Mattresses Sold Separately

The Zinus twin size is ideal for those with minimal space in their houses. The bed has been crafted from metal that makes it very durable.

Assembly is very easy and only involves attaching the back and sides to the top. It also comes with 7 ready slats so you only need a mattress for maximum comfort.

The trundle has steady lockable wheels for easy moving and stability.

FeaturesWhat we likedWhat we didn’t like

  • Trundle wheels don’t lock securely

Check Out This Daybed With Trundle at

Features & SpecificationsProsCons
  • It can be a bit difficult for a small child to climb.

6. Home Design Tiara Upholstered Daybed with Trundle (Light Grey)

Home Design Tiara Upholstered Daybed with Trundle (Light Grey)

This Home Design daybed is as exquisite as it is functional. Its gorgeous frame and upholstery afford it the flexibility to serve as a sofa a daybed or the equivalent of two twin beds (when the trundle is released).

Should you find it necessary, you can remove the trundle altogether to benefit from the convenience of two separate beds. Three upholstered panels serve as backrest and armrests in sofa mode. In daybed mode, the backrest becomes the headboard.

The light grey hue adds a mature sophisticated tone to the daybed. It is further enhanced by the strategic arrangement of seams as horizontal and vertical lines which overlap along the sides resulting in square-shaped patterns.

And since the light grey upholstery covers the entire daybed, back included, you won’t need to worry about where you place it.

Tapered wooden legs lift the daybed slightly off the ground.

Wooden slats extend across the support frames to serve as bases for the mattresses.

Pros: The subtle grey hue makes it easy to fit this daybed into most décor themes.

Casters make it easy to access the trundle and replace it when it is no longer needed.

Cons: The mattresses are not included in your purchase

7. DHP Manila Metal Framed Daybed with Trundle, Twin – White

DHP Manila Metal Framed Daybed with Trundle, Twin - White

This daybed and trundle combination is a gorgeous addition to any space. Its design features a combination of modern and traditional features that help enhance any décor.

Since it houses a pull-out trundle beneath, the daybed is great for situations that call for flexibility and smart use of space.

The white coating helps to make this daybed versatile in terms of fitting into any décor theme. Spindles extend between two horizontal bars to create an airy pattern around the daybed.

The resulting spaced panels can serve as the perfect backdrops for decorative pillows and cushions. The circular adornment at the end of each spindle and post is reminiscent of the Victorian era, giving the daybed a classic appeal.

This daybed is perfect for giving your child or guest the options of seating and bedding in one piece of furniture. Its main section can support a maximum weight of 400 pounds while the trundle can handle up to 225 pounds.

Pros: This daybed is easily customized with throws, decorative pillows and cushions or skirting

The wheels help the trundle slide out from beneath the bed easily and slip back in when not in use.

Cons: Because it is white it may stain easily, requiring frequent cleaning

Assembly required

8. Zinus Suzanne Twin Daybed and Trundle Frame Set

Zinus Suzanne Twin Daybed and Trundle Frame Set / Premium Steel Slat Support / Daybed and Roll Out Trundle Accommodate Twin Size Mattresses Sold Separately

This twin daybed and trundle set is a reflection of how functional can also be stylish. Its space-saving design allows you to make room for other furniture or for easier maneuverings in the space.

The design, which features a combination of wood and premium steel, is a reflection of how a modern approach can blend with tradition to produce something beautiful. Two panels of natural wood, bearing natural grain patterns adorn the two shorter sides of the daybed, to create the look and feel of a conventional bed. The panels are held in place by the metal frame which extends above the daybed.

It also allows you to convert a room from a single sleeper space to a multiple sleeper space. When the trundle, which is equipped with casters, slides out from beneath the bed, you end up with two twin-sized sleeping spaces, one of which can be tucked away by simply pushing the trundle back beneath the daybed.

The use of a metal frame gives the bed extra points for durability and strength.

Pros: The manufacturer offers a five-year warranty

It can serve as extra seating if needed.

Cons: The mattresses are not part of the package. You will have to buy them separately

9. DHP Tokyo Daybed and Trundle with Metal Frame, Twin Over Twin Size, Brushed Bronze

DHP Tokyo Daybed and Trundle with Metal Frame, Twin Over Twin Size, Brushed Bronze

Discover the awesomeness that springs forth when classic beauty is combined with usefulness and flexibility with this daybed and trundle combination.

It boasts an immaculately designed frame with elegant waves running horizontally along the top and neat lines extending beneath. Metal bases facilitate the twin-sized mattresses that sit on the daybed as well as the trundle.

