Counter Height Dining Sets Buying Guide For 2021

counter height dining set

With so many different choices available in regards to the counter height dining set, purchasing the right one can certainly be an overwhelming task.

These tables are perfect for home decorations and serve many functions which make them such an excellent choice. Before you settle down on the first one that you see, the following are tips to help you with your decision and what factors to consider.

Perhaps one of the biggest downsides is that depending on which brand and type you purchase, the counter height table can easily exceed several hundred dollars.

Most do not even come with the chairs either so you may have to purchase these separately. However, you will most likely be using it for a very long time as you hold family dinners and host parties with your guests.

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Best Counter Height Dining Sets

1. Linon Brown Table Faux Marble Tavern Set

[amazon fields=”B002USUJV0″ value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_alt=”Linon Brown Table Faux Marble Tavern Set” image_align=”center” ] [amazon fields=”B002USUJV0″ button_text=”Check Price On Amazon” value=”button” center=”yes”]

2. Signature Design by Ashley Froshburg Counter Height Dining Room Table and Bar Stools (Set of 5), Grayish Brown/Black

[amazon fields=”B07G18DKK3″ value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_alt=”Signature Design by Ashley Froshburg Counter Height Dining Room Table and Bar Stools (Set of 5), Grayish Brown/Black” image_align=”center” ] [amazon fields=”B07G18DKK3″ button_text=”Check Price On Amazon” value=”button” center=”yes”]

3. New Classic Furniture Gia Counter Dining Set, Gray

[amazon fields=”B07C2GRZ1Q” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_alt=”New Classic Furniture Gia Counter Dining Set, Gray” image_align=”center” ] [amazon fields=”B07C2GRZ1Q” button_text=”Check Price On Amazon” value=”button” center=”yes”]

4. Contemporary 5-Piece Counter-Height Dining Set, Brown

[amazon fields=”B01F4NX8ZG” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_alt=”Contemporary 5-Piece Counter-Height Dining Set, Brown” image_align=”center” ] [amazon fields=”B01F4NX8ZG” button_text=”Check Price On Amazon” value=”button” center=”yes”]

5. Signature Design by Ashley Odium Counter Height Dining Room Table and Bar Stools (Set of 3), Rustic Brown

[amazon fields=”B07DKLR5PQ” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_alt=”Signature Design by Ashley Odium Counter Height Dining Room Table and Bar Stools (Set of 3), Rustic Brown” image_align=”center” ] [amazon fields=”B07DKLR5PQ” button_text=”Check Price On Amazon” value=”button” center=”yes”]

6. Harper & Bright Designs Kitchen Table Set Faux Marble Top Counter Height Dining Table Set with 4 Black Leather-Upholstered Chairs, Black

[amazon fields=”B07YDVZ2SQ” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_alt=”Harper & Bright Designs Kitchen Table Set Faux Marble Top Counter Height Dining Table Set with 4 Black Leather-Upholstered Chairs, Black” image_align=”center” ] [amazon fields=”B07YDVZ2SQ” button_text=”Check Price On Amazon” value=”button” center=”yes”]

7. 3 Pc counter height Dining room set – high top table and 2 Dining chairs.

[amazon fields=”B01GTSFDBC” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_alt=”3 Pc counter height Dining room set – high top table and 2 Dining chairs.” image_align=”center” ] [amazon fields=”B01GTSFDBC” button_text=”Check Price On Amazon” value=”button” center=”yes”]

8. LinkRomat 5-Piece Kitchen Dining Set for 4 Counter Height Bar Table w/Marble Tabletop, 4 Faux Leather Chairs Small Spaces, White

[amazon fields=”B08HGRTZX3″ value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_alt=”LinkRomat 5-Piece Kitchen Dining Set for 4 Counter Height Bar Table w/Marble Tabletop, 4 Faux Leather Chairs Small Spaces, White” image_align=”center” ] [amazon fields=”B08HGRTZX3″ button_text=”Check Price On Amazon” value=”button” center=”yes”]

9. Linon Brown 3-Piece Table Faux Marble Tavern Set, 42″ w x 22.25″ d x 36″ h

[amazon fields=”B002USUJV0″ value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_alt=”Linon Brown 3-Piece Table Faux Marble Tavern Set, 42″ w x 22.25″ d x 36″ h” image_align=”center” ] [amazon fields=”B002USUJV0″ button_text=”Check Price On Amazon” value=”button” center=”yes”]

