The 10 Best Curio Cabinets

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One great way to showcase your personal items and add a touch of style to your living room or family room is with a curio cabinet.

There are many curio cabinets to choose from and there are plenty of styles and designs to choose from. There are also many different materials used in the production of curios.

You can find them made from glass, made to fit into a corner and constructed from your favorite wood.

If you are into antique furniture then an antique curio cabinet would be a great addition to your collection.

When you are looking for a curio cabinet, it is important to know What you want to display? Are you going to show off your fine china or some family photos.

They also make a great display case for trophies of any sort or it could be a collection of everything we just mentioned.

Knowing what you are going to display in your curio cabinet will help you make the correct decision in purchasing. Ideally you want to make sure that there is enough shelf space to accurately display your items. Now that you know what you what you want to display it’s on to the next step.

Where do you want to put your new cabinet?

Figuring out where to put your new curio cabinet can be a difficult decision. Are you going to put it in your living room? Perhaps it would be better in your dining room or even a bedroom. Do you intend to make it a focal point of the room?

These are all questions that will help you pick the prefect curio cabinet for your room. The most important factor when choosing yours is will it match the style of furniture in that room. Another very important factor in deciding is size. Make sure that you have enough room for your new cabinet to fit properly without cluttering the room.

Corner Curio Cabinets

Curio cabinets are not just any piece of furniture, they are an essential item for your home. When searching for or purchasing a curio cabinet, one must keep the size of the cabinet in mind. There are many bulky curio cabinets out there.

Corner curio cabinets help by saving you floor space in your home while still allowing you to display your most prized possessions in style. Crafted with the utmost of quality, these corner curio cabinets are the perfect choice. Ranging in many different sizes, styles and colors, finding the right cabinet for your home is possible.

Glass Curio Cabinets

Glass curio cabinets are a great way to display your family keepsakes and photos. The glass construction makes viewing your items easy. No matter where you are in the room you will be able to see your most prized items. There is no better way to create a focal point in a room than with a curio cabinet.

The name glass curio cabinet is a little deceiving. While the majority of these fine curios are glass, they still have a sturdy wood based construction. These frames can bee made from oak, cherry or any other great hardwood that is often used in furniture construction.

Extra caution should be taken when assembling glass curio cabinets but they are a favorite type of furniture for everyone. There is no better style curio cabinet than a glass one. You can really show off your items.

They are a great way to display your fine china or perhaps you have some trophies that you are proud of and want everyone to see no matter where they are in the room. Their versatility also makes them great for just about anything that you may want to display. The possibilities are endless.

Pulaski Curio Cabinets

Pulaski furniture was founded in 1955 in Pulaski, Virginia. The name comes form the town that helped to build their fabulous brand of furniture. The original idea behind Pulaski furniture was to create the best dining room and bedroom furniture, with the absolute best materials at a price everyone could afford.

With such a great concept, it was no surprise that their furniture line is such a huge success. Today you won’t find a better made cabinet than a Pulaski curio cabinet. Their brand has created quite a demand for their products. They have the winning formula.

One item in their furniture line is the curio cabinet. These cabinets go great in any room and they are a great way to show off family photos or collectibles. Pulaski Curio cabinets are made from the finest materials and the craftsmanship is second to none.

They are one of the top fifty furniture importers in the USA. Their construction and style are great. Pulaski curio cabinets are stylish and innovative. Pulaski takes great pride in their products and customer service. If you thinking about getting a new curio cabinet make sure you keep Pulaski curio cabinets on top of the list.

One of the best selling Pulaski curio cabinets is the Keepsakes Oxford. This Pulaski Curio cabinet is a simple yet elegant way to display your collectibles. The cherry chocolate finish is a great color to accent any room or your display. One of the biggest selling point on this curio is the engraved name plate. This simple feature lets you add a personal touch that make this curio unique.

Why Would Anyone Buy Small Curio Cabinets?