The brushed bronze finish creates a gorgeous matte look that takes the elegance of the daybed to another level. The lower portions are kept fresh through the ample ventilation facilitated by the open design base frames.

This daybed is ideal for utilizing small spaces economically as it occupies a small amount of space, especially in its contracted state.

It also multiplies a room’s capacity to sleep additional guests as the trundle rolls out to provide additional twin-sized sleeping space. The daybed boasts a capacity to handle weights up to 400 pounds while the trundle has a 225 pounds capacity.

Pros: Because of the metal frame, this daybed and trundle is very durable.

The casters facilitate smooth rolling out of the trundle and the fact that two of the casters carry a locking mechanism helps to keep the trundle stable when in use.

Cons: The mattresses do not come with the unit

Assembly required

10. REALROOMS Ally Metal Farmhouse Daybed with Trundle, Sturdy Secured Steel, Twin, White

REALROOMS Ally Metal Farmhouse Daybed with Trundle, Sturdy Secured Steel, Twin, White

This metal farmhouse daybed is the embodiment of the seamless merger between functionality and beauty. It is the perfect fit for any living space or bedroom that needs these elements.

It comprises a metal frame with an openwork design as lengths of metal are arranged strategically to create geometric patterns that give the daybed a classic yet minimalist appearance.

A multiplicity of shapes (triangles, rectangles, squares for example) can be detected at the three sides adorned by the metalwork. This makes the daybed an intriguing and aesthetically pleasing sight.

The trundle, which rolls smoothly out to give you an additional twin-sized bed space, is supported by a sturdy metalwork base allowing it to accommodate weights up to 250 pounds.

This daybed is also supported by a similar sturdy metal base which allows it to handle up to 400 pounds of weight.

Pros: The rounded edges help to minimize the potential for injury of you accidentally bump into the daybed.

The neutral color and openwork design make it easy to customize with throws, pillows cushions, etc.

Cons: The daybed does not come with the mattresses. You have to buy these separately

Assembly required

White can be challenging to maintain as it stains easily.

11. Twin Captain’s Bed Storage daybed with Trundle and Drawers for Kids Guests (White)

Twin Captain’s Bed Storage daybed with Trundle and Drawers for Kids Guests (White

Undoubtedly, this daybed is a visual treat crafted to augment the aesthetic appeal of any room it occupies. Its full white coat equips the daybed with a neutral tone that fits into pretty much every décor vision.

Designed to offer one twin bed sized sleeping space when retracted and two when expanded, this daybed with trundle is a remarkably smart use of space and stylish addition to your décor.

Two panels, with strips of wood running vertically along with them in a uniformed fashion (the headboard and footboard), help to give the daybed the appearance of a conventional bed.

Wooden slats extend uniformly along the width of the two mattress bases, providing sleepers with sturdy support for a good night’s slumber.

The trundle base holds three drawers for extra storage space. Three false drawers above the real ones create the illusion of a full six-drawer dresser appearance while enhancing the beauty

Pros: The non-toxic finish gives this daybed a plus for safety

You can fit the drawers on either side of the bed.

Cons: the bottom of the trundle is extremely close to the floor so you will have limited access to the floor beneath.

There trundle isn’t outfitted with wheels so it may take a bit of effort to extend

Assembly required

12. Storage Twin Daybed with Trundle and 3 Storage Drawers Wood Platform Bed Frame with Headboard Footboard Kids Bed (Walnut)

Storage Twin Daybed with Trundle and 3 Storage Drawers Wood Platform Bed Frame with Headboard Footboard Kids Bed (Walnut)

This daybed has a classic beauty that improves the aesthetics of any room and a functionality that adds immeasurable value.

Constructed with a firm 100% pine wood, this daybed, and trundle unit is built to last. Its rich walnut shade

Expert craftsmanship can be detected in the clean neat lines that you can see all around this item of furniture.

From the neatly arranged strips of wood that run vertically in a uniformed fashion to add character to the headboard and footboard to the accented drawers that interrupt the smoothness of the lower side to create a beautiful design feature, the artistic features of this bed are sure to deliver a healthy dose of visual pleasure.

The lower side of the daybed, which also doubles as the headboard for the trundle is adorned by six elegantly designed drawers, three of which are functional as storage space.

Both the daybed and its trundle compartment have a weight capacity of 330 pounds.

Pros: The wood finish adds warmth and character to any room

It is finished in a uniformed manner on al sides so you won’t need to worry about exposing a raw or unfinished section

Cons: The trundle may be a little challenging to maneuver because it doesn’t come with casters

The mattresses do not come with the bed

Assembly required

13. Giantex Twin Size Daybed and Trundle Frame Set

Giantex Twin Size Daybed and Trundle Frame Set, Trundle Bed with 4 Casters, Premium Metal Slat Support, Easy Assembly, Mattress Platform Bed Sofa for Living Room, Guest Room, Children Room

This twin-sized black daybed and trundle set is perfect for a subtle introduction of class and functionality in a room.