10. Merax 5 Piece Dining Table Set Counter Height Dining Set with Classic Elegant Rectangel Table and 4 Padded Chairs for Kitchen Dining Room,Black and Beige

[amazon fields=”B08MQHLMQY” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_alt=”Merax 5 Piece Dining Table Set Counter Height Dining Set with Classic Elegant Rectangel Table and 4 Padded Chairs for Kitchen Dining Room,Black and Beige” image_align=”center” ] [amazon fields=”B08MQHLMQY” button_text=”Check Price On Amazon” value=”button” center=”yes”]

11. Roundhill Furniture Collection Biony Espresso Wood Counter Height Dining Set with Gray Fabric Nailhead Stools

[amazon fields=”B01LZ7ZNKY” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_alt=”Roundhill Furniture Collection Biony Espresso Wood Counter Height Dining Set with Gray Fabric Nailhead Stools” image_align=”center” ] [amazon fields=”B01LZ7ZNKY” button_text=”Check Price On Amazon” value=”button” center=”yes”]

12. Dporticus 5-Piece Dining Set Industrial Style Wooden Kitchen Table and Chairs

[amazon fields=”B07QXYZ39Z” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_alt=”Dporticus 5-Piece Dining Set Industrial Style Wooden Kitchen Table and Chairs” image_align=”center” ] [amazon fields=”B07QXYZ39Z” button_text=”Check Price On Amazon” value=”button” center=”yes”]

13. Mainstay 5-Piece Counter Height Dining Set in Cherry Finish

[amazon fields=”B07NV2W58N” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_alt=”Mainstay 5-Piece Counter Height Dining Set in Cherry Finish” image_align=”center” ] [amazon fields=”B07NV2W58N” button_text=”Check Price On Amazon” value=”button” center=”yes”]

14. New Classic FURNITURE Gia Counter Dining Set, 42.25″, Ebony

[amazon fields=”B01N1F2II3″ value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_alt=”New Classic FURNITURE Gia Counter Dining Set, 42.25″, Ebony” image_align=”center” ] [amazon fields=”B01N1F2II3″ button_text=”Check Price On Amazon” value=”button” center=”yes”]

15. New Classic FURNITURE Mitchell Counter Set, Gray

[amazon fields=”B08BQQDVR3″ value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_alt=”New Classic FURNITURE Mitchell Counter Set, Gray” image_align=”center” ] [amazon fields=”B08BQQDVR3″ button_text=”Check Price On Amazon” value=”button” center=”yes”]

16. Harper & Bright Designs 5-Piece Kitchen Table Set

[amazon fields=”B07YDVZ2SQ” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_alt=”Harper & Bright Designs 5-Piece Kitchen Table Set” image_align=”center” ] [amazon fields=”B07YDVZ2SQ” button_text=”Check Price On Amazon” value=”button” center=”yes”]

17. 5 Piece Counter Height Dining Set Kitchen Table Furniture Set with 4 Chairs

[amazon fields=”B08P37M124″ value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_alt=”5 Piece Counter Height Dining Set Kitchen Table Furniture Set with 4 Chairs” image_align=”center” ] [amazon fields=”B08P37M124″ button_text=”Check Price On Amazon” value=”button” center=”yes”]

Buying a Counter Height Table

You might probably set aside the fact of buying a counter height table without first thinking about why you should want to buy one and what other factors should you be highlighted before buying.
Counter Height Tables are much taller than the typical height tables. They come from several different designs, styles, and materials.
They may not be as common as the other height table but they are widely used nowadays by different local stores, not to mention coffee shops where most people would probably spend their time lounging or even do business.
Those tables can be of any length from 34 to 36 inches in height.

There are also some aspects to consider right before buying, this includes:

  1. If you are not purchasing a table set, it is recommended to buy a chair, stool or bench whichever you prefer measuring 10-12 inches lesser than the height of your table. And probably you should buy one first before you start purchasing your table.
  2. You should not also miss the fact that you should plan for wherever you want to put your table right before you purchase it. You might want to measure the divisions for you to be sure that you can have the much-needed space for your new furniture.
  3. Lastly, without anything else, comfort is very important. You should at least take some time to try your furniture. You might try your seating selection with your table and thereby make sure that the height of both the chairs and the table will be comfortable for you.

Advantages and Benefits

They may not be very common but they are apparently very useful especially at home.

