The 15 Best Corner Tv Stands (2021 Reviews)

Corner Tv Stand

This is the most comprehensive guide to buying a corner tv stand.

In this expert-written guide, you’ll learn everything you need to know about the corner stands for TVs. If you’re looking to get a list of the top 10 stands, you’ll love this guide.

Let’s dive right in.

One of the great features of a corner stand for flat-screen TVs is that the TV screen can be seen from anywhere in the room when it is in the corner.

A flat-screen TV that is mounted on the wall or that is on a TV stand that sits against the wall can only be seen if you are in front of it or at a certain angle.

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Best Corner tv stand Reviews

1. Sauder Palladia Entertainment Credenza, For TVs up to 60″, Select Cherry finish

Sauder Harbor View Corner Entertainment Credenza, For TV's up to 60", Curado Cherry finish

2. WE Furniture Modern Farmhouse Wood Corner Universal Stand for TV’s up to 50″ Flat Screen Living Room Storage Entertainment Center, 44 Inch, Espresso

WE Furniture Modern Farmhouse Wood Corner Universal Stand for TV's up to 50" Flat Screen Living Room Storage Entertainment Center, 44 Inch, Espresso

3. Sauder 410627 August Hill Corner Entertainment Stand, For TV’s up to 40″, Oiled Oak finish

Sauder August Hill Corner Entertainment Stand, For TV's up to 40", Oiled Oak finish

4. Sauder Harbor View Corner Entertainment Credenza, For TV’s up to 60″, Antiqued Paint finish

Sauder Harbor View Corner Entertainment Credenza, For TV's up to 60", Antiqued Paint finish

5. Ameriwood Home Carson Corner TV Stand for TVs up to 50″, Black/Cherry

Ameriwood Home Carson Corner TV Stand for TVs up to 50", Black

6. Crosley Furniture Cambridge 48-inch Corner TV Stand – Vintage Mahogany

Crosley Furniture Cambridge 48-inch TV Stand - Vintage Mahogany

7. Ameriwood Home Overland Electric Corner Fireplace for TVs up to 50″ Wide, Espresso

Ameriwood Home Overland Electric Corner Fireplace for TVs up to 50" Wide, Espresso

8. South Shore 10381 Noble Corner Stand-Fits TVs Up to 55” Wide-Gray Maple

South Shore Noble Corner Stand-Fits TVs Up to 55'' Wide-Gray Maple

9. Charlton Home Black Rub Tucci Corner TV Stand for TVs up to 50 inches

Charlton Home Black Rub Tucci Corner TV Stand for TVs up to 45 inches

10. Mistana Espresso Tieton Corner TV Stand for TVs up to 32″ with Electric Fireplace Included

Mistana Espresso Tieton Corner TV Stand for TVs up to 32" with Electric Fireplace Included

11. Three posts Vintage Oak Orviston TV Stand for TVs up to 60″

Three posts Vintage Oak Orviston TV Stand for TVs up to 60"

12. Alcott Hill Englewood Corner TV Stand for TVs up to 40″

Alcott Hill Englewood Corner TV Stand for TVs up to 40"

13. Birch Lane Heritage Driftwood Filomena TV Stand for TVs up to 48″Birch Lane Heritage Driftwood Filomena TV Stand for TVs up to 48"

14. Beachcrest home White Greeson Corner TV Stand for TVs up to 58″

Beachcrest home White Greeson Corner TV Stand for TVs up to 58"

15. Charlton Home Black Whittiker Corner TV Stand for TVs up to 60″

Charlton Home Black Whittiker Corner TV Stand for TVs up to 60"

Corner Media Cabinet / Tv Stand

A corner media cabinet is actually a cabinet that goes in the corner of a room. It can be made from any one, or even from several different materials, and is generally used to hold a TV and/or stereo and store things like CDs or DVDs.

A corner media cabinet can come in handy for a lot of reasons. First, it can help you to keep clutter to a minimum.