The frame is very minimalist in aura with slender strips of metal arranged geometrically to create clean angles, shapes, and lines that do a perfect job of making the daybed look gorgeous without overpowering the room with its presence.

But don’t be fooled by its quiet elegance. This daybed offers immense value in terms of functionality and strength.

Its high-quality steel core makes the bed strong and durable. No need to worry about warping, breaking or rotting as this daybed is built to last. Additionally, the daybed and its trundle section can handle weights of up to 220 pounds.

The light frame gives the mattresses room to breathe and prevents the accumulation of dust, while also facilitating easy cleaning.

Pros: The trundle sits on wheels that allow it to roll in and out smoothly when necessary.

The subtle cool black coating and openwork design make this daybed and trundle fit into any décor theme easily.

Cons: The mattresses are not part of the package. You’ll have to buy them separately.

The corners are pretty sharp so you might need to place caps over them to prevent accidents.

Assembly required

14. Novogratz Her Majesty Upholstered Daybed with Trundle, Twin Size Frame, Grey Linen

Novogratz Her Majesty Upholstered Daybed with Trundle, Twin Size Frame, Grey Linen

This grey linen upholstered daybed with trundle offers optimum functionality and style. Undoubtedly, any room that it occupies will benefit from the aesthetic boost and convenience it delivers.

In its contracted state, it makes a great sofa or daybed. With the trundle extended it offers a second twin-sized sleeping space.

If you so desire, you can remove the trundle completely for two distinct bed spaces. The trundle casters are lockable eliminating the need to worry about it rolling while in use.

Bentwood slats, set at about 4.5 inches apart, provide powerful platforms on which two twin-sized mattresses fit to complete the unit. It can take on weights of 400 pounds and 250 pounds on the daybed and the trundle respectively.

Immaculate craftsmanship and meticulous attention to detail are evident in the neat clean lines and gorgeous curves that enhance its charming appeal.

Classic elements such as the mid-century frame, the tapered wooden legs, and the diamond tufted backrest help to augment its classic beauty.

Pros: The trundle slides in and out with little effort because of its wheels.

The upholstery is the same quality around the back so you’ll be free to place it in any position in the room.

Cons: The mattresses do not come with the unit.

Assembly required.

15. Hillsdale Furniture Hillsdale Staci, Cherry Daybed with Trundle, Twin

Hillsdale Furniture Hillsdale Staci, Cherry Daybed with Trundle, Twin

Features of Daybeds

Daybeds are made in different designs of wood or metal, or with a combination of wood and metal. A standard daybed features a framed structure similar to a sofa consisting of two side panels and one back panel.

These frames can normally accommodate a twin-sized mattress. Some daybeds do not have the backs. Depending on the design, the daybeds are of two types. They have either a link spring or a platform to hold the mattress in place.

The link spring consists of a grid of metal that works as a box spring. It is connected to the frame so as to support the mattress.

Some gap is provided between the bed frame and the mattress for making the bed. In a platform-style bed, there is a board or a slat type rack for supporting the mattress.

The Trundle and Its Types

The trundle unit is specially designed and serves as an extra bed. It holds and stores an additional mattress and is placed underneath the daybed. The pop-up and pull-out type trundles are the most common.

When needed, you can roll out a pullout type of trundle like a drawer on its wheels or on its glide mechanism. The popup type trundle can be elevated to the level of the daybed. You can make a twin-size or a king-size bed depending on the size of your daybed. Normally, the popping is assisted with a spring or it is to be done manually.

When the trundle is at a lower level, you can have two different beds. Usually, the pull out trundle does not elevate.

The trundles are designed and constructed with different materials such as wood and metal like the main daybed.

The modern daybed trundles are available in luxurious designs. Some daybed trundles come with their mattresses in the leather covers to provide a modern feel.


The daybed with trundle can be used for sleeping as well as for lounging. Trundle daybeds can fit in any room. They provide you an extra sleeping space by conveniently accommodating the guests. Whatever design you select, the daybed with trundle is most useful as a space saver also due to its multiple functions. The trundles can be used for sitting as well.


A daybed with trundle offers you style and functionality. These daybeds are used as couches in multi-purpose rooms in homes where space is premium.