They often are used as a dining table since it doesn’t require much-needed space also it provides an ample distance for the people to converse even while the others are standing.

It can also be used as a table for playing board games, monopoly, and the like. Moreover, they provide a much casual environment where people can feel relax.


You might as well ask or obtain the detailed measurement directly from your manufacturer if you are ordering a seating for you to be certain that you are ordering the appropriate height of the table.

The measurement is very crucial since both the counter height table and the chairs should have its proper height.

As you can see, everything runs within a process. Buying a counter height table is so simple to think of but there are so many things to consider right before you start purchasing them.

In conclusion, buying different kinds of furniture requires various features, it is not always that you buy that something because you like the color, the style, or what so ever you should also think that there are more of those to look at, the convenience and most especially comfort.

What is with furniture so big, so elegant, and so expensive if it cannot provide the user the comfort that he is supposed to need?

Then that something isn’t probably worth buying. It is useless. So might as well rest, take a time off from work, converse with your family while you’re on lying at your newly-bought, comfortable, worth the penny counter height table.

Counter Height Table for Your Home

If you have ever been to a bar or any coffee shop, then you know what a counter height table is. Almost every house has this kind of table, especially in the kitchen. It is where you can eat breakfast instead of the dining table.

They mostly form the shape of an L shape. The height of each counter height table can be made depending on how high you want it to be. This has become a trend in most modern homes that are being put up today.

Most people want to have the ambiance of a bar or a coffee shot. However, there are several factors to be considered when deciding to put a counter height table in your home. Below, those factors are discussed.


These counter height tables are most of the time built higher than a regular dining table or depends on how high you want it to be. But obviously, you don’t want to put up one that is almost a tall as you or higher.

That would be unconventional and just plain stupid. The ideal height which you should make your counter height table is just high or at the level of your waist. With that being said, if you are only 5 feet tall, then the table should only be about 2.5 feet about the ground.

Since you already have a table, you obviously need a chair to go with it. Since this is a chair for a counter height table, it should be taller than your average dining chair. Stools are the most common types of chairs used along with tables of these heights.

The ideal height of the stools should be at letting a foot less than the height of the counter height table. When you sit down, your waist should still be aligned with the table.


Not all homes are advisable to have a counter height table. Well, if your kitchen is just as big as your bathroom, then don’t bother putting one. It would only eat the only space you have.

These kinds of tables are only applicable in houses with large kitchen space. You can consider the counter height table as a luxury and not a need.

You don’t need one when your dining table is just two feet away from your kitchen.


If you’re a person who is really busy and has a hectic schedule every day, then this would somewhat be useful to you.

Employees don’t usually have time to set the table for breakfast every morning. They are always in a hurry to eat and leave.

Have a counter height table that can serve as your eating place. You don’t have to worry about cleaning up a large dining table.


One of the most common problems when buying anything is the price. There are different factors that affect the price of a counter height table.

One factor is the kind of material the surface is made of. If it made from granite, then it will be somewhat more expensive than those made from plastic resin.

Ideal Counter Height Table

Having a small dining area and moving around is a bit frustrating. And setting up medium to large sets can aggravate the situation? Well, you may want to take into account having a counter height table set instead.


Counter tables can be a good add-on to a small eating area in an excellent way. This may come in handy as an additional set in your dining area. Counter tables are not far distinctive from the usual dining set apart from the chairs are higher and with a slighter in length and width.

Generally known as counter sets for the reason of their height set up. Excellent on tight places such as corners with ease.

If you decide to go with a gathering table set in your kitchen or dining area, you shouldn’t have a problem finding one you like because just like dining tables they are available in a multitude of shapes, colors, styles, and designs. The following are some excellent tips to use when searching for the perfect counter height table set for your kitchen.

Decided on gathering a table set in your eating area, shouldn’t be a problem in acquiring a set of your choice. A variety of colors, styles, and shapes are available on all home shopping stores to choose from.

These are brilliant tips for you to accomplish on searching the best counter height table for every dining area:

Overall Style of the Area

Taking a good look at your dining area, and analyzing or what is the perfect setup that will blend to make it more stylish. Giving you a sense of what to buy when you go shopping for the right counter height table set.

The gathering set which you have selected must fit in effortlessly along with your cooking area. Selecting a design that performs better with the whole thing you have working on in the cooking area. Or else it will look like you have an unplanned set that was tossed around into the setup at the last instant. Your kitchen would not be unified.