Second, it frees up more space in your entertainment center for other things. And third, it can help to preserve the life of your media by giving it a safe place of storage. This will keep it out of harm’s way and within easy reach, all at the same time.

There are a few different varieties of corner media cabinets, and we will discuss each one here briefly.

corner cabinets corner cabinet media corner cabinets corner media cabinet

First, there is the standard corner media cabinet. These cabinets simply go into the corner and store your CDs and DVDs with nothing fancy or difficult about them. They are usually quite plain, can be large or small, and look sort of like a bookshelf.
Second, there is an enclosed type of corner media cabinet.

These cabinets store DVDs and CDs without appearing to. To the unwise onlooker, they simply look like a standard cabinet. But, upon looking inside, anyone would see that the cabinet is actually the witty resting place for your vintage music collection! So, these cabinets are good to invest in if you like to keep your media under wraps.

And finally, there are the decorative-styled corner media cabinets. Usually, these are shaped in an especially different way, making them unique and eye-pleasing.

Sometimes they are chosen to complement a theme, but sometimes they are just there to give atmosphere and visual ambiance to the room and its contents.
media cabinet media cabinet media cabinets media cabinets

Corner Media Cabinets – Buying Considerations

When buying a corner media cabinet for your home, there are a few things to consider.

First off, decide which style you want. Do you want a standard, enclosed, or decorative cabinet? You may already have an opinion, but even if you do, don’t be afraid to shop around and see what there is.

Often we will come across something when shopping that complements the feel we are trying to achieve a lot better than even the cabinet that we had first imagined, so being on the lookout is never a bad idea.

Also, if the material is a concern, be sure to look at the right kinds of cabinets. For example, if you need to match a lot of wood trim in your living room, consider a wooden enclosed cabinet of matching stain color. If you are going purely black and white, consider a black, metal book-shelf style cabinet.

Just remember to be creative, and don’t be afraid to go with something that possesses some pizzazz or flair!

Things look a lot scarier on the showroom than they do in your home, so odds are good that an edgy corner media cabinet on the showroom floor could really complement your entertainment room once you get it home!

Why Corner TV Stands Ideal for Saving Space

You will find large bits of furniture that you could add to an area, however, to be honest, the majority of them take an excessive amount of space.

Owning a Corner TV Stand is an option, which it’s designed to maximize the usability of one’s space in your living area, bedroom, or office area, which allows you to feel the fullness of any room.

While space is restricted, people will select this unique style of furniture. Also, it will not obstruct the flow of an area.

On the other hand, these stands absolutely are a great way to save space, while still putting a nice-looking piece of furniture in nearly any room.

When preparing to design or rearrange a room, placing a Corner TV Stand in that corner will deliver a new look. This brings creative ideas for you to arrange your other furniture.

Large TV stands would take up a large amount of space and interrupt the interior style of an area.

A Corner TV Stand is perfectly formed to suit specifically into a corner of a bedroom or front room.

They are designed to store your TV, sound equipment, and DVD. They tend to have great value for a person residing in small dwellings like an apartment, condo, or small home.

Corner Tv Stand Is A Perfect Add On To The Decor

The corner TV stand glorifies the elegance of home decors. And if the stands hold flat-screen TVs it is an addition to the remarkable grandeur.

Television sets have changed from the traditional black bulk boxes to slim bazeled metallic sets, with advanced features that include LCD’s LED and large speakers.

A Wide Range to Choose From

Deciding the best, to match with the room is the tough part. This is attributed to the size of the entertainment set, wall color, and furniture in the room, and apart from all this is the purpose it is intended to solve.

A few are compact and cute which are meant to exclusively hold the TV. Few others have a number of storage racks, based on customer choice which can range from one to many.

Some come with a place for external speakers, DVD players, and other accessories. Another feature on which customers decide the scalability of the product is the material of construction, which is a directive to the cost of the product.