Modern-day designs of daybed trundles offer a sophisticated dash to your room’s interior. They also provide you the comfort while sleeping and sitting and save space. You can move most daybed trundles easily into different rooms when required, as they are lighter in weight and have wheels to move. Moreover, trundles can be raised to the height of a bed. You can easily set them.

Popular Daybed Style

Some people like white beds and daybeds as they give a feel of a peaceful environment. You can get many designs of white daybeds with trundles.

It can be a white finished wood day bed with a pull out type trundle constructed with solid wood and natural veneers.

You can use white pillows and shams to complete the bedding. There are metal beds with white finish with brass or porcelain accents with slat or metal side frames offering a stylish look.

A daybed with trundle in white finish with a canopy frame and white translucent curtains can provide a gracious look.

You can also get an alluring and comfortable white daybed with faux leather upholstery. With this type of furniture, there are actually endless choices.

pop up trundle bed

The popup trundle bed has become a popular piece of furniture, and the market is full of different designs, but how do you find one which is actually any good?

When an item of furniture suddenly becomes popular every Tom, Dick, and Harry start selling them.

This can be fine – or it can mean that you are buying from some company who has absolutely no idea about furniture. You are simply buying stock from the low end of the market and selling huge volumes of it until the stock runs out and then they will look for the next thing to flog.

So if you want to avoid getting a wobbly bed, which has bits missing and seems to gain a chip every time you look at it – you need to do your research. Or you could follow my advice!

I have two small kids and as much as I would like to say I have control, there are times when the beds are jumped on and stickers are stuck onto the headboards. I used to buy cute looking kids beds – but I have learned my lesson. Nothing but solid wood now passes through this front door.

So if you want a piece of furniture that will look good for a long time and will survive well then you need to spend a little extra and buy something good.

Pop-up Trundle Video Demonstration

With so many options in the market, you will need to choose the style of bed that will work for your home. For example, a wooden Daybed will provide a bold centerpiece to any room. Daybeds can be found in many finishes and styles.

A slay bed will draw the eye in and is perfect if you have an open space. if you have limited space avoid making a room appear cramped by selecting a daybed with simple lines.

Why Should I Get a Pop-up Trundle?

  1. They are a great space-saving option especially if the room is not large enough to comfortably fit another normal twin size bed. If there is enough room to set the beds up side by side, having a daybed pop up trundle can increase the size of a standard twin daybed to that of a king-size one instead.
  2. Because it drops down and slides under the main bed, the trundle conveniently stores out of sight and only takes a few moments for someone to set it up or put it away.
  3. Most daybed pop up trundles are designed for a standard size twin mattress and can handle a person weighing up to 250 pounds.
  4. As they come on casters or rollers, the daybed pop up trundle is a cinch to maneuver and can be easily moved to another part of the room or another room in the house before being set up.
  5. Although trundles can accommodate most adults, you are most likely to find a pop-up trundle being used in a child’s bedroom. Not only does it save space but they are safe as well. Unlike with bunk beds, parents will no longer have to worry when their child has friends come over for a sleep-over that one of them is going to fall out of bed during the night and get hurt.

Pop up trundle bed

A daybed with a pop-up trundle bed takes up the space of an ordinary bed but it holds essentially another bed underneath it. The trundle bed can be pulled out as an extra bed for another person.

The difference from the ordinary drawer bed is that the height of the trundle bed can be adjusted to the same height as the main bed and so the name pop up the trundle bed.

It could be used as two separate beds or be side by side with the main bed to form a bigger bed.

A popup trundle bed is an ideal fixture in a guest room. If there is only one guest then the main bed can be used and allow the guest to enjoy the spacious room.

A Daybeds with pop up trundle For your Guest

In the event of two guests who would prefer to have separate beds, the main bed and the popup bed can be placed on opposite sides of the guest room. And lastly, if the guests happen to be a couple then the beds can be arranged to form a bigger bed.

For those who do not have guest rooms, pop-up trundle beds are more functional than having extra mattresses. Mattresses will require a large storage space that most houses do not have.

Light mattresses can be easily transported to another room but they are not very comfortable to sleep in.

On the other hand, the mattresses that are more comfortable to sleep in are bulky and are quite impossible to move to another room.

If there is a need to move the pop-up trundle bed to another room, it would be as easy as pushing as they are equipped with wheels. Daybed pop-up trundle options are particularly popular.

Pop Up Trundle Bed Frames

A popup trundle bed frame is oftentimes made from a combination of metal and wood. This combination makes it possible to support the weight of people. There are some versions of pop-up trundle beds that are manufactured for children, are smaller, and have fun designs.

These types of pop-up trundle beds are perfect for young children especially in the event of sleepovers for your boys or girls. Whether the sleepover is for your kids’ and their friends’ enjoyment or for a school requirement that they have to finish, a pop-up trundle bed is quite useful.