You must also have in your mind the precise dimension of the counter height table set when you go shopping for the set. The good thing about these sets is very handy when it comes to space than any regular dining sets and they come in different sizes so it’s important that you have knowledge about the size of the set before you go shopping.

Make a measurement on the particular area where you will position the table set earlier and search the particular table set that will fit correctly within the area. You don’t want to end up buying a beautiful table set that will not fit in a designated area.

Look for the Best Bargain

When it’s time for shopping for the table set for your perfect eating area, don’t just purchase the set. You’ll have to check the item for any defects, inspect the table set thoroughly. Make sure it’s made of good and durable timber material and tough.

One more thing, look around for other stores to get a different price. You will be surprised to discover hopping from the different shops when you get a cheaper price with the same quality. Bargaining from store to store is the best way of hunting for the best price.

What is a counter height dining set?

A counter height dining set, which is also known as a bar table or a dining table is a table and set of chairs or stools which are considerably higher than a standard dining set.

You may notice that a bar consists of a set of stools and a table that are a lot higher up than usual, this is called a counter height dining set and is generally used to spare the effort of bending down to place something on the table.

A standard dining table ranges between 25 and 33 inches high with seats of around 20 inches. Counter height sets usually start at around 36 inches and range upward to over 60 inches high.

Although counter height dining sets pose a lot of benefits, people tend to buy them to give their dining room a whole new look. If you are currently thinking about revamping your dining room, a counter-height dining set may be all you need to give your dining room the ultimate luxury.

If you have a tight budget but would like to revamp your dining room, purchasing a counter height dining set may be the perfect option for you.

People have appraised counter height dining sets for many years due to the many benefits that they offer. Constantly bending over to place objects onto a table may be a hassle and may cause you back problems in the long run.

Counter height dining sets are designed to counter this problem due to the height of the table and chairs.

As an owner of a counter height dining set, I have found that it is very beneficial for me as I suffer from a bad back due to excessive bending over in my younger years. Instead of having to bend over and strain my back to place the dinner on the table, I can simply walk up to the table and place it down, no problem at all.

What about the price?

Counter height dining sets are generally cheaper than standard dining sets, which is another massive advantage of purchasing one.

There are so many different unique styles of counter height dining sets that you can find on the market and it may be the ultimate key to transforming your dining room into something very special!

So if you would like to eliminate the need to bend over when placing objects onto a table, would like to improve the aesthetics of your dining room, and would like to experience the luxuries of eating your food high up, a counter height dining set is the perfect purchase for you!

You will find that counter height dining sets offer a range of different colors, styles, and materials such as wood, glass, and even metal.

If you are considering purchasing a counter height dining set, always check out some of the unique sets. These are available on the market as you may be able to grab yourself a luxury, uniquely designed counter height dining set for cheap.

Why use counter height dining tables?

In this current era, counter height dining tables are considered an excellent place to entertain guests as it can be used for various functions. It’s extremely great to have dinner or for serving food and snacks at parties.

Now, the question that arises is what actually makes a counter height dining table better than any regular table. It is because the counter height dining tables sit quite higher off the ground than any traditional dining table.

So, this not only allows the people to sit around the table provided with high stools so that they can reach the table, but it also allows the people to stand around, converse with friends and enjoy the gatherings.

In fact, it is an excellent place to converse with the people at the party, to serve informal dinners, and also to play games like card games and board games.

The counter height dining tables are available in various forms like metals, glass, plastic, and wood. If you are having any specific style at your place, then it can be easily matched with the counter height dining table.

Choosing Counter Height Outdoor Dining Sets

Dining indoors can sometimes turn boring especially if the weather outside is beautiful. Occasionally, you need to eat outdoors while getting some air.

Counter height outdoor dining sets offer the best way to have meals outside the house. In order to have the best breakfast, lunch, or dinner, you need to have the perfect dining set outdoors. Here is how you go about choosing the sets.

Material of sets

Before you can pick on any set from the available sets on online stores, ensure that the sets are made of all-weather material.

Since your set may take a position in the open, therefore it should not wear easily due to rain or sunlight. The paint finishes on the set should also be durable to avoid frequent painting.

Style of sets

The other thing to consider is the design you want for the table and seats. Make your pick from a store with a wide selection of sets.