Luxury TV cabinets with finely polished glass shelves and finishing are a part of a number of households. These are circumference by wooden or metal frames.

A few come with glass frames. Either is best suited for all kinds of decor. The stylish brick TV cabinet is another from the lot. The TV stands are meant to add subtleness to the entertainment set. Depending on the color and make of the TV, stands must be chosen.

A few light-colored metallic bezels go well with thick oak material stands. While the dark black colors are enhanced with glass or light-colored wood stands.

Storage Spaces

Besides the color, look, style and other physical features, what is more, important is the utilization of the furniture in the right way. A corner tv stand can be utilized as the storage device for many accessories along with the TV.

Though some prefer to have additional side stands for audio systems, having them in one stand can make it look posher.

The advantage of having them in a single unit is the lack of hassles with cables and connectors. Some more advanced features which have been a part of corner TV stands of late are those with electric fireplaces.

These use ventilated fireplaces that run through electric circuits. For those living in colder parts of the world, this is the ultimate choice. It combines both entertainment and warmth, which prevents clumsy looks in small rooms.

The apt corner TV stand, flat-screen TV stands can be availed with a little insight into the different models. Standing ahead of all this is the varied price brackets in which the stands can be bought, making them affordable furniture for home decor.

A Comparison of Plasma TV Stands vs. Wood TV Stands

When it is time to purchase a TV stand, you will notice that you have two standard options:

  • A Wood TV Stand
  • A Plasma TV Stand

The two TV stands have some similarities, but in general, they are designed for two specific purposes.

One is designed to provide you with a hard, level place to put your TV set. The other is designed to provide you with something that is aesthetically appealing while still incredibly functional.

Wood TV Stand

Wood TV Stands are made specifically for standard TVs and LCD TVs that need a place to sit in your home.

They have cabinets and other areas so that you can store your things, but their primary purpose is to provide you with a place to house your TV so you can watch it on a regular basis.

Plasma TV Stand

TV Stands are largely for aesthetic and storage appeal. They can be hung on walls, but hanging them on a wall is dangerous and places them in the middle of the room with no surrounding furniture or purpose.

So individuals interested in giving their Plasma TVs a more permanent home purchase a Plasma TV stand.

This allows them to place the TV in a sturdier place than the wall, the television will still be hanging (for optimum viewing) and the aesthetics of the Plasma TV stand makes it fit better in your home.

There is also usually a storage area for you to keep DVDs.

Which to Choose

Obviously, the final decision about which TV stand to get depends on the type of TV you own. But it also depends on the type of TV you plan on owning.

If you have any intentions of purchasing a Plasma TV in the future, you may want to purchase a Plasma TV stand that is equipped with enough room that it can house your current, non-Plasma TV but still have a place to mount the television when you make the final purchase.

On the other hand, a Wood TV stand is useful for those that have no intention of upgrading to a wall-mounted TV.

They are usually content with either an SD TV or an HDTV. Either way, you can still find a piece of furniture that will go well in your household. It is functional enough to house your television and attractive enough to not detract from your home’s décor.

Things to Consider when Selecting A TV Stand

A corner TV stand can help you make the most out of any space, no matter how big or small.

These very useful products can really work wonders, and considering that most of us never have enough room in our apartments or homes, they can make a big difference in terms of layout, design, and comfort.

Take a moment to learn about how you can select the best corner television stand to meet your own needs and then you’ll be able to find the right product to use for yourself.

When you’re ready to choose a corner TV stand for your own home, you have to think about a number of different factors. First, you need to make sure that you find one that’s big enough to hold the television that you have.

Some corner television stands might be especially slender or narrow, but if you’re trying to put a big 47-inch flat-screen on there, then it might not be enough.

So be sure to consider the TV that you have or the one you plan on getting, and make sure that your stand is supportive enough for that.