The types of trundle beds that are manufactured for adults are big and sturdy, as compared to the ones designed specifically for kids. The designs are also more sophisticated, which will not leave the bedroom looking substandard.

Trundle Bed Covers

Matching a perfect bed skirt would conceal the trundle bed completely whilst making it more aesthetically pleasing to the room.

The varied designs of the headboard and the frame of the pop-up trundle bed are not limiting. There are themes to choose from that make it easy for people to match the beds with the chosen décor of the bedroom.

People who are aiming to save a lot of space to make way for other fixtures can make use of these daybeds with pop-up trundle beds.

These are also preferred beds for log cabins and vacation houses where guests are expected with regularity.

Perfect for the Economy

With houses becoming smaller, people are trying to look for things which can save up maximum space, so that their house doesn’t look cramped up even a little bit.

The market today has heard these prayers and brought in a lot of inventions that have made people stunned with amazement.

The craze for such products is increasing in number, as people are always looking for dual-purpose things. And if that is the question here, then adding to your shopping cart is this pop-up trundle.

Pop-up trundle is a double-size bet which breaks into two when not in use, and then the first half can be lowered and slipped underneath the second bed. This way, the bed just takes the space of a single bed, but if you have a guest then this also becomes a double bed by bringing the second bed upwards.

Thus you have a really good-looking single bed, but if you want, it can also be your double-size bed.

This can be compared to bunk beds, but the pop-up trundle looks neater and is not heavy at all. Moreover, bunk beds look more for kids and pop-up trundles for adults. You can also use them as your kids’ bed, but by folding it in half.

You can give the kids more space to play around. What’s more? If you think that you don’t need to break the bed and want to keep it as a double size, then the kids can keep their toys under the bed, in the allocated area of the second bed.

Weight Consideration

These beds are relatively lighter, thus you can move them to any part of your house and set them up there. These beds can handle weight up to 250 pounds and also can take in a twin-size mattress on its top. Hence this king-size bed can be your space saver and the best-looking one you have.

The market has unveiled a lot of these daybed pop-up trundles, in different designs and patterns, hence you won’t find it difficult at all to find the perfect one for your house. When you buy your pop-up trundle make sure, you have the size of your room in mind.

Most of the time, people just calculate the size when they are folded into a single bed. But when they are opened to double size, they might not fit in your room.

You can find a lot of options online, and with better deals than your local store. This will be good if you compare the prices of these online beds with your local store and then decide on the best deal.

How does the pop-up trundle work?

The popup trundle bed is a second, usually twin-size bed that is stored under the main twin bed. The bed is pulled out and then the internal mechanism allows it to be raised to the height of the main bed.

This can create either two separate beds or can be pushed together to make one king-size bed.

What are pop up trundle beds made from?

Underneath the mattress there is a mechanism that raises and lowers the bed; this is metal. However, many people do not want their trundle beds visible when not in use.

To achieve this some designers have effectively put the pop-up trundle bed inside a wooden drawer underneath the bed. This means that when the trundle is not being used it simply looks like a stylish bed with storage.

There has been much debate over the comfort of the popup trundle beds. A lot of this is bad press from the early designs; which did have their problems. Below are how the most common complaints have been resolved.

Pop up trundle beds separating from the main beds

Since pop up trundle beds are on wheels, this used to be an issue that if someone lay on the join between the two beds the trundle would trundle away! The trundle bed wheels have small brakes to stop them. Additionally, there are catches that should be fitted when the two beds are being used as one king-size bed.

Mattress comfort on the pop-up trundle beds

First, it is important to get the same mattress for both the bed and the trundle if you want to use them as one bed.

Secondly, you must choose from the mattresses supplied by the manufacturer. If you select different mattresses then there is the risk that the mattress will not fit correctly under the main bed and will get damaged when the trundle is being pulled out and put away.

The next decision is in which room to put your pop-up trundle. The popup trundle can also go under a day bed. This means that it is great for a living area or extra sleeping space in the playroom.

However, there is a slight difference to the setup with a day bed. A day bed is more like a sofa with arms and a back. So when the pop-up trundle is added it means that the original bed has a surround and the trundle doesn’t. As a result of this many people choose to sleep across the mattresses, perpendicular to the join. This means that the surround of the day bed becomes a headboard, and creates a prettier-looking king-sized bed.

The only issue with sleeping across the mattresses is that the joint may be felt more. A simple solution to this is a mattress topper. These are easy to buy and when not in use can be rolled up and kept in the back of a wardrobe.