The table and seats should conform to a design that suits your taste and preference. Your chosen style should also match the area in which you want to position the set. For example, a set made of steel would look great for a garden dining set.


Size is important because it allows you to cater to the people who will be using the dining set. If you were looking for an intimate dining set, then a table with two chairs would be ideal.

On the other hand, if you want to entertain a few friends or family you would go for a set with more pieces. Whatever the size it should create a casual environment that lets you socialize as you eat.


Whatever set you chose from the stores, should be stable. This is in order to allow you to balance well on the chairs or stools while avoiding falling off when climbing on them. Stability also ensures that you enjoy your meal as you socialize with ease without the fear of falling off.

Word of caution

While these dining sets are trendy, they could bring in many accidents. This can happen where there are the elderly who would have problems getting themselves seated.

Such sets would be of great inconvenience for the elderly who do not enjoy movement or height. Similarly, counter height chairs and stools are not safe for children who can fall off while trying to sit on their own.

Contemporary Dining Tables

Those who wish to have contemporary furniture in their home now can purchase counter height dining sets to provide a more fashionable look to the house. They are just not only beneficial but in fact, it enhances the elegance of your house interior decoration.

This dining set gives an immensely fashionable and stylish look to your dining space. The dining sets are made out of simple, durable, and reliable material that easily blends with the interior decoration of the home.

The entire counter height dining set comprises dining chairs and tables. They are vital elements of home décor furniture. There is a number of counter heights dining sets manufacturers available out in the market and online as well, but make sure to choose your brand wisely.

So, take a sensible decision in this regard. Purchase the material only if you trust the manufacturer. Make sure that the material used should be pretty good and cater to your needs in the long run.

In fact, this is one of the best dining furniture that you should own to get good compliments from your guests when invited for dinner/lunch. If you are interested in buying a counter height dining table set, one of the best and convenient options to purchase is through online stores.

The Internet is flooded with a great number of online sites from where you can buy these furniture sets.

These dining table sets are quite elegant in their design and also versatile to use for any purpose. You can find a counter height dining table set that fit exactly to your floor space.

The cost of these dining sets varies depending upon the materials used and the overall finishing of the product. It’s a well-known fact that you will be spending a lot of time searching for high-quality items. So, if you want to give a unique look to your house then it’s worth buying a counter height dining set.

Buying guide – Factors to consider while buying a counter height dining table

The dining table is a vital piece of furniture in the dining space which is passed down through generations. Whether it is an anchored front kitchen or open kitchen, a counter height dining table is a focal point of a gathering of family members.

Apart from being a standout furniture piece, the counter height dining table should be sturdy, comfortable for accommodation, and should be flexible in shape and size.

Looking for a suitable dining set is truly a great adventure in the current scenario. Spending time to get the right piece of furniture can be really very fun.

Dining tables are in existence since generation and people enjoy having food together at a large dining table. The dining area is the place where one sits together and can chit-chat with other family members after a hectic work schedule.

Counter height dining tables are becoming quite a popular choice among a number of other options available. Albeit, there are a number of other dining table sets like classic dining, traditional dining sets, and other such, and counter height dining tables have the potential ability to put the guests at ease.

Here are listed with certain essentials to consider while shopping for a new counter height dining table-

Measure the availability of space

The most vital thing to consider while buying dining tables is which one exactly fits best your space. Measuring your dining room may seem to be a silly task, but it’s essential if you are not aware of your dining table dimension.

Firstly, think about how many chairs you need. This is will give you an appropriate idea regarding the size of the dining table that you are searching for. If you are having an extended family, then it’s ideal to look at the dining tables of leaf shape.

Some of the dining tables will be having two leaves, whereas others will be having 3-4. A leaf shape dining table is similar to that of an extended dining set.

A dining table with a leaf shape is usually pulled apart from the center, and then it slides into the middle of the table where both the ends of the table are pushed back together and allows more people to gather at the dining table.

In fact, it’s a great way to expand your dining table without having a huge table that is rarely used.

Types of dining room tables

Once you are done with the dining area measurement, another important criterion to consider is what type of dining table you need for your room.

The dining room tables are usually available in two different types. The standard tables are of a height that you can expect in a normal dining table. Nowadays, the counter height dining tables are becoming quite popular.

The chairs used around counter height dining tables are quite taller, similar to a bar stool. Some people prefer to choose counter height dining tables as there is no need to sit low on the ground level whereas some others prefer the traditional height dining table.