You also should be thinking about what other components or media that you want to store in the stand. The majority of stands have numerous storage shelves and spaces for you to house things like your cable or satellite box, DVD player, your DVDs or video games, and so forth. You might have a lot of extra equipment too – such as stereos, game consoles, speakers and more. So be sure to consider what you need to store, and how much space you need down there.

The look and style of the corner television stand that you choose can vary greatly. A popular look is a clear glass front to the storage area, although you will find some without any glass, and others that utilize all wooden or metal compartments.

The stand itself can also be wooden, in a number of colors and styles, glass or metal, so it’s all about the decor you have in a room and what you’re looking to match up with.

Finally, don’t forget to think about the price when it comes to buying a corner TV stand.

Prices can range from $100 or less for very basic units to as high as $1,000 for hand-constructed pieces featuring all sorts of features, made from the best materials and offering maximum storage and size.

The good news is that there’s bound to be one in any price range that you’re looking in.

Other considerations

Not all corner TV stands for flat-screen TVs are the same. Besides the different styles and colors, they also come in different sizes both height and width to be able to accommodate the size of the television.

Something else to consider is if you want the stand open, or closed.

TV stands can be purchased online, giving you a better variety, plus some even have free shipping so all you have to do is wait for it to arrive and put it together if not already assembled. Here are a few things to keep in mind your help with your search:

  • Size of the TV – measuring your TV is key here if it is too small the TV may fall over. Also, check with the recommendations within the specs that came with the TV.
  • Style of the Stand – There are many different materials that the stands are made of usually wood and a combination of metal and protective glass.
  • Location of Stand – Where do you want the TV to go? Mounted on the wall, a wall stand, or a corner stand. Will you want to be able to move it?
  • TV Accessories – What else will you need to go with your flat-screen TV? There are a few to choose from such as a cable box, DVD, stereo system, game system box, and surround sound to name a few. Also, where will you store DVDs, CDs, and games.
  • Children and or Pets – Something else to consider with the location of the television is who or what may have access to it.

Basic tips to organize media consoles on an electric fireplace TV stand

The cables must be properly arranged so that they may not come into contact with the electric fireplace. The position of the TV must be such that it does not come into direct contact with the heat from the electric furnace.

The TV stand must be designed in such a way that the electric fireplace is always placed below the TV set. The electric fireplace must be fitted below the TV set. This will ensure that the heat radiations do not reach the television set hence keeping it safe.

The wiring of the electric fireplace must be properly done as well. The wires must be arranged and plugged without any entanglement.

The TV set must be of the appropriate size. A large-sized TV set on a smaller stand will lead to imbalance.

If we are planning to install an LCD or LED on the wall we must position it at an appropriate distance from the electric fireplace below. This will ensure the heat radiation does not reach them.

The above tips will help us to organize both the components of the electric fireplace TV stand. One must keep these points in mind whenever one wishes to install an electric fireplace TV stand in his house.

There needs to be a proper arrangement of the TV set as well as the electric fireplace to ensure we can enjoy the warmth and have entertainment at the same time.

Buying a cheap corner fireplace tv Stand

Before buying an electric fireplace TV stand one must know his requirements clearly. The size of the equipment will depend on the availability of space. It is advisable to buy small or medium-sized equipment for a small apartment.

Our first priority must be to meet basic needs. We must not buy a costly electric fireplace because it may contain features that we may not need

It’s best to buy from a company that is directly engaged in manufacturing electric fireplaces. They will charge less compared to a shop owner.

Since we are going to use an electric fireplace only during the winter season we can buy a little cheap electric fireplace also. Keeping these facts in mind we can find good value for our money.

>Having A Custom Portable TV Stand Made For Your Home

The interior decor of upscale homes are usually works of art that professionals and the owner have painstakingly planned and executed to create their version of a personal living nirvana.

Haphazardly injecting pieces of furniture, and accentuating pieces into this scene will be an unlikely occurrence, as they do not want to disturb the flow of the intended design of any one room in the house.