Mattress Size Guide

mattress size guide, Trundle mattress

When it comes to buying mattresses for daybeds with trundles the process can be very confusing for many of us indeed.

Mattress size is something that we don’t deal with every day, and many people have a very vague idea about the size of a twin mattress or a full one and whether they should get one or another.

It becomes even more confusing when we find out that not all mattresses are the same length and actually for some beds, we will need an Extra-long or XL mattress instead of a standard one.

Then on top of all this, we also have to think about the height of the mattress, and this is especially important when we deal with mattresses for daybeds with trundles, because if we happen to pick the wrong size mattress for the trundle then we going to experience a lot of potential problems which we are going to discuss later on.

So here are some helpful tips for you on how to choose the right mattress for your daybeds with trundles:

First of all, with the majority of daybeds, you will need a twin-size mattress for both beds (the daybed and the trundle).

Let’s look at them in a close-up.

Twin Size Mattresses For Daybeds

Twin mattresses measure 39”x75” or 38”x74” (inches)

Twin is generally made to accommodate one adult or possibly an adult and a child.
Twin (also referred to as ‘single’) is great for smaller guest spaces, bunk beds, as well as daybeds.

The problem with daybeds is that sometimes the main bed is a lit bit longer to comfortably take a twin-size mattress.

This is because the bed needs to accommodate the trundle underneath. So what happens is that you end up with some gaps on one or both sides of the bed.

XL twin mattress measures as 39”x80

It’s 5 inches longer than the standard twin. Twin XL mattress is the same length as a queen size or king size mattress (lengthwise), In fact, two of them side by side will equal a king.

Trundle will almost always take a standard Twin size mattress.

Full-Size Mattresses For Daybeds

If you are buying a full-size daybed with a trundle then you will need a full-size mattress for the daybed and a twin size mattress for the trundle.

Full-size mattress measures 54”x75” (inches)

Full size is also known as a double or standard that was commonly used for two adults 30 – 40 years ago when the homes and bedrooms were built much smaller. Now it is usually purchased for single-person use and sometimes smaller guest rooms.

Extra-long or XL full-size mattresses measure 54″x80″

In some cases but not as often as with twins you will need an XL full-size mattress for your daybed. But your trundle should be OK with a standard twin in any case.

How Thick Should The Mattress Be For Your Daybed With Trundle?

For most daybeds with trundles, sellers will recommend a 10” (inch) thick mattress for a daybed and an 8” for the trundle.

The most important thing here is not to get a mattress that is too thick for your trundle, otherwise, it simply won’t fit under your daybed.

Another thing to consider is the aesthetic side of your daybed. As sometimes the mattress that is too thick or puffy won’t create the right look for your bed, especially if you want to use it as a couch for your living room.

Mattress Sizes For Daybeds With Pop Up Trundle

For daybeds with pop-up trundle, you will need two mattresses of the same height to create a king-size sleeping space. Do not get mattresses thicker than 10” for the reasons mentioned above.

In some rare cases, a pop-up trundle might not be even with the top bed. In this case, you can solve this problem by getting mattresses of different thicknesses or using the mattress toppers to create an evenly leveled space.

Tips On Buying Mattresses For Daybeds With Trundle Online

1. Do your research carefully: read all the specs and sizes.
2. Don’t just presume that the twin is a twin size or a full is full size – check the measurements.
3. If in doubt, ask a seller which mattress you will need.
4. Read other customer reviews to find the information that you are looking for.
5. If you want to be completely sure that you are getting the right size mattresses, get your daybed first, assemble it, take all the measurements, and then buy the mattresses.
Best Mattresses for Daybeds

Twin Bed With Pop Up Trundle

Whenever we talk about bedrooms, as expected we usually think of the bed per se. In order to make use of your room at its finest; you need to consider the type of bed you want. If you are looking for a bigger place for your children’s bedroom, worry no more because you can maximize your limited bedroom space with the use of a twin bed with a pop-up trundle.

A twin bed with pop up trundle is more or less a daybed that has a trundle bed under it. The pop-up trundle bed folds down and slides underneath the daybed. Pop up trundle beds are very good alternatives to usual beds because it features a comfy sleeping facility while saving room space. It is also used by many individuals to provide a sleeping room for friends or guests.

Other developments

Another development of the trundle bed was the pop-up mechanism. With the ordinary trundle bed, the trundle is singled out and the bed occupant sleeps in a drawer on the floor; but only by a difference in degrees.

However, with the twin bed with a pop-up trundle, the bed occupant feels that they are really sleeping on a suitable bed. With it, you can raise the additional mattress to the same height as the usual bed. You can also put them together to create a double bed.

