Great Chaise Sofa Ideas For Your Home

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Chaise sofas are a popular new style that is seen in almost every showroom at Ikea and offered on most couches in other furniture stores. Also known as a sectional sofa, or chaise sectional sofas, these types of sofas are ones that extend out to a foot piece.

It looks almost as if you placed an ottoman at the end of the sofa allowing for you to rest your feet on it, only it is attached.

Chaise Sofa

What in the world is a Chaise Sofa? Simple, it’s a typical sofa with the addition of a place to rest your legs on. Important note – A sectional sofa is the same thing as a sofa with a chaise. Basically, it’s like adding an ottoman or footrest to your sofa.

The chaise is a feature that will get noticed by every visitor to your home or office. Everyone will ask you what that different-looking sofa has attached to it. Shortly followed by a request to test it out. And finally, a compliment on the sofa.

Aside from being different than all other furniture out there, the chaise gives your sofa more utility. Just because it’s different doesn’t mean that you can’t find the sectional chaise sofa for you.

They make loveseat chaises, armless sectional sofas, modern sectional sofas, microfiber sectional sofas, and leather recliner sofas. It offers extra room to recline, lay down, or even sit on if sitting space is in demand.

Your kids and their friends will have rock paper scissors battle’s and the champion wins the best seat in the house, the one with the chaise.

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Chaise sofas Sizes

Chaise sofas are available in all sizes, from chaise loveseats to chaise couches, and even the occasional chairs.

What makes this style of sofa so popular is that they offer the perfect place to rest your feet or lie down, while still enjoying the couch with other people.

Many people will pull up a coffee table or ottoman and rest their feet on that. With chaise sectional sofas, you don’t need to do this and can simply rest on the couch. As such, it saves worry about damaging other pieces of furniture and serves as a warm invitation for people to relax.

Chaise Furniture

Sofas are not the only furniture piece that comes in a chaise style. There are many different types of furniture to feature the signature chaise or sectional look.

You can find a lounger with a chaise, chaise furniture for the outdoors, sectionals that have a pull-out sleeper bed, and in even more different and unique styles. We will highlight a couple of styles of sectionals that we find to be used most in daily life.

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Outdoor Chaise

The majority of outdoor chaise furniture is used next to swimming pools, on patios, or even on the lawn.

It’s not typical to find this style of chair in the great outdoors, like when you go camping or hiking. Who wants to lug around extra weight and a bulky chair when you are in the great outdoors?

After all, chaises are meant for comfort and ease, that’s not why people venture into the mountains and jungles.

There are a few different styles that are used here. You can find teak, wicker, and metal/aluminum chaises. Teak chaises are made of long slender pieces of wood. Together they form the chair. These aren’t the most comfortable types around, but they can be improved by adding a nice soft cushion along with the chair.

Wicker is similar to teak. But wicker is more like a vine, or a flexible branch that is woven into the shape of a chair. Some common materials that are made into wicker chaises are bamboo, willow, and reed. This style gives off a tropical feel.

Metal and aluminum chaises are self-explanatory. The frames are made of metal. These are often more durable and can support more weight with less material.

Chaise Lounge

This is your typical chaise. It is designed for a single occupant and it has a backrest with one arm that slopes down. Sometimes manufacturers will add extra features, such as a storage compartment, a pull-out bed, cup holders, and so forth.

Leather Chaise

A leather chaise is the combination of the best two features of the furniture. First, you get the best style – chaise, then you get the comfortable and durable fabric covering the piece. This is a formula for the perfect chair.

Make sure you buy more than one, or you will have daily fights as to who gets to sit in the ultimate chair.

Today there are a few different styles of chaise furniture which makes this style even better. Beforehand, it was a chair you could lay down and relax in. But today, much of our time sitting in chairs is accompanied by television, video games, or some other activity where a reclined position isn’t wanted.

Fortunately, they now make chaises that can be used in a reclining position as well as a normal sitting position like all sofas.

Leather is arguably the best upholstery for your furniture. It’s soft, very comfortable, durable, and easy to clean and maintain. The major drawback of leather is the price. Typically it’s more expensive than other fabrics.

But, if you take good care of your furniture, a leather chaise will have a longer life than other fabrics. The best part about leather is that it actually becomes more comfortable and soft with age.

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The Advantages and Disadvantages of Purchasing a Tufted Leather Sofa

A tufted leather sofa offers you a sleek and modern look that provides both functionality and comfort. Compared to other types of leather sofas available, these furniture pieces made from tufted leather provides different advantages and disadvantages that you should be aware of before you decide to buy your own sofa made from tufted leather for your home.

Tufted leather, compared to other types of leather materials available, is commonly used in both modern and classic furniture pieces because of the texture and the comfort it provides to the piece. This type of leather might cost more than most authentic leather since tufted leather requires additional treatments.