So when an issue like the need for a portable TV stand arises, the residents of the household are not going to run down to the local home theater store, or big-box discounter, and just select a stand.

A local furniture craftsman or industrial artist may be hired to create portable TV stands for just the special circumstances, as a ready-made version will not likely blend, and or add any value to its surroundings in a custom home of such stature.

Granted, the cost will be astronomical compared to the two or three hundred dollars one might spend for a deluxe consumer version, but the outcome necessary to prevent the stand from becoming a focal point in the room is critical to the success of adding it to the already present furnishings and decorative works of art in the intended room.

Portability is the essential key to such a project and is only second to the look and feel of the complete custom piece.

TV stands on casters are usually made with cost instead of quality in mind, and the standard plastic casters will not last very long; actually, they made have to be replaced several times over the life of your LCD television stand.

There are however aftermarket casters and wheelsets that your furniture maker will have available that have floor-saver features engineered into them, as well as stainless steel parts instead of nylon that wears much too quickly.

The extra price for such options should not even be noticed in the overall scheme of things, and the return on investment will more make up for the upgrade.

The Versatile Media Cabinet

First, comes the TV (with all its wires and remote control), then the DVD player (along with its own remote, wires, and of course – the DVDs), and possibly a gaming system (not one, but maybe even two, as well as its controllers, games, and more)… so where oh where to put all these?

What is the cure to containing such a mounting media collection? The answer: a TV Console or Stand. There is a variety of these available on our site, and it is important that you choose the one that will suit your own needs.

Where Do I Want My TV?

Should it go right in the middle, or somewhere in the corner?

Be it a layout preference or space-saving decision, you have the option to choose either. Rectangular stands work best when you prefer your TV to face front and center, while corner TV stands are the perfect solution for room corners; ensuring that optimal attention will be focused on the unit without taking up too much space.

Storage and More Storage

Television Consoles and Stands are more than just tables that support your TV – they offer discreet storage for multimedia equipment or anything else you may want to store near your TV.

When looking for a TV console or stand, you should also consider which other items you would want to be housed with your TVs, such as books, DVD players, speakers, and more. This will help you to decide how much storage you require.

Of course, another route is to match the stand with a separate media tower or bookcase, if you prefer to showcase your collection among other furniture and keep the TV stand relatively small.
How Big and How Small

By keeping everything together in one unit without the bulk of a full-sized Entertainment Center, television consoles and stands are perfect for smaller rooms, or for those just needing a simple stand.

Don’t worry about having a stand that is the exact same size as your TV. If you get a stand that is bigger than your TV, you can place accent pieces around your TV to personalize the room. Or, you can match a smaller stand with a larger TV to make the TV your focal point.
Measurements Count

Depth is perhaps the most important dimension when looking for a TV console. You do not want your TV to hang off the front or back, making it unstable.

If you are looking for a stand with a narrow depth for a more minimalist look to match your sleek plasma TV, be sure that it has enough depth for your other media such as gaming systems and the DVD player.

Making it Work For You

Many units come with special features that add to the ease of setup and hide unsightly cables so that the focus remains on the TV viewing experience. If you are looking for a unit that is easy to move, choose a console with caster wheels, like those on computer chairs. You can use the casters to push your TV stand around the room, based on your mood or company.

Adjustable Shelves are designed so that you can personalize your stand to your specific needs. The height of the shelves can be changed to better fit your belongings.

Cable Management is ideal for our high-tech world and allows you to run cables to your other media through openings in the stand. Flat Panel Mounts are made with your flat screen TV in mind. These mounts hold your TV perfectly in place without causing damage to your walls.

Because You Want to Be Stylish, Too

Make sure to choose a TV console or stand that matches the existing style and décor of your home. Modern and contemporary styles are minimalist in design, featuring clean lines.

Traditional styles draw inspiration from a multitude of sources, ranging from Colonial times to the early 20th century, and often feature carvings and wood finishes such as mahogany and cherry. Rustic styles evoke the styles of lodges and ranches of days past and feature unfinished or distressed dark woods.