It’s all about a matter of preference.

Choose the material

If you are planning for a wood counter height dining table, always opt for hardwood like maple, teak wood, oak wood, and mahogany instead of choosing composite wood such as hardwood solids, medium-density fiberboard (MDF), and plywood.

The engineered wood like MDF is a blend of softwood and hardwood which have been compressed into the form of aboard.

Another important factor to consider is, dining tables with removable legs are tending to be made out of fiberboards.

It’s not an ideal option for a longer duration, but if you make use of the dining table occasionally or if you move frequently, then it makes sense to move ahead with fiberboard.

Those who are looking for something beyond hardwood, then take a look at grainy marble, molded plastic, and galvanized metal.

Remember the style

When shopping for a perfect dining room set, it’s important to consider the style. Style can be related to anything such as the style of the table and the color of the material used. The table design can be either plain or can be carved with fancy designs, carvings, and other such decorations.

If you are confused or not aware to figure out which dining table suits your house, then you might consider choosing a wooden dining set. Until you stick to something that you really like, you can never go wrong.

The shape of the table

For the small dining area, oval tables and round tables are useful. Round and oval-shaped dining tables look traditional in style and they can be casual or formal.

Even the rectangular dining table also looks formal or casual and the corners.

The corners of the rectangular dining table offer an extra few inches on the table surface for placing dining sets.

Height of the table

The standard dining table is quite common everywhere as it can accommodate all family members and it is also suitable for the people who make use of wheelchairs as well.

In this regard, a counter height dining table provides a versatile choice for the kitchen where food can be prepared and served without any difficulty.

Dining area measurement

Prior to buying a counter height dining table, it’s essential to take exact measurements of the place where you want to place your dining table. This criterion is crucial in the case of small dining rooms. For instance, a rectangular counter height dining table can easily fill up space and make the area look cramped than cozy.

The dining area should be in such a way that, you should be able to walk around the dining table comfortably even after placing chairs. So, it’s advisable to have a minimum of 50” space between the wall around and dining table edge.

outdoor materials

While placing the dining table either on a terrace or patio, you need to consider water-resistant materials.

The most common materials used in this regard are natural teak; it develops a patina over time due to sun exposure, weathering, and other climatic conditions.

The steel material used rust easily on exposure to rain. So, while buying a counter height dining table, make sure to buy the one made out of powder-coated steel or natural teak.

Table’s dimension

Most of the dining tables are consistent in shape with a standard height of 28”-30”. Comfortable and convenient dining tables should provide enough space for the legroom.

The rectangular, oval, and square dining tables are usually of length 36” and it depends on the number of people you are planning to accommodate. A counter height dining table of length 84” can accommodate a maximum of up to 10 people.

If you are having a lack of space but need a dining table that can accommodate a number of people, then the best solution is to look for a counter height dining table with a leaf shape that can be easily folded whenever needed.


The dining table is considered an essential aspect of your family. So, it should be family-friendly and shouldn’t be quite hard to maintain and clean. The very first thing that you are supposed to consider while buying a counter height dining table is durability and quality.

In addition to durability, you should also consider whether it the prone to grease, dust, and soil if you have naughty kids in your family.

Though the glass dining set looks attractive to the eyes, when you consider small kids tend to grease and soil the table, it can be a great work for moms to clean the glass and make it shine throughout the day.

Even the chairs around the table should have covered since kids can accidentally spill anything around at any instance.


In tight spaces, it’s ideal to opt for a dining table with bench seating. This is because the table is attached to the wall and doesn’t take much floor space. It can accommodate the crowd as well.

Leg configurations

The dining table leg designs should be based on how many chairs you are going to place around the table and your comfort.

A podium beneath the table center allows most of the chairs to squeeze in, but it takes up dinner legroom space.

The same thing happens with the trestle table as well. When you sit at the dining table, ensure that you can easily stretch out your legs comfortably.

A table with legs at the corner end provides more foot space, but the thing is you will not be able to place a chair at corners.


If dining table storage is the major issue, then search for an extending dining table with drop-down leaves and self-storing leaves. If your dining table uses removable leaves, provide space for its storage.

They need extra protective cases in order to prevent scratches. Before buying such dining tables, think about the durability of the dining table and then move ahead.