Small curio cabinets allow people to share intimate parts of their lives with those they care about, all those who are invited into their private sanctuary – their home. These cabinets are a perfect size to display small or individual collections. Larger units contain a mind boggling array of collections, fancy dishes, souvenirs and school creations by young loved ones. Pretty soon the eye just skims across the display and does not register anything.

The beauty of the small, ornate cabinets is that they can showcase a few items at a time, highlight a special piece or be used as a rotating display house. Best of all these items are safely and securely placed behind ornate glass and rich wood doors, away from sticky hands and the human temptation to pick up, caress and drop.

The small size of these exquisite cabinets allows each individual piece to be viewed and seen. Each treasure is displayed in its glory, unaffected by other pieces. Only the few items placed on the clean tempered glass or rich, luminous wooden shelves are viewed and appreciated at a time.

This small display case is just the right size to artfully arrange the items that will be presented to family and friends. Often these displays are a glimpse into the owner’s past, a treasured and sacred memory willingly shared with the special few.

Curio cabinets in a small size normally have only, two or three shelves and may be quite narrow; this is the perfect size and design to highlight that special display. The treasure so proudly presented may be the latest trophy from a sporting event in a highly competitive contest or a plaque commemorating a major event or lifetime achievement.

Locked away behind the gorgeous doors of beveled glass diamonds nestled in the warm and satiny maple frame and shimmering under the soft overhead light, this plaque is the crowning achievement of a long and hard-fought battle proudly displayed by the victor in the perfect showcase.

These adaptable small curio cabinets graciously highlight the changing of the seasons by displaying a few choice items for each holiday, anniversary, birthday, special occasion, or any other reason that can possibly be imagined.

These make delightful showplaces for scary Halloween scenes, Santa and his sleigh loaded with gifts, the Easter Bunny and a colorful basket of eggs, Fourth of July sparklers or birthday presents piled high for that special person rushing through the door to see what delight waits inside this wonder of wood and glass or intricate wrought iron.

Tips in Cleaning the Oak Curio Cabinet

An oak curio cabinet is high quality furniture. It can withstand wear and tear brought about by constant use and it may resist imminent damage that can be caused by exposure to water. It is not susceptible to stains and to destructive insects.

It may last for years with proper use. Like other wooden furniture, however, curio cabinets made of oak need proper cleaning and maintenance to keep it sturdy and fit for use. If not cared for properly, it may succumb to damaging elements that get in contact with it every day. In addition, it may lose its beauty and attractive appeal overtime.

To keep oak curio cabinets in good condition even with constant use and exposure to different harsh elements and activities, these furnishings need to be cleaned regularly. Without regular cleaning, dust can accumulate, making the furniture look messy and unpleasant.

Cleaning an oak cabinet curio is a simple undertaking as long as you have the necessary materials to help you with the chore. Usually, the materials required for the cleaning process consist only of the following:

• Glass cleaner
• Dusting cloth
• Polish spray or dusting equipment for furniture
• Paper towels

The first thing that needs to be done is to ensure that all the mentioned materials have been prepared. Next is to clean the cabinet from all forms of clutter. Typically, this may involve taking all stored objects out of the cabinet and putting them aside for a while.

This will allow you to have more access to the storage space of the cabinet and the free hand to do whatever needs to be done on the inside of the furniture space.

Once objects have been taken out and put aside, you may now spray the interior and sides of the oak cabinet with a polish spray and wipe them with the dusting cloth. Ensure that the cloth is really soft and clean to ensure that the wood is not scratched in any way.

It may also help if the cloth is a little damp. Once the interior of the oak cabinet has been cleaned, you may start cleaning its glass cover. Cleaning can be done by first spraying a glass cleaner on the surface of the glass and then wiping the foam with paper towels to make it dry.

To complete the process, you may also want to clean the objects before putting them back on the curio shelves for display. Ensuring that all is clean with the oak curio cabinet can make the furniture look more interesting and appealing to the eyes of visitors.

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