The style will be one great factor that most homeowners consider when purchasing a sofa or any other furniture piece that is made from tufted leather. This material provides a look that suits both a classic and a modern theme that will surely complement any type of room.

Elegance is also what tufted leather provides when it is being used together with different types of materials as it has the ability to bring out the beauty of other types of materials.

A tufted leather sofa also undoubtedly provides the best comfort available among most furniture pieces available nowadays. The treatment done on tufted leather makes it colder and heat resistant and it also has the ability to retain a comfortable temperature fit for everyone’s needs.

When used with other types of materials like canvass or any other natural materials, sofas made from tufted leather will definitely provide you with comfort that can keep you relaxed and cozy.

The wide variety of styles and designs that you could choose from are overwhelming. This is an advantage that enables you to choose styles and designs that will perfectly fit any type of theme or feel you want to achieve for your room.

When it comes to cleaning and proper maintenance, tufted leather sofas are a lot easier to clean and maintain than authentic leather sofas which will require frequent polishing and deep cleaning. With the use of a clean cloth, you can easily wipe off any unwanted dirt and stains on your furniture piece made from tufted leather.


Despite the promising advantages, tufted leather sofas still have disadvantages that you should be aware of. Knowing these advantages will help you gauge whether a furniture piece made from tufted leather material is best for your home or not.

The price of an elegant tufted leather sofa is an apparent disadvantage especially to those who are in search of cheap furniture pieces for their homes.

Sofas made from tufted leather are usually made with other types of materials that are often expensive so when buying a sofa made from tufted leather, you need to be prepared financially.

Another disadvantage with most tufted leather sofas will be their size which is more suitable for rooms with larger spaces. Tufted leather looks good on large-sized furniture pieces as it provides a more elegant and sleek look. Moreover, there still are small sofas made from tufted leather that will also be suitable for homes with small spaces.

Being aware of these advantages and disadvantages will help you decide if sofas made from tufted leather will be the best option for you.

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Microfiber Sectional

Leather and microfiber are both top-of-the-line fabrics for sofas and sectionals. These two fabrics are very similar in that they both are very durable, comfortable, and appealing. Leather is generally more expensive. But, it often comes down to personal preference when deciding between these two fabrics.

Here are the reasons why a lot of people choose a microfiber sectional. Microfiber repels water. The liquid will bead and either run off the furniture or stay on the surface for you to wipe up. Microfiber doesn’t change temperature as radically as leather will. On those hot summer days, the leather will be warmer than most people would want.

On those cold winter days, the leather will also be cold. Meanwhile, microfiber will stay closer to room temperature. And probably the final reason is that a microfiber sofa will cost significantly less money than a leather one.

If you are in the market for a new piece of furniture, we suggest you test out a microfiber sectional sofa. They are just like a typical sofa but are more adaptable to your room and more comfortable for reclining.

How to Clean a Chaise Sofa

One thing that most people don’t do often enough is clean their sofa. It’s a pain and frankly, many people don’t like all of the work involved in keeping furniture clean. Unfortunately, as a result of this, you will find a lot of build-up of dust, dirt, and hair in the couch pillows.

If you even dare to look under the pillows of your couch, the possibilities for disgusting discoveries are endless. The good news is that we’ve got a few easy steps that will help you keep your sofa immaculate, with very little work.

The first big step to cleaning your chaise sofa is recognizing that the dirtiest areas are probably the ones you can’t see. Regularly lift up the pillows and use a vacuum to suck up any dust that might be building up, or to remove any mystery products that might have fallen between the pillows while relaxing.

In a similar manner, move the sofa regularly to allow yourself to vacuum the area behind it. This region is very vulnerable to build-up dust so be proactive. If you do it regularly, it won’t be such a disgusting task and you will be less likely to put it off.

Vacuum the rest of the sofa regularly. While it might not make a huge difference, use the tube part of the vacuum and run it over the pillows, cushions, and arms of the sofa in order to get out any dust particles that are building up.

Doing this will help keep your sofa fluffy and looking fresh when visitors come by. It will also dig in deep to pull anything out that has been buried in the pillows for a long time.

Lastly, consider investing in a slipcover. While some people don’t like the looks of slipcovers, they make cleaning your sofa significantly easier. Spill something on it? Throw it in the washer. If it still doesn’t come out, throw away the slipcover.

Better to lose a 30 dollar investment than the several hundred or more you spent on the sofa. Unfortunately, it’s hard to find a great slipcover for a chaise sofa, but there are still some out there.

In the end, a little work can go a long way. Be proactive with your sofa and you will hopefully be able to keep it looking as good as new for years to come.

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