Here are five reasons why pop up trundle bed is a must-have for your children’s bedroom or your guest room:

  • Twin bed with pop-up trundle is a very good space-saving home furnishing. If your bedroom isn’t wide enough, this bed will be of great advantage if you want to maintain a cozy sleeping and flooring area.
  • The pop-up trundle bed sinks and suits under the main bed and it can be hived out of the way. It is both very easy to set up for guests and put away when not in use.
  • Pop-up trundle bed is designed in such a manner that a typical size twin mattress will effortlessly match it. It can even accommodate a person that weighs 250 pounds at most.
  • The day bed with pop-up trundle can be simply pulled to and fro. Typically, it has casters or rollers. Before setting it up, it can be moved with ease to another portion of the room or another room inside the house.
  • Most of the time, twin beds with pop-up trundles are used in a kids’ bedroom. It is much safer than a bunk bed and it preserves room space so your children will have enough space to play around. Plus, you won’t have to worry about the possibility your kid’s friends might fall out of a bunk bed top during sleeping.

Watch this video for some reviews about pop-up trundle beds.

Daybeds Styles

You are going to be spoiled for choice in terms of style, color, and design of daybeds with trundles. Depending on your interior decorating scheme and other furniture in the home you can go for either traditional or contemporary style.

Here are some ideas for you and what to look for when choosing your daybeds with trundles:

Traditional Style Daybeds

Traditional style daybeds Traditional style daybeds are made from solid wood such as cherry, pine, or walnut and would fit perfectly in a room with a look that is both classic and sophisticated.

Beds made of solid wood tend to be more expensive than beds made out of other materials. But on the positive side, they are usually very sturdy and would easily hold the weight of two adults.

Wooden beds tend to be quite large and are more suitable for bigger spaces, but they make a great piece of furniture that would last a lifetime.

Contemporary Style Daybeds

Contemporary style daybeds Contemporary style daybeds are made from a range of materials including metal, veneer, or fox leather. They are more versatile and would fit perfectly in a room with a light and modern design.

Metal daybeds are the least expensive ones. The price starts from as little as $$$ without shipping. Metal daybeds are light and easy to move around which is great for cleaning.

Metal daybeds might be not as sturdy as wooden ones and might not be suitable for very heavy people. Metal daybeds are great for smaller rooms and can make a great addition to your guest room or any other room in your house.

Upholstered daybeds are made of solid wood and strength-enhancing veneers covered with fox leather and would fit perfectly in a room with a contemporary design. Some fox leather daybeds come in a variety of color options such as black grey, white, or even mahogany red.

So you can easily fit it into your existing decor or build a room around it. Fox leather daybeds are usually quite sturdy and practical with nice and clean lines. They are easy to clean and would make a nice and comfortable sofa for your guest room without looking odd or out of place.

Daybed Sets

Don’t forget about bed sets for your daybed with trundle. They come in a variety of colors and some of them even include pillow shams.

These sets will help you further in creating a look that would be most suitable for your room and they are easily replaceable in case of damage or just when in need of a makeover.

Daybeds With Trundles: Material

Daybeds with trundles are typically made from three main types of material: solid wood, metal, and fox leather.
Let’s have a closer look at all of them.

Wooden Daybeds With Trundles

Wood is used to make traditional or antique style daybeds. The type of wood that is used for the beds is a solid pine that has a range of finishes (colors).

The main colors are white, black, pine, cherry, walnut, oak, as well as a different shade of brown with fancy names such as mocha for dark brown or cappuccino for a lighter shade of brown.
Wooden daybeds would fit perfectly in a room with a look that is both classic and sophisticated.

Beds made of solid wood tend to be more expensive than beds made out of other materials. But on the positive side, they are usually very sturdy and would easily hold the weight of two adults.

Wooden daybeds tend to be quite large and are more suitable for bigger spaces, but they make a great piece of furniture that would last a lifetime.

Metal Daybeds With Trundles

Metal daybeds with trundles are more versatile and would fit perfectly in a room with a light and modern design.

Metal daybeds are the list expensive ones. The price starts from as little as $195 (without shipping). These daybeds are light and easy to move around which is great for cleaning.

Metal daybeds might be not as sturdy as the wooden ones and might not be suitable for very heavy people, but they are great for smaller rooms and can make a great addition to your guest room or any other room in your house.

Fox Leather Day beds With Trundles

daybed with trundle bed Fox Leather daybeds with trundles are made of solid woods and strength-enhancing veneers covered with fox leather.

They are also called upholstered daybeds. These types of beds would fit perfectly in a room with a contemporary design.