Ensure to have storage space in your dining area

Not all the dining tables are equally designed. Some are designed for convenience while others are designed for style. Storage can be a vital factor is you wish to store napkins, table pieces, and other handy dining table essentials.

The dining sets with built-in storage can be added advantage for those who are looking for extra storage, but it takes up the leg space and makes seating uncomfortable.

So while purchasing such a counter height dining table, sit at the table and make sure whether you are comfortable beneath the tabletop or not.

Avoid getting overwhelmed by the appearance

When you make a visit to any of the dining table centers, a wide range of dining tables can easily overwhelm you. In such a scenario, take a deep breath and consider your regular usage. Consider the available space and location of your dining room.

Before buying consider, whether the dining table fits your budget? Is it sturdy and reliable enough to cater to your needs in the long run?

How long do you want to make use of it? These are some of the essential things to consider while taking a judicious decision and not regretting it.

Trendy Counter Height Dining Table Set

Nowadays, cheap counter height dining table sets are capable of making brilliant statements at your home. In this regard, choosing the right one for your needs should be your top priority. If you are searching for new dining furniture, then make sure to go thoroughly through all the dining set trends described below-

  • Wooden dining sets

Strong wooden dining sets last for a much longer duration of time and serve you the best. It’s easy to get a matching wooden dining set that is made out of warm-colored wood in your dining area.

This furniture is available in various shades and styles. The sleek and straight-line dining table is suitable and worth it for a modern-day dining room. If you are searching for a more traditional dining table look, then purchase a dining set with intricate carvings.

  • Bright colored dining sets

Nowadays, dark-colored dining sets are becoming quite popular and it is available in a variety of materials like upholstery, leather, and wood.

A dark-colored and cheap counter height dining table sets look its best in the light-colored dining area. The dark color dining set contrasts light walls and gives a dynamic and sophisticated look to the dining area.

  • Antique dining sets

At times, it’s quite difficult to find a suitable antique dining set that matches your dining area. It’s worth investing in the counter height dining set which made to resemble an antique piece instead of trying to fix a real antique to the existing decoration.

Ensure that your dining area should blend with the kitchen interior decoration and should not stick out. Usually, an antiqued dining set is quite sturdy and easy to maintain than a real antique dining set.

  • Wrought iron dining sets

This is well suited for outdoor environments. The wrought iron dining sets are quite sturdy and reliable. The heavy table bases help them to withstand all climatic conditions and keep them away from every gust of wind.

  • Glass topped dining sets

Glass dining sets are fragile in nature. Most of the glass-topped dining sets are pretty small and they are suitable for breakfast nooks. The stand of glass-topped dining tables is made out of wrought iron in order to give extra stability. These dining sets add a more classic and charming touch to any dining area.

The reason why wood is considered as the most popular choice for a counter dining table set is because of its naturally beautiful shading and a number of other options make wood as a durable and classic choice. Glass topped dining sets are quite simple to clean and decorate over it.

Nothing can beat the beauty of reflecting the light of the candle in setting an appropriate mood. Apart from glass and wood, marble and stone are also considered functional and attractive dining table choices. Get the best marble dining tables.

All you need to know about counter height kitchen dining sets

Adults say that somehow it feels better to gather at the counter table. At times, the name counter height table sets are changed to “gathering sets”. The kitchen space and dining needs vary from one house to another house.

Whether you stay in a mansion or apartment, there is something common in between, i.e. dining sets. The dining table and the chair set are quite important in setting up the functionality of the house.

The counter height dining tables range from very chic to ultra-trendy designs. These tables come with 7-8 matching stools so that you can sit comfortably on a single chair. Nowadays even small children like counter height dining tables because when they are seated upon them, they can have a better view of the room and look at their friends better.

In many of our families, we have seen that the dining table was the focal point of the household and it was not only used just for dining purposes, it was used to complete homework, for game night, or for working crafts.

Nowadays, it has become quite common that the dining table is used for multi-purpose in case space is limited. If you are shopping for a dining table for the first time, think of its usage while choosing the right one for your needs.

There is no sense in cooking delicious food items by spending long hours in the kitchen if seating at the counter height dining table is not comfortable. If you have luxury space, then choose dining chairs with cozy arms that will help you to continue your conversation till late at night either with your spouse, friends, or other family members.

Nowadays, most people prefer a casual dining experience when they need to accommodate children who move around more.