From petite corner cabinets to extra-wide stands that support large-screen and plasma TVs, there is sure to be a design that will fit your own personal lifestyle, while keeping media accessories close at hand, and cords out of sight.


Buying a TV stand furniture may seem easy at first, but with all the options available, it can quickly become overwhelming.

That’s why we have provided a list of frequently asked questions. The answers to these questions will help you find a piece of furniture for your flat-screen TV and your home.

Answers to your questions about television stands

1. What is the difference between TV stands and entertainment centers?

A TV stand is a cabinet that can put a TV on top of it. Sometimes you find that the compartments, shelves, drawers, or where you can store DVDs, video games or equipment. TV stands are a great option if you do not have much space.

On the other hand, an entertainment center is a larger piece of furniture that can fit inside the TV and includes a variety of shelves and cabinet space for media and accessories.

2. How I can find the right TV stand for me?

There are some things you need to know before you start shopping for a TV stand. First, measure your TV so you can find a TV stand that will accommodate your TV.

Second, measure your room to find out what size really fits the room. Decide if it will go against the wall or in the corner.

And finally, take stock of the design of the room and its own sense of style to know what colors and materials you are looking for.

You do not want something that will hit the rest of your furniture. If you prepare before you start shopping, you find the right one for you at any time.

3. What type of furniture is suitable for the corner TV stand?

TV stands can be made from almost anything solid. Many are made of wood but may be more affordable, however, still very attractive materials such as MDF or laminate.

You’ll also find stands that are made of glass, plastic, metal or any combination of the above materials.

4. How can I buy a TV stand online?

Buying a TV stand online TV is very easy. You can pick one out in the comfort of your own home and have it shipped directly to your door.

A few things to keep in mind when ordering online include the size of the item. Most shopping sites such as will list measurements so you can determine if you have the right size for your room. However, because you are ordering a cabinet that must be sent, it is likely to arrive with plenty of parts to put together.

Make sure you are prepared to do the installation yourself and confirm that the company provides instructions for assembly.

5. I have a large flat-screen TV. Do I need special support?

If you own a large flat-screen TV, or you have one of the rather large first-generation TVs you have to buy a TV stand or entertainment center that is designed to maintain the correct size and weight of your TV.

A large screen TV is an expensive item so you do not want to put it on or on a piece of furniture that can not support it. If it is an older TV, you cannot locate the manual, you can easily get the specifications with the model number.

6. My TV only fits into the corner, What can I do? Help!

Believe it or not, you can buy TV stands that are specially made to fit in corners. This can also prevent the TV and furniture from looking dull and offer additional storage space.

However, keep in mind that this is a TV room which is generally smaller, although there are some corner entertainment centers available as well.

7. How much does a TV stand cost?

Like many other things, TV stands can be very affordable and they can be very expensive. It all depends on what you’re looking for in a TV stand and what materials it is made of.

If you shop for your Corner TV Stands for Flat Screen TVs online, you can easily compare a wide variety of stands and entertainment centers to find the one in your price range.

8. Are there alternatives to the stands and entertainment centers?

A popular alternative to buying furniture is to have the TV is mounted on the wall. Mounts can often be found wherever TV stands and entertainment centers are sold and are also available online.

Mounting the TV can give your room clean, modern, and uncluttered. Just be sure to buy the mount for the size and weight of your TV.

Hopefully, this will answer your questions when it comes to Corner TV Stands for Flat Screen TVs. Whenever new products become available, we will be here to let you know. Check back to see the latest and greatest on TV stands, entertainment centers, and wall mounts!


There are many fine furniture pieces that websites sell that will be delivered fully assembled. They come in many furniture finishes, such as cherry, walnut, and oak, or in colors such as white, dark brown, and black.

Purchasing one of these TV stands is definitely a furniture investment that will last for many years.

Building a Corner TV Stand Built-in

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