Some fox leather daybeds come in a variety of color options such as black, grey, white, or even mahogany red. So you can easily fit it into your existing decor or build a room around it.

Fox leather day beds are usually quite sturdy and practical with nice and clean lines. They are easy to clean and would make a nice and comfortable sofa for your guest room without looking odd or out of place.

Daybeds With Trundles – Storage Space: Pros And Cons

Whether or not you want your daybed with trundle to have some storage space will depend on a number of reasons like, the size of the room, the availability of other storage space in the room, the functionality of the room, and on who and how often going to be using the bed. Check out the best storage bed. or the best-upholstered storage bed.

So here are some pros and cons to consider before buying your daybed with trundle.


• Great for a small room with limited storage space
• Shelf and bookcases will create a cozy and functional sleeping place for children
• Can be used by visiting guests as a temporary storage space


• More bulky and heavy
• Storage won’t be in use if going to be used mostly as a sofa in a guest room or a study
• More expensive


What Is a Daybed?

A daybed is a bed that can function as a bed for sleeping and as a sofa for yourself or guests. Many daybeds utilize the optional trundle bed, which gives the owner an additional bed.

The trundle is hidden and is pulled out when that extra bed is needed and pushed back in after use. A daybed is a great choice for a studio apartment, a guest bedroom, home office, your child’s room, or other rooms that could use these cheerful additions!

The foundation of the daybed is a daybed frame. How is it put together?

The frame is made from three pieces: two side panels and one back panel. Daybed frames are commonly available in wood, metal, or a wood/metal combination. Daybed frames are designed to fit a standard twin-size mattress, 39 in. x 75 in.

Daybeds use a standard twin mattress. Do daybeds need or use box springs?

No, daybeds do not need box springs, because the mattress rests on a device called a link spring, which provides the necessary support.

What is a link spring?

The link spring is a metal grid-like structure with springs. The center of the link spring structure is strong supportive material that supports the center of the mattress.

The link spring attaches to each side of the daybed frame to create a strong and very stable support system for the daybed. It is just as supportive as a box spring! By letting the twin mattress rest on the link spring, it allows for room for an optional trundle bed, and an additional mattress.

Do all daybeds use link springs?

No, some manufacturers use an all-metal framing system that provides support for the daybed. All of the daybeds available at use link springs.

What is a trundle bed?

A trundle bed is a low bed that slides under a higher bed.

Is there more than one type of daybed trundle?

Yes, daybed trundles are made in two varieties. One is a drawer trundle, which is the most common trundle bed. The drawer trundle is sized so that it fits the twin bed mattress that you bought, like a hand in a glove. It pulls in and out.

The drawer trundle cannot elevate to the level of the other mattress, nor can you completely extend the drawer. The other variety is a pop-up trundle. The pop-up trundle is made of metal.

It is flexible, and can put the twin mattress in two positions; the classic lowered position for single sleeping, or it can be elevated to the level of your other daybed mattress, and turn it into a king-size bed!

So you put the extra twin bed mattress on the trundle. What happens next?

The twin bed mattress is in the pop-up trundle (in the lowered position, pulled out for sleeping), or when your daybed has a drawer trundle, the mattress is sitting in the drawer, pulled out.

Move the pop-up trundle back into the lowered (hidden) position per instructions supplied. The drawer trundle can be pushed back into a position where it matches the side of the bed.

What depth of a twin-size mattress do you recommend for a daybed?

If you are looking at using a trundle, or drawer along with your daybed, you really need to stick with the 8-inch thick mattress. With all of the great new mattresses available that are much thicker, keep the following information in mind. Children’s sheet sets will always fit an 8-in mattress. If you are buying new sheets, check the depth of the fitted sheet before you buy it.

What are the recommended dimensions to look for when shopping for a daybed mattress?

Daybeds use standard twin mattresses (39 in x 75 in). You get to choose the type of mattress that you prefer. If you have no intention of using the trundle frame and plan to use the daybed simply as a single bed, you can go deeper in-depth with the current deluxe pillow-top mattresses available.

But it is very important to remember to keep the following dimensions in mind if you plan to use a trundle drawer or a pop-up trundle: 39 in. x 75 in. x 8 in.

There is a slight gap between the mattress and the sides of the daybed trundle. Is that OK?

The slight gap that you notice on the daybed trundle is OK and is of no concern. That space gives you room to put bedsheets on the mattress so that the trundle can be fully made up ahead of time.

Can Daybeds use full-size mattresses?

No. Daybeds are made for twin-size beds. Full-size mattresses have their own fashion statement in futons, which can give a “daybed” like-look. It swings up for sitting, and down for the bed and sleeping.


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