Armless chairs and dining benches are ideal when space is limited. On the other hand, cushions go a long way in enhancing the mood of the situation and add more comfort to the seating arrangement.

When it comes to the matter of pattern and color options, they are available in unlimited designs. They are available in a variety of materials that are quite easy to clean and maintain.

A five-piece counter height dining table sets are designed in such a way, so as to save the precious space that is taken for granted, whereas others are constructed so that the people can dine with more comfort and convenience. Learn about 5 pc dining sets.

Counter height dining tables –Perfect for any dining area which won’t strain your back

Counter height dining tables are a great addition to the dining room, which is also considered as a gathering place to have dinner/lunch together with the family members.

Nowadays, dining tables are used for various purposes other than eating; they can be used for playing night games with family members or doing paperwork as well as homework while allowing you to enjoy outdoor activities without being outdoors.

The dining tables are in the shape of “in” styling in all the houses in America. You can go through those designs in all the latest design magazines and even in fitness articles as well because people having a backache issue have to be seated properly.

In fact, the counter-height dining tables are quite perfect to have dinner/meals without bending and straining your back.

  • Stool set in Walnut

This is a big set of counter height dining tables and a bar stool set along with large and squared height bar stools. Each stool in this category has an upholstered back and seat made up of black vinyl along with padding.

They are made out of veneers and solid walnut wood which in turn gives stunning addition to any dining area.

  • Five pieces oval-shaped counter height dining set

This is a lovely oval-shaped counter height dining set surrounded by 4 chairs and it is suitable for any dining area whether it may be small or large. The chairs are very tall and backed with slats along with cushioned seats.

They are given walnut finishing and it shipped in several pieces, although it is considered as one single piece, for aesthetic and structural reasons they are shipped in separate pieces. Select the best 5 piece kitchen sets.

  • Stool set in Cappuccino

These dining sets are oval in shape and feature wheat-back designed bar stools that are durable and strong enough with rich fabric color. The table is accompanied by 6 chairs, i.e. two sets of three.

This particular dining set is made out of wood veneers and solid hardwood. This item is shipped as one single item for its beautiful look. But, some minor assembly work is required chairs and legs of the table.

  • Five pieces round

This is a beautiful and round counter height dining room table made out of medium-density fiberboard, wood veneers, and rubberwood. There is some sort of assembly work is required, but the dining set-top is made out of one single piece for much better stability and gives a more stunning look.

Some people look at the charm of the counter height dining table and purchase the one that attracts them. For instance, you might be having a single wooden pedestal set that features extra additional decorations around the table. The chair of the counter height dining table is charming and is made out of the same quality wood.

Prior to purchasing the table, take your own time to look at the requirements of the counter height table and make a note regarding how many people need to be placed on the table. Exactly what should be the table size for your requirements? What type of table would you like to have?

All these vital specifications have to be finalized earlier so that it becomes quite easy to choose the right product for your needs.

The best possible solution can be easily accomplished within limited space and you can cut down your expenses on peripherals and other such accessories like side tables and much more.

If space is not at all an issue, then you can plan the entire dining area setting and choose the type of ambiance that you waited long to have in your dining area. A formal seating with cleanly arranged chairs and tables along with side tables, cabinets and server trolleys all can be easily accommodated in the dining set layout

Bear in mind that the dining room should be always cluttered free and there should be sufficient space for the people to move without disturbing each other. The pathway between the chairs should be wide enough for others to serve.

Find the most fascinating and durable counter height dining table from Amazon

If you wish to purchase a counter height dining table, there are plenty of places both online as well as offline shops from where you can purchase counter height dining tables as per your requirement. Prior to purchasing online go through the following aspects-

  • Don’t stick to the first site that you come across. Check the reputation of the site from where you have planned to purchase counter height dining tables. Prior buying goes through the reviews thoroughly given by previous clients. Agree to pay the legitimate amount.
  • Before going through the site thoroughly, fix your requirement like which type of counter height dining tables you need. Based on your requirement, choose the one which caters to your requirements. Unless you are direct with your requirements, you can’t purchase a good product.


To the end of the discussion, it’s necessary to understand the various styles of counter height dining tables and the benefits of investing in purchasing them. Having proper and accurate information will help you in buying a reliable and sturdy dining set

It also helps you to save your precious time, effort, and money whilst enhancing the interior beauty of the place.

Shopping at popular online sites like Amazon will definitely make your purchase worthwhile.

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